Fantasy Shop

Big Dicks

My girlfriend, Melissa has been asking me for weeks to go with her to this new club that opened last week. She said, “All of the town is talking about how much fun it is and all of the ‘IN’ group is going. We just have to go check it out!”

After fending her off for three days, her persistence won out and I allowed her to drag me along to check out the new club.

The facade was very subtle; it looked more like a warehouse than a club. The two story high building had a banner stating the name of the club Fantasy Shop in letters shaped like people.

A line circled the block; seemed that everyone wanted to be part of this new event. There were men and women from every walk of life. It looked as if they were only letting a certain amount of people in at a time.

Melissa and I found the end of the line and I was sure we would be waiting about two hours before we even saw the door. A couple of people around us overheard me and said that it was moving rather fast.

While waiting for our turn to enter the building, we were part of several conversations. All with people who had been here several times since the Grand Opening.

“I’m sure you’ll be pleasantly surprised and have lots of fun,” was all anyone would say. No one offered any description of the inside of the club or the activities therein.

So, when we could see the guard at the door, I started getting a little nervous. I fixed my makeup, adjusted my sexy little skirt and looked around at the faces around me to see if they were as nervous as I was.

All I saw though were smiling faces and lots of excitement. I tried to calm myself and was really getting close to succeeding when we got to the door. Our IDs were checked; we paid our ten-dollars apiece and stepped through the darkness into a world of color, music and voices filled with glee.

It took me a few minutes to adjust to the multicolored lights and the loud music, but once I did, my heart became calm once again and Melissa and I found the bar.

“A vodka Gimlet, please, with Absolute” I requested.

The barkeep smiled and handed me a tall, thin glass with vodka and limejuice with a wedge of lime on the rim. I took a deep breath and then a large gulp. “Mmmm this is really good.

Melissa was ready to go exploring; she wanted to find a single dance partner. She loves dancing more than anything else.

Soon some sexy young man came up to her gyrating body, slipped his arm around her waist and pulled her onto the dance floor.

I saw a smile on her face as she followed his lead. They made a good couple; they knew the same songs and moved well together.

I found an empty table, lucky for me because there weren’t many. I sat down and let out a deep breath and finally relaxed. I sipped my drink and watched my friend laughing and having a good time.

Then my view was blocked. A golden god stood before me with teeth so white they blinded me.

“Would you like to dance?” his melodic voice asked.

“Thank you, but no I just want to sit here and sip my drink and watch my friend dance. That’s the only reason I came,” and I smiled at him.

“Well would you mind if I join you in a drink then?”

“Sure, that would be fine,” I showed him a chair.

“My name’s Kevin,” he said as he slipped into the cushioned chair across from me.

“Mine is Sarah,” I responded.

“Is this your first time here?” Kevin asked.

“Yes, Melissa, has begged me since this place opened to come here with her and tonight I finally let her drag me here,” I explained.

“Hmm, so you really didn’t want to come?”

“No, I’m not much for noise and crowds. I’m more the sit at home and relax type. I’m not a good dancer and I hate crowds,” I explained.

“Well, then you’re a really good friend; most people would not come someplace just for friendship.”

“Guess I am then.”

We chitchatted for a while and then Melissa and her dance partner joined us at the table. Her skin glistened with beads of sweat from the wild dancing she was doing. She flopped down into an open chair and her dance partner pulled one from another table.

I introduced Kevin to Melissa and she introduced Jacob. He had dark brown eyes with hair that matched. His wide shoulders and strong arms told me he was a man who worked hard for a living and probably played hard too.

His smile was brilliant and his laugh infectious. He told us a few stories and he soon had everyone laughing.

“What is it you do Jacob?” I asked.

“I’m a construction engineer for an architecture firm that builds condos on the east side. I design the buildings and build ’em too.” He smiled confidently. “And in the evenings, I come here and work as a dance partner.”

“Oh so you get paid to dance with the ladies here?” I asked suddenly very interested.

“Well, yeah; I am kağıthane escort here to make all the women’s dreams come true. That’s why it’s called the Fantasy Shop.”

I turned to Kevin and he shook his head up and down anticipating my question before the words escaped my lips.

