Fairytale Adventures Ch.7 Kristen and The b**st


Fairytale Adventures Ch.7 Kristen and The b**stKristen awoke, her arms aching from being tied above her head. She was in some kind of dungeon setting, but when she tried to scream… she couldn’t from the gag in her mouth. Standing mostly upright, she found that her ankles were tied apart, so that her thighs were spread and her pussy and her ass were vulnerable.Then suddenly, the b**st stepped in front of her and she stopped struggling… he was huge! At least six and a half feet tall, with broad, strong shoulders and muscles that rippled with every movement. He was also totally naked and between his legs swung a very large cock. Kristen moaned at the sight of it… easily as big as the Big Bad Wolf’s, she very much wanted it inside her despite her fear at the situation.After all, so far she had not been seriously injured in any of the Fairy Tales.”You have trespassed,” his voice was low and growling, it sent shivers up her spin, “You must pay the price. You are mine for the night.”Kristen moaned… she would have been his quite willingly, but he seemed to like having her tied up like that. Quite honestly, she wasn’t really adverse to her position either. Her arms were aching, but it was turning her on to be so vulnerable to such a strange and fearsome creature. The b**st began stalking around her body, and when he came back into her line of vision he had a fearsome looking crop in his hand!She screamed into her gag as he lashed it across her breasts, hitting her squarely on the nipples and making the little buds stand to attention in pain. As with every other fairy tale she’d fallen into, it turned her on… she wanted more! He began stalking again… this time laying a lash across her creamy ass. Kristen writhed in her bonds… her pussy was getting wet!Around and around her he went, sometimes hitting her breasts, stomach or thighs, sometimes her back or ass. When he swung it between her legs and hit her squarely on her open pussy, she convulsed in pleasure and pain… she almost came when he landed a direct hit on her clit. But most of the lashes were centered on her pussy and her ass. Kristen was breathing very hard when he finished, feeling bruised and beaten all over and yet intensely sexual as well. The b**st’s dick was huge and hard, pointing pendik escort straight up at the ceiling, and she was practically drooling over it against her gag. Stepping forward, the b**st took each of her cropped breasts in his hand, squeezing the tender flesh and making her moan, thrusting her breasts forward for more punishment. Strong fingers pinched her nipples tightly, and she writhed before him.He had to crouch a little, to line himself up with her pussy, and when he began to thrust up into her, Kristen found that her feet were no longer touching the ground. Her pussy stretched obscenely around the huge cock, and if there hadn’t been a gag in her mouth she would have been making the most ungodly moans and groans at the invasion. As it was, she wriggled in front of him, a couple tears trickling down her face as her pussy was speared by the incredible length and girth of his cock.Grunting, the b**st shoved his whole cock into her body, his hands firmly gripping her beaten ass, and his fur rough against her stomach and breasts. Kristen shrieked as he started to fuck her hard, she was bouncing up and down in the air, with her feet no where near the ground. Her new height allowed her shoulders to get some rest, and she actually put her bound arms around his neck for support…Flopping like a rag doll as he fucked her hard, Kristen could feel the pleasure building in her, her pussy getting wetter and wetter – which fortunately helped with the sliding of his cock inside of her. Harder and harder he fucked her, rubbing his hairy body against hers… it was so alien and yet so familiar. Not much like the wolf, because the b**st’s body was built like a man’s… but he was obviously not human. As Kristen came, the b**st’s hands tightened on her ass, her rippling pussy squeezing him so tightly that he couldn’t help but cum. It had been so long since a beautiful maiden had arrived at his doors… Hot cum gushed into Kristen’s pussy, increasing her pleasure… she writhed in his arms, screaming her ecstacy into the gag.When the b**st had finished filling her pussy with his cum, he lowered her down and undid her arm and leg restraints… then picking her up in his arms, he carried her upstairs to his bedroom.Kristen felt kartal escort faint again as the b**st carried her into his bedroom, her pussy was already sore, she could tell… so when he laid her face-down on the bed, with a couple pillows beneath her, she moaned. His cock was so big that this was going to be a very long night…As he arranged himself behind her, Kristen felt the wide tip of his mushroom head pressing against her anus. She groaned protest, which went completely unheard since the gag was still in her mouth. There was nothing she could do except lay there as his incredible weight and cock pressed forward… no way to get away. Bucking upwards would just impale her further and harder, and she had no where else to go… his strong hands held her in place and he out weighed her by at least a hundred pounds.Gasping and panting, Kristen felt her asshole stretch… fortunately he seemed to understand the need to be much more gentle with her ass than he had been with her pussy. Little thrusts got him forward at a pace that Kristen could adjust to without unbearable pain. Indeed, the stretching of her ass did turn her on, almost as much as the stretching of her pussy had… there was a little more pain to contend with, but for a b**st he was being very considerate.Finally the b**st leaned forward and shoved the last couple inches into Kristen’s protesting ass… she groaned. Laying under his weight, she couldn’t believe that he’d shoved the entire length of his cock up her ass… her cheek rested on the soft sheets as the rough fur of his groin rubbed against her lashed buttocks… everything was so erotic. So dirty… so wrong… so hot. She realized what a slut she was becoming, traveling through these fairy tales, but she couldn’t even find it in her to curse the old witch anymore. Who could curse anyone who instigated such eventual pleasure?The b**st began rutting in her ass, shoving back and forth hard and mercilessly. Kristen groaned and took it, knowing that she didn’t have any other choice… and it did feel good in some ways. The fullest her ass had ever been, that was for sure. Slowly, as the b**st continued his brutal thrusts in and out of her tightness, Kristen began to respond. As soon as maltepe escort she began pushing back against his thrusts, the b**st reached around and began caressing her breasts with one hand and rubbing her clit with the other.That completed the cycle of pleasure and Kristen shuddered with pleasure as she began pushing back even harder, wanting to feel a little bit of pain as the b**st sodomized her.The rough finger on her clit rubbed harder and faster, until the burning fire in her groin flared and enveloped her entire body. Screaming ecstacy, Kristen fell before the b**st and his entire weight fell on top of her… she felt crushed and yet didn’t care because she was lost in a whirlwind of writhing fulfillment. His cock swelled inside her ass, stretching it further as she contracted around him, and then spurts of hot cum filled her second hole as well.They lay pressed against each other, until the b**st’s orgasm was completely done… and when he pulled away from her it was just as much a relief because she could finally breath again without that huge weight across her back. The b**st took her to the bathroom, where he washed them both off… but as soon as they got back to the bed, he lay Kristen on her back and pressed her legs in the air. The poor girl moaned as the b**st lined his dick up with her pussy again.He fucked her all night, four times after the first two… by the end of it Kristen could barely move she was so exhausted. Most of her movement was more like convulsions during her many, many orgasms… it was like being gang-banged by the dwarves, except that it was just one monster cock, over and over and over again. The b**st fucked like an a****l.In the morning, sore and tired, Kristen found a good, well-made peasant’s garb within a very friendly wardrobe. She was able to ignore the moving furniture for the most part, as she ate breakfast and made her way out the door. The b**st did not show his face again… Kristen was rather grateful. She didn’t think her poor pussy or ass could take anymore.Putting on some comfortable shoes, she walked down the path… the weather was again sunny and bright.Kristen walked for an entire day, unm*****ed, and was feeling much recovered by the end of that day, despite the fact that she’d been walking the whole time. Somehow, that just didn’t take quite as much out of her. Feeling very good indeed, she fell into a deep sleep that night.Something told her that the Fairy Tales were almost done… she was near the end of the book. Kristen didn’t know whether she was elated, or seriously disappointed.

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