Evening Drink


Michelle swirled the wine glass and giggled. Its contents rose up towards the rim before sliding back. It moved slowly, like a syrup.

She watched until it settled back before raising her eyes to Matt. He lay back over the sofa with his feet apart slowly stroking his erect cock.

“Hmm. You’ve gone to a lot of effort.” She said in her squeaky girly voice.

“Only the best for you.” He answered quietly.

“Just like this bad boy.”

Michelle stayed kneeling on the carpet as she stared at the enormous cock pointing toward her. Matt was slim and tall which just made the monster seem even larger. Two years they’d been together and that beast still held as much attraction as it had the first time she’d taken it in her mouth in his car.

“You know if you ever leave me that’s my property. I’m taking it with me.”

Matt laughed.

“Only if I get to keep your double D’s.”

She jiggled her bare tits to tease him. Large mounds of milky white flesh that moved with the consistency of firm Jelly. Small pale pink nipples stared back at him.

“Hmm. This could be a problem. Best we stay together I think.”

“Always.” He replied.

Her body was firm and cuddly and he loved every curve. But those tits. They were amazing. He almost considered pushing his cock between them right at that moment. But no. She had something else he wanted her to do first.

“Now come on, are you going to drink up?” He encouraged.

“Big boy here is beginning to get impatient.”

Michelle grinned again and lifted the glass to look at it in the gentle light of the table lamp.

“How much is in here?”

“You we’re away two weeks.”

She sniffed at the thick creamy liquid, savouring its slightly musky smell.

“Sure it’s all yours?”


He feigned annoyance as he rubbed the swollen knob.

“Just checking.” She giggled.

“Look at the size of it. There was plenty.”

“Ha. It’s not the size of your dick. It’s your balls that matter here.”

“You wont be saying that in a minute.”

Michelle giggled again and put the glass to her mouth. Her eyes stayed on him, teasing, as she tipped ever so slowly, letting the contents touch her lips. Then suddenly she pulled it away.

“Aw come on.”

Matt wriggled his naked body making it squeak against the leather sofa.

“You went to so much effort. I just want to make sure I do this thing justice.

When it’s gone it’s gone.”

“You’re driving me mad, you know that don’t you?”


She cleared her throat.

“Here goes.

All at once, or slowly?”

“Just do it already.”

Michelle stared into the glass again, still with that pitched giggle playing in her throat. So girly Matt thought.

“Could have just bought me wine.”

“The personal touch is so much better don’t you think?”

“Too much time watching porn I think.”

She raised the glass to her lips again, holding it gingerly by its stem. as she fixed him with halkalı escort a stare. Tipping it up slowly she opened her mouth, letting the first drops of his cum slide onto her tongue. She stopped a moment, tasting it seductively. Then the glass went higher. His man-juice, collected and frozen over two weeks then thawed for tonight, slid as one into her mouth. She held the glass up until it was finally empty then closed her lips, putting the glass aside on the hearth.

Subconsciously a hand slipped between her slightly parted thighs and began to finger wet labia. The ache he’d complained of now invaded her own groin. The movement didn’t go unnoticed by Matt.

Michelle looked at his cock again, almost seeing the thick veins throb from where she sat on the rug. In her mouth she played with the liquid, swirling it around her tongue. It felt strange having so much in her mouth at once, but not unpleasant. It was thick, with a slight bitterness that attacked her taste buds more than when she just sucked him.

Matts fist started moving up and down his shaft again as he watched his girlfriend. She saw the wide grin he probably didn’t even know had taken over his face and giggled again. Her fingers sought out her clit, pressing gently to bring temporary relief to her growing desires.

Some of the cum escaped the corner of her mouth. Before she could suck it back in it made a break for freedom down her chin, then dripped onto her left tit.

Michelle scooped it with a finger and wiped her chin upwards, pushing the thick cream back into her mouth. She made a point of sucking her finger clean. Then leaning back slightly she opened her mouth for him to see. Matts cock jerked violently at the view of all that creamy white juice filling her mouth. It drowned her tongue and teeth from sight. Michelle saw his excitement and feared he’d cum right there.

She closed her mouth again and with one last swirl she made an exaggerated swallow. The salty mixture slid slowly down her throat, threatening to stick in place, but then it was gone.


She pushed herself forward with her mouth wide as proof it’d gone while purposefully letting her big tits swing free. She knew how much they excited him.

Matt could take no more. He launched himself from the sofa with his cock bouncing free and placed himself right in front of her.

Michelle watched the twitching nob as it waved inches from her face.


And what do you expect me to do with that?” She faked annoyance.

“I think it wants a cuddle.” He answered.

Michelle’s face broke into a smile and she lifted herself up to her knees. She grasped her huge tits, simultaneously pinching pert aching nipples between her fingers, and wrapped them around the eager cock.

“I do this far too much for you. You know that?”

“But you do it so well.”

He began a gentle pump as she rubbed her tits up and down the shaft. The sight of the purple head appearing and disappearing from between harbiye escort her mounds made her pussy drip even more.

So close to her mouth, she reached out her tongue, just managing to touch the tip each time it appeared. The dark colour contrasting strongly against her milky white flesh.

