Episode 67:Jack and Jill


Episode 67:Jack and JillJack & JillJack and Jill shared a birthday, both were slim and blonde with cheeky grins. Most people thought they were twins – perhaps they were just cousins that loved to kiss. Every day after school during the summer they did run up the hill behind their houses, not to fetch a pail of water, that’s just a Nursery Rhyme; but to have what they considered wild, passionate, unprotected sex in the wild flower meadow. In winter they found a disused allotment hut that they made watertight and cosy with an old mattress and a sleeping bag to curl up in.They experimented with stroking every part of each other’s body, long before they knew the phrase ‘erogenous zone’. Even once Jill started to grow breasts, and she let Jack remove her bra, he still loved to warm her up stroking and kissing her elbows, armpits, back of knees and buttocks. Jill soon learned to take his entire erection to the back of her throat without gagging – Jack couldn’t imagine anything more beautiful until one day Jill lowered her sopping wet cunt onto his vertical hardness and they were fucking for the first time.Jill moaned and shuddered each time he lifted her up, slipping half out and slammed it back in, slapping his balls against her hot thighs. Older boys at school always talked of pulling out at the last moment to avoid getting the girl pregnant, so he did at first. Jill didn’t care – she loved the feel of slippery sperm deep in her pussy. She walked about the house half-naked, checking her profile in the mirror – nothing seemed to be growing inside her, so they carried on fucking every afternoon.They never knew which of them was infertile as they sucked and fucked – Jack filling Jill’s mouth, arse and pussy in turn, until it flowed down her thighs, before licking her clean before tea.They had missed a few sessions at the hut due to having to go on holiday with parents and homework and stuff and were feeling really randy when they stumbled through the door, ripping each other’s clothing off.Jill, looking around the candles and flowers and discarded underwear: “Someone else has been having sex in here”. Jack sniffed the delicious natural perfume of the matching black thongs: “Lesbians, I guess – how exciting” wondering exactly how girls made love to each other.Jill wasn’t listening; she had found a copy of the Little Book of Teen Lesbian Sex stuffed down the back of the mattress, opened at the Fisting page. “Here let me check your fingernails. Nice and short; it says here you can start with two or three, and then work up to a full fist. Bunch your fingers together – look you push them in like that”.Jill was already quite wet from the pictures in the book, she lay back, legs spread wide as Jack fumbled around stroking her most sensitive spot between cunt and arse. Suddenly she was stretched so wide by an entire fist; she had to clamp her thighs around Jack’s arm to keep him still as the first climax shook her young body.“We should leave a thank you note for this amazing book – here tear a page out of your exercise book”“How about this, asked Jack, watching his beautiful girlfriend reading the chapter on Butt plugs: ‘Thank You – Jill loves my fist up her. She would really love to try a Butt Plug – where do you get them? Love Jack and Jill (aged 7 ¼).PS are you really Teenage Lesbians?”Next day, Jack and Jill tore up the hill, ripping their clothes off long before they got into the hut to find a shiny gift bag containing two slippery black plugs, a tube labelled Anal Lube and a handwritten note. It said ‘K1ds – don’t forget the lube – yes Jack, boys can use them too – it might keep you hard all day’. On her hands and knees, Jill raised her butt, spreading her cheeks for Jack to kiss her special place. His tongue rimmed her pretty arse, checking her out with a moistened finger, then applying a dollop of cool slippery lube. Jill shuddered as he twisted the butt plug in – difficult to start, then it was past her ring and all the way in. The black circular end between her cheeks looked amazing, then it was Jack’s turn. Jill pulled down on his cock as the plug filled his virgin rectum and started the permanent erection. He loved to feel the edge of Jill’s plug against his cock as he gently fucked her pussy; Jill was flooding – she had never felt so full.Jack found another note in the bottom of the shiny gift bag and read it out to Jill as she recovered from his fucking: ‘Hope you are enjoying your butt plugs – we wear ours all the time. Yes we are real teenage lesbians (aged 17 ¼), perhaps you’ll see us at the Village Carnival on Saturday’What Lesbians DoThis story is set long before the internet made pornography freely-available to adults and ch1ldren alike. So Jack and Jill had to rely upon their imagination and the line drawings in the Little Book of Teen Lesbian Sex. Jill imagined ‘their’ lesbians with long blonde hair in skimpy summer frocks laying in the meadow, reading poetry and gently stroking each other.Jack’s vivid imagination was much closer to the truth: both girls have short dark hair, kneeling face to face in the hut, stripped down to their black bras and matching panties. They kiss and hold each other’s hips, but his imagination runs out before they are able to actually have sex.In reality they are both on their knees, bursa