Fast Times in Chacahua

Fast Times in ChacahuaThis is the first part of the story, including the first sex scene. You can download the full version from Amazon; just search for ‘Fast Times in Chacahua’.If you like this story, please give it a review and look for other stories from Nort. More coming soon.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~“CARLOS,” CASSIE SAID AGAIN, her finger running in circles on her bare thigh. “Shut that thing down and come for a swim with me.”Her husband had his short beard only inches above the keyboard, hunched over like some sort of deranged goblin, biting his lip at the screen. “In a bit, honey. I’ve still got a few things to sort with the Chinese—plus some client emails.”Cassie pouted, her chest deflating in time with the response she expected. She eyed him for a moment longer from across the room before sitting up on the mattress. With a flick of short brown hair, she flipped a set of long, freshly waxed legs over the edge of the bed and made for the bathroom.The little bungalow’s affordably vacational price reflected the quality of the room, but was not entirely to Cassie’s displeasure. The doors were weathered, the windows webbed and stiff, and the room ever hot and stuffy—yet the rustic qualities all added up to a charismatic little place on the coast of Mexico.A click of the bathroom light brought her eyes flashing back at her in the mirror: green like the hood of a sun-touched forest, sharp as an electrical jolt. It was beginning to be a shame, she thought, that her husband seemed more interested in his screen than sparkling his eyes at hers like he used to. She ran her hands over her stomach. The rose silk of the robe allowed a slide so smooth and satisfying over her body that she could imagine all too vividly someone else doing it for her—wrapping their arms around her from the back, touching her body as she felt that hard bulge pressing against her buttocks…She smiled to herself for a moment, catching herself fantasising again. She took a breath, studying herself soberly. She was over forty now; it might not be long before the boys would stop checking her out.Maybe it would be a relief, she thought. Maybe she wouldn’t miss the attention she was still accustomed to. She took up her hairbrush, humming as she worked away at herself for some minutes, only managing a touch of eyeliner and some strawberry lip balm before getting distracted with her thoughts again. Her breasts left a desirable cleavage peeking between the folds of the soft, pink fabric. Even now, her waist was still slim, her curves tight, her skin faultless. They all begged for attention—for touch. Marriage had meant a lot less of that over the recent years, and many a morning had been spent with some coconut oil and a vibrator, picturing some young stud pawing at her body like they used to in her twenties. Her nipples had certainly not forgotten the feeling, pushing visibly into the silk of her gown.Cassie’s hand went to her shoulder, pulling the slippery fabric off her shoulder effortlessly. The bare skin of her shoulder looked baby-soft as it did in her teenage years, and she shrugged off the other side to match. The gown stayed only over the contours of her full, voluptuous breasts for a few short moments before she let it slide off them as well. The gown slipped off completely, leaving her naked there in the bathroom with the silk puddled around her feet. Her breasts looked glorious with their tan—so big and soft. It was about time for their daily dose of sun.Popping the cap off a bottle of SPF coconut oil, she made a few squirts over her arms, breasts, stomach and face. Her face she rubbed in fairly delicately; her arms a bit more assertively; her buttocks lovingly—leaving her breasts for last.Once well oiled, her nipples still pointing firmly outwards, she donned her summer-yellow bikini and wrapped on a sarong in lieu of the bottom half.“I’ll be out on the sand if you want to find me,” she told Carlos, half-way out the door, knowing he hadn’t really been listening when he gave his “mm hm” response.Cassie paused. Just as she was about to close the door behind her, she looked back at her husband one last time, seeing little more than the frustrated curve on his brow.“You’re not going to spend all day on that damned machine, are you?”He turned to Cassie for a moment to hush her with a smile and a wink. “Sure, babe,” he said. Then he turned back to his computer.The sand was white, fine, and hot, and Cassie hurried on bare feet over to the colder, wetter sand nearer the shore, feeling the burning die as the coolness soothed her soles. She allowed herself a long stare over the bay as she walked towards the distant end. Chacahua was a monster of a beach; so long that it would probably take her several hours to get to the end and back. Fortunately, she wouldn’t need to go that far to put some distance between herself and the little restaurants that grouped together at one end. The rest of the beach was entirely free of people, and she strolled away from them all, contemplating another perfect day in paradise, pushing out thoughts of when the holiday would come to an end.Past the last of the rental bungalows she wandered, just out of range of the pulsing tide, until she reached the vast, empty mid-section of the beach where the people rarely