Erotic Adventures of David Farrell Ch. 02


Brief Summary of Chapter 1: While traveling through Eugene, Oregon, David meets Eve Larkin, a very sexy psychologist whose car has broken down. David offers to drive her home and she accepts. From the beginning there is a strong sexual attraction between Eve and David. A few hours later David has a new perspective on how great sex can be. With much trepidation, David had allowed Eve to put him in bonds and take complete control of the sex act. The experience was earth shattering for David, completely altering his attitude toward who must control sexual relations. Eve suggested David stay the night, rather than driving back across town to his motel.


It was Friday morning and Eve found a pair of Levis for me, to replace the ones she’d demolished in our frolic the night before. They were snug, but I finally got them buttoned and zipped. Eve prepared breakfast for us and I sat and watched, as I did last evening. She was dressed more conservatively than yesterday–a white blouse with long sleeves tucked into tan form-fitting slacks. As I watched her move about the kitchen, images from the night before kept bouncing around my mind. As a result, the snug Levis became downright painful in the crotch. I found myself actually relieved when she poured our coffee, sat down and started a conversation, “If you’re staying in a motel, I assume you’re not from around here.”

“No, I’m from Washington. My parents live on the coast up near the Canadian border.”

“What are you doing down this way?”

“Just seeing the country. I returned from Iraq several days ago and decided to take a trip.”

“Oh, you’re in the military, then.”

“I was in the Army, but my tour was up and I chose not to re-up.”

“Where’re you headed?”

“I don’t really have a place in mind. I’ve never seen much of the U.S., so I decided to take a trip before going back to college. Right now I’m headed toward California. I’ll probably go all the way to San Diego, but from there, who knows.” I didn’t want to tell her the story about my girlfriend breaking up with me, so I changed the subject. “Yesterday, you mentioned teaching classes at the University and some experiments you’re conducting. What kind of experiments? If you don’t mind my asking.”

She set her fork down. “I don’t mind at all, David. In fact I love talking about my experiments. As I mentioned last night, I’m a Sexual Psychologist–better known, perhaps, as a Sex Therapist. For about a year now I’ve been conducting a study dealing with the nature of sexual orientation. My study is trying to determine how much of our sexual orientation is determined by culture. So far my experiments and interviews indicate that the cultural influence on sexual orientation is quite high. The research I’ve read, as well as my own work, suggests that most heterosexuals have homosexual urges. The question is: What percentage of these urges comes from culturally suppressed homosexual tendencies.”

“People having homosexual urges? Isn’t that the definition of homosexual?”

“Not really. According to my research, there are two categories of sexual orientation–Natural and Culturally Instilled. In reality, when you hear about heterosexuals changing their orientation, I think it’s more like they’re admitting their true sexual nature, rather than changing it. A Natural heterosexual, may have homosexual feelings on occasion but still retain a heterosexual orientation–probably not the case with the Culturally Instilled heterosexual. We know that culture instills strict codes of behavior in the individual. In the case of sexual orientation this code may come in conflict with the individual’s natural feelings. When it does, some people rebel against the cultural values and follow their own feelings. Others succumb to the dictates of culture and become heterosexuals against their nature. Under special circumstances those values established by the culture may break down and the individual reverts back to his or her natural orientation. Thus we have what we see as a heterosexual turning homosexual.

“I don’t think I’d agree, though, that heterosexuals have homosexual urges. I’m definitely heterosexual, and I have no urges to have sex with men.”

“Really? My research would consider it rare that you’ve never felt an urge to see what sex with a man would be like. Maybe I should’ve included you in my studies.

“Hey, sound’s like fun.”

“It’s too late for that, though, I’ve completed my study. In fact we’re having a party this weekend to celebrate. Maybe you’d like to stay for the party.”

“Sounds great to me. I’m in no hurry to get to California. Where’s the party going to be held?”

“Right here,” Eve said and began clearing the table. I picked up some of the plates and followed Eve.

“Okay, I’ll extend my stay at the Holiday Inn. Thanks for the invite.”

She took the plates from my hands and placed them in the sink. “You don’t need to do that, David. You can stay here.”

“Really? That would be terrific. You don’t mind?”