escort but facing the same direction: Su spread-eagled against the wall with Liza close behind her. The two red-heads had run up the hill, discarding tee-shirts and bras, and loosening jeans so they slipped down their thighs. Jack would have been awestruck to watch the shiny purple dildo sticking out the front of Liza’s jeans and entering Su’s cunt from behind as they fucked long and hard. Liza’s hands were on Su’s hips, pulling her close and then pushed away, in order to slam it back in. Su held her own breasts, then slipped one hand down the front of her jeans to bring herself off, which Jill would have loved to watch.Getting DressedJill was determined to look older today, so rather than the usual tee-shirt and tight shorts that made her virtually indistinguishable from Jack, she wanted to look more feminine. She borrowed a black off-the-shoulder open-mesh top, paired with her teenage sister’s first padded training bra. In the bathroom she filled the cups with damp cotton wool, to provide a hint of breasts. She loved the look of the exposed bra strap and the cool water felt gorgeous on her perky nipples. Then finally Jill dug out her old blue culottes; even pulled down low onto her boyish hips, they still exposed a lot of bare thigh and a healthy slice of taught buttocks through the generous leg holes. Jill couldn’t avoid a quick stroke between the legs; watching herself masturbate in the full-length mirror. The soft fabric felt amazing against her hard clitoris, the butt plug wobbling obscenely in her wrong hole.Jill loved masturbating – she sometimes wished she had been born a boy, so she didn’t have to use a mirror, but the blue hairbrush handle sliding up inside her always brought a tremor through her clitoris under her wet fingers. A small splash of water at just the right temperature brought her own juices flooding out to ease the intense feelings. Today the divided skirt pulled down on one hip just hid the butt plug opening up her pussy lips, fully exposing her hard little nub to be thrashed from side to side – oh she was close. Jill generally thought about the pleasure she brought Jack – she loved the feel of his slippery balls inside that sac. A little pressure on his perineum and a quick lick while he jacked off had him writhing on the floor, begging to cum in Jill’s mouth. One day she might let him – she had tasted sperm and didn’t like it, but perhaps today was special. Jack was banging on the bathroom door, Jill stopped moaning “Come on baby, stop wanking, we’re going to miss the carnival”.”Come on in – I’m nearly decent”, Jill adjusted the divided skirt so it just hid her pubic bone and the engorged clitoris. She yanked Jack’s shorts down to his ankles and wedged him up against the cold porcelain sink. She felt that anything went today, so covered his cock and balls in hot water then a thick layer of hand cream to hold in the moisture. Jack was trembling when she grabbed his erection in both hands, pushing her new fake tits into his back. His cock jumped under her careful rubbing, ensuring even pressure right down the shaft and back to the tip. Jack tried to grab her wrists to slow the wanking, but she just brought one knee up into his arse, settling the butt plug higher still in his taught young body. He came in spurts all over her hands – gallons of hot sticky spunk – like he hadn’t masturbated for days. Jill felt the warm glow spreading from her ripe clit up to her hard nipples, getting some idea what real breasts were going to feel like when she eventually hit puberty.CarnivalJack and Jill stood outside their gate, backs to the wall, nervous that everyone could see the flat circular end of the butt plugs, scanning the backside of every attractive girl walking in the Carnival or passing above eye level on the decorated floats. Lots were wearing tight shorts or leggings that moulded to their slim thighs and tight cheeks, but no plugs visible yet. Just as Jack and Jill were giving up hope the ‘Under 18s women’s hockey team’ float arrived – all the teenager girls were wearing very short skirts, lifted at the back with very visible black butt plug ends. Most of the Dads in the crowd were more attracted to their team’s fronts where they wore nothing more than a cross of black sticky tape across their nipples.Two of the girls on the float kissed and smiled at Jack and Jill, sticking their butts out even further, shouting: “Why don’t you come and watch our match at the Village Hall after the Carnival – it can get quite passionate in the shower afterwards”.The Carnival started with a group of cross-dressing queens – all sparkly dresses, shaved legs, enormous fake breasts and ridiculous wigs – no point in checking their backsides. A marching band followed all crashing drums and tinkling xylophones – Jack held his hands over Jill’s ears.The next girls acrobatic troupe looked promising – a variety of ages all dressed in green metallic micro shorts and matching crop tops. The youngest c***d being repeatedly thrown into the air, tumbling into her friends arms. Most parents were keen to make sure their darling daughter wasn’t displaying too much below the waist; but all other young girls were fair game for ogling. The shorts çanakkale escort were a very snug fit in the crotch giving several girls a very visible camel toe, mostly unevenly