Fallout cyber RP

Fallout cyber RPCogsworth (John) and a Vaultwomen (Vivian)John: miss vivian how are you today?Vivian: Well, I’m doing quite well, and yourself John: well, i’m well other than a problem i am having with one of my systems, it seems to be overloaded, but i can’t figure a way to reset it.Vivian: hmm… well, I’m pretty… Handy… myself, perhaps I can help you out? *I joke, offering assistance*John: if you wouldn’t mind i would be ever so thankful! *hoving towards you in the empty dinner my systems menu opens for you*Vivian: *I start to poke around trying to diagnose the issue* hmm, whats going on in here… hmmmmmmmmJohn: is it something you can fix miss vivian?Vivian: I think so… this here… that there *I clear out some bad code and activate an old subscript* there!John: *i start spinning and spazzing out until i stop and all my limbs drop limp and my power shuts off and reboots, as i reboot all my limbs start to reconfigure becoming giant dildo’s of different textures, one hot and soothing as a flame thrower, one cold as ice, one slippery with oil, and another studded and human like. in a deep voice i say* hello again Miss Vivian, i believe you know what time it is!Vivian: (amazing. also, since robots arent sentient, they are not capable of ****. Love this) Woah… wha- whats going on? I… *I look confused as the change is very sudden*John: well this is what the new code you put into my system told me to do, so what dirty fantasies do you need me to fulfill?Vivian: I… the code was there. it’s old… wait? what fantasies? well…. I *I see the four heads* oh my… well… Ive always dreamed of being tied up, blindfolded, and fucked repeatedly *I whisper to the bot* a shame you probably can’t cum, but I’d love for you to do that *I say, very turned on by the idea of a pleasurebot*John: actually with your new code and the way my oil and other fluids were reconfigured all 4 of my limbs and cum, with almost human like sperm.John: and as far as tied up and being blind folded, i do believe there are some old dinner equipment behind the counterVivian: *I bite my lip and nod eagerly* blindfold me, tie me up, and fuck me until I pass out from the pleasure *I say, half begging*John: as you wish miss Vivian *i glide behind the counter and grab an old hanckerchif and some rope and bring it back around to you, tying the blindfold onto your eyes, and placind the rope around your wrist kastamonu escort and the tying it to a hook on the cieling so your arms are dangling above you as i take the hot dildo and rub it across your clothes so that they warm up and fall off of you after being heated to the right temp so they don’t burn you, then i take the cold dildo and rub it all over your body cooling you back off. i take my human like dildo and rub it on your lips* suck on it vivian, take my first load down your throatVivian: *I close my eyse behind the blondfold and lick the tip, sucking on the head, swirling my tongue enthusiastically at the demand then starting to bob, sucking slowly deeper, munning on it* Mmm Mmm Mmm *as I go in and out, loving this new programming*John: *i start rubbing the oiled dildo on your pussy up to your asshole as i begin rubbing the hot dildo on your pussy and the cold dildo on your tits, circling your nipples. as i keep rubbing the oil all over you* mmm yes just like that Vivian! feels so good!Vivian: *feeling all the robo-cocks play across my body makes me wetter than Ive ever been and I moan lewdly on the cock in my mouth and accidentally suck deeper, gagging lightly on it as my throat grips it*John: oh damn girl! take that whole cock! *i start pumping the cock in and out of your mouth, hitting the back of your throat every time, making you slightly gag covering the cock in huge amounts of saliva* mmmm yea you want my cum?Vivian: *my eyes bulge behind the blindfold as you start to fuck me harder, making my pussy drip as I gag repeatedly. I can only nod as my mouth is too full of cock to speak, but I nod eagerly, whorishly… craving to be filled*John: *as you nod your tongue and lips rub my cock just right i begin to explode into your mouth, stream after stream shooting into your mouthand down your throat* oh hell yea baby you are amazing!John: so how does it taste?Vivian: *the tangy sweet of the fake cum is delightful as you paint my insides with your robosemen and I moan in delight, my pussy quivering slightly*John: *i press the warm cock on your pussy lips and the cold one on your asshole as i begin to push them into your holes as i slowly remove my human like dildo from your mouth.