Exploring with Sarah Pt. 01


I’d been seeing Sarah for a few months and things were great, really great. We’d met through a dating site and hit it off straight away; a few drinks and a lot of laughs led to a second date and pretty soon we were a couple.

We had a lot in common and also clicked in the bedroom. It was straight sex; no extras, no kinks, but plenty of it. We were both in our thirties but went at it like teenagers. Making up for lost time I guess!

I’d played with toys with previous partners – dildos and cock rings mainly – and love it when a partner dresses up in stocking and heels, basques and even PVC. I’d tied girls to the bed and over chairs and tables; also enjoying it when I was the one being tied up but that kind of thing hadn’t come up with Sarah.

Until one saturday morning.

We were showering together after an early morning fuck. (sorry, there’s no better word for it!)

Sarah had woken me up with her mouth on my cock, and once she’d got my attention had climbed on board, riding me while I pinched and nibbled her nipples. We’d come together – almost – and my cum had sarıyer escort dribbled out and over our thighs as she rocked and wriggled, asking if I was done. Now she was soaping my back; returning the favour after I’d washed her, paying plenty of attention to her frankly awesome tits. She pressed those tits into my back as she lathered and stroked the small of my back, then my arse and thighs.

This wasn’t unusual. We often showered together when we weren’t rushing, but there was something different this time. Sarah paid more attention than previously to be bum and trailed a finger between my cheeks while nibbling my shoulder. She nudged my legs apart with her foot to gain access, then gripping the top of my thigh with her left hand, nudged again, but slightly more firmly.

Her soapy finger stroked up and down; over my crack and to my balls and back before lingering over my arsehole, her fingertip pressing gently at the opening.

“You like this?”

“mmm, yeah”

“me too, shall I keep going?”

“I’m not going to say no!”

“Good silivri escort boy, I was hoping you’d say that. I’d been wondering when the bum sex thing would come up. I thought I’d just have to ask you to fuck my arse but this is much more polite.”

She laughed. We both did. I turned and held her, kissing her nose as the warm water cascaded over us, running down our chests.

“The whole bum sex thing?”

“Yeah, I love it. I love a cock up my arse and I love fingering a man while he’s fucking me or I’m sucking his cock. Your cock now.”

“I like the sound of that, fire away”

“Hey greedy, no rush, it’s time for lunch?”

“What? You can’t touch me like that, offer me your bum and then make me wait!”

“I can and I am. Don’t worry, you’ll be in me later but right now you’re taking me out.”

We got out the shower and dried off.

“I can’t remember you listing anal on your profile. Movies, music, eating out..”

“Both kinds!”

“..shopping, wine.. but nothing about bum sex. Did you just forget to add şirinevler escort it? What else did you leave off? Bondage? Dressing up? A threesome?”

She threw her wet towel at me.

“Are you fishing? You want me to dress up for you? I can do stockings and heels but I don’t have anything kinkier. “

“Yes, please!”

“You’re all the same.”

“Guilty as charged!”

“I wouldn’t mind you tying me up though, if you fancy that.”

My heart jumped. The thought of Sarah’s hands cuffed while I fucked her from behind was making me hard. What else did she want to try? Had she done it before?

“God, yes, are you sure we have to go out?”

“Yes!” she laughed, “it’s your treat and I’m not letting you off. Besides I need to go shopping.”

“My treat? Go on then, if you insist.”

We dressed and headed downstairs. Sarah took my hand as we walked to the car.

“I meant it about being tied up, you know. I want you to tie me up and fuck me ’til I can’t walk. Listen to me – I feel so fucking dirty right now! Let’s watch some porn later; get some ideas.”

I had plenty of ideas but the thought of us watching porn together and then tying her up was making me hard and I had to adjust my pants!

“You’re filthy, but I love it,” I smiled, “I’m a lucky guy. Are you sure we need to go out?”

“It’ll be worth the wait, trust me.”

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