Ex wife and I first with poppers part 2


Ex wife and I first with poppers part 2U need to read the first part to understand how we found ourselves in this predicament I woke up it must have been about 4ish it was dark, I was in a fog, with a banging head, where was I , but then I felt the warmth of a body next to me , a soft breast on my chest and a leg wrapped around mine, ah Judy I thought this feels good, I lent across to give head a kiss on het forehead when FUCK it was Sue. What the hell, then it came flooding back the events of the party i sneaked out of bed and went to the bathroom stood there in the dark, just the light from the moon lighting up the bathroom, I was shaking what had we done, how we going to explain all this. What do I do next, I was in a state, i started to move move back to the bedroom when I saw a light on in the master bedroom, Sues bedroom, I slowly made my way across the landing to Sue and Andys bedroom the door was ajar, I look in horror, as I saw my wife Judy on the bed, her legs apart, her knees pulled up and she was rubbing her pussy, slowly, back and forth across the slit, gently pushing two fingers into her pussy. Then I saw Andy come from the en-suite, he had a bigger cock them me, he made his way back to the bed and lent over and gave her a passionate halkalı escort kiss, full on the lips which seemed to last for ages. I was transfixed, a mixture of emotions, shame, anger , horror, but I was also excited, I want to move away but I couldn’t. Then Judy turned over, raised her hips and presented, her pussy and ass to Andy. She had only ever done that for me occasionally. He fingers where back in her pussy and I sure I could she Andy gently holding her fingers , pushing into her. He then lent forward and started to kiss her bum, OMG, she never liked me doing that, I could see he was running his tongue , between the crack of her ass down to her pussy and back each time, going further into her ass. I rubbed my eyes, was I dreaming, I could not believe what I was seeing. As things could get any worse, I thought as Pang Of guilt washed over me, he moved behind her and I’m sure he started to fuck her doggy style. Why oh why, had I let this happened but to my shock I suddenly realise I was very aroused,they continued fo fuck, I’m sure Judy was push back further and further on his cock, he then pulled out and bent down to tongue her pussy, his cock and balls clearly hanging taksim escort down as her feasted on her, knowing her she would ha been soaking her pussy juices always tasted strongly, but very sweet. OMG was Andy going to fuck her Ass, he moved his cock, I could not see properly but I’m sure he started to penetrate her ass, and I definitely sure I heard her moan as he entered her. How. Loud she do this, we had never had anal sex and I so wanted too, she had the cutest ass.I couldnot watch , so I decided then still shaking that I would go back to the guest bedroom and Sueas I entered she was still alseep, as I got back into bed she stirred her eyes opened and I decided there and then that I would kiss her . She’s responded much to my shock , my desire for her took over, was I still drunk the effects of the poppers, so I moved her onto her tummy, and moved down to also kiss her small per ass. Not sure how she would react, but I wanted her in the moment, as I panted my kisses on her bum I felt for her pushy, the neatly trimmed bush, in my hand all moist and warm. I wanted to fuck her there and then and by her groans she wanted that to. As i kiss her bum trying to get close to her bumhole, she moaned, but suddenly pulled şişli escort back, she flipped over, and said I want to ride you, now, I lay back on the bed, she moved across my legs I could see her Pussy her lips apart, it was red swollen very wet, she then as if in slow motion lowered herself onto my engorged cock, before I knew it , my cock was deep inside her, her muscles , squeezing my cock tightly , she stated to ride me and I found myself, pushing to match her thrusts, her nipples where hard , I leant forward squeezing her breasts sucking on her nipples, as they got harder in my mouth, she was breathing heavily squeezing my cock and I knew she’s was about to orgasm, as she did buying her lower lips my cock erupted into her pussy, pumping and pumping. She fell forward and lay there as we kiss my cock going soft in her pussy, as it slipped out I felt a wetness on my leg, and she slipped on her back next me. Sue I said, But she put 1 finger on my mouth and said eat me. I’d never done that with my wife Judy, I moved between her legs, the site of her sweet pussy, , signed of my cum leaking from her was so erotic,I took my time licking her lips, pushing into her, tasting my cum and her juices, I’ll never forget that we shared a kiss as I looked into her eye, I said how do we explain this in the morning, she smiled and said we don’t, she put her arms around me and held me tight, at that moment my thoughts briefly went back Judy and Andy in the other room, things will will never be the same again, let’s see what the morning brings maybe I’ll continue this kiss and tell !

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