Eleanor’s Lustful Spell Ch. 03


Eleanor lay on the bed, gazing out of her sun roof at the beautiful, bright blue sky; the same as her eyes. Her luscious, wavy and sandy blonde hair spread out over the bed. She couldn’t have asked for a life that was as perfect as hers. Just in the bathroom was Bekka pampering Valerie’s feet. Eleanor looked at Bekka, two months pregnant with her child. Eleanor smiled happily. Bekka was her servant. Her best friend. Her lover. She knew that they were going to spend their whole lives together, and nothing could ever separate the two. Bekka then caught Eleanor gazing at her. Flicking her curly auburn hair, she smiled back with those alluring, full lips of hers. Bekka’s eyes were stunningly glowing green.

Then Eleanor turned her gaze to Valerie, who was nervously watching Bekka pamper her feet with a scrub. She was gorgeous with her straight platinum blonde hair, going half way down her back, yet her hazel eyes showed so much innocence in them, you could tell she has had a very hard life. But that was all about to change. Yes, her life was going to be easy-going, happy and most pleasurable.

Eleanor watched as the two walked back into the bedroom. Bekka crawled onto the bed next to Eleanor, while Valerie stood next to the bed awkwardly. Eleanor smiled at Valerie.

“You are just like Bekka was. It’s so cute. C’mon, get on the bed.”

Valerie nervously did so and sat leaning against the headboard, with her legs stretched out in her pretty violet dress. Eleanor then grabbed her feet and felt them up.

“Still a bit rough, but after a few more pampers, they’ll be as smooth as silk!”

Eleanor smiled at Bekka and then continued to rub Valerie’s feet. Valerie just sat there, as no one had ever paid so much attention to her feet, let alone her. She was puzzled at Eleanor and Bekka’s fascination with her feet, but she wasn’t going to complain.

“Say Valerie, did mother treat you well? Did she reward you if you did something good?”

“N-no.. your highness..”

Eleanor smiled passionately at her, “You don’t have to call me “your highness,” alright? Just call me by my actual name, Eleanor.”


“Yes, that’s it. Now, tell me more about your life being a servant for mother.”

Valerie was less nervous now, “Well.. if I did something good, she wouldn’t think anything of it.. but if I did something wrong, she would punish me. The same with the other girls too.”

“Tsk tsk, I never knew mother was like that. I’m quite glad I wasn’t fully raised by her.”

Then Eleanor looked at Bekka and kissed her. Valerie looked at the two. Eleanor saw the confusion on Valerie’s face, and so decided to explain everything. Valerie’s expression went back from being nervous, to scared now.

“I-is.. is that how it is..?”

“Yes. Valerie, let me just tell you that your life is going to be magnificent from now on. I can promise you.”

Valerie didn’t say anything. She just blushed and looked at her feet.

“Valerie, my dear. Have you ever been kissed?”


“Ever been used for sex?”


“Valerie, you answer me when I ask you something.”

“N-no… Eleanor..”

A huge grin appeared on Eleanor’s face as she stopped rubbing Valerie’s feet, and crawled over to Valerie, sitting on her lap. Valerie looked at Eleanor with her innocent, hazel eyes.

“Well. I would like to be the one who takes both of those things.”

Eleanor then placed her hands onto Valerie’s pretty face, and she could feel her shaking. Valerie’s eyes kept on moving their gaze from eye to eye of Eleanor’s blue eyes. Then, Eleanor bent her head to the left and pressed her lips against Valerie’s while pulling her in, feeling the softness and tasting the sweetness. Valerie squealed into Eleanor’s mouth as the two continued to kiss passionately. After several seconds of kissing, Eleanor slipped a tongue in. Bekka noticed Valerie’s hands were squeezing the sheets, and that she was curling her toes. After a long while of making out, Eleanor pulled away, leaving a string of saliva between their mouths.

Valerie was breathing heavily now and was blushing furiously.

“Did you like that Valerie?”

After a moment of hesitation, Valerie nodded ever so slightly. Eleanor smiled.

“Not much of a kisser, but to be fair, that was your first.”

Eleanor then turned to Bekka.

“Bekka, why don’t you help her practice her kissing. And keep doing it until she is the best at it!”

“Definitely. It’ll be fun.”

“Not now though, we’ve got to do some work in the garden.”

And so the trio left for the gardens outside to work on. It was overcast, so not a particularly hot day, but working in the gardens, they all did pick up a sweat. More importantly, sweat at their feet. So after a few hours of working in the gardens, they decided to go back inside for the day. Eleanor slumped on the bed and sighed.

“Bekka, can you tend to my feet? They’re aching.”

“Of course I will!”

