Entertaine? Or entertaining


There was no two-ways about it. Clive’s girl-friend was no oil-painting. But that wasn’t why she was becoming so unpopular. She had a distinctive whining voice and just didn’t know when to shut up! That was her most unwelcome feature. Many a night out at the local club had been ruined with her incessant chatter and meaningless drivel.

Clive seemed completely oblivious to this. We, Clive’s housemates, could only assume that she must be shit-hot in the sack for him to put up with her. Steve and I resolved that it was time to bring her well-established inadequacies to Clive’s attention. To our surprise he agreed whole heartedly with our thoughts and left us in no doubt that Heather was soon to be his ex-girlfriend. He also admitted that her skills between the sheets failed to compensate for the whining voice and ongoing stupidity.

“It’s a pity”, he went on. “She’s a fucking dirty cow!”

Intriguing! Steve and I looked at Clive with renewed interest. Knowing what a trio of depraved sods we all were….. Steve and I figured that she must be nothing short of a complete slapper for Clive to describe her as “a fucking dirty cow”!

Being a pair of “wonderful friends” and wanting Clive to know that “we only had his best interests at heart” we pressed him for further details but all that he would reveal was the fact that her Dad had recently purchased a new video camera for Christmas and she had mentioned that she wanted to “star” in her own DIY porno flick.

“Come to think of it”, Clive went on. “We were thinking of borrowing it over the weekend and capturing the first “scene” Saturday night! D’ya wanna sneak preview?”

A plot was hatching that both Guy Fawkes and Ben Dover would be proud of! Both underhand and horny at the same time!!

Two days later – a Saturday – Clive set the plan in motion. He rigged up Heather’s Dad’s camera in his room upon the sturdy tripod. Then, unbeknown to his “true love”, fitted extra cables from the camera’s output which led out of the window, trailed down the wall and in through the lounge window into the main TV. The stage was set. Lights! Camera! All we needed now was the “Action”!

With the camera on… and the bets10 TV tuned into the correct frequency…. we could sit in the lounge and watch the entertainment from the bedroom above. How’s that for the best in in-home entertainment!?

Steve and I could barely believe our luck! Here we were….. just a short wait away from watching whining Heather, the bane of many a night out, fucked rigid by our buddy Clive, before being humiliated and dumped.

But then Steve and I decided to take the dastardly plot just a little further. By inserting the camera-cables into the video recorder instead of the TV….. and slipping a cheap VHS tape in….. we could make our own lasting souvenir of the memorable occasion! Of course, we’d kinda “forget” to tell Clive about this until we needed to blackmail him at a later date!

After checking that the bed was center-stage, Clive went out to meet Heather as arranged and, as soon as he was out, Steve and I switched the cables from the back of the TV into the VCR and found a suitable blank tape to use in our wicked plot. Then we slipped off to the off-license to buy sufficient supplies to sustain us during the “movie”.

We’d just returned home with the lager and begun to watch the highlights of that day’s Test match when we heard Clive’s key in the lock and the strains of Heather’s constant chatter. Fortunately we didn’t have to listen to much of her gawd-awful prattle before Clive convinced her to slip off upstairs. Of course, as soon as they’d disappeared into the hallway and closed the door…. we’d grabbed the remote control and flicked over to Channel 0, OUR “Fantasy Channel”!

The screen flickered momentarily, presumably as Clive switched the camera on upstairs and made sure that it was pointing in the direction of the bed. Pressing [RECORD] was just so easy!

So keen was Heather to make her porno debut, as soon as Clive approached the bed, she grabbed him tugging at his clothing with such insistence, abandoning her clothing with equal speed and eagerness. And the dialogue she was using, even with the volume turned down low, would make a group of fish-wives blush!

