Faculty Affair

Faculty Affair”I really should not be doing this!” I said to myself as walked down the hallway toward to gym.My nerves were on edge but I also could feel the lust already burning in my blood. My conscience told me what I was about to do was wrong and a betrayal of my marital vows but the worst feeling was the self-doubt that was at the heart of my inner fears. “What if he is not interested?” I asked myself.Just then I turned the corner and almost collided with the Principal, Mrs. Warren.”Hi there Kate. You are here late. Is there something wrong?” She asked as she looked me over.”Nothing wrong. I just had some grading to get done and I also needed to meet with Coach Edwards. We are to chaperone the school dance next week and I wanted make sure we are all set to go.” I said as I hoped she would not see through the lie I was telling.”Well ok but I think it will be just you two and the janitor. Please make sure you lock up when you leave.” She said as she moved off toward the faculty parking lot.I took a deep breath as I resumed my march towards the locker room, toward Coach Edwards or as I had come to call him “Zack”. Even as I thought of him I became sexually aroused. I was not sure exactly when it began but he and I had moved past being coworkers to being friends. In fact he was my best friend. We often had lunch together and even had gone out for drinks.Zack really listened to me and took an interest in everything going on in my life. He just made me feel good and I really needed to feel good. My husband on the other hand was mostly gone off to work or he would just sit in front of the TV and watch ESPN.Zack had his own problems. He was married to a really cold natured bitch that mostly just demeaned him for not making a bunch of money. She had been the cheerleader when he played college football and latched onto him as her ticket to fame and fortune until he did not make the move to the pros.Last weekend he came home and found her on her knees sucking a guy off. Needless to say their marriage was on the rocks and his confidence level was low.Now I had a plan to help his confidence level and I hoped would move us to the next level. I was going to fuck and suck him dry!Just one problem was my doubt about his desire to have me for a lover. His wife was that hot bitch that every man wanted and while I try to take care myself I was not in her league.I entered the locker room and looked around. My legs shook as I thought in few minutes I would hopefully be fucking and sucking Zack.”Zack? Are you in here?” I asked as my nerves made me want to run away.”Hi Cassy! I would have thought you were headed home by now.” He said pleasantly but I could tell he was putting on a brave front.”I wanted to check up on you! You have really been going through a lot! Did you hear from her today?” I asked trying to figure out what to say.”No nothing new. She said she moving into her sister’s place but I bet she is staying at her boyfriend’s place. The thought of him doing her really pisses me off. Did I tell you she just laughed at me when I caught sucking his dick right there in my own house?” He said as he got mad.”Can I give you a hug?” I asked with sympathy but my body yearned to feel him pressed against me.We just looked at each other. Then I kissed him.I could feel my body tingle as we held each other. I pulled back and I looked up at him. His eyes seemed to have question.”I urfa escort want make you feel better! I want you to fuck me!” I said as I opened my blouse.I watched as his eyes stared at me. I tried to smile seductively.”What about your husband?” He asked but he moved behind me and took me in his arms and I felt his hands begin to explore my body.”I want you Zack! I do not know where this going but I know you are the best man I have ever known and I want to be yours! I want to be your lover!” I moaned as my bra fell away.His hands squeezed my big tits and the feeling of being cupped by him made me sigh with passion. Then I felt his hard cock press against my ass as his lips kissed my neck.”I need this! You have no idea how bad I need a fuck, Cassy!” He moaned as he turned me around.Then he seemed to hesitate. He started to push me away. I knew he was about to walk away. I was on verge of panic as I pulled him back to me.”What’s wrong Zack?” I asked trying to hold him.”Cassy I really want to fuck but you might not be the right person.” He said quietly.Tears formed in my eyes! He was rejecting me! My worst fear was being realized! He did not want me!I looked up at him and asked “why?””Because I care