Family Affair : Discovery.

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Family Affair : Discovery.Nine thirty on a hot summer evening, Chris lay on his bed wondering what to do for the rest of the evening. He had just finished a Skype with Tania his girlfriend, they had gone their separate ways when University had split up for the summer, he to his home on the Cornish coast, she to her family in the north of Scotland, in fact they were just about as far apart as they could be without leaving the mainland of the UK.Chris wasn’t sure where his relationship with Tania was going. She was a pretty girl and he was fond of her, but like most lads his age, sex was a staple part of any relationship. Not that Tania wouldn’t allow him sex, but he did find her hard work. Take tonight for example, it had taken twenty minutes to talk her into taking her bra off and showing him her tits, and when he showed her his erection and started wanking she threatened to end the call if he didn’t stop. Tania came from a very puritanical family, she had still been a virgin when Chris started going out with her, it had taken three weeks before she finally agreed to let him put his cock inside her. He had tried to be gentle, but he had been getting so frustrated that he was probably more forceful than he should have been and she had ended up crying.It had been a couple of weeks before he could persuade her to do it again. By the mid point of term they were having sex regularly but Chris still felt frustrated. He had finally got her to let him put his cock in her mouth but any hope of her sucking him to orgasm was completely out of the question. She had allowed him to go down on her and he was sure she enjoyed it, although she still pushed him away before she reached orgasm. He was thinking of letting their separation be the excuse he was looking for to end it and look elsewhere.Not that he would have trouble finding someone, at six foot four inches, blond with a trim muscular body honed by hours in the gym and playing sports, he knew he was a good looking man. He would probably go into town and meet up with his old school pals, there were a couple of girls he used to fuck when he was in school, they were a bit slutty but at least he knew he would be certain of a fuck with them.He was alone in the house, his mother was over in the house who’s garden came back to back with his, that was where his Aunt Kathy lived with Corey her husband. Kathy was not his proper Aunty, his mother and her had grown up together, and had always been best friends.Chris’s mother had grown up in this house, her father had passed away when she was young as a result of an illness caused by his years in the tin mine. Despite the compensation, money had always been tight but with the coast on hand entertainment had been cheap. Consequently, she had got pregnant at fifteen, the boy concerned was about to join the Navy, she was only a month away from her sixteenth birthday so it was all arranged for them to marry as soon as she reached that milestone.As a married couple, they had been allocated a flat near the base where he was training. The flats were little better than a slum, but most of the women there were in a similar situation to Jenny, (Chris’s mother), many of them pregnant. Within a year of giving birth to her daughter she was pregnant again, this time with Chris. Then, just over a year later, Jenny’s mother was diagnosed with cancer, it was decided that as her husband was about to be posted on his first ship and be away for months that it made sense for Jenny and the c***dren to move in with her mother.The situation worked well, Jenny’s mother enjoyed having her grandc***dren at home and Jenny had the freedom to look for a job. Jenny was a bubbly, outgoing type. Five foot six inches, more in her heels, her pretty face framed by jet black curls that tumbled down to her shoulders. She was slim which had the effect of making her 34B boobs look bigger than they were, that together with her firm bum and shapely legs meant that she turned many a head when walking down the high street.She had got a job at one of the big hotels perched on the cliffs looking out over the bay, she alternated between reception and bar work and was a very popular member of the staff.Jenny was a great mother, Chris and Gina his sister had a very happy c***dhood, blotted only by the last few weeks of his grandmother’s life. Then tragedy struck. Chris’s father had been on shore leave in Thailand. There had been some sort of altercation with a couple of native boys on the beach, knives had come out and Chris’s father had been fatally injured. Chris remembered being told that his father was dead but could not remember having any great emotional upset over it, after all he had only seen his father for a few fleeting weeks each year, they had hardly had time to forge a relationship. From then on his mother put all her effort into giving Chris and his sister the best possible start in life.Gina was the most gifted academically, she was currently in the final year of her oceanography studies, working in some remote corner of the Pacific Ocean. Chris was studying economics.About the time that his father died, Aunt Kathy and her husband moved into the house that backed onto Chris’s garden. This was great for Jenny, Corey soon made a walkway