Bekka canlı bahis tapped the wall and with a bright, green spark from her finger, she made the room glow green, silencing it. After that, she quickly popped off Eleanor’s shoes, and immediately the smell of her sweaty foot aroma filled Bekka’s nostrils. She started to sniff at Eleanor’s damp white slouch socks. The smell was absolutely amazing for her; very strong. She was so incredibly turned on. Bekka’s face was slightly damp with Eleanor’s sweat from having her feet pressed up against her face. Valerie stood there, with a disgusted and confused look on her face.

“What’s with that face Valerie? You will learn to love feet too!”

Valerie didn’t know if Eleanor was being serious or not. Feet? She had never thought of feet in anyway before, besides being sore, sweaty and smelly all the time. She didn’t know how someone could come to like such a dirty part of the body. Bekka now had Eleanor’s socks off and was worshipping her sweaty feet. She sucked the sweat off of Eleanor’s toes and licked at her arches, savouring the moment. She just loved worshipping Eleanor’s feet so much, and sniffing her socks. Eleanor then gestured for Bekka to get onto the bed. Bekka quickly knew why, and took her shoes off to reveal her black socks that went up to her calves. She extended her feet out for Eleanor to have and then continued to worship Eleanor’s feet while frequently sniffing her socks.

Eleanor put her hands onto Bekka’s feet, her thumbs massaging the soles of her feet. Her socks were wet with sweat; not damp, but wet. Eleanor took them in her mouth immediately and started to suck on her socked toes. Sweat was what came in her mouth, and she swallowed happily, loving the taste. The smell was also insanely intoxicating, but she sniffed and inhaled Bekka’s delicious aroma. They worshipped each other’s feet for a long time, while Valerie just watched, but with less disgust. However, before they got anywhere else, Eleanor decided to tell Valerie of her ‘part,’ and her past.

“You understand now, Valerie? You must tell no one, and keep it between the three of us okay?”

“Y-yes.. Eleanor..”

“Good. Otherwise I’ll have to treat you like my mother did.”

Valerie looked up at Eleanor’s blue eyes, then quickly looked away. A spell, huh. Such a strange spell to be cast upon a young girl, purely for lust. Valerie was very curious though. She wanted to see a cock for the first time in her life. She stood there nervously, waiting for Bekka and Eleanor to do something with each other.

“Bekka, can you me a sockjob?”

“Anything for you, love.”

Eleanor and Bekka had both their dresses off quickly. Bekka leant on the headboard of the bed, sitting in between Eleanor’s lovely legs, and Eleanor lay down in front of her, with her legs spread, but feet in Bekka’s face. Bekka immediately put Eleanor’s cock between her socked feet, causing a slight moan from Eleanor. Valerie couldn’t get her eyes off of Eleanor’s cock. She was so surprised at what it looked like, and how big it was. Although, she hoped she would never have it go inside her. Bekka started to stroke Eleanor’s cock with her arches and worship her feet at the same time, causing Eleanor to start to moan loudly. She kept on mumbling to herself at how good it felt and how her feet and socks were so soft and smooth.

Bekka kept going at it with her arches, trying to get Eleanor to cum, so it would go all over her socked feet. The fabric of Bekka’s socks felt like velvet on her hard cock and she just couldn’t help but moan in pleasure. Eleanor was very close though, and when she said she was about to cum, Bekka put her left arch under Eleanor’s shaft, and scrunched her toes over Eleanor’s cock head. In no time, Eleanor came. She cried out as spurt after spurt of cum was released onto Bekka’s thin black socks. Some oozed down onto Bekka’s left arch, but most of her cum seeped through Bekka’s socks, especially at the toes of her right foot, that was scrunching over Eleanor’s cock head.

“Mmmm.. I love the feeling of your cum on my feet.”

Eleanor finally finished cumming, and Bekka’s right sock was soaked at the toe end. She loved it. Eleanor sat up while Bekka played with her freshly cum covered socks. She turned to Valerie who had been watching the entire time.

“Valerie. I want you to please me now. There is no point in resisting or hesitating as you do what I say okay, since you are mine. As long as you’re mine, you do what I say, and please me when I want.”

Valerie didn’t want to do anything to sexually please anyone! The thought never even crossed her mind. But even so, after seeing Bekka give Eleanor that sockjob, she knew what kind of servant she’d be. A life of happiness. In return, giving her body to her mistress. It.. wasn’t the life she’d expected at all, but it’s not like she had any choice in it, since Eleanor was still her mistress, and the best she had ever had at that, even though it was only her second, bahis siteleri and probably last. Valerie gently nodded and stared at the floor.


Eleanor put on a wicked grin. “Good girl, now on your knees.”