* mmmm i’m gonna have so much fun with you VivianVivian: *I cough up a little cum as you pull out but instantly moan as you press in both lower holes* ahhhhh…. ohhh… oh escort kastamonu fuck yes… best… robot… ever…John: happy i can be of service! *i begin slowly fucking both of your holes each with the opposite type as the other. then i take them out and alternate them. so i cool down your hot pussy and heat up your icy asshole as i rub oil on your tits before rubbing the human cock between them*Vivian: *I eagerly start to writhe with your machinations, moaning out in ecstasy as my body lewdly gyrates to your tempo* Ahhh oh fuckk… I love this… so amazing… I… I… ohhhhhhhhhhJohn: be my dirty little slut and cum all over my cocks Vivian! *i keep alternating the cold and hot cocks before taking the cold one out and fucking just your pussy with the hot cock and rubbing oil on your asshole. i fuck your pussy faster and faster then barrie the hot cock in oyur pussy shooting my super wamr cum deep inside of your pussy, after its done i replace it with the cold cock and fuck your pussy until i i fill your pussy with cold semen and the oil cock raises above your head and releases load after load of oil down onto your body*Vivian: *as the cool cock fills my with cum I go over the edge, shaking and convulsing as my body is wracked with orgasm, squirting hard on your robococks as I moan out like a bitch in heat, loudly wailing incomprehensible as my body is rocked by orgasm*John: *i then replace the cold cock with the human cock and start fucking your hard and quickly as you squirt all over my robococks. as i slide the oil cock into your asshole* mmmmm yea be my little bitch!Vivian: *the robot talking dirty causes me to forget its not a person briefly and I utter* Yes master! use me like the little fuckslut I am!John: oh i will Vivian! *as i fuck you with the human and oil and hot and cold cocks run circles around your nipples, one on each nipple giving you the extreme of both tempratures.*Vivian: *I cum again, squirting harder this time as Im double fucked and teased, moaning like a good little cumslut* oh yess oh yess… fuck me fuck me fuck me…YES! I love your cocks deep inside me!John: *i then take the warm cock and push it into your asshole with the oil cock and force the cold cock into your pussy with the human cock double stuffing both of your holes as i keep fucking your squirting cunt* i’m going to fuck you until no one else can!Vivian: ohhhhhh… OHH kastamonu escort bayan FUCKKK !!! *I yell out as my holes stretch overly wide* FUCK IT HURTS… AHHH…. d-D-Dont Stop!!* I cry out like a true whore* M-MORE!!John: *witht the programming you used i then proceed to make the dildos bigger while they are already inside of you. making each of the cocks 10 inches long and 4 inches thick fucking your holes and stretching you out like never before*Vivian: *you stretch me to my absolute limit, making me absolutely useless to any normal sized cock, and I cum for you again, whimpering this time, dominated… *ohh… than… thank youuu… *I whimper to my robo-dom as I shiver and shake, twitching as I hang from my bindings*John: no thank you slut! *i then take the human cock and oil cock and shove them into your pussy as i start pounding your pussy and the hot and cocl cocks into your asshole. the oil and humna cocks trying to reach further and further into your pussy*Vivian: *you easily push past my cervex, causing my to try to yell out, but my shriek is silent. now both cocks are deep inside my womb as I writhe silently, mouth agape, impaled by you*John: *i take the oil cock out and push the heat cock in and warm up your womb as the human cock builds up another load of semen* vivian this next load is special, i found a vile on the ground one day and it said “human DNA” not sure what is gonna happen, but i’ve mixed it in with the next load of cum i am going to shoot deep into your wombVivian: *I try to respond but cant as I am completely overwhelmed with pleasure-pain, my nervous system paralyzing me, my only movement being the orgasmic shaking and shuddering that continuously courses over my body*John: *your pussy grips my cocks as i shoot the real semen filled shot into your womb, the warm cock allowing the sperm the shoot straight to your ovaries and the human seed taking its place in your fertile eggs. allowing my robococks to impregnate you*Vivian: (squirting for real)John: (wish i could see it)Vivian: *my body shakes once, hard, as you cum again, feeling it fill me, and freeing me from the paralysis* YESSSSS!!! AHHHHHHHHHH *I moan louder than ever before, in pure ecstasy*John: thats my dirty whore! cum as i fill you again!Vivian: *my pussy squirts again asIm shaken by orgasm, as if on command*John: hahaha thats it my dirty bitch in heat! feel my cum impregnate you!Vivian: *I nod yes, whimpering in pleasure and biting my lip* t-thank… you *I eap out meagerly*John: your slutty holes are mine and mine only!John: i’m gonna use your as my personal birthing whoreVivian: yes my robot master… I am yours… to use as you see fit

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