Eve turned toward me, elmadağ escort gave me one of her penetrating stares, smiled a smile full of erotic meaning, took my too tight crotch in her hand, squeezing my balls just short of painfully. Then she said, “No, David, of course I don’t mind your staying here! Actually, I was thinking selfishly. If I should decide to take advantage of you again, it would be convenient if you were right here.” She reached up and kissed me full on the mouth, then licked across my lips. I reached for her, but she quickly released her hold on my crotch and picked up the phone. “Okay,” she said, “that’s settled. After dropping me off at the car dealer’s, why don’t you pick up your things and bring them back here. You can put your stuff in the room you slept in last night. Here’s a key.”

Eve called the car dealer and had them pick up her stalled car. I drove her to the dealership where she picked up a loaner. Afterwards, I went to the motel, showered, shaved and put on clean clothes.


Upon returning to Eve’s house, I found a red VW beetle parked in the driveway. Eve hadn’t mentioned anyone coming by, so I figured caution was called for. As a weapon, I took the tire iron from my trunk and quietly entered the house.

Inside, I listened for movement, heard nothing and decided to explore. As I crept down the hall leading to the patio and pool area, I heard what I thought was a voice. I didn’t pick up any words, but it sounded human. It seemed to have come from the last room on my left, so with the tire iron in the ready, I cautiously approached the open door. When I peeked around the frame, I was looking at a reflection in the floor to ceiling mirror attached to the opposite wall. Reflected in that mirror was a sight to inspire a dead man. A girl, who looked to be in her late teens, was lying on the bed masturbating. She was nude from the waist down, her top covered with a t-shirt, her pale smooth legs up and bent, knees almost touching her breasts. The fingers of her right hand fondled her bald pussy while her left hand caressed erect nipples through the cotton of her shirt. Her face was turned toward the mirror, eyes closed, mouth open and a rapt expression on her face. A pair of white cotton panties lay on the floor at the foot of the bed.

I must have made some slight noise, because her eyes snapped open and she saw my reflection. Her startled reaction was more of a panicked grunt and a scared whimper than a scream. I jumped back and then she was yelling and crying hysterically, “Get out! Get out! What are you doing in here? Who are you? What do you want? Go away, please go away.”

I wasn’t sure what to do. Panic and confusion were the major emotions in her voice, and I figured it might help if I could quiet her fear somewhat. I said, “Look, I’m sorry for walking in on you like that. I heard something and thought it was a burglar.”

With a shaky voice she asked, “Who are you? What are you doing in here?”

It seemed there was a slight lessening in her fear. “I’m a guest of Eve’s. I might ask you the same thing.” Then, after a thought, I said, “As a matter of fact, what ARE you doing in here?”

She still hadn’t come out of hiding, and I didn’t venture into the room. She hesitated for a moment, then said a little sheepishly, “I’m a student at the University. I come in twice a week and clean house for Dr. Larkin.” With that she came into view. She wasn’t crying now, just embarrassed. She’d pulled on some loose fitting cutoffs that appeared to have been old warm-ups cut off at mid-thigh. I noticed her panties still at the foot of the bed. She looked to be nineteen or twenty, a little over five feet tall. Full lips, soft gray-blue eyes, a lovely innocent face framed by a full head of red wavy hair. Her skin was smooth and fair without a freckle, which made me wonder if the red hair color was natural. She was staring at the floor. Finally she forced herself to look at me, “Will… will… you tell Dr. Larkin that I was… what I was doing a moment ago?” There was an unmistakable plea for mercy in her voice.

Standing there, blushing, she looked miserable and vulnerable. I felt sorry for walking in on her and wished I’d come in making a lot of noise. Somehow she looked like a child and I wanted to hug her and tell her it was okay, that everything was all right. “Of course not!” I said. “That would serve no purpose.”

She breathed a small sigh and seemed to relax a little. “Thank you,” she whispered, still having trouble meeting my eyes.

“Sorry I didn’t make more noise when I came in; I was looking for a burglar.” I could see that didn’t help much, so I said, “Look, why don’t we start over again. I’m David Farrell.” I approached her and held out my hand. My nose picked up the tantalizing scent of sex still emanating from her.

She looked up, thought for an instant, then took my hand. It felt small and soft and her grip was weak and hesitant. “Dawn Carlyle,” she whispered. Then her eyes moistened and she choked out, “God! I’m so embarrassed.”

“Okay, esenyurt escort Dawn Carlyle, let’s go in the kitchen, get something to drink and see if we can get you unembarrassed.”