Valerie slowly went down onto her knees; Eleanor’s cock was right in front of her eyes. She had had many new experiences already. She had lost her first kiss, seen her first cock and cum, and was probably going to lose her virginity soon.

“Give me your hands, dear.”

Valerie raised her hands and Eleanor took them, feeling the softness.

“Not quite as soft as Bekka’s, but I imagine mother had you doing work with them excessively?”

Valerie nodded, still kneeling on the floor with Eleanor’s cock right in front of her. She didn’t want to look at it, but couldn’t help it as it was right there.

“Don’t you worry, Bekka’ll pamper your hands like she’ll do your feet to make them extra soft for me.”

Eleanor then moved Valerie’s hands and put her right one on her cock. Valerie gasped quietly. Eleanor closed her hand around Valerie’s, wanting her to jerk her off. But Valerie had never engaged in anything sexual before. She knew what sex was, but nothing else really. She just looked up at Eleanor with her hazel eyes. Eleanor just smiled.

“You really are clueless aren’t you? Like Bekka did with her feet, stroke your hands up and down my cock.”

Valerie slowly started to stroke Eleanor’s cock with her hand, making Eleanor bite her lip and moan softly. The feel of Eleanor’s cock was strange to her. A little wet, smooth and very hard.

“Oh yeah, that’s it. Keep going, Valerie.”

Valerie did as Eleanor said, and kept on stroking her rock hard cock. She wondered how her hand could make Eleanor feel that good. The two were in the same position for a while, Valerie constantly stroking Eleanor’s cock.

“Okay, now gimme two of your fingers.”

Valerie did so, and then Eleanor stuck them up her pussy. Valerie was quite surprised at this. The moist and warm insides of Eleanor were all around her fingers, it was quite the sensation. Valerie started to move her fingers in and out of Eleanor’s pussy, while stroking her cock at the same time. Eleanor lay on her back now, moaning in pleasure and sighing with sexual relief. As Valerie kept on stroking and fingering, she thought how she was pleasing her mistress. Even though this was much more new, different and embarrassing, at least it wasn’t the hard labour she had to do with the queen.

“Oh god, you’re so good at this. Now, use your mouth, go on.”

Valerie looked at Eleanor, her eyes were so innocent. Her mouth then descended upon Eleanor’s cock making her moan and coo. Valerie could taste Eleanor’s cum slightly from Bekka’s sockjob before. It was… sweet, surprisingly. Nothing like she imagined. She liked it.

“You have to move your head up and down, Valerie. That’s how you make me feel good with your mouth.”

Valerie then started to bob her head up and down slowly, making Eleanor moan louder. Her mouth was so warm and wet, Eleanor was in bliss. Valerie caught on quickly, and started to twirl her tongue around Eleanor’s cock head, causing her to put her hands on Valerie’s head, and thrust ever so slightly.

“Oh god, yes! That feels so good, keep going!”

Encouraged, Valerie put her hands onto Eleanor’s hips and let her thrust away at her warm and wet mouth. Eleanor was moaning loudly now as she fucked Valerie’s mouth, who was cooing softly with each thrust.

“Mm! Mphf! Nmf!”

“Ah! Yes, just let me do this!”

It seemed like such a long time before it was going to be over, Valerie just kneeled there with Eleanor’s cock constantly sliding in and out of her mouth, waiting in suspense for her to cum. But still, her mouth was still held open with Eleanor’s huge piece of meat thrusting away into her mouth. Valerie could feel Eleanor’s cock getting harder in her mouth, and could taste something faintly sweet; Eleanor’s pre cum. Suddenly, with a tight grip on Valerie’s head, Eleanor cried out and came without any warning. Valerie shut her eyes tightly, and kept a firm grip on Eleanor’s hips, as she felt her spurts of cum being released into her mouth.

Valerie had no choice but to swallow Eleanor’s cum. It was very sweet, making her want to swallow down the load. Eleanor continued to cum, drowning Valerie’s taste buds in her rich semen, which Valerie swallowed smoothly. As her orgasm subsided, Eleanor stroked the last few droplets into Valerie’s mouth, then released her grip from her head and pulled her cock out of Valerie’s spoiled mouth. She started to cough lightly and breathe heavily.

“Tee hee. Your first ever taste of cum, hm?”

Valerie’s breasts heaved up and down as she caught her breath.

“You did good Valerie. I’m very proud of you. Come on the bed now, your knees must hurt.”

Valerie staggered a little as she stood up and got onto the bed. Her knees were very red. Bekka had bahis şirketleri just got out of the shower and back in the room.

“Good you’re back. Come give Valerie a full body massage, and then you can start helping her get better at kissing. I’ll go get afternoon tea.”

