Fantasies On The Job Ch. 1


Hi my name is, well let’s just say its Lorna. I am a petite redhead with ling loose curls stopping at the waist. I’m 5’2″ tall, 118 pounds with curves to die for. My breasts are a generous 36-D’s, very firm with perky nipples and milky white. I have amazingly blue eyes that stand out in contrast to my amber-red hair. I get hot simply looking myself over in the mirror, as I get ready for work.

I have a secret. This is a secret that drives me crazy at work. It’s a wonder that I make it through the day sometimes without losing it. You see I’m a closet bi-sexual, and the traffic of people at work every day is very busy. Men and women around walking past me leaving behind their scents lingering in the air. All shapes and sizes, teasing, inviting as I examine either the bulge in their pants or the bounce of their breasts. It can get quite cold at times in the office which usually results in the protruding of nipples getting me so hot that by the end of the day I’m soaked right through to my chair.

The pace of my job can get really slow leaving me with a great deal of time to fantasize. And my fantasies do get pretty wild. Now since I love to share here is a little sneak peek at what I think about on the job.

This fantasy involves C.J, the man I’m currently seeing, and what a package that is. He stands 6″3″ tall, 220 etiler otele gelen escort pounds and built like a brick house. He has bulging biceps, a washboard stomach and an ass you can bounce a dime off of. Now just to make things even more perfect, his member erect is a nice 8-1/2 inches long by 3 inches wide. This of course just great for a full penetrating fuck!

In my fantasy it is the day of his birthday and what a birthday surprise I have planned for him. It took two weeks of planning to make sure the guest list was just right and as well as timing. The day is here and all is perfect.

Just as C.J pulls in to the driveway, I’m adding the finishing touches to the table complete with candlelight. As he walks through the door I rush to greet him with a long passionate birthday kiss lightly brushing my hot body against him, ignoring the dismayed look on his face as he realizes all I have planned is a nice quiet dinner for two instead of a party.

After dinner is done I motion to C.J to the shower, teasing him that I do have better plans for the rest of the evening and we must get ready. Joining him in the shower, I leave the door unlocked to let the guests in while I prepare C.J for what I have in store for him.

In the shower, lathering up his body my etiler rus escort hands gliding over every muscle, over his arms and down to his athletically built legs, I pay special attention to the mass between his legs making sure his tight balls are well soaped up as I pull out my razor. C.J at first alarmed realizes what I intend to do and begins to grow with anticipation giving me access so that I could shave his balls clean.

Once done, I must complete the job with an inspection that would only be worthy by using my tongue. I playfully lap away at his bag teasingly running my tongue up and down his shaft then lightly kissing the tip as I run my fingertips along side his thighs. As I pull away to look over my beautiful handy work I can see C.J’s hard cock jumping with delight. I open my mouth wide allowing each jump to land on the tip of my tongue as he looks dead in my eyes. Just as he is ready to explode with all this teasing, I rise slowly kissing him pressing my body against him.

With my final inspection obviously complete, C.J kneels down in front of me softly kissing my hips preparing to return the favor and shave me smooth. Upon spreading my legs it becomes quite apparent how excited I am. He was immediately hit with the aroma of a sweet musky scent caused by my dripping wet etiler türbanlı escort pussy. C.J being no different than any other man, could not help but spread my lips apart exposing the moist pink flesh and dipping his tongue deep inside to take in as much of my juices as he possibly can in one single motion. As good as it felt I had to remind him that time was of the essence and that we had to hurry.

Of course he does the job with expert precision leaving the skin surrounding my beautiful lips bare, the whole time getting me hotter and hotter with ever stroke making that sweet musky smell that much more intense. As I did to C.J he did to me, inspecting his work in the same fashion. I can feel his hot breath on my cunt sending pulsating vibes throughout my body as his tongue licks the newly shaved area around my pussy sometimes poking through my lips making my already hard nipples very sensitive to the spray of the shower. To be sure he returns the favor I did him, he stops just short of me cumming all over his face, leaving my body trembling.

As he slowly gets to his feet, he makes certain not to miss licking, nibbling and sucking every inch of my body. When he gets to my very swollen tits, he cups them into his hands, squeezing them together to suck on both nipples at the same time. Lowering my head, I reach out with my tongue to meet his as we both enjoy my tits. Just then every muscle in my body start to tighten and C.J knows full well what is about to happen and he suddenly stops and steps out of the shower. Boy is he in for it now, but I smile, just wait till he sees what I have planned for him. This will be a birthday he will never forget!

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