Family life

Family lifeThis happened about twenty years ago. First off, I should explain that I genuinely had no inclinations towards young girls or my own daughter. I mean, as a married man who owns a profitable company, why would I put that at risk? However, sometimes circumstances develop that can very quickly spiral out of control.Our daughter, Emily was only sixteen but was already the same size as her petite mother. I was the founder and managing director of an IT company in Ashford, Kent, which is that little corner of south-east England nearest France. She was the eldest of three girls. We’d never hidden sex from the girls and they were used to seeing us both naked. We didn’t flaunt ourselves but just wanted them to be comfortable about nudity and the human body.Jackie, my wife, comes from a family where the women have very heavy debilitating periods. She always found relief from this by taking the contraceptive pill, only coming off when we were trying for a baby. For this reason, Emily and her younger twin sisters went straight onto the pill at the onset of their first period.Anyway, on this particular day, the k**s were at school and Jackie was helping out at her friend’s riding school. I’d gone to London by train for a meeting with clients which took less time than expected meaning I could catch an earlier train back. It was a Thursday so I knew that the two youngest would be staying on at school for dance club and Emily would ride her bike home. Jackie would probably get home around five.Thankfully, being just after three in the afternoon, there was no queue at the taxi rank. Fifteen minutes later I paid the driver and walked up our driveway. Emily’s bike was against the garage door. Cursing, I moved it around the garage and out of sight.In the hallway, I put my briefcase by the hat stand, walked into the lounge and threw my suit jacket onto a chair whilst removing my tie. On the sofa were two coats; Emily’s black school coat and another brown one which I recognised as belonging to her sort-of boyfriend, Patrick or Pat as he prefers. When I say ‘sort of’, I mean they have been hanging around together since primary school. He’s a good k**, one of those rare ones that is respectful, polite and works hard at school but is also lively, funny and sporty. He was often round and they played cards, Xbox or listened to music in her room. He also regularly helped Emily with her maths homework. Our primary rule was that her bedroom door had to be kept open.Stretching, I poured a measure of Macallan twelve-year-old malt and grinned at the label. It would be twenty-two-year-old from now on – the contract I’d just signed would bring six million into the business over the next three years. We’d need to start recruiting more engineers ASP.Emily and Pat weren’t in the kitchen or orangery so I guessed they were in her bedroom maybe playing her guitar. Draining my glass, I decided to go for a dip in our modest but very nice indoor pool. Halfway up the stairs to our bedroom I stopped. Was I hearing right? I listened.It was Emily’s indistinct voice but with an edge to it. A huskiness I’d not heard before. It went quiet then, quite clearly, “Nnn…, oh fuck yes…, that feels so good.”Then, Pat’s voice, “Jesus, Emily, you’re so fucking tight!”Holy fuck!! He was boning my fucking daughter! I went up two more steps, gripping the handrail in anger, ready to beat the little shit lifeless. Then I remembered my anger management classes. The ten-week course ordered by the magistrate for snotting a guy who’d groped Jackie’s ass at a dinner-dance. I stopped, breathed deeply and considered the consequences of my actions. A daughter embarrassed and possibly traumatised. A daughter who might hate me forever plus a probable jail sentence. How could I manage my business from jail?The sounds of heavy breathing and moans drifted down. Quietly, I moved up onto the landing and saw her door wide open. I edged closer. Then I closed my eyes. I knew what I was going to see – Emily on her back, her school skirt up around her waist, panties on the floor, maybe her top and little bra pushed up exposure her tiny tits. He’d have his trousers around his knees as he took her virginity. I opened my eyes and stepped to my left, my blood boiling but under control.What I saw stopped me dead. All the anger vanished. They were both naked and sideways to me. He was on his back and grinning. Emily’s lithe body was astride him. I stared at his surprisingly large cock buried in her little cunt. Very slowly, as if she was luxuriating in the feeling, Emily was sliding up and down its length making soft mewing noises.This wasn’t some quick and dirty teenage fuck, they were making love with control, tenderness and feeling. From the way Emily leaned back, running her hands over her firm pubescent breasts as she took his entire length, it was obvious that this wasn’t their first time. Oh no, this was two experienced people, enjoying each other’s bodies.My emotions were in turmoil. Should I interrupt? Should I go away and maybe bang the front door? What I shouldn’t do was stand there watching, getting an erection. I watched Emily’s tight little ass go up and down very