between the gardens and Chris and Gina grew up running between the two houses.Kathy was a different build entirely to Chris’s mother, she was what could be called voluptuous, later on, when Chris saw cartoon depictions of domineering women in tight corsets with large breasts spilling out he often imagined his Aunt Kathy in that sort of roll. When he was young he always enjoyed it when she hugged him, his face often buried in her ample cleavage. He never knew the reason but Kathy and Corey never had any c***dren.Chris felt uncomfortable in the heat, his memories had given him an erection. He walked over to the window intending to open it to allow a flow of air into the room. His attention was drawn to the house at the back where his mother had gone. He noticed that the large patio doors leading to the garden had been blanked out by the vertical blinds being closed, however, one of the blinds had been caught on something which meant the a shaft of light was shining through. As he stared at that gap in the blind he thought he saw a movement inside the room which somehow raised his curiosity.Quickly he put on a pair of shorts and a t-shirt and went downstairs and into the garden. Using his phone as a torch he navigated past the bushes and into his Aunt’s garden. Silently he made his way to the back of the house, positioning himself so that he could see through the gap in the blinds.It took a few seconds to adjust to the light, and to assure himself that he was actually seeing what he thought he was.The sight that greeted him was of his Aunt, totally naked, sitting in an armchair, her legs thrown wide, however his view of her vagina was blocked by his mother, also naked, on her knees in front of his Aunt, her head buried between her thighs. His mother also had her hands on his Aunt’s generous tits, kneading them and pulling her nipples. His Aunt meanwhile had her head thrown back in passion, obviously enjoying the attention she was getting.As he watched, Chris could not resist the need to pull down his shorts and release his cock, stroking it firmly as he watched his mother pleasuring her best friend.Suddenly another shape appeared behind his mother. Chris immediately recognised Corey, he was also naked, his erection standing proud. Chris immediately had a feeling of satisfaction, recognising that although Corey’s cock looked a reasonable size, it was still not as long or thick as his own.As he watched, Corey began caressing Chris’s mother’s back, working down to her firm buttocks. His hand slipped between her legs, Chris saw he parting her thighs to allow him better access.Corey moved away for a second, when he returned, Chris could see he had an amount of a white cream on his fingers. By now Chris was pumping his own cock hard as he watched Corey applying the cream to his mother’s anus, working it around her bum hole before inserting first one then two fingers into her.It was obvious that his mother was enjoying the sensation, she seemed to be working her mouth and hands even harder on Kathy, Kathy in return had her hands on Jenny’s head, pressing her harder against her cunt.Then he watched as Corey stood behind his mother, taking hold of her hips as he slid his cock into her anus in one long, smooth movement. Even through the double glazing, Chris could hear his mother cry out as that cock invaded her private hole.Chris had watched anal sex on porn sites but this was totally different, this was actually happening only feet in front of him, and it was his mother who was being fucked in her arsehole.He heard his Aunt cry out in ecstasy as she went through her orgasm, then he heard her shout out “Do it to her now baby, do it now, like we said, do it now.”Chris watched as Corey withdrew his cock from his mother’s bum hole, Chis could actually see her anus gaping wide as that cock withdrew.“Do it Jenny,” Kathy called out, “Do it like that video.”Immediately, Jenny removed her mouth from Kathy’s cunt, spinning round to kneel in front of Corey. Kathy put her hand between her legs, rubbing her clitoris as she watched Jenny take her husband’s cock into her mouth.“Oh that’s beautiful sweetheart,” Kathy encouraged, meanwhile Chris was unable to hold back his own orgasm as stream after stream of spunk shot from his cock, his hand pumping furiously.“I can’t hold it any longer!” Corey called out.“Yes baby, let me see,” Kathy replied.Corey suddenly withdrew his cock from Jenny’s mouth, firing jet after jet of spunk over her face. Jenny had her own hand between her thighs, rubbing her clitoris as she allowed Corey to cover her face with cum, opening her mouth to catch the runs of cum sliding down her face.Suddenly, Chris lost his balance, stumbling against a plant pot and knocking it over. Rapidly he pulled up his shorts and retreated back to his own house, hoping that the noise had not disturbed the trio inside.Back in the safety of his room, Chris tried to collect his thoughts. It didn’t really surprise him that his mother was having sex with someone, after all she was still under forty, attractive and now that both he and his sister were away from home, he accepted that she would be looking for male company. However, doing it with Kathy and Corey was another matter, and then to be doing what she did…..he could still see her now, eagerly taking into her mouth that cock that had