Exchange Ch. 04



Maria stepped forward, one foot on either side of the fettered Michael. She looked down and smiled: “You couldn’t figure it out? Do you think I would miss my share for one second?”, she said, as she stroke her big hands over her gigantic, fuzzy breasts, which from below, seemed even bigger than Elaine’s monster melons.

How stupid can one be… Michael reflected, vainly squirming between her legs. Why didn’t he count that out at once? Maria’s haircut was slightly different from Elaine’s; shorter and less curly, but her facial features were very similar, her nose a bit bigger and her lips only slightly thinner than Elaine’s almost oversized juicy mouth. Twins of course! And her heavy, fuzzy sweater was identical to Elaine’s; only dark grey. He would love to challenge her, be able to face the wonderful danger and risk to get lost in her arms. But immobilized like this he could do nothing. Please… he just wanted to get a fair chance… He tried to make her aware of that by yelling: “Ggggggghhh!”

Maria neither took attention to his mumbling nor to his protest; instead she leisurely sank down and straddled him. Mummified and caught between her enormously thighs playfully squeezing his upper body, it was obvious that the fight already was to its end.

“So, Michael, I wonder if you understand how I need you, how much me and my boobs need to possess you… rule over you. Elaine will love to humiliate and immobilize you… but for me… you will from now on and forever be slave to my demanding breasts. You are to suckle them and be at their service, day out and day in… of course with no possibility to deny. It will be absolutely great”, she smiled and wound her big fuzzy arms around his neck and dragged his white wrapped-in face into the deep of her enormously bosom. He sank into; more or less disappeared in the grey soft fuzziness. She clutched him lovingly at the same time her whole body floated out over him, buried him… as one more layer of restraint. In her embrace he was completely at her mercy, surrounded and absorbed.

Maria kept him in her soft captivity for minutes… helpless, squirming, surrounded and caught by her colossal breasts, struggling for air, for his life… until Elaine made a sign and declared game over. Michael was at that stage nearly unconscious, having been trapped in her mohair embracement with almost no possibility to breathe.

The two women carried the mummified wriggling Michael to a large bathroom, nicely furnished with a couple of chairs, flower pots and a decorative high narrow bench. Standing straight up in the voluminous area he was freed from the elastic white bandage that kept him prisoner, also from the head harness with its gag. Maria pushed him down one of the chairs where after also she sat down, astride his lap. Quickly she wrapped her big legs around his waist including his arms squeezed along his upper body and locked her heels comfortably at the back of the chair.

“Welcome”, she said, “To become ours… it is such a tremendous good feeling. You are a handsome young man, did you know that? And it will be just great from now on, for us to take care of you in the absolutely best way we can.” She pushed her giant mohair bosom towards his chest and by using strength bahis firmaları and weight, she nailed him against the back of the chair with her divine upper body… at the same time she gripped his neck with large hands and held him firmly. “There is so much for you to learn… sooo much… and it will be wonderful to teach you”, she continued, at the same time Elaine with a trimmer started to cut his hair off, crew cut him neatly.

Michael reacted, made an attempt to formulate a question: “Why…”, but Maria immediately put a hand over his mouth: “Mike, I have told you not to questioning things. You are to do just as we say… nothing else. And if you don’t, we will have to punish you, do you understand?”

Maria’s stern voice made him frightened. He suddenly got scared by the whole situation. What had he jumped into? Aroused by the shivering sensuality of being in Elaine’s strong arms… squeezed against her heavenly bosom… embraced by the irresistible goddess of softness… a woman of his innermost dreams… he just couldn’t resist her and he had said YES. But, what had been an exciting sensual game… at least that was HIS opinion… serious yes… but still a game… Wasn’t it a game anymore?

What would they do to him… and could he stop this whole thing by saying NO, I’ve had enough? While right now it seemed more like bizarre reality!? Could they really mean what they said… was he to become their hostage… for long time? No, he had his life… his job… his own world to handle. But at the same time… he was well aware that he was without any chance to escape from these amazons, if they didn’t want him to… IF they decided to keep him, keep him in their captivity. What was he up to???

He kept silent but made a cautious attempt to challenge Maria’s hold, to force… push, her upper body away. But it was as if she sensed it… while her broad shoulders, the huge upper arms and giant breasts squeezed him even firmer against the chair back and her impressive thighs were tightened up around his waist.

No, no chance… he realized he was defenseless at the moment, right now he was under their spell… BUT, there must be… must appear an opportunity for him, for them, to discuss… a possibility for him to be able to change his mind, to turn the game into a joint role play… sure it would! He told himself to relax, take it easy… wait and see.

When Maria had finished the cropping, they blindfolded him with a piece of the elastic bandage and placed him in the shower area with his back to a metal pole. He was secured with a rubber necklace attached to the pole and there was no other choice but to remain standing there.

Elaine and Maria undressed but the blindfolded Michael could not view the naked sisters and their exceptionally bodies; large rounded shoulders, voluminous and powerful arms, muscular buttocks and legs and their gigantic breasts dangling when they together lathered, washed and thoroughly shaved the defenseless whole of him; armpits, chest, arms, legs, upper body and finally his head and genitals.

Clean shaven from tip to toe they brought him to the narrow padded bench… where he naked, forced on his back, rapidly was strapped by a system of leather ribbons attached to the padding; around kaçak iddaa his neck, chest, wrists, waist and ankles. Elaine explained the situation at the same time she placed a bath towel over him: “Stay here and relax sweetheart, we will be right back.”