“So are all of the men here employees?” I asked the two of them.

Kevin said, “Yeah, only the women are visitors.”

“And you guys get paid to keep us drinking, dancing and happy?” I inquired for my own peace of mind.

“Well, that sounds about right, yeah!” Jacob answered.

“So what about the guys standing in line with the women?”

“Oh, they’re real. If a woman comes in escorted by a man, then we stay away from her. We only flirt with the single ladies that walk through the door.”

Melissa sat there with a dumb smile on her face and I looked from one to the other astonished. “Do you always tell the women that you get paid to dance with them and entertain them?”

“No, most of them think we are here the same as them, scooping out women. Sometimes we get invited home with them, but we never go. If they want action, we have a few rooms in the back.” Jacob explained. “Have you ever met anyone you wanted to go home with, Melissa asked with a twinkle in her eye.

“Yeah, they’re the ones I tell about my job here,” Jacob smiled at her.

Melissa blushed and her grin widened. “You want to show me those rooms you told us about?”

It was Jacob’s turn to blush. “I’d rather go home with you tonight, it’s more special that way.”

“But I came here with Caroline, how will she get home?”

“We’ll go in my car and she can drive home herself,” Jacob explained.

“Oh, okay…” Melissa looked to me for approval and I nodded my head.

A broad smile crossed her face, he eyes glistened and her gratitude was apparent. “Are you sure you don’t mind driving home alone?”

“Yes, I’m very sure,” I assured her.

She stood up, held her hand out to Jacob and as he took it she headed for the door.

I turned to Kevin and asked, “Well, do you want to earn your pay for tonight?”

“Actually, I would rather go home with you to earn my pay,” he winked. I giggled and said, “I think I would like to dance right now.” I could feel the juices flowing in my cunt, but I didn’t want to seem too easy.

“Okay, anything the pretty lady wants,” he stood up, held out his hand to me and pulled me off my chair in one felt swoop. He spun me around and I landed in his arms. I could smell his cologne and it stirred my juices even more.

We danced for a long time until I was hot and sweaty. Then we ordered a few more drinks to cool ourselves off. I needed a napkin to dry between my breasts. Kevin sprinkled water on it to help.

Breathing deeply, I told him, “I had had a good time; do I tip you?”

“No, we’re not supposed to tell you that we work here, so we don’t get tips. We get paid really good for doing something that we love escorting pretty women…but thanks for the offer.”

“I really enjoyed your company tonight even though you were doing it for money. Hmmm, does that make you a gigolo?” “No, he answered quickly; I’m not a male prostitute!” he seemed angry.

“I’m sorry, that isn’t what I meant. But I would really like to spend some more time with you. Would you follow me home?”

He looked at his watch. The time was about 2:00 a.m. “It’s really late,” he whispered.

“Okay, I understand, thanks for a fun time” I turned and headed for the door.

“Wait Caroline,” he called after me. “It’s not that I don’t want to go, but you don’t even know me. Why would you want to take a man home whom you do not know?”

“This is called the Fantasy Club, is it not?” I asked.

“Well, yeah?” he looked confused.

“Well, I’ve always wanted to go home with a strange man; someone I really don’t know and may never see again in my life. If you work here why can’t you make my fantasy come true?” I explained.

He looked around then back at me. “Let’s dance!”

“I’m really too tired to dance,” I smiled.

“So am I,” he whispered. But we can dance for two dances then you can go home. The place is clearing out and I’ll meet you in the parking lot five minutes after you leave,” he explained.

“Okay, I can wait five minutes.” I smiled and took his arm. We danced close enough for me to feel the hardening cock between his legs. He pressed me tight to his body and I felt it pulsating.

He nuzzled my neck and whispered in my ear, “You really are one sexy lady.”

“I know what you do and those lines won’t work on me!” I laughed.

“No, this isn’t an act, I’m serious here. You really do turn me on like no other woman has. You have class and style. You aren’t out to get it all. You just want your share; I like that about kartal escort you.

He kissed my neck, a chill ran through my whole body; my nipples became hard and I began to sweat. Fortunately the song ended and he walked me to the door. He made a big deal leaving me as I walked out of the door.