only seconds before been planted deep casino siteleri in her arsehole, and then to see her face covered in cum. Chris suddenly realised that he was wanking his rock hard erection.He didn’t think he had ever seen her look so beautiful, she looked just like one of those models in porn films. He had always known she was attractive, his mates at school were often coming round to his house, he used to chuckle at the way they always gave her admiring glances. Their highlights had been in the hot days of the summer when she would often wear her bikini top and a pair of tight shorts and on those occasions when she was sunbathing, lying on her front with her top undone, giving a glimpse of the side of her breasts, some of his mates could hardly contain themselves, they always seemed to make more visits to the bathroom in the summer.As he stroked his cock, he closed his eyes, the vision of his mother on her knees trying to catch those jets of cum in her mouth, the sight of Aunt Kathy, her big tits with their bottle cork nipples, watching her bringing herself to orgasm. Suddenly his own cock exploded, ribbons of spunk firing into the air, landing on his tummy. He knew at that moment that if his mother had walked into the room he would not hesitate in throwing her on the bed and fucking her.He had never had these thoughts about his mother, yes, he knew she was good looking, he had always been proud of that, but he had never associated her with his sexual fantasies. But now he could think of nothing else, it wasn’t as if he had caught her in bed with a man, what he had seen her doing was beyond the boundaries of normal sex. The way she had reacted when Corey slid his cock into her arsehole, it was obvious that it was something she had done before. The eager way she had taken him into her mouth, the satisfaction on her spunk covered face, everything told him that this sort of activity was not new to her.Chris wondered how he was going to react when she returned, he wondered if he would ever be able to talk to her normally without having the image of her spunk covered face in his mind.He heard the back door closing. Quickly he grabbed a handful of tissues and mopped up the lines of spunk on his tummy. He pulled the bed sheet over him, resting hie iPad on his lap, trying to disguise the fact that he was still semi erect. He glanced at the time, it was almost midnight.He heard his mother coming up the stairs, his bedroom door was still slightly ajar.Jenny saw Chris’s door open and his light on, she tapped lightly on his bedroom door.“Hi Mum,” Chris responded, “you can come in.”“Hi sweetie,” she said, pushing the door open and walking in, “what have you been doing?”“Oh Er….nothing much,” he replied, “l talked to my girlfriend for a while, then just flitting about on social media, did you have a nice evening?”Chris could see the moisture glistening on his mother’s hair, she had probably come straight from the shower, he had a vision of her naked in the shower, pinned against the wall, Corey between her thighs, fucking her.“Yes,” she replied, “just wine, choccies and a good film. I’m a bit tired now, I’ll see you in the morning, goodnight.” She blew him a kiss.“Goodnight Mum,” he replied.Chris slept fitfully, he couldn’t get what he had seen out of his head. His mother with her mouth fastened on Aunt Kathy’s cunt, Corey fucking her arsehole, finally the look on her face of sheer joy as he unloaded his spunk on her. Chris seemed to go through the whole night with an erection. When he did finally drift off to sleep, he woke to find a huge wet patch on the sheet. He hadn’t had a wet dream since he was about fifteen, the realisation that he had cum in his sleep embarrassed him, he mopped at the patch with some tissues, deciding that he would have to find a way to slip the sheet into the laundry basket in the morning.The following morning Chris walked into the kitchen, uncertain about exactly how he was going to handle the day.“Hi baby,” Jenny said, walking over to him and kissing him on his cheek. “What have you got planned for today, l thought it would be nice to spend the day together, you can tell me all about what is happening at Uni. and about your girlfriend.”“Oh…..Er…..,” Chris struggled, sitting down at the table and helping himself to coffee and toast. “I have to go into town this morning, l was hoping to meet up with my old mates.” Chris knew he didn’t sound convincing but he had to think of something, even now with his mother standing there in tight jeans and t-shirt, he was still seeing her with her face covered with spunk. What embarrassed himself even more was the fact that looking at her had given him an erection.Jenny hid her disappointment well, she recognised that there was some sort of problem, she had no idea what it was but she detected a stiffness in him. She knew better than to question him, her usual policy had always been to give him time and space, sure enough he would end up telling her what the problem was.There was very little conversation during breakfast. Chris thanking his mother, giving her a kiss on her cheek before heading into town. He hoped that she had not noticed the bulge in his jeans.Jenny was washing up the breakfast dishes when the back door opened.“Hi sweetie,” Kathy called out as she entered, walking straight over to Jenny and kissing her full on her lips. It was a long, deep kiss, Jenny responding.