came. It was much more private out at this distance. It was simply impractical for a sunbathing spot—unless one decided to rid themselves of clothing altogether…As for Cassie, that was her plan. She stood alone in the middle of the extensive strip of sand, breathing in the ocean air as she gazed into the sparkling distance, witnessing again the perfection of the place. She’d found her spot. To her left, to her right, nobody was even close, and with the slightest shake of her waist in the breeze, her sarong came loose. With a practised flick, her sarong flattened out into an almost perfect rectangle on the sand. She’d gotten good at the art of the flick over the last couple of weeks, and smiled to herself as she plonked herself down right in the middle. Already bottomless, she slipped undone the knot of her bikini and placed it on the sarong by her side. With the intention of liberation rather than sensuality, she still couldn’t dent the slight spike of adrenaline that coursed through her at the nakedness she embraced. Alone again on the beach. Naked. She wondered if it was a feeling she would ever grow fully accustomed to, or if public nudity would always elicit some excitement and naughtiness in her. Yet stimulation was not her intention.She relaxed into the warmth the sun was bathing her in, finding her zone of ease in the natural light washing over her oiled, exposed skin. Through her shades, she sat transfixed on the waves taking turns coming in to break, washing up, closer and farther, like they couldn’t agree on a good distance to come up to. Beyond the smaller breakers, further out in the bay, a sudden movement caught Cassie’s eye. There was a person in the water, bobbing there. From the long hair Cassie immediately thought it to be a girl, but the bare top and large frame suggested a surfer dude instead. It wasn’t long until the man had found his wave, smoothly propping his body up on his board and flicking himself up onto his feet. With impressive skill, the man went down diagonally, swiftly driving the board back up the wave, then down again, following the curvature of the water as it began to curl into a roll. The man carved down in front of it like a pro, the break chasing behind him. Only when he got closer to the shore did the wave begin to collapse into a rushing jumble of whitewash. In one last effort to milk the wave, the man did an upwards turn, finding air momentarily while he jumped off almost comically.Cassie smiled, appreciating the good nature of the situation, plus the talent of something she hadn’t really seen much of before. Disappearing under the waves, the man’s board seemed to bowl along, swept up by the white water towards yozgat escort the shore. Moments later, the man resurfaced, much closer to Cassie than he had been before. He was younger than Cassie had expected—maybe in his mid- to late-twenties. His long hair clung wet down to his shoulders, and his well-tanned skin sported a shoulder tattoo that reached part-way across his firmly built chest. Only part-exposed in the water, Cassie could tell the guy was ripped, chiselled in jaw and nose, and—it took her a second to realise—was looking right in her direction. She caught his solemn stare for a moment as he brushed the hair from his keen, penetrating eyes; then she found herself squinting uneasily down the beach, k**ding herself that she would have glanced away regardless of where the young man had been looking. And still, the beach stood empty, peculiarly void of tourists for such a pleasant season. It seemed only that it wasn’t school holidays that people didn’t want to visit this little surfer’s paradise.Suddenly feeling her eyes go sleepy in the morning sun, she rolled over onto her front. Her breasts, large as they were, proved to be a kind of pillow against the hard sand, and she could feel the warmth penetrating through the towel onto her nipples as she let the fullness of her bodyweight relax. Wiggling into a comfortable position, she lay her head on her hands and zoned into thoughts of nothingness. Only the coolness of the breeze occupied the reptilian part of her brain, feeling it like the ghost of a massage up her legs, over her bare buttocks, and up across her back. Then, sleep.Several minutes had passed before she stirred from the sound of crunching sand. With one eye creaking open, she saw a pair of wet, hairy legs making their way towards her—until they stopped, a few feet away, toes pressed into the virgin sand. Squinting from the sun, Cassie twisted her head up awkwardly at the figure above her. It was the surfer boy. His eyes stayed keen on her, blue and intense. She would have found his stare almost overwhelming, yet his eyes had a friendly, cheeky warmth to them that deburred any feelings of creepiness. Still, Cassie was surprised to see him there. What did he want?“Hey there, do you speak English?”It was obvious he was exotically foreign by his accent; but his English flowed perfectly, and she couldn’t quite pin the origin.“Hi,” was all she said back, her head wavering slowly like she was looking for his reason to approach her. He had a naughty kind of look in his eyes, and a slight matching pout on his lips that contagiously sprouted on hers as well. “Can I help you?”He shrugged, keeping solemn. “Probably not.”Cassie’s eyebrows twitched. Was that all?