I sat at the back of the theater, mesmerized by the performance of one particular actor. He was tall, perhaps 6’5″, with long legs and a lean body. His head was shaved, but I could tell he probably had either blond or light red hair because he had a goatee that was difficult to see but obviously complimented the contours of his face.

I listened to him and watched. He was the most talented member of the cast, by far, and he held the audience in his hand as he read the works of Poe. He held me in his hand as well…I was captivated.

When the show was over, I waited for the usual ‘after theater’ groupies to finish praising the actors and make their way out of the theater. After what seemed like an eternity, there was no one left except me and the cast.

I made my way forward, determined not to be just another groupie to this man. I had watched as he talked to his fans after the show, appreciative of their praise, but detached. He was a man who was used to the accolades. It would take something different to charm this one, and I thought I knew exactly what would do the trick.

“Your performance was good,” I said, looking him straight in the eye.

“Thank you,” he replied, ready to turn away and leave for the night.

“But, it could have been better,” I admonished.

That caught his attention. He turned around and stared at me – hard.

“And just what makes you an expert?” he replied, somewhat angrily, but pendik escort I knew I had his attention.

“Oh, I’m no expert on acting,” I said. “But I know good when I see it and I know bad. There was a lot of bad acting on that stage tonight, and you could be so much better if you were surrounded with people who were your equal…actors who would play off of your good acting would make you even better.”

“Well, I guess I can’t argue too much with that,” he said with a faint smile.

“It’s kind of like great sex,” I continued. “A great lover needs to have her equal in bed with her in order to show her true talents.”

“And I suppose you’re an expert on that subject?”

“As a matter of fact, yes.” I replied. “Come home with me right now and I’ll prove it.”

I needed to say nothing more…he followed me right out of the door and into my car. We drove in silence to my house and entered in the dark night. In the hallway, I reached up and kissed him, my tongue dancing in his mouth, my hands caressing his ass through the costume he still wore.

I led him down the hall to the bedroom. We kissed again, and he caressed my breasts through my sweater. I could feel his cock getting hard as he pushed his pelvis into me. My pussy responded with a gush of wetness.

I pulled away from him and ordered, “Take off your clothes.” He stared at me for half a second, questioning the new tone in my voice, but then did as he was told. escort pendik When he was naked before me, I moved closer to him, grabbed his cock in my hand and said, “Now you will do everything I say from this moment on – no questions asked. Do you understand?”

He tried to reach down and kiss me in response, and I pulled on his pecker with enough force to make him stop. “I’m in control here, mutt. It’s my house. My rules. And you are my toy. Now lay down on that bed, face up!”

He quickly did as he was told, not knowing what would happen next. Still dressed, I climbed atop his large body and grabbed his right arm. Before he knew what had happened, I had him handcuffed to the bed posts. He was indeed my toy.

I moved off of him and secured his ankles to the foot board. In spite of himself, I could tell he was pleased, because his thick cock jutted from his body, hard and throbbing.

I stood beside the bed and slowly removed my clothes. He had the pleasure of watching a slow strip…each inch of my body revealed to him inch by slow inch. When I was finished, I moved closer to the bed, put one leg up on the side to reveal my now dripping cunt, and rubbed myself slowly, staring him in the eye.

“You will pleasure me with your tongue, my toy, and if you give as good a performance at that as you did on the stage tonight, I will reward you.”

With that, I straddled him and lowered my ass onto his face. I was right…he was magnificent! pendik escort bayan His tongue danced over my clit and down my pussy to my cunt, plunging in and out. He teased my bung hole with his tongue while he nuzzled my clit with his nose. He took his time taking me – in no hurry – and made me want to beg for release. I could feel my orgasm build over and over, only to have him stop and move to another sensitive place for even more teasing. Finally, I could stand it no longer and I let out a powerful scream as my cunt drenched his face with sweet cum.

My breath was still coming fast, and I was in a frenzy of sexual desire. I moved to his cock, now very hard, thick and long and licked his shaft from bottom to top. He winced with pleasure as I took the head in my mouth, hot and wet, and sucked him all the way down my throat. His pleasure was building as I licked and sucked, and I knew it was time to give him his reward.

I quickly released him from his binds and kissed him hard. I could taste my pussy juice on his tongue…smell my scent in his beard. It was heaven.

I reached over to the bedside table and pulled out the AstroGlide. I laid on my stomach and slathered my cunt and ass with the cool liquid, then his hard cock. When I was finished, I turned over on all fours and presented my ass to my new lover.

“Fuck me hard, my mutt, and you better make it good, or there’ll be no encore performance for you.”

With that, I felt his hard cock invade my ass slowly, pushing deeper and deeper. The pleasure of his cock in my bung was overwhelming, and my cunt gushed juice that flowed freely over his balls as his cock flooded my ass with cum.

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