“Wow!” Jenny smiled as they finally broke apart.“I needed that,” Kathy said, still holding Jenny, looking deep into her eyes. “You were fantastic last night, Corey couldn’t shut up about you after you’d left, he almost made me jealous,” she smiled.Jenny poured them both a coffee and they sat opposite each other at the table.“Is Chris about?” Kathy asked, “l mean, he’s not going to walk in on us is he?”“No, he’s gone into town for something,” Jenny replied, “he was very quiet this morning, l think he might have had an argument with his girlfriend.”“Oh,” Kathy replied, “anyway, how are you feeling after last night, crikey Jen l wondered if you would go through with it but you were brilliant, how did it feel, are you sore?”“No l’m not sore,” Jenny replied, “Corey made sure l was well lubricated, and he has done it to me before so l knew how to take him.”“Oh l know he’s done it before,” Kathy giggled, “it’s rapidly becoming his favourite activity, l think my bum hole gets more activity than my pussy lately. But not just that Jen, l mean the way he finished, l know we’ve talked about doing it but l never thought you would do it, l mean taking him in your mouth straight from your bum, oh god Jen, l was cumming like crazy watching you, and when he came on your face l thought l would faint.”“It felt good Kath,” Jenny reached over and held her friend’s hand, “we need to try different things, not that l don’t want us to carry on with straight sex but we have to try new things, how does Corey think?”“Oh god Jen he’s in fucking love with you you know that, we both are,” Kathy replied, “he would find me so boring if we didn’t have you to keep us fresh.”“Don’t be silly Kath,” Jenny said, taking both of Kathy’s hands in hers, “if l didn’t have you and Corey l think l would go mad, what with Gina thousands of miles away and now Chris at Uni, if l didn’t have you two l would have no-one.”“You really need to put yourself out there Jen,” Kathy replied, “you’re drop dead gorgeous, l see the way men look at you, the trouble is you have made Chris the centre of your life, l know you love him and that’s right but you need a man Jen, Oh l don’t mind you borrowing Corey,” she giggled, “but you need a man of your own. What about Jake down the pub, it’s obvious he fancies you.”“Yes l know he does,” Jenny replied, “but he’s… know…..what would people think?”“Really Jen,” Kathy laughed, “what do you think if they knew my husband was shagging your bum hole then shooting his cum over your face, and you’re worried because a black man fancies you. Anyway, you know what they say about black men, he always has a nice bulge in his pants when you’re around.”“Stop it Kath,” Jenny giggled, “talking like this you’ve made me all wet again, l had to frig myself off twice last night thinking about what we’d done. Do you want to go upstairs?”“I don’t think that’s wise do you?” Kathy replied, “what if Chris came back and caught us, anyway, there’s something l need to show you.”Kathy led the way down the garden.“After Corey had left for work this morning, l went into the lounge to tidy up,” she said. “I noticed that l must have closed the blinds in a hurry last night, probably because l was so excited, anyway, one of the slats had caught and didn’t close properly so there must have been a gap in the blinds.”They had reached the gateway through into Kathy’s garden.“Do you remember that crash?” She added, “we thought it must have been a cat or a fox.”They had reached the patio where one of the flower pots had been pushed over, spilling the contents onto the patio.“Must have been a fox,” Jenny said, “that pot is too heavy for a cat to knock it over.”“That’s what l thought until l saw this,” Kathy said, stepping over to the patio doors and indicating some dried up lines of something running down the glass.Jenny stepped closer.“What do you think that is?” She asked.“Spunk,” Kathy replied.“What!” Jenny shouted, shocked, “Are you sure?”“Positive,” Kathy replied, “someone was peeping on us last night, they must have been wanking then stumbled against the pot when they came.”“Oh my god!” Jenny was visibly shaken, “who could it have been….oh my god…..what did he see?”“Well judging by the evidence he must have seen everything,” Kathy replied.“Oh my god!” Jenny stumbled back in chock, collapsing onto one of the patio chairs. “Who could it have been?” She began to cry, “what must he think of me?”Kathy giggled. “Well judging by the evidence he thought you were pretty sexy,” she said.“It’s not funny Kath,” Jenny replied, “could it have been the old chap from next door?”“No, he’s away, staying with his daughter,” Kathy replied, “anyhow he could never get over the fence, it can only be someone who saw the gap in the blind and came to investigate, so it must have been someone from the back.”Jenny turned around, scanning the properties in the same street as hers to see where someone could have come from. She was directly in front of where the stains were on the window, she scanned all the properties but none of them were in a line of sight to where she was sitting. Slowly the realisation dawned on her as she became certain that whoever had seen the gap in the blind must have been in her canlı casino own house. There was only one person in her house at that time.