With little time for foreplay, Heather bets10 giriş and Clive soon got down to the bump’n’grind. She leapt upon him, her soft breasts nudging against his chest as her fingers guided his cock towards her gash. Clive’s hands gripped her hips as she slid his erection home but he took the time to give us a thumbs-up before she began to vigorously fuck him. Steve and I grinned as we heard the rhythmic SlapSlapSlap of flesh against flesh and watched her slightly podgy ass-cheeks wobble with each thrust of her hips.

Realising that this was perhaps not the best camera angle, Clive slapped her ass and pushed her off, twisting her around so that he could fuck her doggy-style whilst she faced the camera.

As he slid his erection into her from behind, Heather, just as we’d hoped, played up to the camera, her moaning and groaning so loud we had to turn the volume down a bit more in case Heather heard her own moaning!

Then, Steve and I were completely gob-smacked as Heather reached her orgasm! Her blonde hair swishing about as her passionate squeals. Moaning, sighing, her long polished finger-nails gripping the bed-covers as she came so violently! FUCK ME!! FUCK ME! FUCKMEFUCKME!! OHhhHHGOD!!OhOHOH! YEAH!! We saw Clive’s face contorted as Heather’s clenching muscles squeezed his cock-cream from him. He emptied his load deep inside her hot and greedy cunt! He was right! She WAS a fucking dirty cow”!!

But was that such a bad thing?

Before we realised it, they’d redressed and we heard them moving on the stairs. Panic! We just managed to find the remote control and flick to a different channel as the lounge door opened. She’d kill the three of us if she’d seen the screen full of Clive’s bed!! As it was the TV screen was filled with David Attenborough’s latest African adventure, the only sound to be heard was the eerie sound of the hyenas mating calls. The similarity of the sound and the sound of Heather’s whining voice as she asked if anyone had any cigarettes was quite striking! I chuckled to myself. Seemed strange that she sounded SO damned good when she was cumming!!

Clive, such a gentlemen, offered to take Heather home in bets10 güvenilir mi his car and to call in at the off-license on the way to get her some cigarettes. Unfortunately she decided to stay with Clive for the night…. and most of the following day so my fellow deviants and I had no opportunity to take another look at “our” video master-piece.

Later that day I bade my excuses and decided to take a leisurely bath. Mebbe more to escape Heather’s inane babbling and whining than for any other reason. Before leaving the lounge I ejected the video from the VCR saying that I wanted to catch up with the mating habits of African wildlife. I winked at Clive and Steve in such a way as Heather couldn’t possibly see and slipped from the room.

Leaving the video-tape on top of my bedroom video machine, I had a good soak in the tub before slipping into my room with just a towel around my waist. Inserting the video into the machine and pressing [PLAY]. I laid back on the bed, drip drying as the picture rolled a coupla times and settled down to watch our “epic” porn-show.

But…. it wasn’t long before the one-eyed vomiting bed-snake grew stiff as I watched Heather’s plump rump fucking up’n’down on Clive’s prick and listened to her soft moans of pleasure. Ensuring that the bedroom door was firmly closed, I wrapped my fist around my stiff cock and began to pleasure myself. My fingers matching the increasing passion on the screen. And, as the “porno stars” switched to doggy-style my hand moved faster and harder.

Watching Heather’s tits swaying beneath her as Clive pounded his cock into her hot cunt. Then, just as Heather’s horny squeals announced her orgasm, I closed my eyes imagining it was my cock that was plundering her hot, juicy cunt and my own cream splashed across my hand and belly! Oh God!! She was a dirty cow!!!

Reaching out with the remote control I flicked off the VCR and TV and it was then that I saw it! A blinking red light visible inside the wardrobe. The wardrobe doors slightly ajar. The bastards! I leapt from the bed, flicked on the bedroom light and pulled the wardrobe doors open! And there it was! The video camera!! The cables disappearing under the rug and out under the door. THE BASTARDS!! THE ROTTEN BASTARDS!! Already I could hear the raucous laughter coming from downstairs!!

Meanwhile…. a copy of MY “porno debut” is available from Clive for the price of a blank E180 VHS cassette!

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