Effects May Vary…


I hope you guys are enjoying my stories. I put myself in them so I can kind of live them out, if only there were a tablet like this in real life.

As always there’s excessive cock growth and cum but also breast and ass expansion.

I hope you enjoy ­čÖé

My partner, Ben, and I have been together for a number of years now, long enough to know we’re set with each other for life but comfortable enough to not need to rush into a wedding or kids. He’s about 5’11” and regularly works out, but he’s lean rather than muscular, whilst I am 5’4″ and struggling to maintain a flat stomach. Being together for a while we have exhausted just about every alley we can when it comes to sex, and whilst I am quite content with our sex lives, he like most men is concerned he isn’t doing enough to pleasure me owing to the size of his penis. Fully erect he only stands about 4 inches, which whilst it admittedly doesn’t reach all of the places it could has always been absolutely fine with me. I think that’s why he works out so much, to try and compensate, but I honestly don’t mind.

I was reading a romance novel one day when he returned home from the Gym. After placing his bag down he made his way over to the sofa, planting a small kiss on my cheek.

“Good work out?” I said as I glanced up at him and smiled.

“Yeah not bad,” he replied, taking a seat next to me. He was silent for a moment but as I was about to return to my book he suddenly stated, “I want to try something later, in bed.”

“Oh?” I said feigning indifference. “Such as?”

“It’s difficult to explain, but I think you’ll like it,” he answered, semi confidently.

As I previously mentioned, we had already done almost as much as there is to do, so something different was appealing and mysterious.

“In fact,” he said, rising to his feet, “meet me upstairs in about 10 minutes.”

* * * * *

As I entered the bedroom I saw a practically see through nightie spread out on the bed, with a small note next to it stating, “Put this on. Only this. No undies.” Clearly he wanted easy access, so I played along stripping down until I was wearing nothing and slipped on the nightie. I sensed movement from behind me and turned to see Ben stood entirely naked in the doorway.

“So what did you want to try?” I said taking a seat at the edge of the bed.

He was holding a small bottle of something in his hand. “I was looking around the pharmacy today for some vitamin tablets when I spotted these,” he said handing me the bottle.

“Instagrow?” I questioned. “Are these male supplement tablets?”

“Sort of,” he began to say.

“You don’t normally need these,” I cut in, feeling slightly hurt and offended.

“They’re not that kind of supplement,” he chimed in. “They’re specifically designed for increasing size…”

“Penis enlargement pills?” I was getting slightly annoyed now. “Oh honey, you know these things are always bullshit, and besides you know I’m happy with you as you are.”

“I know my love, but I also know that there’s so much more I could do for you, that I could make you feel if I was just even a little bigger.”

He was right but I didn’t want to hurt him by confirming that.

“Let’s just try it,” he continued, “at worst it will have no effect at all in which case I’ll go down on you for as long as you want and you won’t have to do anything back.”

I did love it when he ate me out and I supposed it wouldn’t hurt to let him take the tablets and confirm he was wrong. “Fine, you’re on,” I told him.

Pleased at my agreeing to his suggestion, he opened the bottle and shook a small, white tablet about the size of a pea onto his hand, before throwing it into his mouth and swallowing it.

“So what happens now?” I asked

He started to read the back of the bottle. “It says that effects may vary but should be instantaneous and that they are activated by arousal.”

“Ok, come here then,” I beckoned with a single g├╝venilir canl─▒ bahis siteleri finger. He walked towards me until I was eye level with his currently flaccid cock. I took it in my hand, my fist enveloping all of it and started to rub my hand around it until I could feel it start to harden and began to stroke the shaft. It wasn’t long before he was at his usual maximum length and girth, the tip just poking out of my closed fist.

“I guess they don’t…”

Before I could finish my sentence, a jolt seemed to pass through Ben’s body, akin to when he was about to cum. I braced myself for a facefull of cum but instead noticed the head of his cock jutting out further than usual. As I readjusted my grip, I could feel his length increasing bit by bit until finally it was almost twice the size it started as.

“Holy shit, it works!” I exclaimed. I could scarcely believe the physical impossibility I had just witnessed, but there it was twitching in my hand. “Does it feel more sensitive or?”

“Hard to say, it always feels good but this feels different.”

I gave the end of his newly enlarged cock an exploratory kiss. “How did that feel?” I purred.

“Amazing,” he said through a gasp.

I worked my way up and down his now sizeable shaft with kisses before running my tongue around the tip. He let out a moan and through a grin I took his cock into my mouth. I had never had an issue taking his full length into my mouth before, but he was now touching the back of my throat causing me to gag.