“Oh my god!” She cried as the certainty of what had happened dawned on her.“Shit!” Kathy had also been scanning the houses and had obviously come to the same conclusion.“That’s why he was so strange this morning,” she said, standing and walking down the garden.“Where are you going?” Kathy asked.“I’m going to see if he could have seen the gap in the blind from his bedroom,” she replied.Kathy followed Jenny back to her house. They both went upstairs and went straight to the window.“Oh Jesus!” Jenny gasped, seeing that there was a clear line of vision to the spot on the window where the gap had been. She turned, something about the bed caught her attention, the bed sheet was white, she was sure she had put grey sheets on the bed ready for Chris coming home. “I need the loo,” she said.Sitting on the toilet relieving herself, she spotted the corner of grey material sticking out of the laundry basket.Jenny had not closed the bathroom door. Kathy walked in, sitting on the edge of the bath.“Are you okay babe?” She asked. Seeing the direction of Jenny’s gaze, she saw they laundry basket. She reached over and pulled out the grey sheet, opening it out, showing the big, round patch of stain in the middle.“Looks like he enjoyed what he saw,” Kathy giggled.“It’s not funny Kath,” Jenny yelled at her, “what must he think of me.”“Judging by this he must think you’re incredibly sexy,” Kathy replied, “but so do Corey and me. Don’t forget, if he saw you he must have seen me as well.”“Oh l didn’t think of that,” Jenny said, “sorry.”“Oh, l don’t mind actually,” Kathy smiled, “it makes me quite wet thinking he was spying on me when l was naked, let’s face it Jen, he’s a good looking fella, it says something for us if two women our age can turn him on.”“This is serious Kath, what am l going to do?” Jenny wiped herself and pulled up her panties and jeans.“I can think of something,” Kathy smiled, “l’m as horny as hell, he won’t be back for a while, why don’t we…….”“I don’t believe you,” Jenny shouted, “we’re talking about my son watching while we did what we did and all you can think of is for us to have sex.”“Come on Jen, be honest,” Kathy replied, “doesn’t the thought of him watching through the window and wanking while Corey was fucking your bum turn you on.”“No it doesn’t,” Jenny protested, probably a little too vociferously, as if she was having difficulty convincing herself.“I know what you need,” Kathy said, taking her by the hand and leading her into her bedroom.“Nooooooo,” Jenny said weekly, tamely letting her best friend lead her.The two women had been lovers for over five years, they had fooled around together when they were teenagers, mutual masturbation while discussing the local male talent, but it was after Kathy and Corey moved in at the back that it got more serious. It was only a year ago that Kathy had confessed to Corey her full relationship with Jenny, she was well aware that Corey had the hots for Jenny, he and Kathy had been screwing, talking about fantasies, Corey had admitted that he would like to see Kathy with another woman, Kathy had taken the plunge and told him about Jenny, Corey’s reaction was to give her the best fucking she had had for a long time.Jenny made no protest as Kathy helped her out of her clothes before stripping herself then climbing into the bed. Jenny cuddled up to her, not really understanding what she was doing, her mind was in turmoil, all she could think of was Chris watching her acting like a whore.The fact that Jenny just lay there as a passive partner did not matter to Kathy, she often took the lead when they made love. She kissed Jenny, her tongue delving into her mouth, her hands went to Jenny’s breasts, kneading them gently, teasing her nipples. She pushed her knee between Jenny’s thighs, rubbing her leg against her clitoris.Jenny responded automatically, they were each fully conversant with each other’s likes and dislikes and Kathy was pushing all the right buttons.“We shouldn’t be doing this,” Jenny whimpered as Kathy nuzzled her neck then travelled down her body, latching onto her nipple, sucking it, then biting it gently. “Oh god Kath,” she sighed as the first flush of heat travelled down from her nipple to her pussy.Kathy pushed her onto her back then lay on top of her. “You are so beautiful,” she said, smiling down at her. Then she slid down her friend’s body, kissing her way down over Jenny’s tummy.Jenny knew what was coming, she felt totally relaxed, she parted her thighs in readiness for her lover’s lips. She gave a shudder as Kathy’s lips located her clitoris, sucking it into her mouth.“Oh l love you Kathy,” she sighed.Kathy didn’t mind that she was the only one giving pleasure, they often did it to each other in the classic sixty nine position. But this time she just wanted to make it good for her best friend, wanted to take her mind off thoughts of Chris seeing her being fucked in her bum. Kathy devoted herself to her lover, slipping two fingers into her pussy as she continued to suck on her clitoris. It didn’t take long for Jenny to arch her back off the bed, giving a long, low moan as her orgasm flowed through her body. Kathy rewarded with a flood of sweet cunt juice which she eagerly lapped up.While all this was going on back at the house, Chris was wandering through town, the events of the previous evening going over and over in his mind. Twice he had to find a public bench to sit on in order to disguise his erection. He had just started walking again when he heard a familiar voice.