about you and right now I do not want to make love. I want to fuck a slut and use her like a whore! I want to take a picture and send it to my whore of wife and show her that I’m a man! I do not know if I can treat you like that!” He said.I stepped back and looked at this man who I wanted so badly. He looked at me and I could see the love and respect in his eyes. Then my eyes looked down and I could see the bulge in his pants. I wanted this man to love me and I would be anything for him. Then I made up my mind “I would be his slut!” I reached behind me and unzipped my skirt as I looked at him. I walked to the bench and I knelt on it with my ass in the air. “I’ll be your slut! Look at me Zack! I want to be fucked and sent home to my pitiful husband. Just think of me given him a kiss with these lips that have been wrapped around your cock! Maybe I will ask him to fuck me and I will lie there thinking of your cock and not his.” I said as I watched him looking at me as I transformed into a total whore.“Damn Cassy you are hot!” He said as he looked at me as I moved on the bench and spread my legs.“So would you like to see my slut pussy? My husband does not use like it should be! A slut needs to be fucked hard. A whore should be choking on a cock. I need to be used!” I said as I made a pouting face as my hands cupped my big tits.“Fuck yes!” he said.I pulled my panties aside to reveal my sloppy wet pussy. I ran my finger up and down my slit. I shivered with sexual delight and suddenly I wanted nothing more than finger myself to an orgasm as he watched.“This pussy needs a real cock tonight. If you don’t give me one I will find another man to fuck! Please Zack! Give me what I want!” I moaned as I stroked my wet pussy.I watched as he stripped off his clothes. I gasped as his cock which was fully erect was revealed. Slowly he knelt in from of me. His thumb ran up and down my slit.“OHHHH Fuck yeah!” I moaned as he looked into my eyes. He pulled my panties aside and looked at my pussy and then smiled at me.“So you don’t get enough cock at home? Your pussy is really wet!” He said wistfully as he played with it.I reached down and pulled his head between my legs and groaned urfa escort bayan loudly as he began to eat my pussy. His tongue lightly moved over my pussy lips. Then it pushed into my hole and began to fuck in and out of my opening. Then his lips sucked my swollen clit and my orgasm slammed me like a runaway train. My ass was lifting off the bench as my hands gripped my tits as my thumbs ran over my nipples.I ground my pussy into his face as his hot breathing blew into my vaginal passage. My eyes rolled back in my head and I knew I would do anything for my hot new lover. Then my mind thought of my husband Russell. “When was the last time that he sexually pleased me? Too Fucking long!” Well I had a new lover now and I was going to please him the same way he was pleasing me!“I want to suck that big cock!” I screamed as I pushed him away.I slid off the bench and slide my panties off. I looked at him and tried to look like a wanton slut. I knew he needed me to be as sexed crazed as he was. I kissed his mouth and I could taste my own pussy juices smeared on his face. I slowly began to lick my own cum juice from him. I looked at him a slowly licked my lips and rolled my eyes.“Mmmmm that pussy juice tastes so good! If we had another slut here you could watch me eat pussy and fuck me at the same time.” I said as I gave a sexy smile as I stroked his big dick with my hand.He moaned as his hand wrapped around the back of my neck. He looked me in the eye and then kissed me hard. His tongue pushed into my mouth. Our mouths parted and he looked at me “Would you really eat another woman’s pussy?”“Yes but since there is no pussy to eat I will just have to suck this yummy cock!” I said as I slowly squatted in front of his hard body.My mouth opened and I pointed his cock at myself. I felt the head of his cock rub on my tongue and against the roof of my mouth. I looked up at him and saw his eyes burning with sexual lust. My mouth slid down the cock. Then I began to let it slide in and out of my mouth. I wanted this to be so sexy for him and I wondered what I looked like.