“You know,” he began, and Cassie smelled a pickup line following—some sort of reason to chat to the topless girl on the beach. “You ought to use a heavier sunblock.”Cassie’s eyebrow twitched again, this time into a confused frown.“The rays here can be very strong, and there’s not really much of an ozone layer to protect you in this country.” He nodded up to the star with the diagonal of his eye. “Could get burnt, hm?”Cassie let out a brief laugh. “Oh really now. I’ll have to remember that.”“Jason.”She laughed again, not having intended to exact a name from the interaction. “Thanks, Jason… I think I’ll be alright, though.”He shrugged again, his eyes stealing a glance down her body. “Your call.”She propped herself up onto her elbows, trying to take a slight stance of authority while hiding as much as she could of her breasts. “You seem awfully concerned about my skin there, Jason. Are you a lifeguard?”“Well, if I were, I’d be concerned about your whole body now, wouldn’t I?”A slight smile wedged its way into Cassie’s face. “I suppose you might be.” She nodded to the sand beside him. “Where’s your surfboard, lifesaver?”He jammed a thumb over his shoulder. “Left it down the beach. Figured I’d just go play in the waves for a bit. Better for beating the sun, if you ask me.” He let his eyes not-so-subtly run over her again. “Maybe you should come join me.”Cassie’s eyebrow went up with the corner of her mouth. “Go play in the waves with you?”Jason flicked his head into a faux-careless lull, letting his hair fall over one side of his face.“Something like that.”Cassie studied the guy. Sure he was handsome—no question about that. He was a fair bit younger, probably by a good ten to fifteen years, but not so young to look c***dish. Cassie was used to younger guys sparing her an eye, especially in her bathing suit, but not many had the cojones to approach her directly, let alone ask her to come swimming alone with them.She considered the situation. Surely a swim would be a bit of harmless fun. Her husband wasn’t around—not that she was going to do anything unfaithful—and Jason seemed nice enough. And why not spend an innocent moment with such a hot bod in the water? A bit of playtime never hurt no one…“Say, Jason, how old are you?”His forehead furrowed immediately, as if the question was obtusely offensive. “Why is that so important?”Cassie shrugged. “Not important,” she emphasised. “Just curious.”He tilted his head. “Give me your age and I’ll give you mine.”Cassie flinched slightly, then regarded the young man with a humoured smile. “Alright, point taken,” she said. Her eyes moved from him to the water. “Some big waves today.”As he turned to look, she stole a glance over his body. His chest was broad and firm, glistening wet with water; his skin dark, tight across the muscles, with only a few moles on his torso that could resemble anything of an imperfection. A couple of hippie wristbands and a shark-tooth necklace figured him as the full surfer type that his long hair could only confirm. His nose had a slight crook in it where it must have previously been broken, but was still symmetrical enough to be carved out of the same stone as the stubbled jaw that housed a pair of full, succulent lips.His face turned back to her, as if he had just cottoned on to her stare. His eyes were bright, full of life, and caught hers like reflector dishes.Beautiful, thought Cassie.“Alright, mister lifeguard, let’s swim. But you’d best not let me swallow water out there.”His smile came back at her like a lightbulb in her stomach, and she couldn’t fight her own lips from replying in kind. She picked her bikini up from the sarong-towel and slid it underneath her, beginning to reattach it.“You know, people go topless here,” came Jason’s voice from above, followed by a shrug when Cassie cast him a raised eyebrow.“Just sayin’…”This time Cassie couldn’t hide a grin, letting loose an incredulous stare that demanded to know what the guy was up to. But she knew. Both of them knew. And she didn’t want to stop to analyse anything further than a bit of cheeky banter, in case her logical side might convince her to go against her gut.Slightly flushed, she stared him down with something she was trying and failing to weave into an unimpressed look. But he returned her stare so innocently, so beautifully, that she could only comply.“If I’m going topless, you have to take them off.” She nodded at his board shorts, one eye raised in solemn expectation.He took only a single second to consider it.“Deal,” he said. His face stayed sober, but he couldn’t hide the warm shine in his eyes. Cassie’s eye twitched again, not expecting the confidence from the young man. It was certainly a turn-on, but she got caught on the verge of shock when he followed through, pulling loose the knot on his shorts and pulling them down to his ankles.Before her stood the huge frame of a large, tanned, surfer guy, built purely from charm and Spanish muscle. Of all the things to see, she had no control of her eyes dropping down to the part of interest she had not expected to see so suddenly. Her mouth dropped involuntarily, sizing up his impressive equipment. The guy was hung, even by porn standards, and the impressiveness only increased with the beautiful brown tan that continued on from the rest of escort yozgat his body.He eyed her