“Hey, mate!” The voice came from behind him.Chris turned to see Luke Evans a few feet behind him. Chris and Luke had been best pals since primary school, they had been inseparable through their teenage years. Luke was an inch taller than Chris but always looked bigger, he was naturally built like the proverbial brick shed, his broad, muscular chest tapering to a waist that Chris knew rippled with muscles.They had spent many hours in the gym together growing up but where Chris had developed his strength without too many outward signs, Luke had developed into an advert for the Mr.Universe competition.“I’ve been shouting to you, l thought you were avoiding me,” Luke said, grabbing Chris in a bear hug that knocked the breath out of him.“God, l’m sorry mate,” Chris replied, “l was miles away.”Luke released him then bombarded him with questions about life in University. Despite all his other attributes, Luke had struggled with the academic side of school life, for him life had revolved around sport and girls. Chris spotted a coffee shop across the road and suggested they go in there and catch up.“What are you doing in town at this time of day?” Chris asked once they were seated and the girl had taken their order, “when l spoke to you last week you were due to start a new job in the pizza factory.”“Oh yeah,” Luke chuckled, “l did start on Monday but got sacked on Tuesday.”“What the fuck for?” Chris asked.“I got caught shagging one of the girls from the wages office,” Luke laughed, “l had her bent over the desk, just getting to the vinegar strokes when the manager walked in, sacked me on the spot.”“What about her?” Chris said.“Oh no,” Luke replied, “nothing happened to her, l think he fancies her himself, she’s a real looker mate, and talk about tight pussies, geeze man it was like fucking a vice.”“What was her name?”“Oh, l don’t know, Carol l think,” Luke replied, “you know me mate, l can never remember their names, she was fucking hot though.”“You never change do you,” Chris laughed. The girl brought their order, Chris saw her visibly crumble as Luke turned on the charm, standing up and taking the tray from her, standing just that little bit too close to her, Chris could tell she was interested, her eyes never left Luke’s face.“She’s cute,” Luke said once she had returned to the counter and he was back on his seat, “not seen her in here before, do you think she might be a virgin, l bet she’s tight anyway, oh l do like them tight.”Chris laughed out loud, “There’s no hope for you mate is there,” he said, “l’m sure any girl is tight when she’s got your monster dick up them.” Chris knew very well from the many times he had seen Luke stripped off after the gym or after playing sport that Luke was very well blessed when it came to the size of his manhood, Chris had never been disappointed in his own size but had to admit that Luke was in a different league.“Not many virgins left in this town,” Luke laughed, “apart from those still in a pram. I’ve been getting more older pussy lately, been doing a few gardening jobs, l tell you mate, some of these housewives, they are really hot mate, and even the others, the ones that are a bit over weight and in their forties, once they see me stripped to the waist and all hot and sweaty, they’re fucking easy mate, half an hour gardening, two hours fucking and twenty quid in my pocket, l tell you mate, you should try it.”That summed up Luke completely, he drifted through life, not a care in the world, but Chris knew he could trust him with his life, Luke was the best mate anyone could ever have.“Is that it then mate,” Chris chuckled, “you still intend shagging your way through life.”“You bet mate,” Luke replied, “anyway, l bet you get plenty, all those tight little pussies at University, l bet you’re shagging a different one every night.”“It’s not like that Luke,” Chris laughed, he always spent most of his time laughing when he was with Luke, five minutes with Luke and all your troubles just melted away.“You should come with me on some gardening jobs,” Luke said, “we could double up on some of those hot bitches, the fat ones are the easiest, it only takes a few compliments and they can’t get their knickers off quick enough, l know a few that would take a spit roast if you fancy joining me.”“You just don’t care do you,” Chris laughed.“Life’s too short to care mate,” Luke replied, “l’m getting into older women lately, talking of older women, l saw your mother in town the other day, Jesus mate she is so hot, l know most women look good in tight jeans but she is sensational mate, l got a hard on watching her walking down the street.”“If you don’t mind,” Chris said, “that’s my mother you’re talking about.”“Oh you know l don’t mean any disrespect mate,” Luke chuckled, “but man she is hot. I never see her with a fella, that is fucking criminal mate, l mean, a hot woman like her and she’s not getting any, Jesus mate, what a waste.”Chris almost blurted out that his mother was certainly getting plenty kaçak casino but caught himself on.“Remember when we used to come round your house, she used to be wearing that bikini top and those tiny, tight shorts that didn’t cover the cheeks of her arse, the number of wet dreams l had thinking of her mate.”