slowly. There was a ring of white cream around the base of Pat’s cock – my daughter’s cunt juices. It was dribbling down over his balls and dripping onto the sheet. They’d obviously been going at it for some time. I had to admire Pat’s control which was much better than mine at his age. That’s another thing – could I be angry when I’d taken Jackie’s virginity when we were both f******n?Pat’s hands touched the sides of Emily, near her breasts. She wasn’t expecting it and gasped. She changed from riding him to grinding her hips, working his embedded cock inside, something that Jackie likes to do. She moved his hands to her breasts. I could see her little A-cup mounds with her hard nipples.Something made me turn. Jackie was behind me, smiling at the scene before her. I pointed, open-mouthed. Jackie put her finger to her lips and stepped behind me, putting her left hand on my shoulder. As I looked back towards the bed, her hand crept around and gripped my hard cock through my trousers. Either of them would see us if they turned towards the door but it was like I was rooted to the spot.Emily leaned forwards and kissed Pat as his arms engulfed her. Now he took over, pushing his cock up into her. I looked down at Jackie’s hand which was fumbling with my belt. Almost in a trance, I undid the belt and my trousers, letting them slide down to my knees. Jackie moved to my front, sank to her knees and silently eased my boxers down. Gently, she wrapped her fingers around my swollen shaft and began to stroke me. The whole situation was so bad yet so good.Pat’s hands moved to Emily’s ass and there was a distinct increase in pace. “Oh…! oh Jesus…, oh…,” Emily began to pant. Jackie’s warm mouth engulfed the head of my cock.Pat was now thrusting hard making my little Emily’s body shake as he drove home. Her juices glistened on his cock. More of it pooled on the sheet. She was just like her mother who also had a very productive cunt. I was struggling to control my breathing as Jackie wanked and sucked me. I couldn’t see but I knew that she’d be creaming her tight riding jodhpurs.”Fuck yeah!” cried Pat on the bed as their bodies began to slap together. His right hand slid down from her buttock to his cock then back up. I watched, wide-eyed, as his now slick middle finger disappeared into her ass.”God, yes!” she cried. The little bastard was finger fucking my daughter’s ass, and she was loving it! She pushed herself up again, her hands flat on Pat’s chest. Now she was working herself on his cock and finger, forcing both in deep. Her long hair tossed back a forth as she picked up the pace, moaning, “Nnn…, nnn…, nnn…”I glanced down again. Oh, fuck! Jackie was looking up, her nose on my abdomen and my cock down her throat. I couldn’t help myself – staring at my daughter approaching her orgasm, I gripped Jackie’s hair and roughly fucked her face.Emily fell forwards again and cried out as Pat machine gun fucked her. Sounds were coming from her that no father should ever expect to hear from his little girl. I watched her little ass shake like jelly as the orgasm ripped through her. Feeling my own balls boiling I watched Pat thrust deep and his cock rhythmically pulse. “Yes! Yes!” Emily cried as he sent his teenage cum spurting into her.My own cock pulsed, sending my hot cum straight down Jackie’s bulging throat. Emily was rolling to her right, panting.I panicked. Pulling my cock out, I grabbed Jackie by the arm and literally dragged her along the carpet into the hallway as she tried to wipe her mouth with her other hand and I tried to hold my trousers up. In our bedroom, I closed the door and we fell on the bed. Jackie started laughing hysterically.”Jeez,” I said, “What’s so fucking funny?””I don’t know,” she laughed sitting on the bed, “The whole situation I guess. God, the look on your face when you were watching them! At least you managed to cum quietly, not your usual bellowing like a bull.”I ran my fingers through my hair and said, “I don’t think it was their first fuck.””Of course it wasn’t,” she said, “They’ve been at it like rabbits for about six months.””What?” I said, sitting up, “How do you know?””Paul, I’ve been telling you for years how advanced she is for her age, all the girls are. She came to see me and said she thought they were ready. She wanted my advice on what to do, you know, technique and stuff.””Why didn’t you tell me?”She put her hand on my leg and said, “Because you’ve been so busy on this new contract, working twelve-hour days. That’s not a criticism, you’ve been securing our future, but I thought it was another worry that you could do without. How did it go today?””Ah, fine. I was expecting a few discussion points but their CEO was happy to sign as it was. So you told Emily how to fuck? How to lose her virginity?””Pretty much. It went very well. Pat was very considerate and did as I told him.””Jesus, Jackie!” I said in surprise, “You talked to him too?”She looked towards the window before saying, “Not exactly.””I don’t understand.”Looking at me she said quietly, “Paul, I was there.””There? In her fucking bedroom? When she lost her virginity?””No, here, in this bedroom. And she didn’t lose it, she gave it zonguldak escort