Estate Sale adventures: Workbench!


I started going to estate sales with my girlfriend last summer. She’s an artist who uses a lot of found items like old books, fruit cans and photographs to construct these amazing creations. She was getting popular, and had to buy as much stuff as she could for as little money as possible, and the cheapest prices for all the best stuff was at Estate Sales. I started tagging along, only because I wanted to be with her as much as possible, and as she was a busy artist I had to grab what time I could. After a while, I would help her look for particular things she needed. It got to be a lot of fun, but in a spooky, taboo way. You see, estates sales usually occur in the houses of folks who have passed away. The idea is the surviving family takes whatever they want, and everything else in the house, and I mean EVERYTHING, gets sold to who ever shows up on the day of the sale. The result is, you don’t just get to see another person’s house, you get to go through their drawers and closets. It was the little private things from a person’s life that Maddie used for her art, and we got real good at finding them, often in places neither the families or the Estate sales folk had thought to look. And there were a bunch of times when we found a lot more than we had Bargain Hunted for.

Maddie had conned her way in early to this one sale in the wealthy part of town. We arrived Thursday at 7 AM and we were let into a huge three story faux-Tudor style house with a huge front lawn, a pool, a pool house and a garden shed. Benny, the fat guy who ran The estate sale company let Maddie and me in through the front door with a wink, making me wonder what she did to get us in. Maddie was an open minded woman, but only with certain people. She had a great body, with a little bit of a stomach, glasses and a little pug nose that really turned me on. She was short, and knew how to tell a good joke, which turned me on even more. Like I said, she wasn’t promiscuous, but she could be a total freak in the sack with the right guy.

To my surprise, she went right through the house and into the back yard and made a beeline toward the tool shed. On the way she told me she needed nuts, bolts, and nails-preferably old and rusty. Artistically weathered items were pricey, and they always looked great in her artworks. The shed was small, about twenty feet by fifteen feet, and had not been kept up, which only made it more beautiful to Maddie. It had been a carriage house, like a garage for horses and buggies. The paint had been peeled away by the elements, and the glass, what little was left had that wavy look to it which was only present in glass made a long time ago. Maddie pushed the creaky door open and I followed her in, closing it behind me.

As my eyes adjusted to the shadowy light inside the shed, I saw Maddie standing stock still. She was looking around the place, and as my eyes joined her I saw we were standing in the middle of treasure trove of antique hardware. The guy who had lived here had been a 1950’s style do-it-your-selfer, and his shed was stocked to the gills with etiler ucuz escort anything you might need to fix anything.

“This . . is. . .perfect.” Maddie breathed out dramatically, obviously in a bargain hunter’s ecstasy. God, she was so cute! She was wearing this one piece dark blue rayon one piece dress from the early seventies that she got at a thrift store, the kind of dress you might see Marsha wearing on the The Brady Bunch. It showed off her ass, which jiggled on every word of the last sentence she said. Then she pivoted on her foot and faced me. The front of her dress had a zipper going all the down in a real cool retro style. Her eyes were boring into me when she said, “It’s a little warm in here.”, and then she pulled the zipper down slowly about two inches, which revealed some of her fantastic cleavage. I ogled for a second and then she spun around and began to go through the drawers and boxes.

I followed her lead and got to searching, but I stopped early in my gleanings when I found a notebook shoved between some old instruction manuals for machines that no longer exist. It was an old blank accounts ledger, with the year 1954 written on the front. But inside it’s canvas and leather cover, instead of lists of debits and credits, was a diary. Well, it was a man’s diary, so I guess that makes it a journal. I started reading it while Maddie filled a box with stuff she was going to get. It was, to my astonishment, a sex journal! The guy who lived here apparently was screwing every woman on the block, and he had kept a record of it in the very book I was reading. It was some hot stuff! His writing style wasn’t great, but reading about fucking that you know actually happened was hot as hell.

“What’d ya find? I got lots of good stuff.” Maddie said brightly.

“Read this.” I said handing her the ledger.

“Ooh! Is it a secret diary?” she said, laughing about how we always fantasized about finding such a thing.

“Yes.” Her eyes got wide. She took it right away and began to read it.

“Oh my God.” she said. I went to the shed door and locked it from the inside. I watched her as she started to read it. She gasped once, and then again. I hoped Maddie would get as into the sordid details as much as I had, and I could see she had. I moved to stand behind her, and put my hands on her hips.

“He did NOT fuck the lady mailman?!” Maddie said as she read that passage.

“He says he did.” I was pressing my body against hers now, my cock hard as hell from seeing Maddie’s cleavage and reading those nasty true stories. I directed her to the the workbench, which she leaned over slightly. I put my hands on her hips and gyrated against her slowly. She did nothing to stop me, as she was completely mesmerized by the journal. I reached up and pulled down her zipper a little farther, and a little farther, and a little farther…all the way down to her belly button. She kept reading.

“Damn, he had anal with the mail-lady! It is so weird to read about . . . unh. . . ” She gave out etiler üniversiteli escort a little grunt as I reached into her undone dress to cup her tits in my hands. She still didn’t stop me, and started pushing back against me as I dry humped her from behind. I began to kiss her neck, and shoulders, but she kept on reading the journal.