“Yeah, l used to see you staring at her,” Chris chuckled.“She used to stretch out on that lounger, when she lay on her front and undid the bra strap, oh man, l can still see her now. I remember once she got up in a hurry and l got a flash of her tit, that rosy pink nipple, oh man, l get a hard on now thinking about it. Tell me mate, did you ever….you know?”“Did l ever what?” Chris replied.“You know mate,” Luke winked, “l’ve read stories about boys in your position when they live alone with a good looking mother, you can tell me mate, you know you can trust me.”“What are you on about?” Chris said, trying to blot out the image in his mind of his mother’s face covered in cum.“Did she never like, you know, like, play with your dick or something,” Luke was obviously agitated, “did you never actually do it with her, you know like fucking her.”“No, of course l didn’t,” Chris protested.“Fuck me, l know l would have if she’d been my mother,” Luke laughed, “crikey l even used to wank off thinking about my mother and there is no woman on the planet less sexy than her.”“There really is no hope for you is there,” Chris laughed, he could feel his own erection throbbing as he listened to Luke talking about his mother.Just then Chris saw a middle aged lady walk into the coffee shop, she was smartly dressed, a little over weight with a generous bosom. He saw her glance over at Luke, Chris saw the flush of red on her cheeks and the brief smile pass between them.“I take it she’s one of your conquests,” he chuckled.“Yes, last week,” Luke replied, “one of her pals recommended me to her, l never even got round to starting the garden mate, she came to the door in her dressing gown, as soon as l walked in she had it off, she was naked underneath.”“You didn’t turn her down then l take it.”“You know me mate,” Luke laughed, “tell you what though mate, she likes it up her bum.”Luke saw the look on Chris’s face.“Honest mate, l wouldn’t lie to you,” Luke continued, “it has become the new fashion, it used to be sucking cocks but now, especially the older women, they all seem to want it up their arses, l blame the porn sites from America, everything seems to be anal sex these days, not that l’m complaining, especially with an old cow like her, her cunt is that loose you could get your arm up there, at least her arsehole is still tight.”Chris could feel his erection throbbing as Luke spoke. He could see Corey lowering himself into his mother’s bum hole, he wondered if she was tight. Then Luke hit him with a bombshell.“Do you think your mother would take it up her arse,” he said, “l was watching her the other day, she has got such a beautiful arse, l bet it’s still nice and firm, Jesus mate, l would give anything to get inside her arsehole….shit….l’d better calm down or l’ll be cumming in my pants,” he laughed nervously.Chris couldn’t believe he was having this conversation, listening to his mate talking about fucking his mother in her arsehole and he was just sat there listening, his own cock throbbing.“I think we’d better change the subject,” he said, “otherwise we’ll be lifting the table when we stand up.”They both laughed nervously, Luke wondering if he had gone too far, Chris unable to shake the images of the previous evening from his mind.Luke tried to turn the conversation to sport but soon it came back to sex again when he said he had been watching the local female football team. “I love watching their tits bounce,” he chuckled, “l wouldn’t mind getting into their showers after a game, all those hot sweaty cunts…old Harry Potts is their coach, l wonder if he gets any extra benefits…lucky bugger. Do you think any of them are lesbians…wow…l would love to see them in the shower eating each other’s hot, sweaty cunts. Do you get any of the girls in College doing it with each other, l bet you do.”“You really need to get yourself a steady girlfriend Luke,” Chris said.“Oh l was going out with Janie Thomas but she dumped me when she found out l was shagging her best friend.”“You just can’t help yourself can you,” Chris laughed.“Look mate, if God didn’t want women to be shagged he shouldn’t have given them tits and cunts, and given us fucking hard ons,” Luke laughed, “you have to use it mate or it will drop off.”“Oh mate, you are a fucking nut case but l love you,” Chris reached across the table gripping Luke’s hand in a vice like grip that confirmed their rock like friendship.They left the coffee shop and wandered into the park. There were four women in their thirties playing tennis, Luke and Chris sat on a bench, far enough away to not appear like a couple of perverts, but still with the women in sight.“Geeze Chris, just fucking look at them,” Luke said, “tight t-shirts and short skirts, tits bouncing and flashing their panties, they’re just gagging for it. That blonde one on the far side, l fucked her about a month ago, l was repairing her garden fence, she came out bold as brass, stark naked, said her pal had told her that l had a big cock.”“You didn’t disappoint her then,” Chris laughed.“Well l didn’t want to be rude, l couldn’t turn her down could l,” Luke smiled.Chris saw the blonde woman look over to them then whisper something to her playing partner, they both started giggling, then the blonde gave a little wave, Luke waved back and they both giggled again.