willingly to Pat.””Hang on, you’re telling me that you watched them fuck, encouraged them, here? In our bed?””Yes!” said Jackie, getting exasperated, “And it was lovely to watch, a privilege. In fact, I hope I’ll be able to do the same with Emma and Sophie when the time comes.””And what did Pat make of it? Of you being there?””He was in two minds but Emily talked him round. Paul, I remembered the first time we had sex all those years ago, what a fumbling mess it was. I wanted it to be different for Emily, wanted her to look back on it with pleasure.””You didn’t enjoy our first fuck? I did!””Yeah, well, the guys do. You just cum and roll off. For the girl, it’s something she’s dreamed of but in reality, it’s painful and then she has to walk home from the park with bloody cum running into her panties. I don’t regret it but I wanted it to be better than that for Emily. So they effectively hit the ground running and it’s been good for them ever since.””I guess so,” I said, “But shouldn’t we sneak out or something? What if they see your car on the driveway?””Oh, it’s down the road,” she said absently.”Hang on, why would it be down the road? You came back early deliberately didn’t you? You came back to watch them, didn’t you? Thinking I’d still be in London?””Maybe,” she said, sheepishly.”But they don’t know?””Of course not.””So how many times have you secretly watched them?””Maybe a dozen.””Fuck! That’s very risky, Jackie.””I know, I guess that’s part of the turn-on. I usually come in here and masturbate afterwards.”The thought of Jackie fucking herself with her dildo that she kept in her drawer made my cock twitch and start to rise. Jackie saw it and grinned. As her hand moved towards it there was a knock on the door. “Shit!” I said, frantically pulling the duvet over my lower half.”Come in!” Jackie called.The door opened and Emily came in wearing her white bathrobe. Sitting next to Jackie she said, “It’s okay, Pat’s gone.” We both just stared at her. “So,” she continued, “You thought you’d invite dad along this time did you mum? I hope you both enjoyed the show, especially your blowie dad. I didn’t know you could deep-throat mum, you’ll have to teach me. And you swallow…, impressive.”My mouth was hanging open. Jackie stammered, “I…, ah…, I mean we…”Emily laughed, “It’s okay, we don’t mind. In fact, we both cum harder knowing we’re being watched. It’s a big turn on for us.””Jeez,” I said.”But how did you know?” asked Jackie quietly.Emily pulled something from her pocket. The little Victorian silver compact that had belonged to her great, great grandmother, given to her by Jackie when Grandma Watson, her mother, died last year. She flipped it open saying, “It’s got a little mirror in the lid and is always open on my bedside table. The first time I saw you, mum, was pure luck. Since then I keep it at the right angle whenever we fuck. After Pat has gone I usually stand at your bedroom door and listen to you masturbate. But just now you were talking not moaning. Have you got a hard-on dad? Are you gonna fuck mum?””I…,” I started to say.”Because if you are, I think it’s only fair that I get to watch, don’t you? Besides, I might learn something new…, like anal.””What?!” I blurted.”Anal, dad. You know, when you fuck mum up the ass. I know you do it. I know when you two are frisky. These doors aren’t soundproof you know, especially if I’m sitting the other side masturbating late at night when you fuck. I’ve heard mum crying out, “Oh yes…, that’s it…, deep in my ass,” or, “Harder, cum in my ass, Paul!”Was this my little Emily talking? My little girl, who still sleeps under a Peppa Pig duvet?”Okay,” said Jackie, unbuttoning her white riding top.”Okay, what?” I said.”Okay, she can watch, obviously. You’ve got a boner again and I’m fucking dripping here.”She was right of course. Listening to Emily talk about anal had given me a boner you could drive nails in with. I watched Jackie throw her top onto a chair and remove her white sports bra. Her nipples were hard and deep red. She smiled at Emily saying, “I’ll let your father take the jodhpurs off, he finds them very sexy.”With that, she laid back and opened her legs wide. I swallowed at the sight of the wet patch over her cunt. I closed my eyes and immediately recalled her taste and aroma. God, this is so fucking wrong, I thought. But was it wrong? I mean, if Emily only watched? Surely that’s not i*****l, just watching?Fuck it. I kicked the duvet down and watched Emily stare at my throbbing seven-inch cock. Slowly, I got off the bed and stripped off with my cock sticking out. Emily was biting her lip as Jackie grinned. Right or wrong, a team of wild horses wouldn’t have dragged me out of that bedroom. I scrambled onto the bed and buried my face in Jackie’s crotch, breathing deeply and savouring her musky aroma. Laughing, maybe in triumph, she lifted her hips so I could pull her jodhpurs and soaking white panties off. I heard Emily say, “Fuck yeah,” as I lapped at her mother’s glistening creamy cunt with my tongue.Now I’m a pretty good cunt licker and soon had Jackie writhing as I switched from cunt to clit and back again. That was what she liked – variety. She came, much louder than