“But, I am a virgin, I thought you knew that!” Ely said with a deep hot blush. A kiss was one thing but the hand holding his hard dick through his shorts was something else again.

Ann Jones laughed and then got a slightly shocked look on her face. “I…. Uh…. I…. No, I didn’t know that,” she finally got out as she took a step back from the young man, releasing her grip on his hot rock hard dick. “From the way my daughter talked, you were very experienced.”

“Well, Jenny talks a good game but she’s still a virgin also as far as I know.”

Ann looked at Ely sharply. “According to her, she fucks the whole football team on a regular basis.”

Ely laughed and shook his head. “That sounds like her line of bull when she’s mad. I’ll bet you two were fighting when she said that.”

“Uh, yes we were as a matter of fact.”

“If one of those guys even looked at her wrong, she’d blush herself to death,” Ely said with a laugh. “She has these fantasies about being a wild child but she doesn’t have the nerve for it.”

Ann was at a loss for words at this point. She had a few fantasies of her own that she had never had the nerve to try until now. Now her target was a virgin and not her daughter’s lover. While the former was a nice idea, she had wanted the latter.

“Uh, Mrs. Jones, I…. Uh…. I….” Ely ran out of steam and blushed deeply again.

Ann sighed and shook her head. “I made a mistake Ely, I thought you were Jenny’s boyfriend and lover.”

“I’d like to be but she’s even too shy for me to get close to her and I’m her best friend,” Ely confessed and then realized to whom he was talking. “Uh, I mean….”

Ann laughed and then smiled at the tall lanky boy. “I know what you meant.”

Ely looked at the woman in front of him and cocked his head to the side. Something was not right but he was not quite sure what it was. Jenny’s mom had kissed him and grabbed his dick? If he was Jenny’s boyfriend and lover, then why had Mrs. Jones done those things?

There was an idea burning like a coal in the back of his mind. Only his inexperience made him shy away from it. Visions of Mrs. Jones bent over the little clothes-folding table next to the washer, her short shorts around her ankles made him shiver and blush.

Ann caught a glimpse of an emotion very close to lust cross the boys face as he shivered and blushed. “What are you thinking about?” She asked in a soft husky voice.

“Uh, I, Uh….” Ely stammered and looked away as he blushed even hotter.

Ann laughed and sat down on the little table she folded clothes on, here in the laundry room.


She had been bent over taking clothes out of the dryer when Ely had showed up. He had knocked and she had looked over her shoulder to see him looking at her ass through the window of the door, a look of pure awe on his face.

She had felt a surge of heat in her sex at the look he was giving her. She waved him in and started to straighten up. Instead, she bent even farther as if she was reaching for something even deeper in the dryer. She lifted one foot off the floor and angled it back, and out for balance.

Ann had felt her shorts ride up tighter in the crack of her ass and press on her pussy. She knew that he had an excellent view of at least half of her ass cheeks and the outline of the plump outer lips of her sex. A thrilling quiver ran up her spine.

She had held that position until she heard the door open and only then she had slowly straightened up. She dumped the warm sweet smelling clothes on top of the dryer and turned around. She had been almost nose-to-nose with Ely.

His eyes were on her lips and she had the sudden urge to kiss him, so she did. When her hand had grabbed his dick and why, was lost somewhere in that kiss. He had been almost shy at the start but then he got into it and Ann’s head was spinning.

When he stiffened up and his hands had touched her hips shyly and did not go anywhere else, she had broken the kiss and asked, “Is there something wrong?”

That is when he had stammered and stumbled through a confession of being a virgin. That is also when Ann had almost panicked as she yelled, “What! You can’t be a virgin!”


Ann sat with one foot on the floor and the other swinging freely in mid air. Her knees were wider apart than she would have normally allowed them to be but she was having fun teasing Ely. She could feel the soft material hugging her sex and rubbing as she swung her leg.

Ely stood there watching her leg and there was still a rather large tent in the front of his shorts. The memory of that hot hard iron bar in her hand made her stomach and sex tighten up. She wondered how fast he would come if she sucked on it or bent over and let him slide it into her sopping wet pussy.

She would come her brains out with it in her pussy. It had been well over a year since her husband had left, and other then her fingers and a small pink vibrator the cupboard had remained bare. It had not seemed to matter up until now.

Her husband had been the only nineteen year old, she bets10 had ever had. Memories of how fast his batteries had recharged back then made her squirm on the little table. She wondered how it would feel to be fucked and then ten minutes or less later to be fucked again.