“See, l told you,” Luke said, “l mean it would be rude to turn them down, which one do you want?”“Listen mate,” Chris said, turning to face Luke, “l know l can trust you, there’s something l need to talk to someone about and you’re my oldest and best mate.”“Hey pal,” Luke suddenly switched, sensing that Chris had something devastating to tell him. “you’re not going to tell me you’re ill or something are you, Christ mate, you’ve got me worried now.”“No, l’m not I’ll,” Chris reassured him, “but l need to talk about something and it’s linked to what you were saying about my mother.”“You’re going to tell me you’ve shagged her aren’t you,” Luke replied, “you jammy bastard, you have haven’t you, you’ve actually shagged her, god you lucky bastard, What was she like, l bet she was hot for it, Oh you have to give me details mate, oh you lucky bastard.”“Shut up and listen,” Chris interrupted, Luke realised that Chris had something serious to say.“Sorry mate, l’ll shut up, go on.”Chris slowly revealed everything that had happened the previous evening. Luke listened, open mouthed, as his friend described every detail of what he’d seen. When Chris had finished they both sat in silence for a few moments.“What did you do then?” Luke asked.“I had to make a run for it when l knocked over the plant pot,” Chris said, “the thing is, l didn’t even realise l was wanking as l watched, it was when l came that l stumbled, l think l might have shot my load on the window.”“Fucking hell,” Luke chuckled, “mind you l think l would have done the same, Oh l can just imagine what your mother looked like with her face covered with cum, oh Jesus mate, l’m nearly cumming myself thinking about it. Did you say anything to her after, what about this morning?”“She just acted like everything was normal,” Chris replied, “l’m sure she realised there was something wrong with me but l just had to get away.”“You should have told her mate,” Luke said, “you could have been back there now shagging her arse off instead of talking to me, l know that’s what l would have done.”“Yes but you’d fuck a frog if it would stop hopping,” Chris replied.“Your mother is not a frog mate,” Luke said, “she is a beautiful, sexy woman, you need to take advantage of what you know, she can hardly refuse you, you jammy bastard, l tell you what, if she fancies a two’s up, give me a shout, wild horses couldn’t stop me.”“I might have known you would react like that,” Chris smiled, “you have no morals at all when it comes to shagging, this is my mother we’re talking about, l’m her son, that doesn’t happen.”“Bollocks?” Luke said, “there’s a damned sight more of it going on than you ever hear about, father and daughter, mother and son, brother and sister, it’s everywhere these days pal, if l’d had a sister l would have been shagging her years ago, l bet you spied on Gina when you were a k**, trying to get a glimpse of her in her bra and panties, or even topless if you were lucky, she always wore those tiny bikinis in the summer, don’t tell me you never got a hard on looking at her, l know l did.” Chris didn’t want to admit that Luke had hit the nail on the head, he could remember many times he had tried to spy on his sister when she was changing, he could still remember the first time he saw her tits, she was only fifteen and they weren’t fully developed but he still had many a wank thinking about them.“Hi Luke,”Chris hadn’t noticed the blonde woman and her partner approaching.“This is my friend Jane,” the blonde said, “l was telling her what a good job you did for me, we were wondering if you two would like to come back to my place for a spot of lunch…or something.”“Hi Suzie,” Luke replied, “this is my best mate Chris, he’s home from University for the summer, l’m trying to get him to give me a hand on my summer jobs, do you have any jobs that the two of us could do.”Both women looked at each other and started giggling. “Oh l think we can think of something you can do,” Suzie said.“I like the outfit,” Luke said, reaching out and lifting the front of Suzie’s skirt, “especially the white panties, the type that show the contours of your cunt when you get hot and sweaty.”“Oh, that’s a naughty thing to say,” both women giggling like school girls but Suzie making no effort to get Luke to remove his hand.“How about it Chris,” Luke said, “shall we go and help these ladies out.”“Oh yes,” Jane said, “please come, what we have in mind is better with the two of you.” They both started giggling again.“Another time,” Chris said, “l don’t want to be rude but l promised my mother l would be home for lunch.”“Yes,” Chris said, “his mother has a problem that needs urgent attention. I think l can probably manage on my own, will l need any equipment.”“Oh no,” Suzie giggled, “the equipment you used last time will be fine.Chris watched as Luke left with the women, heading for the car park, Luke had one either side of him, his hands resting on their bums as they went. Chris envied Luke, he didn’t have a care in the world, meanwhile, Chris had to think about what he was going to do at home, he couldn’t go through the summer holidays with this knowledge festering inside him, he was going to have to tell his mother what he had seen, he had no idea how that would go, but it had to be done.

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