expectantly, and she came to the realisation that he was waiting for her to fulfil her side of the bargain.Hesitant, she rolled over, freeing her bosom to the breeze and allowing her nipples to bathe once again in the sun. They had been so slightly irritated by the sarong, and upon release had perked up to the sky, catching Jason in a moment of serene awe.A few short breathless moments passed between them where she exposed herself to him: him shamelessly staring, and her shamelessly loving it. He almost looked like he was about to kneel down and suckle on them, but he caught himself and turned back to the sea with the burn of blush hot on his cheeks. Only then did Cassie realise how hard her heart had been pounding, and her pussy was certainly not without response either.Faking nonchalance, Jason offered her a hand up. Keeping her own cool, Cassie took it in her own. A warm feeling surged in her body on contact, and she admired the way his huge hand dwarfed her own. Then, together, they walked down towards the ocean.Expecting a shock from a touch of cold, Cassie breathed easy when she felt the water’s comfortable temperature. It was almost bath-like, and she stepped boldly in, wading past her knees into the surf. At waist height, Jason splashed past her and bore into a wave in a neat dive, rotating under the water and coming up to the surface facing Cassie, grinning back at her. Cassie once again found herself on the reflective end of a contagious smile, and it became apparent to her that—despite their age difference—they had some intense chemistry going on.As she descended in the surf to the point where her breasts submerged, Jason began moving back towards her. Her heart immediately started, leaping into a series of thudding that left her short of breath. Not knowing what else to do, she dived away into the water, careful not to get her whole head wet.She caught a glimpse of a smile out of the corner of her eye, and put her remaining focus on the sun glinting off the waves. It certainly was a serene location, and it was nice to be able to experience such a place without a whole host of people surrounding them.In her distraction, he had somehow crept closer again, and in her routine stepped backwards once more, only this time a powerful wave was there to push her back towards the shore—back into Jason. Water consuming her head, she was momentarily disoriented in the rush of the tide, and she found herself with her hands locking onto his swollen pecs. Face to face, dripping wet, only then did she realise just how tall he was standing next to her.“Well hey, at least buy me dinner first,” he winked. Cassie scoffed, pushing him in the chest, relishing the long moment of touch of the smooth, slippery chest, so firm beneath her fingers, before letting herself get consumed by the ocean once more. Subconsciously her canines pinched her lip, gazing up at him through the break in her fringe.He cast an easy grin at her, like he couldn’t help it one bit. He was cute, she thought—confident, but still bashful.“So what are you doing here?” he asked, idly pushing water with his hands.Cassie raised another brow at him. “Is that your big line, smooth guy?”He shrugged in response. “Better than silence, I would have thought.”Cassie laughed. “I’m not so sure.” She was about to say something else, but noticed that again the guy had snuck closer in the interim. Like cat and mouse, she turned into the oncoming waves and pushed off. This time, the wave was on the larger side, and started breaking over her as she summited it. The force of the wave pushed her back—far back, and further than she anticipated being dragged, until, to a heart-thumping surprise, her naked backside came in contact with something warm and firm. In the violent push of the water, a pair of large hands took her by the waist, and she realised the crack of her backside had lined up directly with something big, floppy and meaty under the water. This time her gasp held her there, frozen to the sound of her heartbeat in her ears as a big pair of muscular arms slid around her waist in a slippery, warm embrace. She tried to say something, wanted to move or look, but her body didn’t respond. Only her breath sounded into the waves through her open, trembling lips.She felt his abdomen and chest pressed comfortably into her back; the stubble on his jaw round the back of her ear, and something dauntingly large expanding upwards into her thigh gap. All three of these sensations were buzzing through her brain, and each of them was enough to stifle the part of her brain that was looking for positive, moral action.Her husband, blah blah blah, it said, not quite piecing together a full string of logic before the slippery rod twitched higher, pushing its way into her tender inner thighs. Already short on every breath, her quavering worsened as a pleasurable something began to enlarge and rub ever so slightly into her pussy flaps. Her own body responded without her consent, arching her back to deepen the grind, and quiet rumbles of pleasure growled up through her throat and vibrated in her clenched teeth. A pair of soft lips, bordered by stubble, kissed and grazed sensitively on her neck, and she couldn’t help but expose her flesh to his carnivorous play. She bit into her lip, helpless to the slippery bulb pushing its entry into her vagina. The feeling was overwhelming, and all she wanted was for him to thrust it deep into her hot, wet—“No!” Cassie spun around in his grasp, facing him—denying his fantasies as well as her own, breaking free from the brainless trance she had fallen into. She glared up at him, shocked—more at herself than at him.He didn’t say anything, but looked like he wanted to—if he could find the right words. Instead, he seemed to be waiting for her. Perhaps an explanation or something to defend or apologise for. His face was that much of a mixture that it conveyed to her a sense of confusion and hesitance for something that seemed so clear-cut a second ago—and probably reflected her own.