Ten minutes later he found me in the parking lot waiting for him. He slipped into my car and his lips caressed mine. I felt the hardness of his dick pressing against my skin. My juices began to flow once again.

“I want you now!” I cried as he pulled me to him and his hand went under my dress and found the wetness there.

“Oh baby, you are so hot! I thought you were pulling my chain in there. But you weren’t were you?”

“No, I wasn’t. I really like a little adventure and fun in my bondings. I want new things to happen and I love learning about new people. Want to fuck me right here? I’m so hot I don’t think I can make it home.”

Kevin ran his fingers slowly up my bare leg and found the wet spot on my panties. He slipped his finger under the elastic of my thong and swirled his finger around in my juices.

Then he pulled his hand out and slipped his juicy fingers into his mouth. “Mmmm you taste good. I want more of that sweet stuff.”

He pulled me to him and spread my legs around his neck as he bent over me and spread my wet pussy lips.

His tongue dove deep into my sugar liquid and his tongue fucked my pussy as his fingers massaged my erect clit.

My legs shook with desire and passion and my hips reached for his mouth. He was driving me crazy. I played with my hard nipples as he slipped his tongue in and out of my Venus garden.

My hand pressed his face deeper and deeper into my cunt as my hips rose to meet his mouth.

I have no idea how much time elapsed before he came up for air. My body was completely wet and my clothes askew.

We both were breathing hard, our skin slick with sweat, when finally we fell apart. He had turned me into a noodle; I had no strength left in my limbs. My mouth was dry and my cunt wanted more.

I pulled down the zipper of his pants as I managed to bend over his body. His cock was like steel and it popped out of his zipper as soon as I released the restraints.

Its head was red and precum seeped out of the tiny how at the tip of his acorn shaped head. I licked at it with the tip of my tongue. It was slightly salty and I wasn’t sure if it was from the sweat or that it was the flavor of his seed.

He lay back on the seat and spread his legs open wide allowing me free access to his family jewels.

“Oh, that’s it baby, suck me good!” he whispered with a hoarse voice. “Oh gaud yes! Suck it; suck it good. Make me spill my seed all over your pretty tits.

“Yeah, that’s right! Mmmmmm, aha yeah that’s it baby take it all. Oh, yeah, suck me like a baby does a bottle. I know you want it all! Yeah, lick it good baby!

He held my head between his hands and assisted me sucking him off by lifting my head up and down. Making sure that his entire shaft slipped deep into my throat.

When he spewed his hot seed into my mouth I had no problems swallowing every drop of it because his head was deep in my throat.

My pussy throbbed and I wanted his dick in my cunt. Once he stopped spewing his seed, I took him into my mouth again and somehow got him hard once more.

My clothes were soaked and I tore them off of me. I tore off his shirt as well and forced him to slip out of his jeans as I spread my legs wide and slipped my wet pussy onto the head of his throbbing prick.

Kevin grabbed me around the waist, put his mouth on my tits and started suckling me as he slowly moved my wet pussy up and down on his slick dong.

My hands free, I played with my clit as he slowly moved my body to pleasure himself once again. When he came, he spit cum all over my puss and my fingers played in the silky fluid as he bent over me and suckled my clit once again.

With my body shaking, I could do nothing more than lie there and allow him to do with me as he may.

I whimpered my pleasure and my body shook with approval of the enjoyment he bestowed upon her. At one point, I believe that I blacked out from all of the pleasure. I felt like I lost time.

When I regained consciousness, Kevin was between my legs; his tongue was slipping in and out of my wetness and he was moaning with pleasure.

“Oh yeah, you tastes so good. I could eat you forever!” he whispered when he realized I had found my way back to life.

“I want you to come home with me!” I cried out.

“Let’s go, we don’t need this place, we can have our own fantasy without this place,” he whispered in a harsh, dry voice.

“I’ll drive,” I told him as I tried to get my body to move under the steering wheel.

The küçükçekmece escort seat was wet with the fluids of our coupling. But it felt so good to know that we had made that stickiness. And to know that the passion we had shared was more than just lust yet born of desire.

