fantasies about my mother part 4


fantasies about my mother part 4My dick now hard as a rock slid right beside Abraham’s…and mom’s hand opened and wrapped around both of our cocks. Her spit began mixing with our precum and we were both being stroked by this gorgeous sexy mother’s hands.Her tongue darted out to lick the tip of my cock then Abraham’s. The sensation and the thought of our sex juices mixing together in her hands and in her mouth…made me all the more horny. Abraham was racing ahead of my as he began fondling mama’s titties. Her moans vibrated our cocks. She had both of them in her ample mouth. I was getting close to letting go…and I guess he was too and she knew it. She pulled them out of her mouth, put them together face to face, shaft to shaft. The feeling of his cock was unlike anything I had felt before…I reached out and touched the giresun escort tip, and mama…just grinned at me. “you want my little boy’s cock don’t you?” I didn’t know what I was thinking….but I did..I was consumed by our two cocks together. Mama laid down between us, under our cocks and sucked on our balls. I stroked us both. As she licked and sucked on Abraham’s balls…he stiffened and erupted. Cum was all over, covering my cock, his cock, my hands…mama’s face. twitch after twitch of orgasmic pleasure shot through his young nubile body as mama fingered his anus…encouraging more of that sweet cream out of her son’s cock. The sight of my cock covered in his seed sent me over the edge…and I came with a power I had not felt in years. Our cocks hard and tight together in mama’s and gümüşhane escort my grip…throbbing, shooting, pulsing…then finally slipping out of the grip of the moment. I looked at Abraham’s mom and saw the biggest cum covered grin I had ever seen…even in all the porn I have watched…this woman was truly a hot slut. I took my hand, completely coated in our cum and fed it to her. she sucked the cream off of my fingers like they were tiny little cocks. Then she cleaned my cock up, balls and all, before turning her full attention to Abraham. while my cock had begun to lose it’s size and hardness..Abraham, was still hard as a fucking rock.”Now it is my turn!” she said, with cum dripping off her chin. She turned her ass around and backed down onto his 7″ hard cock…it took only a ığdır escort moment to slide the full 7 plus inches to the hilt…and a deep chasm of a moan reverberated throughout the house.I was kind of left out at this point…not sure what to do. Mother and son were having a consuming moment…and I didn’t want to change that. Mom sensing that I was drifting away, grabbed my hand and directed it toward her exposed clit. I knew what she wanted. I began little circles, slow and easy…in rhythm to Abraham’s thrusts. The effect was almost immediate as her first orgasm hit. She nearly screamed “YESSSSSS…baby…fuck mommy.” I was soo turned on by watching his cock penetrate and fuck his mother’s cunt. Juices were beginning to drip down his balls where they were smacking my fingers and her clit. Then mama, pulled me into a new position…pausing the action for a moment…she positioned directly under her, with my face looking up at her penetrated pussy. As Abraham repositioned some, their juices dripped onto my chin…and I knew now…what I wanted more than anything else. My cock immediately began to stiffen a third time!!!

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