“I have a husband,” she said outright, the words escaping out of sheer panic. She didn’t know if it was the best way to communicate her rejection of him, and less sure that she wanted to reject him at all, but it gave her a sense of empowering staunchness from demonstrating to them both that she was back in her right, logical, moral mind—even if she didn’t completely feel that way.She held her mouth firm, and tried to do the same with her eyes looking up at him. In response, he gazed back in a kind of confused puppy-dog look, maybe with a hint of hurt, seeking calmly in her face what he ought to say, ought to do. Then, to her surprise, his expression broke down into a warm smile, like her adamant display was the cutest thing he’d ever seen.“He’s a lucky man,” he said finally, then his smile fell away and his eyes stayed serious, shining into hers like magic once again as the distance between them seemed to close so effortlessly. “I haven’t gotten around to marriage myself just yet, but I think someone like you would be a rare find.”Her mouth opened involuntarily in a half smile, so ready to punish him for his insolent tenacity, but still undeniably turned on by his confident persistence. He stood over her in the water once more, glistening with ocean drops, all six-foot-something of pure muscle and tan. She felt her face redden, catching his cheeky smile as they locked eyes through her fringe. Her breath began to grow shallow once again, and neither of them broke the stare as his hands found her waist. He moved in close, pulling her in to meet his body halfway. Her hands automatically found his waist, trim and oily in the water, and her eyes began to glaze over as she let them explore the taut curve of his butt, around to the definitions of his six-pack, and up over the broad area of his chest to run back down his muscular arms to his butt again. Her hands were yozgat escort bayan in a playground, revolving between each toy and not knowing which she liked best. She leaned into him, letting herself be lost in the aesthetics of his perfect body.Jason’s hands, given her cue, had started doing some exploring of their own. From the concave of her waist they had travelled downwards, taking their time raking gently back up her smooth outer thighs. They’d taken both sides of her torso in one—his thumbs stealing a taste of her abdomen, while on the other side his huge fingers reached right around her slender waist to climb the well-oiled border of her back, daring to explore further towards her spine as they climbed higher. Without a single thought, the two of them found themselves embraced in the warm ocean water, rubbing and massaging each other’s oily skin in the waves. It was almost unrealised that Cassie again had something large twitching up into the warmth of her crotch, right up until she found herself moaning quietly into Jason’s neck. With the timing of the waves pushing her into him, she gyrated her hips forward, sliding back and forth over his huge member like it were the saddle of a mechanical bull. The electricity took over once again, and her mind went quiet to the sensation of pure pleasure. Her lips found themselves pushing into his neck, nibbling gently on the taut skin. His hands once more found a hold on her waist, and their cheeks passed in a gentle graze until they found themselves nose to nose. It only took a second and a half of longing eye contact before they collided in a passionate kiss.His lips were firm but gentle on hers, full and wet on contact. His bottom lip slipped between hers, and their mouths closed on each other’s, pushing into each other’s faces like they wanted to combine. He pulled her tightly close, maximising every inch of surface area contact, moving just enough to feel their naked bodies slide over one another. His dick was fully hard now, and the tip was poking through to the other side of her legs so her wet flaps were hotdogging his girthy cock. The slow grinding motion in the waves was pushing her over the edge, and she kissed him harder, gnawing at his lips with her own. Her tongue had found entrance, and began to play with his. Like rabbits from burrows they darted in and out, colliding, frolicking, circling and sucking. Her hands washed salty water over his chest, moaning as he teased entry with the tip of his member.His hands slipped round to cradle her ass, spreading her cheeks an inch as he lifted her clean off the sand. She wrapped her legs around his waist as he pulled her deeper into the water so that her large breasts rode just above the sea. He tucked his head down, giving each of them a lick in turn, holding her up with one