divided around the crotch seam. Jack couldn’t take his eyes off one little beauty who had perfectly symmetric pussy lips on show until Jill’s slap reminded him that they were supposed to be looking around the back for the tell-tale sign of a butt plug. Jack pulled out the back of Jill’s culottes to take a peak down between her smooth butt cheeks, where he loved to thrust his face. He almost had one hand down the back touching her butt plug when he realised it wasn’t there – his exploratory finger slid effortlessly into an empty butt hole.Jill giggled “Go further”, sliding the waistband further down her hips at the front – Jack pushed his other hand in through a leg hole.”Oh shit, I’ve found it” muttered Jack, stroking the plug embedded in her Special Place “I thought you were a virgin” he added rather confused.”So did I baby” laughed Jill, allowing Jack to twist the thick rubber plug between her wet pussy lips.”So, can I fuck you now?” pleaded Jack, wobbling the plug front to back, getting Jill quite roused.”Not here, stupid – your Mum and Dad are probably watching”. Jack reluctantly withdrew the second hand; Jill grabbed his sticky fingers and licked her own juices off.Hockey TeamJack and Jill had almost given up until the very last float – the Under-18 Ladies Hockey Team.The six hockey players uniform comprised a very short black, wraparound sports skirt; the type that is usually worn over a pair of shorts to preserve their modesty. However theirs only barely covered a pair of bright red bikini briefs, snugly fitting around the tell-tale circular end of the black butt plugs. On top they wore a sort of cut-down tabard, playing position number on the back, tied at the front just below the bust; exposing most of their breasts to each side visible through the wide open armholes.The dads in the crowd loving the black sticky tape cross covering each nipple. As if there was any doubt about their sexuality three of the girls bore number 6 and the other three the number 9 on their backs; oh and the way they kissed and held bottoms. Jack & Jill’s new red-headed lesbian friends lifted them up onto the float. Up close Jack could appreciate the variety in boob sizes from the tiny bee-stings (no more developed than Jill’s chest) to a gargantuan pair that would surely never allow the owner to run. Jack couldn’t think about anything else – he imagined covering himself and them in hand cream for a magnificent tit-fucking. His cock rose to attention at the thought, causing Jill to smack him again.Unusually it was a very hot day for the Carnival, young girls walking alongside the floats in skimpy dresses had been giving out bottles of water. The all-lesbian hockey team took this as an opportunity to spray each other – mostly down the front of their tabards, before the crowd joined in soaking them from head to foot, eager to see water streaming down their thighs for some reason.At the end of the village, the float pulled off the road into a lay-by to allow other traffic to pass while the driver opened up the Carnival Queen over his steering wheel, trying to ignore the soaking wet team passion in the back. Each number ‘6’ girl grabbed a number ‘9’ girl to make a perfect ’69’, burying their faces in each others dripping cunts, sucking juice through the wet panty fabric. Soon the transparent panties were discarded permitting full fingering and tonguing. Even Jack and Jill joined in – Jack lowering the only male member into Jill’s mouth, while simultaneously eating her out around her newly found butt plug.The team re-arranged into triangular threes ‘666’ and ‘999’, still chewing cunt and twisting butt plugs, before finally making a hexagon (sexagon) surrounding Jack and Jill who they allowed to join in grabbing breasts of all sizes and examining the depth of butt plugs.Jack couldn’t take his eyes off Gillian, whether she was on top of a girl – breasts brushing across an open mouth, or she was underneath – breasts spilling sideways into her armpits. Jack managed to peel off one of the black tape crosses which just inflamed his erection from the exposed aureole and flat pink nipple.He jumped when Gillian pressed her breasts together trapping his hand in her sweaty groove. One of his lesbians yanked down his shorts and lifted him bodily so he was straddling those gargantuan tits, skinny thighs holding them together wrapped around his cock. “Come on little boy – you can do it -I wanna see spunk on both of these beauties – I don’t care if you’ve already cum inside your girlfriend – my little brother can always make enough to satisfy my needs.” Jill applied great dollops of hand cream to her own butt for rubbing against a lesbian knee and the Jack’s cock to ease his passage towards climax. He couldn’t hold back as someone grabbed his butt plug from behind and twisted – the sperm erupted in her valley, spreading out onto her nipples and sliding down, with some help, under her chin, then a fingerful into her mouth. “Delicious – hot and creamy – just how I like it – you are a good boy – but no, I’m not going to suck you clean – that’s your girlfriend’s escort bayan job”Jill had never seen lesbian sex up close – she had tried kissing a few girls, but never really appreciated the subtle feel of female flesh. Now she was surrounded by 6 writhing naked women doing their best to extract