usual, twisting and clawing at my hair. “Epic!” cried Emily.I grinned at her saying, “We’ve only just started.” Jackie was capable of multiple orgasms but only if we followed a routine that we’d developed over the years. Slowly, I crawled up the bed, my face wet from her cunt. Jackie loves tasting herself on my lips or cock. She licked and kissed my face clean as the fingers of her left hand went between her legs. Now she’d spend ten minutes or so slowly exploring herself, knowing what to touch and when, bringing herself back to the boil. Her right hand moved to my cock. God, I was so fucking hard! She pulled, forcing me to crawl further up the bed.Once level with her, she turned her head and licked my swollen head. I looked at Emily. Her bathrobe was open and her right hand between her legs as she squatted on the bed. I watched her smile as I felt Jackie’s warm mouth engulf my cock. So wrong but so fucking erotic!I wondered what Jackie was going to do next. Would she really do anal in front of Emily? Surely not? She was sucking harder and deepthroating me as her hand between her legs sped up. Soon she would change position and want to be fucked. That in itself wasn’t a clue – she enjoyed anal in any position but her favourites were doggy and reverse cowgirl.With a plop she released my cock and said, gasping for air, “Emily, top drawer, lube.”With an excited grin on her face, Emily discarded her robe and ran around the bed naked. On opening the drawer, she paused. Slowly, she removed the tube of lube, then the big black ten-inch dildo. Walking back to the bed she unscrewed the top off the lube and squeezed some onto the dildo before handing me the tube with a grin. Oh, fuck!Meanwhile, Jackie had got onto her knees with her ass in the air and was looking back at me. I knew exactly what she wanted but shook my head. Sex, even anal, was one thing but that? She frowned and nodded, her eyes pleading. I looked at Emily. She was sitting cross-legged at the top of the bed, leaning back against the headboard and running the dildo along her little slit. “Just ignore me, dad, do whatever mum wants.” Ignore her? How the fuck was I supposed to ignore her?”Please,” Jackie said, reaching back and pulling her ass cheeks apart. God, I love her ass, still smooth and pert with a perfect little round anus. I shook my head again but crawled towards the sight, dipped my head and rasped my tongue down her crack. “Oh yes!” she moaned when my tongue reached her puckered rosebud. Strangely, Jackie hates licking my ass but loves my tongue on and in hers. She squealed and twisted as my tongue probed and my fingers found her engorged clit. I wondered if Emily’s clit was as big as Jackie’s but tried to force the thought from my mind.I reached for the lube and looked towards Emily. Her eyes locked on mine. I dropped my gaze. The black dildo was half in her cunt, slippery with the lube, her honey and Pat’s cum. Her lips were spread wide and sliding on the shaft as she fucked herself. “Go on dad…,” she panted, “Fuck the bitch up the ass!”Oh god! All my self-control had vanished. Emily watched me lube my cock and then slide a finger into her mother’s ass. “Does it feel good, dad?” Emily asked.I nodded.”Tight?””Uh-huh.””Nice and slippery? Ready for your big cock?””Oh, Jesus!” I pulled my finger out, grasped my cock around its base and pressed the head against Jackie’s sweet anus.”Nnnnn…,” she grunted, pushing back. Jackie had loved anal since before we were married. Our first time had been when we were s*******n and on a camping trip to Devon with her parents. At her insistence, I’d fucked her ass in some sand dunes one afternoon. We don’t overdo it though – maybe every couple of weeks to keep her ass tight – but it meant she knew what she wanted and how to get it. “Fuck…!” I moaned as my first three inches slid in.”Go on dad, fuck her, fuck her nice and deep,” said Emily. I could hear the dildo squelching in her cunt.Jackie cried out as I pulled back and drove in deep. That wasn’t how we normally did it. Usually, we took it slow and steady but usually, Emily wasn’t there egging me on. I gripped Jackie’s hips and fucked her ass relentlessly, giving her my full length on every stroke.”Yes, dad!” cried Emily, “Fuck her hard, fuck her ass!”I was grunting with the effort, my thighs slapping against Jackie who was now also grunting loudly.Then things took a bizarre turn. Jackie began to shake and cry out. That took me by surprise as although she loves anal she very rarely cums while we do it. But the real surprise was when Emily cried out, “Cum in her ass daddy, imagine it’s mine, imagine you’re fucking my little ass, your little baby’s tight ass!””No!” I shouted but it was too late. I drove deep and pumped my cum deep into Jackie’s bowels as her orgasmic contractions clenched and released my cock. Next to me, Emily rolled onto her front and humped the dildo until she came, her whole body going rigid and shaking.That day was the start of the downhill slope. That weekend, after Emma and Sophie had gone to bed, we openly watched Emily zonguldak escort bayan suck Pat’s cock in the lounge before he fucked her over the end of the sofa. Then they watched us fuck