“Mrs. Jones, I…. Uh…. Is…. Uh…. Jenny home?” Ely finally got out. His eyes were on the crotch of her shorts as he spoke. There was an obvious damp spot, which was getting larger by the minute.

“No, she’s not, we’re here all alone.” Ann replied as she raised her bare foot and rubbed up and down along the outline of his dick. Her hands were playing with the knot in the front of the old frayed man’s shirt she had on.

When he moved back, Ann frowned and got off the table. Not letting herself think about it, she went to her knees in front of him and yanked his shorts down in one quick motion.

“Mrs. Jones!” He said loudly and tried to back up again. The freezer stopped him cold as Ann grabbed the plain white briefs that covered the object of her desires and yanked them down to his thighs.

“Shut up, Ely!” Ann said as a big grin covered her face at the sight of his dick.

“This ain’t going to hurt one bit,” she whispered as she leaned forward and licked upward along the length of his shaft.

Ely jerked at the feel of her hot wet tongue and then groaned long and deep. A second lick had the same affect but now his knees were shaking.

As Ann started a third lick, Ely moaned and shook all over. Ann grabbed his dick and stuffed it in her mouth. Ely yelled loudly and came long and hard. Ann sucked greedily and ran her tongue over and around the spongy head. Ely now had his hands on her shoulders as his hips bucked and jerked.

Ann swallowed and then slowly sucked more and more of his dick in until she felt the head touch the back of her throat. She moaned around the mouth full and ran her tongue wildly over his shaft as she slowly lifted her head.

She was very close to coming herself as she reversed directions and swallowed him again. The head of his still rock hard dick was pressing on the back of her throat when she felt her nose touch his pelvic bone. Then she was coming. Her body was rocking back and forth and she was moaning loudly.

Ely’s hips started to jerk as if he was trying to come again and that just blew Ann away even harder.


Ann returned to her senses sitting on the floor, leaning back against the dryer. Ely was on his knees, sitting on his heels and leaned back against the freezer. His hard dick was still standing up against his belly and looked shiny and slick after being in her mouth.

Ely’s eyes fluttered open and he focused on her. With a lopsided grin he whispered, “So much for being a virgin.”

Ann laughed and shook her head. “That’s just the warm up, foreplay as it’s called. Wait until you get down to the main event. There are at least another dozen cherries to go before you lose that title.”

The young man just stared at her with his mouth open. Ann laughed again and asked, “Now, what were you thinking about earlier that made you stammer and blush so bad. You won’t make me mad or embarrass me.”

“How about embarrassing myself?”

Ann shrugged and replied, “Nothing ventured, and nothing gained, as the old saying goes. Who knows, if I like it, I might let you.”

Ely’s eyes got big and his mouth dropped open again. After a few seconds, his mouth moved but nothing came out. After another moment or two, he got out, “Shorts, ankles, table, bent, over.”

Ann grinned and stood up. “Oh, you want my shorts around my ankles and me bent over this table. See, that wasn’t so hard. Now, what were you going to do if I did that?”

Ely blushed big time and moaned.

“I’ll take that as an, I’ll fuck you,” Ann said with an even bigger grin as she turned around

Looking back over her shoulder, Ann bent over slowly and lowered her shorts at the same time. By the time, her breasts touched the table the shorts were on the floor. Ely was back to the big eyes and open mouth again, only now he was moaning softly but then again, so was she.

Ann stepped out of the shorts on one side and spread her legs wider apart. “Please don’t make me wait,” she whispered breathily, lust heavy in her voice as her eyes dropped to his hard, ridged dick.

Suddenly, Ely was on his feet and kicking off his shorts. He quickly stripped off his tee shirt and then the underwear from around his thighs. With just his tennis shoes on, he eased up behind Ann.

Ann felt the heat of his manhood in the crack of her ass as he pressed his hips forward. They both moaned loudly.

“Hurry, please hurry!” Ann heard herself call out.

“I, uh, I….” Ely stammered.

Ann slipped her hand under her sex and pulled on his dick. His hips moved back enough for her to get the hot spongy head lined up with her sopping wet opening. As she pulled on his dick, he got the idea and rammed his hips forward.

She snatched her hand away and then gave a yell of surprise as his hips slapped bets10 giriş her ass and his dick buried to the hilt in her pussy. Her pussy felt full and she could feel her inner muscles grasping and squeezing him.