pleasure from every orifice. Whenever Amy, the youngest girl with the bee-sting nipples, looked up – her chin coated in pussy juice – Jill was watching intently, then quickly looked away embarrassed. Jill was now the only one on the float wearing any clothes – the skirts, tabards and bikini bottoms long discarded – she still had culottes on, trying to cover the bulge of her butt plug in the wrong hole. Amy crawled over to Jill – they kissed, tentatively at first, then deeply – Amy stroking the back of Jill’s neck.”Come on baby – join in – we’re all friends here”.Amy turned her attention to Jill’s clothing- tugging the culottes gently down to Jill’s closed knees and beyond. Jill covered her plugged pussy with one hand, as Amy slid both hands up the inside of Jill’s silky thighs.”It’s OK baby, nobody is going to hurt you – we just want to make you happy”. Then Amy noticed the circular butt plug end holding Jill’s moist lips apart: “Oh no baby – that’s not right – here let me help you”. Reluctantly Jill removed her hand allowing Amy to extract the floppy rubber bung, lick it all over and insert it in the proper hole.Amy and Jill kissed again – Jill was warming to the idea of being seduced by this gorgeous girl – she let her hands play across those tiny breasts, arousing the nipples to hard points.”Now then, baby – let’s find your g-spot”. Amy licked the tips of her middle two fingers, slipping them easily between Jill’s hot pussy lips. Jill moaned “Oh Fuck”.”Watch how I press against your front wall – just behind the pubic bone – you need to feel for a smooth area that makes your legs go all wobbly”.Jill moaned “Oh Fuck” again, her thighs were beginning to wobble – was this Lesbian Love? She sucked on Amy’s face as those fingers brought her closer and closer to orgasm.Meanwhile the other 5 lesbians had crowded around Jill, touching, toe-sucking, caressing, kissing, pressing wet breasts into her face for her attention, stretching out the orgasm that Jill now realised had started the moment Amy’s magic fingers found her love-spot. Completely satiated, she knew she would have to teach Jack how to find it.”Your turn baby – make me cum – see if you can fist me – bunch your lovely slim fingers together like this”.It didn’t take long before Amy’s cunt was completely filled by Jill’s fist – right up to her slim wrist. Amy lay very still as the pressure increased on her bladder – she had been drinking bottles of fizzy water all afternoon against the intense heat.Although it was a snug fit, Jill managed to rotate her hand inside Amy – her knuckles brushing against her new best friend’s sensitive spots high in her cunt. The squirt started to erupt as soon as Jill withdrew her fist, then full flow achieved with Amy’s own fingers on her clit and another of the girls sitting on her face to squeeze out the last few drops of precious yellow liquid. Not wishing to leave Jack out entirely, the two red-headed lesbians straddled his face and chest masturbating hard. Jill helped by squeezing nipples; soon they were both breathing heavily and furiously rubbing their clits. Two streams of squirt hit his mouth and chin – Jack had to swallow fast to avoid disappointing his girls, but it was fairly obvious he was never going to get a fuck.Jill looked up, surprised to see all the girls standing in a loose circle around big-titted Gillian – her knees seemed to be giving way – they were actually holding her up. Then Amy handed her a small purple device with Up and Down buttons: “Here – you can control her now”.Jill spotted the blue flashing light between Gillian’s pussy lips – she had an old model we-vibe remote-controlled clitoral vibrator buried deep inside her. Jill pressed the Up button, aiming the device at Gillian’s cunt – she was squeezing her thighs together to maximise the effect – her nipples looked they might explode.Jack grabbed the remote control from her, lowering the speed allowing Gillian to relax for a moment, then slamming it up to maximum speed. Gillian came and came, spewing pussy juice down her thighs and passing on the we-vibe to Amy.By now the driver and his Carnival Queen had left the cab and were rolling about on the float, sucking, fucking and watching the lesbians.Amy held the slippery vibrator at cunt level for Jill, urging her to open up and take the device. All the naked girls pressed closer together around the young ch1ld, attempting to protect her apparent innocence from the attention of the driver and his conquest.Jill responded well to the clitoral vibrator – arching her back, grabbing hold of Amy’s shoulders, shaking her butt, loving the feeling of all those breasts pressing into her.The remote control was passed from lesbian to lesbian, each increasing the speed of vibrations slightly while carefully watching Jill for signs of distress. Jill was loving the deep vibrations running through her young body- her climax feeling very close now. Then Jack got the control -he held Jill’s butt in one hand and wound the speed to maximum – Amy had to hold her up as knees buckled and thighs went into spasm – Jill had never cum as hard. She was sweating from places she didn’t know existed and moaning in ways she had never heard as the climax engulfed her entire body and soul – she wanted it to never end.

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