“That’s it Baby! Suck that cock! Fuck yeah! I bet you like it better than your fucking husband!” Zack said.I pulled back and slowly ran my tongue over his cock head. I watched as a drop of pre-cum formed on the tip. “Oh look you have a special treat for me!” I said as I let my tongue touch it. The taste was like an aphrodisiac and as I pulled away it turned into a long thin string connecting his cock to my mouth. I slowly sucked the string of man juice into my mouth. I smiled at him.Suddenly he grabbed my head and pushed his cock into my mouth and fucked my face. “Yes he is using me as his slut!” I thought as my heart filled with joy. I started to gag as he used my mouth as a fuck hole. I did not want to get sick but I could tell my own discomfort was what turned him own. Tears were streaming down my face as he looked down on me with a looked that would have scared anyone else. He needed this! He needed to use me as his slut and I would be happy to do it.He pulled me up by the hair and pushed me back on the bench. His hands grabbed my legs and pulled them apart. I looked up at him as he positioned his cock at my opening. I grunted as his head pushed into me.“Is this what your married pussy needs? A big hard cock to fuck you like the whore you are?” He asked as his cock pushed deep into me. “Yes! escort urfa I need to be fucked deep and hard by a real man!” I groaned as he began to fuck my married pussy.His cock felt so big in me as he fucked me. I could hear our bodies slapping together. I grunted each time he thrust his cock into my waiting pussy. “Fuck my horny slut cunt! Fuck yes do my pussy!” I groaned as I looked at Zack pounding me.Much to my disappointment he pulled out of me. “Get you ass up! I’m going to fuck you from behind!” he ordered.I quickly turned over and looked over my shoulder. He moved behind me and I felt that wonderful cock push deep into me. Soon there was the steady slapping sound as he fucked me. My pussy slowly began to tingle and I knew I was on the verge of cuming again but this time was even stronger. I looked at him as my orgasm began and would not end until I was a quivering mess.“Take you fucking married slut! Go home and tell your old man you have been fucked by a better man!” he groaned as his cock slipped from me as I just laid there and groaned in my post orgasm euphoria.I have no idea how long I laid there but I looked back at him as he stroked his cock and smiled.“So are you having fun baby?” I asked.“I need this! You are making me feel like a man! Thank you baby!” he said as he pulled me up and kissed me. I felt his cock press against my stomach as he kissed me.My hand stroked his face as we pulled apart from our kiss.“Cassy, I needed to fuck a slut but you are more than that to me. I can’t believe what a sexy woman you are!” he said as swelled with pride.“We have two things that we need to do.” I said as I smiled at him.“What would that be?” He asked.“I need you to cum for me. I will tell you a secret. I love to see a man cum.” I said as I stroked his cock and looked up at him.I watched as he smiled and stroked his cock. His eyes rolled back as I smiled at him.“Here it cums!” he groaned.“Cum on my big tits, Zack!” I screamed as I gripped my tits and held them as the first shot of his hot cum splattered on my chest.I groaned as his cock shot more and more sperm onto my tits.“That’s it give me all that wonderful cum. Look at what you’re doing to me. Making me so nasty with your sperm all over me. What would the Principal say if she saw your cum dripping off my big boobs?” I said as I looked up at him as he twitched from his orgasm.“Well she would probably fire us both or offer to lick them clean.” He said with a laugh.“Not until we take care of the second thing!” I said as I smiled at him mischievously.“What would that be?” He asked with intrigue in his voice.“Take a picture to send to your slut wife.” I said as I looked up at him.He picked up his phone and snapped a picture.“Are you sure you want to send this?” he asked.I grabbed the phone and looked at her number. I smiled as I hit send. Then I quickly typed my number and sent the picture to my own phone. I reached for my phone and sent a copy to my husband.“We need to have a chat.” I typed in the text.“Why did you do that?” Zack asked.“Well your bitch wife knows who I am so it will be a short time before he gets it from her anyways. But the real reason is I want to talk with him about what I need. One way or another as a couple we will need to fix this. Now how about taking me to you place a fucking me all night long?” I said as I kissed the head of his cock.The end….(A word from the author: This story was inspired by my wife when we were discussing why women have affairs. She said that women need a relationship. I gave it a try….I hope she enjoys the story. If you did give it a thumbs up. I so enjoy your comments and messages,)

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