She looked doubtful at first but then said, “Okay, I could use something to drink.”

We took a couple cans of Pepsi from the refrigerator and sat in the living room on the couch where Eve and I sat the night before. Dawn started off with, “Look, David, I know you feel bad about walking in on me, and I think you’d like to make me feel better, but there really isn’t anything that would do that.” Her eyes teared up again and her voice quivered. “It was a really dumb thing for me to do. I’m supposed to be working.”

“Let me try anyway, okay? Look, I masturbate too. I’m sure most people do.” Then an idea came to me. It was a nutty idea, but for some reason the thought excited me. “Would it make you feel any better, if I let you walk in on me while I was masturbating?”

She gave an odd look, but I could tell she was thinking about it. “But that wouldn’t be the same. You’d be expecting me. I had no idea anyone else was in the house.”

“But wouldn’t it make you feel a little less embarrassed?”

She considered it a moment. “I guess so, but… but… You would do that?” I could see the thought was appealing. Her soft nipples had become pointy under her t-shirt.

“Absolutely! Actually, I don’t think it would embarrass me. In fact. I think it would be exciting to have you catch me masturbating.”

Dawn didn’t say anything for a long moment then she said, “No. I don’t need that. Just your willingness to do such a thing helps a lot. It’s funny, but the discomfort I felt toward you a moment ago is gone.” Dawn sat back on the sofa, took a sip of her Pepsi, looked me straight in the eyes for the first time and said, “Thanks, David.”

Taken aback, I said, “You’re welcome!” I felt disappointment. I’d convinced myself that letting her catch me masturbating, would be exciting.

My disappointment must have shown on my face, because Dawn said, “You know, David, I’m still horny as hell; you interrupted me before I came, you know.” Then her fingers touched my face, the same hand she had been using to masturbate. I inhaled–yes, her scent was still there. “Would you be interested in making love to me?” she asked.

Again I was taken aback. I had thought of Dawn as innocent and shy, yet here she was propositioning me. I had misjudged her big time. After I wiped the shock off my face and regained my composure, I took her by the hand and pulled her to her feet, saying, “I can’t think of anything I’d rather do. Shall we adjourn to the scene of the original crime?”

Dawn gave a quick laugh and started for the hallway. “Let me take a shower, first.”

I held onto her hand, pulled her into my arms and kissed her on the mouth. She returned kiss with a gently probing tongue. She felt good–soft and tender–and I didn’t want the wonderful scent washed away. “No, don’t shower. I want you just the way you are, with the exception of the t-shirt and cutoffs.”

By the time we reached the bedroom, Dawn had shed her t-shirt. I sat on the foot of the bed and picked up her white cotton panties. For a moment she stood in front of me and watched as I held her underwear to my nose, inhaling her feminine scent. Then she undid the drawstring for her loose fitting cutoffs, letting them drop about her ankles. I moved my eyes over her, taking in the details of her body, realizing that I hadn’t noticed just how sexy this girl really was. Her breasts probably required a c-cup, sagging just the right amount to turn the pointy nipples gently upwards, stiff and erect.

As Dawn stood naked, watching me sniff her panties, she brought her hands up and cupped her breasts, taking the nipples between thumb and forefinger and rolling them. Her expression grew more and more lustful as she watched me devour her visually and breathe in her scent from the used panties. Her eyes were half-mast.

Unlike the luxuriant red mane that flowed down past her shoulders, her mons was smooth except for a small triangle of red fur ending where her puffy lips split and disappeared between two full thighs. When Dawn turned to pick up the cutoffs, she stayed in that position several seconds, presenting the rest of her charms. My breath caught as I viewed her backside. I had a perfect view of her anal opening–pink and inviting, as well as the bottom of her pussy–moist and pouting.

Tossing the cutoffs at me, Dawn stepped closer, took the panties from me, brought them to her nose and sniffed her own scent. “Don’t you think the real thing would be better?” With that she pushed me backward and fell on top of me. She kissed me once with open mouth and probing tongue, then climbed higher onto the bed and lay down on her left side.

I moved up beside her and we were lying face to face staring into each others eyes. Her lips parted and I could feel her breath on my face. She reached for me and pulled herself closer, pressing etiler anal yapan escort her breasts against my chest, her hard pointy nipples teasing my own. We were nose to nose now and she licked across my lips. Then we were kissing, tenderly at first, barely touching, then with a little more pressure, and finally hungry and probing.