We drove to my apartment and showered then climbed into my bed where we fucked until the sheets were wet with lust and our breath came in deep waves heaving our chests in and out.

Somehow we managed to crawl out of the bed to head for a cold shower where we fucked like bunnies until the water ran cold.

We change the wet sheets and fell limp into the bed.

I lips found one another and our passion took over once again.

Kevin turned me over and pulled my body off the bed. He spread my legs apart and his fingers found my already throbbing clit. Then he spread my slit and pushed his hard dick deep into my fertile valley.

As he caught his rhythm, his manjewels slapped against my clit with each forward motion. His hands massaged my hard nipples and my legs shook with the electricity of our coupling.

His prick seemed even larger than when I was swallowing it. He was able to dive deep enough to find my erogenous zone and each direct hit caused me to cry out with pleasure.

I could feel when he started pumping his seed to the head of his dong and I turned and took his slipper dick into my mouth so that I could drink his seed. Salty and silky, I swallowed the nourishment he fed me and his body shook with enthusiasm as he cried out,

“That’s it baby, take it all. Swallow my sweet juices. You’ve got the best mouth I’ve ever had suck me off.

As I swallowed, my fingers drifted south and found my throbbing clit. I squeezed her gently as I sucked in his salty cum. Kevin’s hips swung back and forth toward my face, each time pushing his manhood deeper into my throat. Finally he spit his silky cum down my throat as my fingers brought me to a rattling orgasm and I fell back onto the pillows. My chest rose and fell as I tried to catch my breath.

Kevin, spread my legs and tongue fucked me while he slipped his thumb in and out of my butt. It was strangely arousing to have him pump his thumb in and out of my butt. The sensation aroused me more that I would have ever believed.

“Oh, that feels so good,” I whimpered as his thumb fucked my ass and his dick in my pussy.

“You like this don’t you baby?” Kevin whispered in my ear; his hot breath on my neck.

“Ummmm oh yeah, that feels so good!” I breathed.

Then his seed spewed all over my pussy and soiled the sheets. He fell off me and lay there trying to catch his breath.

“Shower time!” I cried out and rolled off the bed. I went to the bathroom and turned on the hot water. Then pulled out two fluffy towels.

Slowly, Kevin followed me and stepped into the hot water teaming from the showerhead.

“Mmmmmm, that sure is refreshing, come join me!” he called out.

I climbed into the hot water and a stream of it flushed out all of the tension of the day and the relaxation of our sex took over.

I leaned against the cooling tiles that lined the shower and let the spray dance on my still trembling skin. I felt as if I would never be able to get rid of the smile on my face.

“You know, Kevin, that has to be the best sex I’ve had in years. Will you marry me?” I said jokingly.

“Yeah that was great, and yes, I will marry you. I’ve been looking for a sex partner that could keep up with me and want more after its over and I know I’ll never find anyone as energetic as you!” he laughed.

We lathered one another’s bodies and massaged each other until the hot water became cold and chilled forcing us out of the spray of water.

Kevin wrapped me in a towel and warped my hair. Then led me to the chair in the bedroom where he sat me down.

He searched my drawers for a gown to cover my cooling body. He found what he was looking for and dressed me. He stripped the sheets off the bed and looked at me with the question in his eyes.

“In the hall closet,” I pointed.

He came back with fresh sheets and a clean spread. There was cum and juices all over the other sheets.

Then he lifted me off the chair and lay me gently onto the bed.

“Is three months enough time to plan a wedding?” he asked.

“You were serious?” I asked surprised at the question.

“Yeah, weren’t you?”

“Well, sort of; but it could have been just the spur of the moment desperation. Don’t you think we should sleep on it and get to know one another in real life first?” I crawfished.

“Yeah, that’s what the three months are for,” he smiled and kissed me as he pulled the covers over us.

I fell asleep in his arms.

The next morning I awoke to an empty house. ‘It must have been a dream’ I thought as I rolled off the bed.

I jumped into the shower to freshen up for another day. On the shower door was the note.

“I’ll call you around 10:00. I have a lot of things to get done in three months. I hope you slept well! I hope you fantasy came true! Because mine did!”

Love, Kevin

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