When his hips jerked back, pulling his dick completely out, Ann yelled, “No!”

The spongy head returned to her opening and then his dick entered her more slowly. She shivered and sighed as he went in. “Oh yes! Oh, hell yes!” she whispered sharply.

They both stood there like statues for a moment and then Ann whispered, “Put your hands on my hips for support and for a guide. Now move your hips back until the head is just inside.” Ann paused as a shiver ran up and down her spine.

“Ok, now go back in like you did before.” She waited until his hips touched her ass. “Now keep doing it just like that.” She finished with a whimpering sigh as his hips took up a nice slow sensuous motion.

After a few strokes she moaned, “Oh God yes! Just like that, keep doing that.”

Somewhere in the back of Ann’s mind a small voice asked, “How long will he last or for that matter, how long will you last?”

“Faster and harder!” Ann heard herself almost yell.

Ely’s hips smacked her ass and kept on smacking it. Ann’s orgasm was rumbling down on her like a freight train. She hoped the blowjob had been enough to let her finish before…. The train wreck was on her.

Ely erupted deep in her pussy with a hot surge as he slammed her ass one more time. Ann yelled incoherently and rammed back against him as her orgasm slammed into her head on. Hot jet after hot jet bathed her inside and carried her even higher and higher.

Sparklers and shooting stars went off behind her eyelids and fire and electricity surged along her nervous system. She could feel every inch of his shaft as her pussy squeezed and milked at it. She had wanted it all and now she had it.


The sound of the back door opening made Ann jerk up onto her hands and look to her right. Her daughter stood there with her mouth open and her eyes wide. Her mouth worked but no sound came out.

Ely had been lying on her back in exhaustion but now he was standing up straight and stammering like a fool. Ann almost giggled as she realized that he still had a hold of her hips and had not pulled his dick out of her drenched pussy.

“Mom!” Jenny finally got out. Outrage very apparent in her voice.

Now Ann did giggle and then the giggle became a wild laugh. For once in her life, Jenny was home early. Ann found that totally hysterical. Ely had quit stammering and was now watching her right along with her daughter. She realized that they both must think she was crazy.

Suddenly, Jenny forced her way by behind Ely and ran into the kitchen. This brought Ann’s laughter to an abrupt halt. Everything was strangely quiet to her ears.

Nearly a full minute later, Ely whispered, “I think I need to go home.”

“Why?” Ann asked. She felt like she was in a bad dream.

“Uh…. Jenny’s home and she caught me uh, having sex with you,” Ely stated the obvious.

“No, the sex was basically over once we both came. We were in the afterglow stages,” Ann explained and then giggled. “Not that that makes much of a difference to my daughter.”

“Uh, is she mad?” Ely asked.

“Furious would be a better word,” Ann replied.

“Uh, is she mad at me?”

“Me mostly but us also.”

“But…. Uh….” Ely began and then let the thought hang there.

“I think we can safely leave the butt for a later time. Right now I need to go see if I can salvage anything of my relationship with her.” When Ely did not move, Ann whispered, “You can pull out of me now.”

“Oh! Oh yeah!” Ely said as he moved his hips back slowly and reluctantly.

“I feel the same way.” Ann told him as a shiver ran up and down her spine. “I loved that where it was and wasn’t ready for it to leave.”

Ely stepped back from Jenny’s mom and gathered up his clothing. As he straightened up, he found Ann staring at his semi hard dick. A smile came to her lips as she went to her knees again.

“We seemed to have made one hell of a mess.” With that said she sucked his whole dick into her mouth and bathed it with her tongue. Her own flavor was mixed in strongly with his. With a moaning groan, she lifted her head as she sucked in sharply.

“Mrs. Jones!” Ely had started to say but it was lost in a groan as she sucked on him. A few seconds later he whispered, “Oh yes!”

Ann felt his dick starting to harden and reluctantly lifted her head to release him from her mouth. She licked her lips and looked up at the young man. She shivered as she realized that their mixed juices were running down between her thighs.

“I think that’s quite enough for today,” she whispered and then giggled like a naughty schoolgirl. “You will be over about the same time tomorrow right?”

With a big grin, Ely nodded quickly.

“Good because tomorrow you get to learn how to eat pussy.”

“Yours or Jenny’s?” Ely asked with a new confidence in his voice.

“That’s bets10 güvenilir mi to be decided later when I get my daughter to talk to me again,” Ann said and then sighed as she shook her head. “Maybe I need to start a school for wayward virgins.”

