Ever see a BBC Before? Gay

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Ever see a BBC Before? GayWhen I was 18 I got in trouble, got caught and was put in detention. I was held in the Bay Area of Northern California. After being processed and sent to a holding cell, I was given a set of clothes, a towel and told to shower. After undressing, a guard gave me a plastic bag for my street clothes and said, “C’mon boy, follow me, time for your shower.” We walked down a hall with doors on both sides. Passing a guard station with wire windows I used the towel to cover my cock since everyone inside was staring. I heard a few wolf whistles and one guard said, “Nice smooth meat.”The shower room was big, shiny white tiles with silver shower heads sticking out along the wall every few feet. The guard growled, “Wash your hair good boy,” as the water came on. Since I was the only one in the showers, the guard kept a close eye on me. He tossed me my towel and finally returned to the changing area while I dried and dressed. Finally the guard hollered, Let’s roll boy,” and brought me to the medic room. Unlocking and opening the door, I was shoved inside. “Here’s the deal JT,” he said to no one in particular. I turned saying, “Huh?” But the door slammed closed. I noticed there were three beds, two stacked on top of each other, kinda attached to the wall. A few feet away a lone bed was anchored to the floor. There was a black guy stretched out on the single bed, his back to me, he looked a couple of years older than me and he was in his underwear. I heard the door locking.Trying to be cool, I said, “Hey, what’s up?” to the black guy. After a moment he finally answered, “What you in for?” Rolling to face me I could see he was rubbing his cock. I could tell by the bulge in his underwear that he was large. I said, “Just a simple robbery,” and I sat on the other bed. He sat up while still stroking his cock, which by now was sticking out above the elastic band of his underwear. I could see black foreskin but no head, so I figured he was uncut. He caught me staring at his dick, pulled his underwear down to his feet and questioned, “Been waiting for you, ever see a big black dick before?” I answered, “Yeah, I’ve seen em, but not hard like yours is now.” His cock was about eight inches long and was sticking straight up. Foreskin covered his head, so he pulled it back while jacking it up and down. He said, “Come ere boy, why don’t you suck it elazığ escort for me?” I shook my head no and answered, “No thanks, I’ll pass I’m not gay” Laughing he accused, “Why? Cuz it not pink like yours?” He again pulled back the skin wrapping the tip and underneath his black cock was all pink. He said, “Come here and look, now, and I mean it. You don’t want me to ask again.”Scared now, I got up and went closer and his dick head really was pink. He reached for my hand and pulled it to his meat saying, “Feel it punk, squeeze me.” I tried to pull away, but he tightened his grip and pulled my hand against him. I griped his cock it was so warm and he started working my hand up and down jacking himself off. I said, “Knock this crap off, I’m not into that.” “You know you wanna taste it boy, you want to suck it for me don’t you?” I said, “No way man I told you I’m not gay.”He looked at me and said, “We gonna do this the easy or hard way, but you be kissing my black dick soon white boy.”He was a lot bigger and stronger than me, so I didn’t know what to do. I begged him to leave me alone. He said, “Lick me or I will fuck your ass now, your choice white boi.” I stopped pulling away to think a bit. He reached his other hand behind my head and pulled me to his hips, warning me, “Don’t bite me or I will bust you up honky.” He brought my lips right to the end of his big hard black dick and rubbed his big black cock back and forth across my lips, it was juicy wet with pre cum. He instructed me, “Stick that tongue out, get yo mouth wet so I slide in easy have a taste.” I did as he said, what else could I do? I opened my mouth and his dick pressed in. He worked his hips and pressed my head down, pushing in deeper every time until his dick was hitting my throat. He said, “That’s good white boy, I knew you suck cock, you suck like a pro. You’ve done this before don’t you? Rub my nuts while you suck. That’s good boy, lick my balls don’t forget the balls.” I did as he said. I didn’t want to, but I was afraid of him.Even though his balls were huge, they hung tight as licked and pulled them. Then his thick black cock grew rock hard and swelled. He moaned, “Oh shit ,I’m cumming, suck it out white boy, suck me, get it all keep swallowing cocksucker.” Big squirts of cum sprayed from his piss hole into my throat. I swallowed some but most erzincan escort ran out of my mouth, dribbling down my chin. “Drink it whitie,” he said. “Lick