Erin gets fucked first time


Erin gets fucked first timeErin gets fucked PART 1After a few weeks of mutual masturbation that ranged from quickies to full blown all afternoon shows between us it was fantastic when we went that little bit further and you made it clear that you wanted my big fat cock end to be the first one you held in your little young hand, entered into your lovely innocent mouth and let me push into your ever so young and innocent fresh cunt.You did play the innocent for a while but couldn’t help wandering into what turned out to be your extremely hot and Horney little sexy slut self. I loved the day when you did a show for me right after I had slowly masturbated my cock for you when you had used your Dads binoculars to get a real close look at me wanking my cock. I could see you opposite laying on your bed with your knickers off, your little tits and nipples quite pink and flushed, your legs a little way apart and the big orange carrot slowly moving in and out of your cunt, it was quite big and fat and you were shoving it up a long way, in fact I had thought, I wished that was my cock you were pulling into you. Anyway I knew you had a real close up of my big purple end as it was extra hard, shiny and smooth, I was pulling my foreskin up and over the big ridge of my cock and up as far it would go near to my piss hole, then hard and slowly down again stretching it way down so my cock end was real tight and bright purple, it was up and down, up and down long full strokes with the skin pulling up and over and giving me great thrills as it passed over the ridge, you were watching very closely and your hand was pulling the carrot in and out at the same speed, I thought then that even though you were very young you were really getting the hang of fucking your cunt and maybe I should take you all the way and give you a right good fucking, you were licking your lips and rocking your arse and cunt up and down, back and forth for me. When you got onto your hands and knees and turned round on all fours with your arse and cunt pointing straight at me it was as if you knew that you wanted me to do you doggy and mount you to fuck you very deeply. That afternoon after we had both had a fantastic cum you held up a piece of paper with your mobile number on it and wrote, text me Mr Big cock I want to see what else we can do as my little hot pussy wants to play with a real cock,!!This made my head spin; here you were a beautiful littled girl, who had a lovely figure, fabulous looks and a great pair of little tits who seemed to want me to fuck you. I wanted you so badly but knew that this was extremely naughty and dangerous, what if you were just leading me on, what if you only wanted to wank and not actually do it, if you did was I going to be able to get my big 8” up into that tight little cunt of halkalı escort yours, after all you had only had a bottle end, your fingers and a carrot up so far and probably hadn’t been using tampons for that long either.Fuck it I thought I would just go along with it and see how far you wanted to go so it was you who was leading me on and not me forcing you. The texts you are sending me are very explicit and must be motivated by your desire to have a real cock and to explore being fucked by an older guy even if I was miles older than you. You told me that your parents were away for the weekend and that your older friend Jenny who is 16 was to stay with you to look after the house and see you didn’t get into trouble; ha ha lol or maybe she was a mucky as you were. I knocked on the door on the Saturday night at about 8-00pm and you opened the door in your little denim skirt and bra top, you looked beautiful but so tiny and venerable, red lipstick on and a sexy pair of sandals with your long shapely tanned legs made my cock twitch in readiness, was I going to fuck you ! I didn’t know but with that sexy look I was surely going to try. Jenny wasn’t coming round until 10-00 so you said we had loads of time as you took my hand, lifted your skirt and put in onto your bare pussy, it was gorgeous, so neat and pretty, little lips just open a fraction, little clit just poking out at the top, no hair other than a little triangle well above your clit so very sleek and smooth. I just stood for a few minutes feeling your pussy and sliding my finger very lightly over the lips which had just parted a little, your legs were just apart so I could get my hand between and you rested your beautiful head on my chest, rocking back and forth, it was the first time anyone had ever placed their hand on your cunt other than you and you were in ecstasy your cunt was oozing little drips of love juice out so making it even more sexy and slippy. You were obviously very near to orgasm but I wanted you to wait so I stopped and drifted up to your little pert nipples, they were very hard and erect, you whimpered as I stroked them as this also nearly made you cum but you were a good little girl and you held on. You then took me by surprise and sank to your knees and opened the zip on my jeans and pulled my big hard erect cock out and started to pull the skin back and forth looking up with those big beautiful eyes asking ‘is that ok, am I doing it right’ yes Erin my little young girlfriend you are doing it just fine, but do it slowly, make sure the skin folds up and over the head, don’t stretch it too far down, just fold back and forth darling. You are sucking my cock now and its wonderful, you are like a little Pro your full taksim escort red lips taking over from your little hand that barely goes round my muscular cock shaft, spit and cock juice dribbling down your chin as I pull your head very