“I’m sorry!” he immediately said pulling himself away.

“It’s ok,” I said catching my breath, “I’m just not used to it hitting the back of my throat like that.”

I pulled him back towards me before taking a deep breath and shoving his cock back into my mouth. Now familiar with the sensation, I suppressed my gag reflex as his cock brushed the back of my throat. I could feel my nipples harden as they rubbed against the material of the nightie, my tits jiggling slightly as I moved up and down his throbbing cock.

Suddenly another jolt ran through his body, and I could feel his cock rapidly expanding in size and length down my throat. I put a hand to my throat and could feel the bulging outline of his cock stretching the skin. I pulled away from him to stop myself from passing out, his cock now completely blocking my airways. The massive cock in front of me now stood at at least a foot long and had widened to around 4 inches in circumference.

Ben brought himself face to face with me. As I sat and panted he said, “Sian, I want to make you cum harder than you’ve ever cum before.”

I could hardly turn down an offer like that, so I moved up the bed opening my legs in anticipation. He moved onto the bed clutching his throbbing cock, and started to rub the head against my pussy.

“You’re so fucking wet,” he moaned through heavier and heavier breathing. “Let me know if it hurts and I’ll stop,” he said before starting to slowly ease his massive member into my quivering pussy. It felt incredible. I could feel my pussy stretching to accommodate this huge invader as he slowly pushed himself inch by inch inside me. I let out a scream as I came, electricity thrashing through my body. He quickly began to pull out, “I’m sorry, I’m sorry!” he began to say.

“No!” I shouted, leaning forward, grabbing his ass cheeks and pulling all of him inside me. His cock hit my back wall, the first time I had ever felt that in my life, and we moaned in unison. He seemed stuck in place with pleasure, but I wanted that cock moving, so I rolled him onto his back and straddled his enormous length, riding his cock like a bucking bull.

As I rode him I looked down at my stomach and realised I could see his cock, poking out beneath the skin more and more with each thrust. With another jolt I saw his cock start to expand even more beneath my skin and started to feel my hips separate with the force of his expanding girth. g├╝venilir illegal bahis siteleri

“Oh my god, it’s getting bigger!” I squealed in delight.

The sight was enough to make me cum again but this time jets of pussy juice shot out of me all over his chest and face, some filling his open mouth. Wide eyed I stared at him; as he had promised, I had never cum so hard in my life. I watched as he closed his mouth and swallowed my juices.

“How do I taste?” I purred.

“Like champagne,” he replied through heavy breaths.

“I want to taste you too,” I said, dismounting his cock, now standing at almost a foot and a half and as wide as a can of soda. I could barely fit the head in my mouth now as I ran my tongue all around it and grasped his cock with both hands, feverishly pumping him up and down. I felt a shudder and his cock start to pulse. I was so ready so swallow every last drop of his cum when suddenly with a moan he grabbed my head and pushed down. It felt like my jaw had dislocated but I didn’t care, the head of his cock throbbing against the back of my throat. What felt like a fountain of cum hit the back of my throat and slid down into my stomach. It kept coming and coming, close to two litres of cum filling me up, until finally he was done.

I laid back with a gasp, cum dribbling out of the side of my mouth.

“That was amazing,” I said.

No reply came from Ben other than gasps and heavy breathing.

Other than the waves of pleasure still flowing through me, I started to feel an odd sensation in my chest, almost a tightening sensation. I put my hand to my chest instinctively but was surprised to knock into a much larger breast than I was used to. I have always worn a B cup in bras but this was clearly not a B anymore, closer to a D. I glanced down to see that both of my tits had swollen to a larger size.

“Ben!” I gasped. “What’s happening to my tits?”

Ben gazed over at me with the same shocked expression as I had. “I have no idea,” he started as I began to feel the tightening in my chest again. “Wait, are they growing again?”

I sat up and immediately felt the larger weight of my tits as they succumbed to gravity, but still stood perky and full. They were starting to strain against the fabric of the nightie as they swelled even more. Finally I heard the fabric tear under the rising pressure and my now massive tits, an M cup at least.

“Is this a side effect of the pills?” I asked Ben, hoping for an answer.

“It must have gotten into my cum somehow,” he mused. “You did drink a lot of it…”

Ben went to touch my engorged bosom. Pleasure flowed through me at his touch like a dam suddenly bursting into a valley. I came almost instantly, spraying him with my ejaculate all over again. Filled to the brim with desire, I pulled him closer.