it up and drink it all, that’s your hot lunch, don’t waste any.”When he finished cumming he said, “Lick my balls off like a good little white bitch.” He used his dick to wipe spilled cum from my chin and stuck it back in my mouth saying, “Lick me clean, get under that skin too.” I did what he wanted just glad it was over. Then afterwards I drank water to wash the taste away. He said, “You a good cock sucking bitch, you like it, eh?” I said, “No, I didn’t.” He just laughed, asking, “How my hot cum taste, licker?””I survived,” I said. It had tasted sweet, not all that bad, but I didn’t tell him that. I was thinking about getting out of the room, wondering if the guards would let me out if I told them he made me suck his cock?Naked on his bed he asked, “How often you jerkoff?”I looked down at him, his naked body shiny black with his flaccid prick lulled to one side and I answered, “Once in a while.” I hoped that he would leave me a lone now.But he said, “Lemme see your stuff.””No way, I’m done, leave me alone!” It just popped out of my mouth.He stood up and walked over to me and slapped me across the face, screaming, “You wanna play that way? I wanna see you cum in your hand bitch, then I wanna see you lick it up. You lick it up don’t you bitch? You done when I get done with you. You be my cum junkie soonboy.” I was silent and very afraid, he looked very mean. “MmmMmm! Yeah, you gonna suck my homeboys off too,” he barked. He walked to the urinal and squirted a thick, yellow stream. Then finished, he walked over to me, held his long, thick, soft, wet cock up and told me lick it clean.At first I didn’t move; then he hit me on the side of the head with his fist and repeated, “Lick me, slut.” I opened my mouth for his black meat and stuck my tongue out now licking his piss drippings and swallowing a final spurt of salty acrid pee. He said, “Pull that skin back and wash it good boy,” which I did, what else could I do?He started growing again in my mouth so I stopped. He scolded me, “Too late bitch, you getting it hard so finish up, suck on it pussy punk.” I sighed and went back to blowing him, licking his big black head with my tongue. Then he was saying that he wanted escort bayan to see my naked body, “Show me that tool of yours or do you have a pussy? Lemme see your ass and nipples.” I didn’t want to but I slowly removed my clothes, finally standing in front of him bare-ass naked and scared shitless.”Ok boy, you have a nice big white dick. Turn around and show me your ass pussy.” I didn’t like the sound of that, but I reluctantly turned around as he said, “Bend over and spread that ass open.” Spitting on my asshole he used his finger to rub it in. I jumped in surprise. His finger slid into me and I jumped forward again, “Hey, you said if I sucked your dick you wouldn’t ‘do’ me.” “Yeah, okay, guess I did,” he admitted. “We’ll save that for tomorrow, get back to work on my dick bitch. Come over here,” he told me as he went back to his bed. On his back, knees up, spreading his legs he said, “Lick my balls cocksucker, and start jackin’ bitch.”I took his hard cock in my hand and stroked the soft skin up and down, all the while sucking and licking his balls. I tasted one nut, then the other, his dick was again hard. He said, “Lick me like a lollipop bitch.”So I licked his entire shaft from nuts to head.”Now, deeper,” he said. I went down on his rod till it touched the back of my throat. “That’s better boy,” he said as he pushed deep into my throat. He pumped so hard I couldn’t breathe saying, “When I cum don’t spill a drop, you hear?”I sucked till his big black dick swelled to an impossible size, finally jerking in my mouth and shooting his hot cum into the back of my throat. He shot several large jets even though he’d just shot less than an a few minutes before.I clamped my lips down around his shaft so I wouldn’t leak any of his cum and was swallowing fast as I could. Finally he relaxed and said, “Okay, now clean it good bitch.” I licked him clean for the third time.”You getting better at that bitch, soon you be deep-throating me, ya little cock whore. Now lemme see your dick boy.” I stood up revealing my dick was hard. He said, “See! I knew you liked it, look at that you punk. Jack it for me till you cum in your hand; you better catch it all too bitch.”Even though I had refused to do it earlier, I figured that I’d been humiliated enough, so why not, maybe he would leave me a lone for a while if I did everything he said. So I started jacking off. It took about a minute before I shot my wad into my hand. “Okay, eat that spew boy,” he said, “We gonna get along just fine, you an me.”I licked the palm of my hand clean and wondered if that would be true, would I get used to this, was it possible to get used to living like this?

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