Shit. This was not how he had been thinking about relax… silly restrained and again unable to influence the situation. Was he brave enough to initiate a discussion, just a friendly chat regarding terms and conditions? In spite he knew he wasn’t allowed… but still. Of course they would understand his dilemma, his anxiety and interest in some kind of negotiating… sure they would!

Soon the sisters were back. They removed the towel and his blindfold, looked down at him friendly from each side the bench and started inspecting their shaving work. Michael couldn’t hardly believe his eyes. They were dressed in identically black woolen dresses, ending slightly over the knees, with huge cowl necks, like hoods… embedding their beautiful faces. The deep neckline exposed their enormously big breasts with their bottomless cleavages. Finger mittens of same fabric as the knitted dresses were seamlessly attached to the end of the sleeves… knitted in one piece it seemed.

He was not quite sure who was who as their hair were covered by the baggy cowl necks. The tight ribbed structure of the dresses showed every curve of their unbelievable bodies. He wanted to touch them but he couldn’t, he wanted it so badly… but he was far too well secured to the bench to be able.

When they touched… caressed his naked extradited body, securely restrained on the tall bench, their amazingly bosoms came to touch him; caressed his naked shaved skin heavily and unbearable.

Michael closed his eyes and inhaled the scent of wool and excitement. At the same time he worried… while their eyes were determinedly focused, there was a dangerous vibration present, like when predators prepare for attack… they were of course up to something, but what? What would happen next? Would he stand it and WHY wasn’t he allowed to have any influence at all regarding this game? He tried once more to challenge his fetters… but no chance; he was in their hands… so far.

“Great, Michael… now you are in the state we want you. Clean and smooth like a little baby… our baby, and in our hands. Be a good boy now and everything will be just fine”, Elaine… probably… commented, due to her bigger lips.

He couldn’t quite grasp what she meant by “our baby”? He was a big guy. Big enough to make his voice heard for example and he instinctively knew this was his chance… the opportunity. In spite of all admonitions he decided to surprise them by taking the initiative: “Please, there is one thing we should…”, he started.

But his plan to take the initiative was instantly outvoted by Maria. Not by words, not by arguing… Instead, she pushed four fuzzy fingers down Michael’s throat and clasped her free thumb under his jaw, firm enough to make Michael yell in pain, or more moan: “Nnnggn… nnnggn…”, begging her to stop.

But she didn’t. She forced him to chew her fuzzy big digits filling his mouth. He could hardly inhale… and not get away… and the thumb firmly clasping his jaw was hurting. He would kaçak bahis have liked to wriggle out of her grasp, yes… and he tried but he couldn’t… he was totally stuck in her humiliating human gag.

Was it really that stupid to wish for a dialogue? Why didn’t they allow him? Could it really be true what they had repeated over and over again… that he for real was in their possession? For real…? Right now he must admit he was… and very much so; degraded like a sacrificial lamb on their altar. He looked at the two women towering over him… huge and frightening and absolutely wonderful. He silently begged… Please… listen!

Michael’s muffling scream got Maria to loosen her grip slightly but she did not quite let go. She kept her fingers down his mouth, held him steadily until he had calmed down. Then she bent forward, still keeping him gagged with demanding fuzzy fingers, and whispered: “My little obstinate boy. You know exactly what we have stated, don’t you? I will not hear one more word coming over your lips without being asked for it… are we agree?”

He could feel her balmy breathe when she talked to him… at the same time he was sucking her big strong wooly fingers… what could he do? He didn’t dare to oppose any more right now… his situation was far too vulnerable. Maria scared him… they both did by the way. They constantly humiliated him… teased him in some strange way… leaving no way out… abused him. When thinking of never get free again a chilly vibration spread through his whole body and he began to shiver… what would they do to him? Why couldn’t they talk about the situation… the game? While it must be a game, mustn’t it?

He pulled himself together, he had to be brave, and yes… he had to wait. The opportunity would come. He nodded in agreement.

Maria looked at him thoughtfully for quite long… scanned his reaction with inquiring eyes. Then she made a decision and slowly pulled her fuzzy fingers out of his mouth… put her big hand over his face… like a symbolic gesture. Let him scent her superior palm… the wool. After a while she nodded to Elaine and they released him. Maria took the naked well shaven Michael in her arms, as if he was a feather, and carried him out of the bathroom.

The sisters brought Michael to the living room… sat down, beside each other, in the huge couch. And now, all happened very quickly. They placed him on his back on their wide woolen laps. Maria folded his arms over and back of his head, locked them, and locked his upper body in her wooly embracement… pulled him, his face, into the soft sheltering encasing bosom. Imprisoned in the soft encasement, Michael could… through the knitted fabric… feel a hard nipple grow against his face.

At the same time, as earlier this evening, Elaine sealed his legs between her thighs, put one arm under his back and forced him upwards, like a bow… created tension, resulting in Michael at a sudden was entirely incapable to move in their common hold. And then… with a strong fuzzy hand, Elaine grabbed his genitals and Michael very soon got very hard… with or against his will. She leaned forward, seized his hard dick between her queen-size juicy lips and sucked him in, resolute and not negotiable.

Deep down Elaine’s throat Michael, helplessly wriggling, could not prohibit Elaine’s intention and soon a red lightning blew his mind in a thousand pieces and he ejaculated embedded in their durable and unconquerable embrace.

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