on the carpet with Jackie on top. I thought that maybe we had reached the limit but the next morning, while I made breakfast for the twins, Emily and Jackie were on her laptop in the corner, engrossed and giggling. The box from Lovehoney arrived on Wednesday but Jackie wouldn’t let me open it saying, “It’s just something for the weekend.”Jackie’s parents collected the twins from school on Friday and took them to their place in Hastings for the weekend. When I got in from work at six, Pat’s bag was in the hallway. Jackie was in the kitchen preparing dinner. “Where are they?” I asked.”Just out in the garden talking,” she said, pointing through the window.”I know that you and Emily have made some sort of plan for the weekend,” I said, “But you know that I’ll never touch Emily?””Of course dear, that goes without saying, now make yourself useful and peel those potatoes.”The subject of sex was avoided throughout dinner until after dessert when Emily suddenly said, “So boys, are you both up for some fun tonight?”Pat looked at me nervously before saying, “Um, what sort of fun?””Nothing to worry about,” said Jackie, “Nothing weird, just maybe a little less watching, more hands-on tuition as it were.””What sort of hands-on?” I said.”As I said, nothing weird, we’ll stay in our couples, there’s something that Emily wants me to teach her that’s all.”Deep-throating I guessed. I would say that most people would judge a mother giving a blow job demo to her daughter as pretty weird but once Jackie has her mind set on something there’s no dissuading her.”But there’s no rush is there?” said Jackie, “Can you play Canasta?” she asked Pat.”Er…, no,” he replied, obviously disappointed.”Well we’ll teach you,” she said, smiling, “You can be my partner, Pat. Get the cards out Emily.We had two games, each pair winning one game. By then it was 11.15. “Right,” said Jackie, putting the cards away, “Why don’t we all go for showers and meet up in our bedroom in twenty minutes?””Yeah,” giggled Emily, “Then we can open the box from Lovehoney.”Pat grinned as Emily led him out by the hand.”You sure that this is a good idea?” I said to Jackie as we followed them up the stairs.In our bedroom, she replied, “Emily wants to learn to deep throat. You want me to show her using Pat’s cock? She needs to watch me on you then practice on Pat.””So who taught you?” I asked, unbuttoning my shirt, “You were deep throating me when you were her age.””The older sister of my friend, Anne. She used her dildo to show us. I could do it but Anne never managed it. Not everyone can. Emily might not be able but we’ll see.”I was the last to shower and emerged to find the other three sitting on our bed sipping white wine. The k**s had shared a bottle with us over dinner so another maybe wasn’t a good idea but perhaps Jackie thought it would help them to relax. “Come and lay next to Pat,” said Jackie.I laid down on his left leaving a decent gap between us, noting that he had a hard-on in anticipation. Jackie laid on my left and Emily on Pat’s right. “Okay,” said Jackie, taking my cock in her hand and stroking it, “These are my tips – firstly, deep throating needs a lot of saliva to lubricate his cock. We’re going to cheat a little by using a good quality silicone lube. This one is strawberry flavoured.”She squirted some into her hand and passed the bottle to Emily. While she coated my cock she continued, “Secondly, it’s easier if the cock is at a natural angle, so we’re going to do this on our knees facing down the bed, almost in the 69 position.””Mmmmmm….,” said Emily, “I love 69.””Oh god,” I groaned.”So do I,” said Jackie, “But not tonight, I don’t want you distracted. Now, it’s helpful if you can relax your throat and the best way to do that is to breath out through your nose.””Okay,” said Emily. I watched her hand slide up and down Pat’s lubed cock which I guessed was around six inches. Not bad for fifteen. Hopefully, she’d manage.”Now I don’t know if this will help, I’ve never tried it, but it’s claimed that you can suppress the gag reflex by pressing your thumb into the palm of your hand and gripping it hard with your fingers, like this.”Emily copied Jackie, making a fist with her left hand with her thumb in the centre. “Without lube,” said Jackie, “You’ll need to take your time to generate lots of saliva. Now, Pat, it’s important that you don’t thrust, certainly not until Emily is more experienced and only then if she indicates that it’s okay. You could damage her throat.””Okay,” he nodded.”And I would recommend that tonight, Emily, you don’t try and make Pat come. Save that for when you’re more experienced. Tonight is just to learn the technique, I don’t want you getting a sore throat or an aching jaw. Right, let’s have a go shall we?”Jackie knelt by my left shoulder, took my cock in her hand and dipped her head. I moaned in response to the familiar feeling of my swollen head entering her throat. The incredible feeling had never diminished over the years. I know I shouldn’t, but I couldn’t help watching Emily try to copy her mother. She took half Pat’s cock then her body jerked as she gagged. “Breath out and clench your fists,” said Jackie, coming up for air, “And don’t