“You’re one hell of a teacher so far,” Ely whispered as he headed for the back door. “I’ll, uh, dress outside.”

Ann gave him a hard look and stood up. She took one step and grabbed his dick. “On second thought, dump your clothes on the freezer.”

“Huh?” Ely got out before Ann was leading him off by his handle. He hurriedly tossed his clothing on the freezer as he followed her.


Across the kitchen and down the hall they went to end up standing outside Jenny’s bedroom door. Ann knocked on her daughter’s door and waited for an answer. When none came, she knocked again with the same result.

Standing there in the hall with her hand holding Ely’s dick and naked from the waist down, Ann felt strange all of a sudden. Not embarrassed, as much as silly. She’d had her fling with Ely and been caught by her daughter. Well, so be it. She should go get dress and send Ely home.

Ann sighed deeply and started to turn away when Jenny’s door opened an inch or so and remained that way. Ann had expected it to either stay shut or to be flung open in rage. Neither was the case, it just opened. Now it was up to her as for what to do.

Maybe getting dressed was a good idea and sending Ely home even better. Then again, it was her house and…. Ann realized she was rationalizing and stalling. She released her hold on Ely, pushed her daughter’s door open and stepped inside.

What she expected to find was her daughter lying on her bed crying. What she found had her eyes wide and her mouth hanging open. Jenny lay sprawled out naked on the bed with a bright purple vibrator stuffed in her pussy. She was working it in and out slowly; her hips moving up to meet it on each thrust.

Ann felt Ely behind her and heard him gasp as he looked over her shoulder. “Like mother, like daughter,” Ann whispered.

Jenny’s eyes opened and then she moaned loudly, her hips jerked as she moved the purple vibrator faster and harder in her sex. “I’m…. I’m going to come so hard with you two watching,” she said breathily and then moaned even louder as her legs closed on the toy, trapping it against her clit. With a yell, she did just that.

“Holy shit!” Ely whispered as they watched Jenny rocking and rolling on the bed, her knees pulled up almost to her chest. Ann just nodded in agreement.

Jenny was still trying to move the vibrator with her hands but the way they were trapped between her tightly clenched thighs she could not do much. The jerking and bucking of her hips were doing more than her hands. Her orgasm went on and on, a never-ending stream of pleasure.

Ann felt Ely’s hot manhood press against the left cheek of her ass and his hands slipped around her waist. She gave a little shiver as his hands slowly slid up to and then under the bottom of her shirt. His fingertips brushed the bottoms of her breasts and she shivered harder.

He probably did not know it but he was teasing her breasts in a way that she loved. The bottom curve was the most sensitive part of her breasts, not counting the nipple, that is. That lightly brushing caress was shooting sparks straight to her already drenched pussy.

Ann leaned back against Ely as she worked to untie the knot in the front of her shirt with trembling hands. Between her daughter masturbating on the bed and Ely teasing her breasts, Ann found herself going into that hazy land of lust. That place where feelings outweighed thinking.

Jenny slowly relaxed on the bed and rolled over on her side. Her knees were still pulled up and the vibrator was still humming happily in her pussy. Her hands caressed the visible end of it lovingly. With a soft sigh, she flicked the little switch on the end and the vibrations stopped.

A shiver ran up and down Jenny’s spine as the vibrations stopped but the tingling deep in her sex continued. After a moment, she opened her eyes. She shivered again at the sight of her mom and Ely standing in the doorway. Her mom’s shirt was open and Ely had a breast in each hand.

Jenny groaned softly as she watched Ely’s hands squeeze and massage those full firm globes of flesh. She could almost feel it in her own breasts. She wished it were her breasts Ely was massaging. No one had ever touched her breasts, no one but herself that is.

Slipping her right hand out from between her thighs, she brought it up to lightly tease her left nipple. Her fingernail grazed the side of her nipple as her fingertip brushed the dark sensitive circle underneath. Jenny took a hissing breath at the feeling.

Ann had her head thrown back, pushing her breasts out for the warm strong hands kneading and squeezing her breasts. It had been such a long time since anyone beside herself had touched them. Waves of pleasure coursed up and down her body.

Ely’s hands were on Mrs. Jones breasts but his eyes were feasting on Jenny. She was gorgeous, a younger version of her mother. In all of his fantasies about her, he had never been close to how beautiful she really was. The curve of her hip, the swell of her ass, the full solid breasts capped with hard dark nipples.

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