My hand began a slow journey down and into the crevice at the base of her spine, touching her there, circling her puckered orifice, teasing it. My fingers slid across the short piece of flesh to the vagina, going inside, picking up the slippery wetness and smearing it back to her bottom hole. I teased a moment more, slightly probing the soft center before bringing the wet fingers up to our noses to savor her scent. Then I insinuated my fingers into our kiss to taste her.

My hand moved to her front and found her slick secretions coating the top of her thighs. When my fingers found her swollen and pulsing clitoris, Dawn moaned into my mouth. After a few passes across her clit, she clamped her thighs together and breathed, “Wait, I want you naked, when I come.”

Dawn disentangled herself from me, stood on her knees on the bed and reached for my shirt. I raised myself to help and she quickly removed it. She threw the shirt to the floor and began fumbling with my belt and zipper. As soon as the zipper was down, her hand was in my shorts wrapped around my erection, smearing the precum around with her palm. “Mmmm!” she cooed “It feels so good in my hand.” Releasing me, she brought her hand to her mouth, licked her palm and repeated, “Mmmm!” Then she jumped off the bed, removed my shoes and socks, grabbed my pant legs and yanked them all the way off. She gave my penis a few caresses through my Jockey shorts before taking hold of the elastic waist band and pulling them down and off, releasing my erection to spring free.

For a moment, she looked at the sight, taking in my throbbing erection. Clear liquid leaked from the tip; a three inch long runner of precum was already flowing toward my testicles. She leaned over, took the shaft in her hand and licked once across the tip, taking the viscous fluid onto her lips. Then she stretched out beside me on the bed, looked me in the eye and said, “Now I’m ready. I need to come. Make me come, please.”

I raised up on one arm and looked down at her. There is nothing as exciting to me as a beautiful young woman asking me to make love to her. This one not only asked me using no uncertain words, but everything about her was begging for it. I couldn’t help but take a moment to enjoy looking at her in that position. Her entire body was soft and alive, hands stroking her body from the little triangular tuft of pubic hair to the somewhat flattened mounds of her breasts. Her fingers circled her nipples touching the tips, barely making contact. Each light touch to the nubbins create a slight twitch between her legs.

As she lay there, lips parted and eyes begging my touch, I leaned in close to her pussy and inhaled her heated scent. Yes, I thought, the real thing is better. She moved her thighs apart, for better access, and I inhaled again; this time her fragrance was more pungent. The lips of her sex were parted at the top and I could see her hardened clitoris peeking through. I planted a wet kiss on the center of her lust and gave a few licks across her clitoris before moving up across her pelvis, pushing my tongue all the way into and around her navel. Then, I kissed and licked my way up across her stomach and rib cage to her breasts, circling the left breast, kissing every inch of it before teasing the tip with teeth and tongue.

As I toyed with her sensitive nipples, Dawn kept arching up, pushing her chest toward my ministrations, trying for firmer contact. I moved away, making lighter contact, working to keep her wanting more than I was giving, drawing out her pleasurable agony.

Dawn was moaning now, trying to get hold of something to bring herself off. At last, I took pity and increased my contact with her erect nipples. My teasing became more forceful, regular, matching my rhythm with her needs. Her vocalizations became frantic grunts, groans and gasps, her breathing erratic.

I moved my right hand slowly down across her abdomen to find the flowing moisture between her legs. Even before my hand reached her pussy she was thrusting, straining to find something against which to push. My two middle fingers entered her slippery channel, searching for her magic spot with a steady in and out motion, stroking and pressing the underside of her pelvic bone. My entire hand and wrist was slick with her feminine secretions, and I let the underside of my wrist make contact with her clitoris; each time I stroked my fingers into her depths, my wrist stroked her clit.

Dawn’s emotions were peaking now, her orgasm near. I increased the rhythm of my fingers as well as my oral contact with her sensitive nipples, using more suction, nipping with teeth. It was enough. She went over the top, letting go with a seemingly agonizing guttural vocalization which went on for several seconds, her body jerking and twitching. Then more twitches as I removed my hand from between her legs and even more as I moved my hand to her chest and smeared her wetness over her erect nipples. Her eyes were closed, and I kissed her for a time, enjoying her relaxed and moist lips.

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