be afraid to use more lube.”Emily nodded, added more lube and tried again. Twice more she gagged but on the third try her eyes bulged and his whole cock disappeared. “Good girl!” said Jackie. Oh my god, I was watching my little Emily deep throat!She held it for a few seconds before gagging and backing it out. Saliva and lube dripped from her chin as she grinned and said excitedly, “I did it, mum! Not for long, but I did it!””Well done!” laughed Jackie.Emily went, again and again, each time lasting a little longer. Eventually though, after about five minutes, she stopped, wiped her mouth with her hand, laughed and said, “Sorry, Pat, that’s enough for tonight, my throat’s starting to get sore, let’s open that box, mum.”They bloody abandoned us! Pat and I were left laying there, cocks sticking up while she and Jackie fetched the box and cut it open. “I’ll get stuff out while you go down the packing list,” said Emily, excited like when she opens her Christmas presents.Jackie laughed, “Okay, first is two 250ml pump-bottles of water-based lube followed by two of silicone lube.””Check,” said Emily, putting them on the bed.”Two Rampant Rabbits, one pink and one purple.””Check.””Two twelve-inch anal beads.””Holy fuck!” said Pat.”These?” said Emily.”Uh-huh.””Two black velvet blindfolds.””Check.””Eight black cotton restraining ropes.””Check, mmmm…, nice and soft too.””Two black ball gags.””What?” I said.”Shhh…,” hissed Emily, “Check.””Two sets of three graduated stainless steel butt plugs with jewelled ends.””Jeez,” said Pat.”And finally,” said Jackie, smiling at Emily, “Three special treats that we’ll leave in the box for now.”Emily grinned, peered into the box and said, “Yup, that’s everything.””What treats?” I said.Jackie took Emily’s hand, squeezed it and said to me, “Perhaps if you’re good, you’ll find out one day. Anyway, we’re not going to be using it all tonight or even this weekend. It was fun choosing and we got 30% off and free shipping if we spent over a hundred pounds. What would you like to try first, Emily?””Um…, how about we try a small butt plug each? I’ve always wondered what it would feel like to fuck with something in my bum.”Pat gave me a nervous smile before saying, “C…, could we put them in?””Of course,” smiled Jackie, “But don’t forget, we have to stay with our respective partners. Emily, we’ll use the silicone lube.”Pat and I watched Emily open the packs of butt plugs. The jewels at the end of each changed colour as they went up in size – green to amber to red. Holding up the two green ones, which even though the smallest were still an inch wide, Emily said, “Have you used one before mum?”I knew that she hadn’t. “Yes,” said Jackie. What? “On our wedding day, it was my ‘something blue’ item. A blue jewelled plug given to me by your Auntie Helen.” Her sister? “I had it in from before the church service right up until I took it out in the hotel at Heathrow that evening.”Emily laughed at my open mouth before laying down and pulling her legs back. It was the first time I’d had a really clear view of her shaved cunt and asshole. Pat was a very lucky lad.”I’ve just thought,” said Jackie, doing the same, “Does Pat need showing how to go down on you? Your father is very good at it.””No,” grinned Emily, “Natasha showed him. I’ve no complaints in that department.””Natasha?” I said, “Who’s Natasha?””Frank and Peggy’s daughter,” said Jackie, “They own the pub, The Blacksmith’s Arms, over in West Compton. She’s Emily’s very special friend. The ginger-haired girl stood next to Emily in that photo from the school skiing trip to Austria last winter, the photo in the silver frame by the table lamp in the lounge.””Oh,” I said, an image forming of the pretty redhead lapping at Emily’s cunt.My cock twitching wasn’t lost on Emily who laughed and said, “Does that turn you on dad? Your little girl having her clit sucked by another girl?””I…, ah…,” I stammered.Both she and Jackie laughed and seemed to exchange knowing glances. “Come on then you two,” said Jackie, “What are you waiting for?”Emily joined in, pointing between her legs and saying, “Plugs go in here, cocks in here.”The plugs were by Pat so he lubed one and passed it to me before lubing the other one. I watched him go first. Emily squealed, “Shit, that’s cold!” as he touched the tip on her little star. Then she winced slightly as her sphincter stretched around the widest part, but relaxed as it contracted again around the plug’s head.”Okay?” asked Pat.”Um, yeah,” said Emily, “Feels funny but nice.”They watched me fit Jackie’s which went in easier. “Okay, now let’s fuck,” she said, grinning.”Have you two ever fucked really slowly?” I asked, “I mean REALLY slowly?””No, not really,” said Pat, “We’ve tried but I usually end up getting carried away.”Okay,” I said, “Just follow what I do.” Jackie loves a really slow fuck but it does require self-discipline from the guy. I positioned myself between Jackie’s legs which she was holding back, her escort zonguldak feet by her head. “Go in very very slowly and hold yourself there. Feel Emily squeezing your cock.” Jackie was dripping so it was easy to slide my cock in. She smiled at me as I stretched her cunt. It was strange feeling