Erica Goes Down the Rabbit Hole


Erica Goes Down the Rabbit HoleErica batted her long eyelashes and smiled as she placed her customers orders on the table. It was chilly inside the crowded restaurant and her long nipples strained against her uniform top. She had small, perky A cup breasts and she rarely wore a bra to work because she’d learned over the years that her tips were much better when she didn’t.”Is there anything else I can get you gentleman?” Erica asked in a pleasant tone. She had a sexy southern drawl, pretty brown eyes and a warm smile. She’d been a cheerleader through college and had kept her compact body in shape for the fifteen years since but her ass was bigger and rounder than it had once been.”No ma’am,” the man to her right replied in a deep, commanding tone. He wasn’t a bad looking guy but he was black and Erica had never found black men particularly attractive. He did have a nice body though, and even she couldn’t deny that. He had broad shoulders, a thick neck and a flat stomach like an NFL linebacker.Erica had been born and raised in South Carolina. She was something of a redneck and was a product of her environment. She liked fast cars and big trucks. She shot guns and enjoyed fishing and in select company she used the “n” word indiscriminately.”Okay, well y’all let me know if you need anything at all,” she replied with a playful grin. She had always been something of a flirt and she turned it up a notch at work to improve her tips. She didn’t care if the guys were black, white or green she’d flirt for tips. She’d even flirted with a few lesbians at the restaurant even though she didn’t swing that way.Erica turned and walked away. She could feel their eyes on her thick, juicy as and she put an extra wiggle in her walk. It made her feel good when men looked at her that way. She had no intention of doing anything more than flirting but she liked the attention and she wouldn’t have done anything even if they were hot white men. She was, after all, happily married.Erica and Jim had been married for five years and she loved him dearly. He was 13 years her senior and in good shape. He wasn’t a big man, standing only 5’7″ tall but he was fit and muscular and very hot with pretty eyes and a smooth shaved head.Erica walked out the back door for a quick smoke and pulled out her phone. The black customer had reminded her of her pot dealer, though they didn’t look anything alike, and she called to make sure he had some weed for her after work. She’d always been a party girl and loved to drink beer and whiskey but she had recently started smoking pot. She liked the pot buzz a lot and as a side benefit, especially for Jim, it made her very horny.Erica punched out at 11pm and climbed into her old Chevy truck. She turned right and sped out of town. Her dealer lived in a ratty farm house at the end of a long dirt road. He stayed up late and didn’t mind her stopping for weed at any time but she wanted to get home to Jim before he passed out for the night.She shut off her headlights and sat alone in her truck. Her dealer was creepy and he sometimes scared her a little but she’d been buying from him long enough that she left her little 38 pistol under her seat. She didn’t recognize one of the cars in his driveway and since it was a Mercedes it sure didn’t fit in there but she assumed it was just another customer.Erica knocked on the door and waited. Carl slowly opened the heavy wooden door and nodded. He was a big man who towered over her. He was well over 6 feet tall and had to weigh more than 300 pounds. He had a thick neck, big arms and a fat belly. He was probably the most unattractive man she knew but he gave her a good price on pot. He hinted that he was open to alternative payment methods which made her skin crawl.”Come on in Baby Girl,” Carl said in a low, slow tone. He sounded stupid but he did math fast in his head and kayseri escort he was street smart too. He stepped aside and Erica walked past him into his dank, dark living room. Clouds of smoke filled the air and the stench of pot assaulted her senses. She breathed deep drawing the second hand smoke into her lungs giving her a quick contact high as her eyes scanned the room.Carl lit up a joint and took a hit. He handed it to Erica and she followed suit. She held the acrid smoke deep and stepped towards the couch where Carl’s friends sat waiting.A smile spread across her pretty face and she exhaled. She coughed twice and then handed the joint to the man closest to her.”I know you,” she giggled. He had been her customer at the restaurant a few hours earlier and his smile widened. “You’re Michael right?””Hey sexy,” he replied confidently. He took a hit and patted the spot beside him on the overstuffed leather couch.Erica hesitated for a second but she didn’t want to seem rude so she plopped down and waited for another hit. He had tipped her very well at the restaurant and she felt obligated to appease him. He had tried, unsuccessfully, to get her number but she’d told him she was married and never mixed business and pleasure.She took the joint from his big meaty hand and drew a long pull into her lungs. Her body was starting to hum and she