She has flipped ahead to a place I hadn’t read yet and then suddenly said, “You need to go down on me.” I was surprised. Maddie wasn’t a real huge fan of cunnilingus. She cleared a few things off a certain area the work-bench. I saw that the area had a shallow carved out area, well two shallow areas linked in the middle. She hopped right on the carved out area and peeled off her thong panties while spreading her legs. I got on my knees and found myself dead level with her pussy, almost as if the workbench had been made for it.

“This workbench… he made specifically for giving head. Both ways.” Maddie confirmed.


“Bulltrue. It says right here.”

“Well then…” I delightedly started lapping away at her pussy, just using my tongue on the lips of her pussy. She tasted sweet, with just a hit of of sweat from the warm room. She looked down at me just for a second, and then went back to reading the book. I let my tongue explore a little deeper, exploring her pussy and pressing my face closer into her body. Her hips began showed approval of my efforts by moving with me, but she still kept that journal between her face and me. I didn’t care that much, I loved going down on Maddie. Every lick was getting my dick harder and harder.

“Oh shit…hold on. . . ” Maddie said, and reached over to her left, searching for something I couldn’t see. There was a click and two peg like things popped out from the front of the workbench.”

“Pull on them.” Said Maddie.

I did, and i heard one metallic clunk, and then another coming from under the bench. I looked to see that two stirrup contraptions, like in a Gynecologists’ office were now dangling loose. I pulled the stirrups toward me, and they swung up and out very easily, and then locked in place. Maddie looked at both stirrups, and then straight into my face as she put her foot in one stirrup, and then her other foot in the other stirrup.

“Please tell me you are not freaked out by this…” Maddie asked me, spread eagle and half dressed on a 1950’s suburban homeowner’s handmade fuck bench.

“ so fucking turned on right now…” Was all I could get out, as most of my brain power had shot straight to my dick. She grinned, and I plunged my face back into her pussy. I massaged her thighs and calves as I started go crazy on her clit. I pulled that little nub into my mouth and sucked and licked it like it I had the plague and it had the cure! When she didn’t stop me, as she sometimes did, I went to town on her whole box, licking it from stem to stern and shoving my tongue into her as deep as it would go.

“Oh fuck yes Carson, do that! Do that!!” It wasn’t easy, fatih escort but i kept fucking her with my tongue, like it was a little dick, in and out, in and out. Finally she put her face in the journal to cover her moan as she came all over my tongue and mouth. I lapped up what juices I could, and then stood up to pull out my cock. She twitched a bit when I put the head of my dick next to her pussy. The bench was a little too tall for me to slid it right in. Maddie pulled the journal away from her face. Lust was writ large in her eyes. “Check this shit out.” She said, then reached over to her right and pressed another hidden button. A small, what could only be described as a trapeze fell from a hidden compartment from the ceiling. It hung about a foot and half about Maggie’s head. Then a small wooden step slid out from under the bench, straight at my feet, almost knocking me over. With an evil smile she reached up and took hold of the trapeze. With an equally evil grin, I got on the step, which put my cock in the perfect angle to fuck her. Now with her legs in the stirrups and her hands on the handles above her, she was in the perfect position for a long and sustained fuck. Maddie shifted in her seat a bit, like a batter in the batter’s box.

“His journal said he could fuck for hours, so he built this stuff to make his lady friends comfortable. You have fifteen minutes before the Estate sale guys get suspicious. Fuck me, Carson. Fuck the shit out of me.”

Before she finished the sentence I shoved my cock into her. She stifled another moan, and held on to the trapeze even tighter. I cut loose with about five solid minutes of hard fucking, driven by how sexy Maddie was and how turned on we both were to be part of a Stranger’s lost secrets.

“Oh god, Carson! It’s perfect, so perfect! Your cock is hitting me just right. . . go a little slower, please please! I want to feel your whole cock going in me.”

I did as she commanded, but I had to focus hard not to come, as Maddie’s pussy was hitting the top and bottom of my cock in a way it never had before. Every inch of her seemed to envelop me, caress me, and accept me as a natural part of everything she was. Watching her curvy body spread on this vintage work table, with all of her limbs secured and held by her own lust was damn near the most erotic thing I had ever seen. I kept going though, I didn’t come. And Maddie started whispering she was getting close, but so was I.

“Keep going, keep going…oh god, I’m so close…”

My eyes were screwed shut and my teeth clenched with the effort to hold back. She kept pleading me to keep going, to keep fucking her with that agonizingly ecstatic slow stroke! Finally, she gasped, and her pussy shivered. I couldn’t hold back one more second. I started to cum just as she did, and we both erupted into orgasms that seemed to last forever. Once we returned to our senses, we got dressed and put things back the way they were. We got the stuff Maddie needed for her art project and headed out. She stopped at the door, and took one last look at the work shed.

She turned to me an said in a tone as wry as Dorothy Parker, “You realize that a dead man just gave us the best fuck we ever had, right?”

The thought gave me chills.

“Now, that’s what I call The Greatest Generation.” I said as I carried her box of second hand tools that were about to become first hand art.

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