the butt plug pressing on my cock.Next to me, Pat did the same, easing himself in until he was up to the hilt. Emily’s eyes fluttered and she moaned, “Mmmmm…, that feels nice.””Now very slowly back out until just your head is in, pause and very slowly go back in.” Pat copied me. “Now pause four or five seconds, out and slowly back in again.” God, that’s a great way to fuck! Each time I paused, Jackie gave a moan and her cunt gripped me.I watched Emily. Her eyes were closed and each time Pat held himself deep she pushed her head back and an odd guttural sound came from her throat. For some reason, it surprised me but it shouldn’t have done – her mother has been doing the same for years. In fact, watching Emily’s body respond took me back. It was like watching Jackie respond as a teenager. Pat grinned at me as mother and daughter reacted the same.Almost in unison, they released their legs and wrapped us in their arms. Pat kept time with me and we fucked them slowly and relentlessly for maybe thirty minutes, ignoring their pleas to be fucked hard. They were twisting, raking their heels on us and clawing at the sheets. Still, we fucked them excruciatingly slowly. The room was filled with moans, cries and panting.Emily was the first to cum, arching her back and shaking like a leaf whilst raking Pat’s shoulders with her nails. The sound of Emily’s cries set off Jackie who came in a similar way with her face a bit more contorted.Pat looked at me grinning. I held my hand up indicating that we should stop. Slowly, we pulled out and watched them quiver as the final orgasmic waves rippled through them. Emily reached out, grabbed Jackie’s hand and squeezed. She was the first to speak. Panting hard she looked at me and Pat. Suddenly, she was no longer my little girl. Her voice sounded far older as she said, “Now straddle us…, cum on our faces.”As Pat moved, I looked at Jackie. Maybe they aren’t ‘like mother, like daughter’ after all – Jackie hates cum on her face and in her hair. She looked horrified but nodded. I straddled her, my knees in her armpits and quickly stroked my cock. “Oh god!” cried Emily, “I fucking hate this!”Jackie looked at her, surprised, and said, “Why the fuck do it then?”Emily was laughing, almost hysterically, “Because I love the fact that I hate it, it’s just so fucking degrading that it excites me.”Jackie looked at me. She can tell when I’m about to cum. Our eyes met and she said, “Oh shit!”To my right, Emily screamed. I didn’t look. Instead, I watched Jackie squeal and twist her face as my jets of cum splashed over her eyes and in her hair. After the last drops dripped on her neck I climbed off. What a sight! Pat and I stood there looking at Mrs Jackie Parsons and Miss Emily Parsons with cum sliding down their faces. “Tissues, fucking tissues!” cried Jackie, trying to look at me with her one clean eye.Pat went to move but I grabbed his arm saying, “No, let’s watch these two cum sluts suffer a little longer.””Fucking bastard!” cried Jackie, half angry and half laughing.”Don’t worry mum,” laughed Emily, “Leave it to me.”What happened next shook me to my core. Emily rolled over and started to lick the cum off her mother’s face. Jackie smiled and reciprocated. “Holy shit!” moaned Pat. They lapped at each other’s faces, swallowing the cum. It was only then that it struck me – Emily was tasting and swallowing MY cum! Oh my fucking God!But there was more. Once clean, Emily slid her tongue into Jackie’s mouth. Wrapped in each other’s arms, they kissed like lovers. Now I felt that Pat and I were intruders. I took two bathrobes from the hooks on the bedroom door and passed one to Pat, indicating that he should follow me. Downstairs in the lounge, I took two crystal glasses and poured small measures of scotch.Without a word, we drank them down in one. Pat winced and coughed but held his glass out for a refill. Smiling, I poured him a large measure. Sitting in armchairs, Pat started to say, “I…” but I held my hand up.”Everything’s cool,” I said. He nodded and smiled, a bit relieved I think. We sat there, sipping and pondering the evening until the door opened and our two beautiful women came in, flushed and also wearing bathrobes. They sat on the sofa before Emily looked at me and said, “We’re all going to sleep in your bed tonight, dad. It’s a super king-sized so we’ll just about fit. Mum and I have changed the sheets.” Then she looked at Jackie, smiled and added, “I’ve just discovered, that like mum, I can squirt.””Jesus!” I said.In the bedroom, as we turned off the lights, Pat was on the left, then Emily, then Jackie and finally me on the right. Soon, despite my head being in a whirl, I was asleep. I woke a couple of times to shuffling and snoring but soon nodded off again.I remember having a dream. We were all on an empty beach. It was warm, the sun high and the waves lapping at the shore. The twins were playing and looking for seashells. Some way to my left, under a large umbrella, Pat was on his back. Jackie was astride him riding his cock, her long hair blowing in the warm breeze. His hands were on her tits. Emily was laid next to me, her arm d****d over my thigh as she gently sucked on my cock. No!! Something