“Sure thing, ma’am.”

As Eleanor left the room, Bekka turned to Valerie with a wicked grin on her face. Valerie was suddenly very nervous, and a little scared. Bekka crawled onto the bed, and Valerie backed up against the headboard ever so slightly, however, this caught Bekka’s green eye.

“Hey, are you scared of me?”

“…w-well.. the look you gave me just then.. it…”

“Don’t worry, I’m just.. excited that I get to do what I want with you.”

Valerie didn’t say anything and just sat there. Bekka put her hands on her shoulders and gently pulled down her violet dress. Bekka then sat on Valerie’s stomach with her legs spread, admiring her naked beauty. Starting from Valerie’s shoulders, Bekka gently started to massage them. Ever so slowly, she moved down towards Valerie’s breasts, squeezing them tightly and making her squeal. She then started to suckle on Valerie’s nipples making her coo and squeal even more, as Bekka was playfully, but gently nibbling on her nipples. Bekka continued to suck on one nipple, while she squeezed the other breast very hard and roughly, causing Valerie to squeal loudly in pain and pleasure.

“P-please.. can you be gentle?”

Bekka smiled at Valerie. She then started to lick her way down Valerie’s stomach, and then to her pussy. Bekka suckled on Valerie’s clit while fingering her too. Valerie couldn’t help but moan in pleasure and grip the bed sheets with her hands, and curl her little toes.

“Oh my god, your moans are too cute!!”

Bekka then started to suck harder on Valerie’s clit, and finger her deeper, causing her to moan even louder. Bekka started to run her hands on the tops of Valerie’s smooth thighs as she continued to eat her out. Encouraged by her moans, she used her thumb to play with Valerie’s clit, then stick her tongue as deep as possible inside her. Valerie arched her back and scrunched the sheets in her fists as she let out a long cry. Soon, her juices started to squirt out into Bekka’s hungry mouth. She continued to moan loudly as her orgasm was so intense. Valerie laid there, her orgasm subsiding, her breasts heaving up and down as she tried to catch her breath. Bekka licked her lips and looked up at Valerie.

“Well Valerie? How was it? That was your first orgasm ever right?”

Valerie didn’t want to admit that she enjoyed it. Because she did, a lot. She just nodded and lay there. Bekka smiled at her and ran her eyes on every inch of Valerie’s luscious, naked body, making her start to get uncomfortable.

“W-what are you going to do to me now..?”

Bekka put on a devilish grin and picked up Valerie’s right ankle and licked her lips. Bekka then took Valerie’s toes into her mouth and started to suck on them gently, cooing as she did so. Valerie still couldn’t understand Bekka’s and Eleanor’s foot fetish, but she didn’t, or more, couldn’t do much about it. She just lay there, letting Bekka have her way with her feet. Bekka started to suck on each of Valerie’s toes individually, then all five passionately and lick up and down her arches, using the whole of her tongue. She nibbled gently and sucked on her heels too. Bekka was enjoying it far too much, and was getting extremely wet.

Bekka grabbed Valerie’s other foot and stuffed that big toe into her pussy, while continuing to worship Valerie’s foot. Bekka was in heaven, she could not get enough of this. She wanted to do whatever she wanted to Valerie’s feet whenever and forever. She would cum multiple times if she got the chance to, and would do it all over Valerie’s feet. Bekka’s juices were now oozing down Valerie’s left foot as Bekka kept on pushing Valerie’s big toe into her. Bekka was about to cum, she sucked and slurped at Valerie’s little toes, coating them with nothing but saliva. She licked Valerie’s arches furiously up and down, using as much saliva as possible. Soon after, she cried out with Valerie’s foot in her mouth as she came, and squirted her juices all over Valerie’s other foot. After a moment of resting,

“Valerie, I want you to lick your foot clean of my juices.”

Valerie didn’t want to do that, she didn’t want to taste Bekka’s juices, or lick her own foot. Plus, Bekka was not her mistress. So she slowly shook her head. This ticked Bekka off.

“Valerie, do as I say! I may not be your mistress, but I am Eleanor’s lover, which makes me in charge of you, so do it!”

Valerie was scared now, she slowly lifted her foot to her face. It was then Bekka pushed Valerie’s foot against her mouth, forcing and helping (but mainly forcing) Valerie to lick her juices off of her own foot. Valerie had never tasted anything like it before. It was like it was sweet and salty at the same time, but mainly sweet. It was odd, but she could bear with it and kept on licking. She probably even… liked it. It was at that moment Eleanor returned into the bedroom with afternoon tea.

“My my. Looks like you two are having fun?”

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