knew she should get going before she was too fucked up to drive.Michael put his big arm around her and pulled her closer. He smelled good, like expensive cologne, and his big body was hard like granite. The buzz from the pot made her pussy throb and her head started to spin. She wanted to get home so Jim could work his magic. Her husband wasn’t much in bed, at least not with his dick, but he had an amazing mouth and he never failed to make her cum hard. He had a tiny dick and since his vasectomy he’d had trouble getting and staying hard. He came too quickly as well but she loved him.Michael’s hand brushed against her right breast and a soft, involuntary moan slipped from her lips. She had very sensitive nipples and she’d always been a very sexual woman. She had, on occasion, climaxed just having Jim suck on her tits and her long nipples strained against her thin, black Lynyrd Skynyrd tee shirt.He reached for her breast and rolled it between his thumb and forefinger. Her pussy was throbbing and she knew she had to leave before things got out of hand. She’d just had her period and she and Jim hadn’t fucked in more than a week.”I, I need to go,” Erica stammered. She looked around for Carl so she could complete her transaction but he had left the room with Michael’s friend, leaving her alone with Michael.”You gots time Baby,” Michael replied without hesitation. He placed his left hand over her right and moved it to the crotch of his jeans.Erica gasped and tried to pull away but he held her hand on his dick. It felt enormous and her pulse quickened.Despite being a party girl Erica had only been with 5 men including her husband. All but one had been ordinary white guys and the other had been a light skinned Mexican she’d met after college. None had been especially big in the pants and sadly the one she fell in love with and had married had been the smallest of them all.”Christ, is that real?” Erica gasped. She had never thought dick size was important. It was the motion of the ocean, not the size of the boat, but she’d only had little dingies and Michael had a yacht.”Take it out and see for yourself,” he said sternly. His hand had slipped under her shirt and he started playing with both of her small perky tits. Her eyes closed for a moment and she inhaled slowly.”I, I can’t do that,” she shuddered. Her heart was racing and her body was on fire. She needed to leave but his hand felt great on her tits and she did want to see his big black dick. She’d kıbrıs escort had a few friends in high school and college who’d dated and fucked black athletes and they’d all raved about them. They’d said they were all big and very good. They didn’t eat pussy but they fucked like a****ls and if she hadn’t been repulsed by them she might have tried it too. She’d had ample opportunity over the years. To her husband’s dismay black men seemed to gravitate to her. They all loved her big ass and they hit on her even when she and Jim were standing side by side.”Yes you can and you will,” he barked firmly. He pinched her nipple hard and Erica squealed in pain. She’d never really liked pain but it felt like there was a direct connection between her nipple and her throbbing cunt. He was making her hot and she obediently unzipped Michael’s pants.Her hand trembled as she reached into his loose fitting jeans. His cock was so thick that her fingers failed to completely circle it and it felt searing and hot in her smooth palm.Michael lifted her shirt up and she rose her arms so he could take it off. Her heart felt like it might explode. It was pounding as if she’d run a marathon and she pulled out his pulsating dick. Her eyes widened and she pulled back the unclipped foreskin to expose his flared purple glans.”Holy fuck,” she gasped. A flood of moisture soaked her needy cunt and she started to stroke him long and slow. She could feel blood pumping through his turgid shaft and her tongue slowly circled her full lips.”It ain’t gonna suck itself,” he said in a low unwavering voice. He put his hand on the back of Erica’s head and pushed it down towards his angry black dick. A large drop of clear liquid oozed from its tip and she squeaked like a frightened mouse.She resisted and squirmed. The musky smell of his cock wafted over her and her mouth began to water in spite of her revulsion.”Wait,” Erica squeaked nervously. She’d never cheated on any man before and despite her husband’s shortcomings she’d never wanted to but she felt torn. His cock looked amazing and a part of her was undeniably drawn to it but at the same time she was disgusted by it. The ashy black flesh and the briny smell of precum made her sick to her stomach.”Shut the fuck up and do what comes naturally Bitch,” Michael said harshly. He forced her down between his strong legs and she did as he said. Her lips parted and she licked his hard shaft. It was salty and tangy but different than any other she’d tried. Her eyes closed and she opened her mouth wide. Her lips closed around the bulbous tip and she groaned softly as her tongue swirled around, lapping at his tiny pee hole, slurping precum into her surprisingly eager mouth.Erica sucked and slurped his huge cock until her jaw ached. She