blocked the sun. The twins were watching. Sophie said, “Hurry up, Emily, we want to suck daddy too.” No!!!!!! I looked down. Emily looked up, her mouth stretched by my cock. I ran my hand over her short, pixie style hair.The dream faded and I entered that half-awake world where you’re not sure if you’re awake or not. My cock was hard and I could feel that Jackie was sucking my cock. She must have woken and felt horny. There was a mound under the duvet, lit by the light from the hallway, which moved as she sucked. I tried not to moan, not wanting to wake Emily and Pat. She sucked harder, just like I like it. Soon she’d deep throat me. I felt my cock go deeper, into her throat. She gagged. What? Jackie gagging? I don’t think I was fully awake. I shook my head and closed my eyes. Jackie? Gagging?My left hand slid down to touch her long hair. There wasn’t any. My fingers touched short hair. My eyes flew open. I lifted the duvet. Emily looked up and smiled, sucking my head as she stroked my cock. “No!” I whispered. She ignored me and slid her lips right down my cock. After a short gag, I was in her throat. Oh dear god!Across the bed, there was a male grunt. I looked across. Jackie kicked the duvet off, exposing Emily’s naked body. Where had her jammies gone? Jackie was naked and on her side looking at me. Her body shook and she bit her lip. Pat was fucking her from behind! She lifted her left leg. There was just enough light for me to make out Pat’s cock sliding in and out. I shook my head but Jackie just smiled.I realised that I’d now lost all control of my family. Jackie and Emily were now running the show. I was just along for the ride. so I made no objection when Emily released my cock, laid down facing her mother, reached behind and fed my cock into her tight cunt. I fucked her. I fucked my daughter. There, I’ve said it. The man who hates p**o’s and sex offenders was fucking his own daughter. I fucked her hard. In my mind, I was thinking, ‘You wanna be fucked? Okay, I’ll fuck you’.I thought she might cry out from the hammering but no. As we fucked them, they embraced and kissed. Mother and daughter kissing whilst both being fucked hard. With a cry of sheer joy I rammed myself in deep, feeling myself press on Emily’s butt plug and shot my load into her, my sweet little Emily, just before Pat did the same to Jackie.As I lay there panting with my cock slowly going limp and my cum oozing out of Emily, I realised that she and Jackie had planned the whole thing and our lives would never be the same again.The next evening, Saturday, on the carpet in the lounge, Pat and I discovered what the other three things in the box were. We watched, stroking our cocks, as Emily fucked Jackie with a strap-on – a harness fitted with her black dildo. Then they 69’d. The finale after god knows how many orgasms, was them scissoring using a 16-inch double-ended silicone dildo.After that, we went to bed. We spit-roasted Jackie, them Emily. Pat fucked her doggy while she sucked my cock. An hour later, after Pat and I had recovered, Emily straddled me and rode me just like her mother. Despite everything, I hadn’t yet kissed Emily so her tongue slipping into my mouth was a surprise. She moaned into my mouth as we kissed and fucked. Suddenly she broke the kiss and said to Jackie, “Now, mum.””You sure, darling?” said Jackie.”Uh-huh,” said Emily before resuming our kiss.I watched Jackie hand a bottle of lube to Pat saying, “Pull the plug out, Pat, and fuck the little slut up the ass.” I couldn’t see Pat but Emily winced as the amber plug came out. I held Emily still with my cock buried deep. She broke the kiss, looked at me and whispered, “I love you, daddy.” Then her face screwed up as Pat’s cock entered her rectum. I’d never DP’d before and it was strange to feel Pat’s cock pressing on mine through the dividing wall between Emily’s cunt and ass. Her eyes bulged and mouth hung open as we slowly fucked both her holes. She didn’t last long, crying out in a shattering orgasm.Then Jackie pushed Pat onto his back. She rode him for a bit before I pulled out her red plug and fucked her ass. Grunting, she cried, “Hard not slow! Fuck me hard you bastards!”Boy, did we fuck her! Then Emily appeared. Wearing the harness and dildo, shiny with lube, she grabbed Jackie’s hair, pulled her head back and shoved it down her throat. A few minutes later, Jackie came, coughing and spluttering but vibrating with pleasure. Pat and I came pretty much together, filling both her holes with creamy cum.—As I said, this happened twenty years ago. Now, I’m typing this on my tablet on the verandah of our holiday home on the Portuguese Algarve.Soon, the family will return on the horses. Jackie, Emily and Pat with their 6 and 8-year-old c***dren, Sophie and Emma. Plus Sophie and Emma with their husbands Richard and Craig. Yes, it does get confusing! I wondered whether tonight, once young Sofie and Emma had gone to bed, we’d have a repeat of last night’s eight-way poolside fuck fest?********************This story is 100% fiction.It has been written for entertainment only, not to endorse or encourage the actions described.

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