Matt stared down, past Michelle’s blonde hair, taking pleasure from the same sight. Yet more pre-cum squeezed from his slit, lubricating her tits so that his cock slid easier. This was a favourite, only her pussy was better. And maybe her mouth.

Sensations tore up his body and make his legs quiver. He could easily have cum right at that moment, covering her tits in more of his juices. But he knew she needed satisfying as well. After two weeks apart she was as needy as he was.

“Stop.” His shuddering voice betrayed how close he was.

Michelle stopped, letting her tits fall free with a gentle bounce. Matt stood for a moment letting his feelings subside.

“Would big boy like somewhere a little warmer to park.” She asked.

“Oh yes.”

Matt went round behind her. A gentle push and she was on all fours.

“Big boy’s ready to play.” He said stroking a finger down the length of her slit.

Michelle jerked at his touch. Two weeks she’d been away for work. All that had touched that hole were her fingers and a small suspiciously shaped plastic showergel bottle she’d found in the hotel bathroom when she’d got really desperate.

He gently parted her labia as she gasped. A gentle wave of her shapely arse encouraged him on and he pushed two fingers inside, massaging the folds of skin that lined her love tunnel.

Michelle stared forward, unseeing as her mind became absorbed with need. She felt him lean over her and hands cupped her hanging globes, gently bouncing them. She gasped again and shuddered as his massive member pushed at the edges of her pussy.

“Put it in.” She begged.

She needn’t have. Sodden with her juices that large purple head she’d watched him play with minutes ago slid easily into place.

“Ah. That’s, so… comfortable.”

Michelle rammed her arse back hard, engulfing it’s full length.

“I want more than comfortable.”

“You asked for it.”

Matt straightened his back and placed his hands on her hips. Then he began to bang into her. Fast and furious from the go, slapping against her bum cheeks with each stroke. Flesh against flesh providing a clap to accompany their frenzied breathing.

Michelle let her eyes fall to the floor, grunting each time she was roughly jerked forward. Her fingers scrunched the long pile of the rug and and she concentated on the burning ache that reached up to the pit of her stomach.

Matts cock was hurting. Hard as iron it’s throbbing head rubbed against her pussy lining sending sharp shocks up his shaft. He wouldn’t last much longer but it didn’t matter. Michelle’s panting and groaning told him she was as ready as he was.

He pounded harder, staring down the ikitelli escort length of her torso. A rounded arse and a narrow waist that widened out across her back. He could just see the sides of those massive tits swinging below her. He saw in his mind her pale pink nipples atop of fifty pence coin sized areoles pointing down. She’d positioned herself so they just brushed along the rug as they bounced back and forth, heightening her arousal. Further up, the back of her head. A mop of gently curled blonde hair that reached to the base of her neck. He savoured every inch of the view as he continued to spear her hard.

Then he felt Michelle jerk violently on the end of his cock. Internal muscles gripped it, squeezing and pulling it in. That was it. He exploded inside her. A jet of cum rippping through the inside of his shaft before releasing into her warm pussy with the intensity of a fire hose. Then another, slightly less powerful.

“Fuck.” He cried out, closing his eyes tightly to concentrate on his pleasure.

Michelle twitched and shuddered with after shocks beneath him, but she was weakening, ready to collapse. He keep pounding, his sack swinging so violently that his balls hurt. Then he came again one final time, releasing the last of his seed just as Michelle gave way and they fell to the floor gasping for breath together.

“Wow.” She managed between deep breaths.

“I should say that’s about wrung your balls dry.”

Matt let his cock slide from the wet hole that’d encased it so warmly and he rolled off onto his back.

“That’s why it’s all wrinkled.”

Michelle giggled before turning onto her side. She looked down to his now much softer cock. It glistened with their mixed fluids in the subdued lighting. She reached out brushing over it before finding his sack hiding between his thighs. she rolled the two oval balls between her fingers as if assessing their worth, then she squeezed and tugged at his sack.

Matt twitched and a final tiny dribble of cum exited his cock.

“Careful. I think they’re bruised.”

He put a hand out and tweaked her nearest nipple hard in revenge.

“Oi.” She protested before moving her hand round to his cock. She took it in her hand and let its stickiness coat her fingers, stroking up and down slowly.

Matt just looked into her eyes. Mesmerised by the bright blueness that stared back.

“Yep. Think you’re about empty.”

She let go of his unresponsive tool and lifted her fingers to her mouth, licking each one in turn before running her tongue up the palm in a final clean. Matt just watched.

“You not eaten enough cum tonight?” He asked.

Michelle smiled.

“The glass was genius. But I’m not going away again, and I’m not going without for two weeks while you wank yourself silly over a porn site.”

“I could use your tits.” He offered.

“That’s a treat only. I need big boy operational.”

He put his arms round her and pulled her in close, entwining his fingers into her soft hair.

“Fucking you is much more fun anyway.”

Michelle gently teased his nipple with her lips before laying her head on his chest. The summer night was warm and she wanted to sleep here tonight with the man she loved. On their living room floor. Maybe in the morning big boy would be awake first.

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