spit onto the shaft and stroked it with both hands and sucked on the tip. Her sex drooled like a hungry dog and soaked her tiny black thong and when Michael pulled her on top of him she was ready and willing.He reached down and lifted the hem of her short skirt. He deftly moved her panties to the side and slid inside her frothy hole. She hadn’t used birth control since Jim’s vasectomy but she didn’t squawk when he buried 9 inches of black dick deep inside her fertile womb. Her round ass wiggled and she started to moan. She’d never imagined feeling that stuffed. He was twice her husband’s length and felt like a Pepsi can in her tight pink pussy.Michael thrust hard and deep. His massive cock slammed against her cervix and she winced in pleasure and pain each time he hit bottom. He tweaked her long, hard nipples and she bounced like a porn star. Her pussy slapped against his hairy pelvis and she grunted like a wounded a****l as she came hard. Her juices seeped from her cunt, coating his cock with thick white cream and she panted like a bitch in heat. escort bayan She felt ravenous and wicked. It was a defining moment and she knew she’d never be the same.Erica grunted and groaned. Her body trembled and her nails dug into his chocolate brown flesh. She looked at him with a lust filled gaze and climaxed a second time on his enormous pole.He lifted her up and rose to his feet with Erica impaled on his manhood. She ground her hips and bit his shoulder as one orgasm morphed into another. He lowered her to the floor and his cock popped out of her needy hole making her whimper like a scolded puppy. She felt empty and she needed more.She looked back at him over her shoulder and watched him kneel behind her round ass. He slapped it hard and she yelped. He did it again and she panted. He rubbed the head of his slippery black cock against her swollen labia and then rammed it home making her cry out in pleasure and pain. His hips thrust hard and deep. His body slapped against her ass and her eyes rolled back in pure ecstasy. She rocked back to meet him and another orgasm built in her frothy womb.Erica looked up at Carl and smiled weakly. His black dick jutted from his fat, disgusting black body and her stomach churned. She felt ill and she shook her head. Her long blonde hair tossed from side to side but he didn’t care. He laced his fingers into her long locks and guided his dirty black dick into her willing mouth. She sucked hard, drawing precum from him like a milkshake through a straw as Michael continued to tear up her tender white cunt.Michael slapped her several times and then grabbed her hips. He thrust into her at a dizzying pace and his dick pistoned into her depths like a jackhammer. His breathing labored and his big dick grew even bigger. Cum surged through the shaft and erupted into her smoldering fertile womb. His potent seed flooded her pussy and dripped from her engorged labia as he continued to pound it hard and fast until it went slack.She felt his friend enter her and she looked back with tired eyes. She sucked and stroked Carl’s big dick. He tested and smelled bad but she didn’t care. She felt depraved and dirty and she loved it.Carl grabbed her hair and fucked her mouth. Saliva spilled from the corners of her mouth and dripped onto the stained carpet below. His breathing grew deep and steady and he let out a long low growl as he emptied his balls down her throat.Erica slumped forward and slid to the floor as Carl’s cock slipped from her lips. She swallowed his seed and the third man, who’s name she didn’t even know rode her to the ground with his cock inside her. He thrust his hips and his body bounced off her butt. She had lost track of how many times she’d cum but she was almost too tired to finish again.He pulled out and spit into her crack. He rubbed his slimy dick against her asshole and she moaned weakly.”No,” Erica sighed, “Not there.” She’d been fucked in the ass a few times but she’d never enjoyed it. He didn’t care what she wanted and he pressed his hips forward and he slid into her tired asshole. Pain shot through her and she grunted and groaned. He buried the length inside her and began to thrust is smooth, steady strokes. The pain dissipated and Erica started to writhe. Her breathing quickened and she started to pant and moan louder.He thrust hard and fast and then paused deep. She felt his cock erupt and his cum splashed into her bowels.She laid on the floor for several long minutes. Cum oozed from her cunt and asshole and she eventually rolled onto her side. Her panties were gone, her shirt was across the room and her skirt was bunched around her waist. She felt dirty and used but she was strangely satisfied and she looked up at them with a sleepy gaze.Michael and Carl was smoking a joint and the other man had gone to the bathroom to clean up and piss.”Can I get a hit?” She asked as she held her hand up for the joint. She took a long pull and then sat up on the floor with her back against the couch. She wasn’t sure what had happened. It hadn’t been **** but she hadn’t wanted it either. Regardless she like it and she knew she’d be back.

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