tight in and force my cock down your throat making you gag little but you do ever so well for a little 13 year old, you take it down and just suck and lick like you know I like it. I pick you up and take you upstairs onto your bed, you have obviously been playing with your cunt as your bottle and carrot are there and the pages of your Dads porno book are open at a page with a girl sucking a huge black cock.PART 2I am laying you on the bed and you lift your little bum up so I can take your skirt off, your top follows and you lay back down completely naked, legs apart and arms above your head, you are dripping out of your cunt, your nipples are huge and sticking out, your tummy is slightly flushed, you are breathing heavy , your eyes are wet from the cock sucking gagging and your lips are red smudged from my cock end pushing your lips open. I pull you to the end of the bed so your legs are hanging over with your arse on the edge, this tilts your cunt mound up slightly and I am getting down kneeling between them, my mouth is inches from your cunt, you are gasping, ‘please lick my cunt Paul, I love you so much and will you please fuck me’, just wait a while Erin I am licking you out first. I start long slow licks with my tongue, in and across your cunt lips, it is quite open now and I push my tongue in as far as I can licking and swallowing you juices, I play with your piss hole and inner lips then further up to your clitty. It is right out of its hood now Erin and I am licking and sucking it to get it to its maximum size, it is a gorgeous specimen for a thirteen year old, it is so sensitive and you are rocking back and forth so as to wank its skin up and over like a little cock. I have got you where I need you now, you are desperate for my cock so I stand up and ease forward leaning over you licking your nipples as my cock nudges forward to your cunt lips, it is right there, I pause and let you feel down so you can guide it in at your own pace, you pull it forward and in the head goes, up to my foreskin, it’s so hot and sweet, it is velvety smooth, this is your first cock Erin, I am forcing my way in pushing your lips apart and you are pulling it in. I am half way in now and it is getting tight you take your hand away as you think it’s right in but I wait a few seconds, grab your head with both hands to stop you moving, with one big push shove the other 4” right up in one go, its crashed right up to the hilt and you cry out in pleasure and pain but what a good little girl you are, you take it all up and şişli escort grab my arse and pull hard into you making sure you have the full 8”, we are coupled. I am laying still for a while until you get your breath back and then start to slowly ease in and out, right to the cock end and back up to my balls, long hard slow strokes, you don’t move but just take it all in and I can feel your little young cunt muscles grabbing onto my cock as you get closer to orgasm. I am going to let you cum first Erin as I want to give you a real hard fucking before I let my cock explode its load into you. You are reaching down as I am pumping you and start rubbing you clit so I let you carry on as I want you to orgasm with my cock deep into you and I am playing with your nipples, you gasp and grunt as you have the first cock orgasm of your young sexy life, you cry and cry and scream out, swearing as you finish. You hold onto me tight but I have just started and I am going to make you have lots more orgasms before I have finished with you. I flip you over onto your tummy and you are smiling, I am placing a pillow under your hips to raise your arse and cunt hole to the right level. I can now see all of your arse and you cunt, they are soaking wet and your arse is fully exposed, I would see to that in a few months time but for now it’s your cunt that is going to get a pounding. I waste no time and get my cock back in only this time it goes much deeper, it is hard inside and its banging into your inner womb, this is as far as I can get but it forces your womb open a little way, it’s a feeling you will come to love. I hold your hips tight and pull you up towards my cock, I can now pound into you faster and faster, you can’t move, you are like a little doll in my big strong arms, you are getting a huge fuck and I am pulling you about to satisfy my cock, you are so little and light and you just let me do it cos you can’t stop me and want to feel used and abused. I am hammering away at your cunt, it is gushing lots of cunt juice out and making squelching noises as I let my balls slap into you,. I am sweating now and getting closer and closer to cumming, you grab onto to bed to stop me throwing you about completely and so you can grab the cushion between your legs to push onto. You are going to cum as well so I keep going a while longer grimacing as I try and wait for you, you are pushing your arse up at me, my cock is pushing in and out , faster and stronger, heaving as I grunt and the spunk shoots out right inside your cunt, right up into your womb, right into your inner pussy, I have impregnated you with my man seed, you cum again and again having a massive multiple orgasm, we are both expended, your cunt is hammered and sore, my cock is still jerking inside you as your cunt muscles squeeze the last drops of spunk out. We are both completely exhausted but this is just the start as we can hear Jenny coming up the stairs as you smile and say to me, ‘Jenny knows what we are doing, she has been outside the door looking and listening’ she wants you to sleep with her as well whilst I watch you both, can we do that Paul please.?

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