Exploring the Back Door


Right now I’m on my hands and knees and guess what? My boyfriend Damon’s twelve-inch cock is buried in my asshole. Deep down where the sun doesn’t shine. Way down the Hershey highway. It’s been fun getting there, and there is a story behind that. First things first, though. My name is Cheryl and I am a rather large female. Six feet tall, jet-black, thick and chunky, weighing exactly 240 pounds. Yeah, I’m a big girl and proud of it. Nature gave me double-Ds cups and a forty-inch bubble butt. So why complain?

I work in construction. It’s about the only job I could ever see myself doing. Nature gave a lot of things. Size and strength and one hell of a booty, yeah. Brains? Nope. Unlike some fools out there, I can admit my limits. I graduated from Dorchester high school in 1999. I got my high school diploma and started working at Shaw’s Market. I hated it. So I did a change of careers and started working for a construction company. I got along fine with the men and I liked what I did. All was cool. I was getting better pay and I wasn’t embarrassed to tell people what I did for a living.

I met Damon while I was working in Brighton. He’s a tall and large man himself. Six feet five inches tall, big and muscular, with coconut-colored skin. A good-looking black man. He was the largest man on his crew. Even bigger than me. Damon weighs around 260 pounds. He’s one of the largest men I’ve ever seen. He used to play football for Brockton high school and had an Associate’s degree in Business from Roxbury Community College. When I met him, he seemed rather intimidating but we got along fine. We came from similar backgrounds. He was cute, too. Is it any wonder we started dating?

Damon and I began dating some time ago. Normally, I didn’t date crewmembers but I made exceptions pendik escort when they looked like him. The first time we had sex was fantastic. I usually sleep with men who are smaller and shorter than myself. They always insist on being on top because they don’t want me to smother them with my gargantuan body. I’m never really comfortable enough to relax and enjoy it. I cursed myself for being so big and tall. Most men didn’t want to date a large woman like me. I don’t know why. I’m not ugly in the face department. I’ve got a nice body, I know how to dress and if you ask me, I’ve got a good personality. I get along great with guys and I dig sports and action movies. I’m just one of the guys when I’m with the big guys of my crew.

Damon was just right for me. The dude was bigger and taller than me, which was cool. He had a big dick too. A twelve-inch, thick and uncircumcised black dick. Damon had a reputation in the hood. Some say that he slept with both men and women. I asked him if it was true. Yeah, it was true. Damon was bisexual. It didn’t bother me in the least. At least he was honest with me. A bisexual black man wasn’t such an unusual phenomenon. I’m sure a lot of people in the hood swing both ways and don’t want to admit it. I’ve caught a church-going mother of four eating pussy in a downtown dyke bar. Need I say more?

Yeah, back to our first time. Damon was very gentle and sweet with me. He sucked on my breasts, played with them and also ate my pussy. He fingered my asshole and licked it. Nobody had ever done that before. When he took me, I was lying on my back on his bed after he ate my pussy for half an hour and made me cum twice. He was thrusting that big dick of his into my pussy like there was no tomorrow. He fucked me real good. I was screaming loudly and escort pendik urging him to fuck me harder. He continued fucking me until he came. It was amazing. Absolutely the best sex I’ve ever had.

Damon and I were quite creative in our sex life. Once, he bent me over inside the bathroom at Burger King during our lunch break and fucked me silly. I recall his hard cock driving up my pussy and making me scream like a banshee. Yeah, those were fun times. We did it in many other places like bars and clubs. We were always a shocking sight for the locals. A big and tall man and a tall, large woman together. Titans walking among ordinary mortals, that’s what we seemed like.

One time, we tried something really freaky. I sucked Damon’s dick and licked his balls while fingering his asshole. He really liked that. Afterwards, I slid a slim blue dildo into his ass. He really liked it and his cock grew even harder. I fucked him with the dildo. He came and I drank his seed. Afterwards, he bent me over and took me. Shoved his big cock right up that steamy pussy. I was screaming like my life depended on it and Damon was pounding into me like there was no tomorrow. It was fantastic. We both came several times that night.

Another time, I brought home a strap on dildo. Damon thought I looked sexy with it. He lay on his back and I came between his legs. I sucked his dick, got him nice and hard before sliding the lubricated dildo into his asshole. I sucked Damon’s dick while fucking him up the ass with my strap on dildo. This dildo was a bit thicker than the last one. It was jet-black and very realistic in its look. I pounded into my man’s ass with it. Damon screamed in pleasure and came. When he did, I pulled the dildo out of his ass and drank his seed. Until he was completely dry. pendik escort bayan He smiled at me. I smiled back and kissed him. That was a lot of fun.

After this, Damon decided that it was time I found out what it was like to be fucked in the ass. I was in complete agreement. It would be selfish of me to deny him access to my asshole after he gave me free reign with his. He greased my ass then shoved me on all fours. I didn’t mind since I liked it rough. Damon came up behind me, spread my ass cheeks wide open and thrust his cock up my asshole. When I felt Damon’s huge cock up my asshole, I screamed. That thing felt huge! Damon grabbed me by the hips and slammed into me. He began pumping his cock into my ass, fucking that ass like there was no tomorrow.

I felt as if I were being torn apart as Damon rammed his impossibly long and thick black cock into my asshole. It was like he was punishing me for using the dildo on him earlier. He was pounding my ass down deep where the sun didn’t shine. Nothing but shit and gas had ever come out of my ass before but now, his huge cock was sliding in and out of my formerly tight anal cavity. And you know what? I was loving every minute of it. I loved every second that his cock spent inside me. Every thrust. Every time. Every slam of that cock up my butt. When he finally came, sending his hot cum up my ass, I screamed out loud in pain and pleasure.

Later, I lay there and Damon held me. I had tears in my eyes. I didn’t feel ashamed or abased. I felt so happy. If having a big black dick up my ass was wrong, then this big girl didn’t want to be right! I looked at Damon, my wonderful black man. He had brought me such pleasure. I smiled at him. Like someone who had just found a new toy, I craved what we had just done and longed to do it again. I told him so and watched his cock harden again. Laughing, Damon went to get more lube. When he came back, I was on all fours with my plump butt cheeks spread wide open. What are you waiting for? Just stick it in!

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