“Let’s make good use of these new tits,” I told Ben as his cock twitched in anticipation between us. Due to a combination of both his size and my own, he had never been able to fuck my tits before, but now with my tits hanging impossibly huge in front of me and his cock equally impossibly now standing at 2 feet long, now was the perfect time.

I grasped his cock and pushed the throbbing mass between my two enormous love pillows. Grasping each tit from the far side and making sure to be able to rub my swollen cigar butt nipples between my fingers, I started to move my weighty mass up and down his monolithic shaft, floods of pleasure coursing through my body as I did so. Streams of precum were flowing from his cock, lubricating the inner side of my breasts, and I could feel his heartbeat rising rapidly through the veins bulging out of the side of it.

As I gazed upon the sight before me a thought came into my mind. “If swallowing his cum made my breasts grow, what would happen if…”

My eyes met his as I could see him fighting not to cum, not wanting the pleasure to end.

“Do you think my ass would g├╝venilir bahis ┼čirketleri grow like my tits did if you came inside it?”

If it was possible to look both entirely stunned and entirely turned on at the same time, that was what Ben looked like. “I would guess so,” he said with a slight quiver.

“Ok then,” I said, removing his cock from between my tits. Although he wouldn’t have admitted it to me, I knew that Ben loved a big ass on women, and as I was barely fitting a size eight in jeans, his experiences with me so far had been somewhat lacking. I turned and presented him with my tight asshole. “Fill me with your cum and give me the big ass you’ve always wanted to fuck,” I demanded.

Snapping out of his dumbfoundment, Ben stepped towards my waiting asshole, mammoth cock glistening with precum. I felt his tip touch my asshole and shivered in anticipation. Grabbing hold of my waist for leverage, he slowly started to push his giant member into my ass. I could feel my asshole stretching to accommodate his colossal girth. I turned my head to him and begged, “shove it all in me, I want to take it all!”

With only a seconds hesitation, I felt his grip tighten on my waist and pull back as two feet of cock penetrated my insides. A jet of cum sprayed out of my swollen pussy as I came again, screaming the house down. I felt a familiar jolt on the inside of my ass. He was growing again! But this time he wasn’t growing in length, he was growing in width. He went from the size of a soda can to the size of a fire hydrant, stretching my ass into new dimensions.

“I’m gonna cum,” he cried, thrusting as hard as he could muster.

“Give me it all, I want the biggest ass possible!”

Just as before the cum shot out of his cock like a river and I could feel his hot seed filling me up. I felt a now familiar tightening sensation in my lower back as I felt my ass start to swell and inflate, the skin stretching tight across my rapidly expanding cheeks. I started to use my new mass immediately, pushing myself back against Ben’s still massive and throbbing cock, making sure my cheeks would wobble as they slapped against his crotch, but pushing back less and less distance as my ass continued to inflate and create space between us.

With now only a foot of his cock still able to reach my asshole, I finally stopped growing. If I had to guess I would have said my ass was easily 100 inches wide now, practically devouring his cock. I turned my head to him once more and purred, “so, do you like my huge ass big boy?”

“I love it,” he panted, “but it’s so big I can’t fit in anymore.”

“Don’t act like you don’t love it,” I giggled. I moved away from him, his massive cock slipping out of the back of my ass with a dribble of cum. I moved my ass to the bottom of his shaft, it tucking between my voluptuous cheeks and proceeded to grind up and down his cock like a warm twitching firemans pole. “I know you want to stare at it,” I whispered mid grind, “and my pussy is ready for more.”

I forced him back down onto the bed and straddled him reverse cowgirl so he could see the ass he had created as I rode him. Another jolt from his cock, as my huge ass bounced up and down on his crotch, but instead of a gradual increase, his cock immediately grew another foot in length. As I came once again, I felt another impossibility as his cock seemed to be stretching the skin of my throat. I felt it with my hand and continued to ride, too turned on to notice I was struggling to breathe.

Everything started to go dark as I felt a final shudder from Ben as he came for the last time that night, the faint feeling of my stomach filling with cum as I happily passed out next to him.

* * * * *

The next morning I awoke with a sore throat, ass and pussy, but remembering the previous nights escapades, I didn’t care. Opening my eyes and looking down, I could see that my tits, ass and presumably my stomach had all returned to normal size. Relieved, but ever so slightly disappointed, I rolled to Ben’s side of the bed to find a note reading:

“Left for work. I’m back to normal now, you should be too. The bottle says the effects are only temporary.”

There was a PTO at the bottom of the page:

“Want to try again tonight?”

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