strong hand as he fondled a breast with the other. He squeezed it, massaging it up and down, then put his whole mouth over the nipple. She gasped as his tongue tip flicked over it, already hard from the sea breeze. His lips clamped over the teat, grinding side to side and pulling on it from the base as his tongue continued to twiddle it from the top. His big dick was still at her entrance, and her moans escalated, heard by no other in the loud washing sounds of the sea. She pulled his head between her breasts, pushing them into his stubbled face as he turned a****listic on them. Over his shoulder the beach was still empty for miles each way. No one could see them.Jason pulled his head out, gazing into her eyes as she held onto him by the side of the neck. His eyes stayed strong, predatorial, while hers weakened at the feeling of his bulbous dick squeezing into her tight little pussy. Her lips were quavering slightly, open, and when his eyes dropped onto them they launched at his in full force. No sooner did their lips collide again than did his meaty rod begin to slip inside her. Her face stayed pressed against his, moaning into his open mouth as inch by inch he entered her.“Oh fuck,” she cried, almost in a sob. The girth of his dick was something she wasn’t used to after fucking her husband for so long, and it slipped in so deep that her eyes rolled back in her head. Her mouth was no longer hers to control, and every inch of dick that tunnelled into her gave her new levels of brain-scrunching pleasure. She dug her nails into his back as he pushed into her up to the hilt, and there they stayed for a moment. Her breath wouldn’t draw, and it wouldn’t leave either. It stayed in her, tight and clenched for release. She winced at him, trembling at the legs, her eyes begging him for answers. ‘What are you doing to me?’But his eyes stayed firm, caveman-ish under his brow, and his large hands groped at her butt, using it to slide his dick back out of her. His tip was at full inflation inside of her, and she whimpered as it dragged all those long inches on its way out. Just as the tip was about to pop out of her tight little cave, he gripped her firmly and squeezed it back inside her. This time her voice came clear, and she released a sound of sexual desperation as he filled her past capacity.“Oh fuck, oh fuck,” she repeated, her brain not knowing how else to respond. His own grunts were soft but genuine in her ear, and the primal sound added more to her burning arousal. The whole sensation was making her squirm, and his thick rod was stretching her in all directions inside.In a passion she hadn’t felt for years, she ravished him with another kiss, long and fiery as he grinded his dick in and out. Their bodies were slippery with water and oil, and their hands grasped at each other feverishly as they fucked slowly in the waves. Within mere seconds the feeling all through her body was building to a climax, and she threw her head back, crying out.“Oh my God… Don’t stop. Please don’t stop.”Deeper and faster he obliged her. Her big, slippery ass spreading itself so he could fill her with every thick inch. Her body tightened, her fingers clenched, her pussy throbbed, and next moment she was kissing him fiercely again as wave after wave of orgasm pulsed through her, washing his boner with hot squirts of pussy juice. Still he didn’t stop, and neither did she. The orgasm kept coming, and their mouths worked together in harmony until every last drop of her cum lathered his hard dick.She pulled away from him, gasping and out of breath. Both her hands pressed against his chest as his one-sided smirk was stuck on his face, obviously relishing the aftereffects of her violent orgasm.She hit him on the chest, like he wasn’t allowed to be happy at what they’d just done. He laughed in response, pulling her head into a slow kiss. His dick was still at full strength inside her, and it took all of her willpower to fight against acting on her indelible arousal.He made a point of casting a glance down the beach.“I’m thinking you should come back to my place with me.” He locked eyes with her again; intense, and full of intention. “Right now.”Her first response was one of excitement, but she reined in her a****l brain as she considered her husband.What had she just done?The realisation was beginning to set in that she had just fucked a complete stranger she’d met on the beach barely ten minutes ago. Was she that weak that she couldn’t resist the charms of some surfer Chad? For shame.“I… I shouldn’t,” she began to say, her head bowed despondently. “I—”He lifted her face, penetrating her eyes with a stare so impossible to refuse, and kissed her. Her mouth responded automatically, and she slipped away into a world without husband nor worry.“Come with me,” he told her gently.She considered her options. Where else would she go? She couldn’t go back to Carlos right now, and sunbathing right now would certainly be a restless exercise. She could, perhaps, stay in the sea until the salt had washed away some of the smell and the guilt… but it would be a lonely swim, and she didn’t want to be alone right now. Maybe she could just go back to Jason’s for a little while. Just to wash up…~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Does Cassie go with him? What would they do alone in his casita?Get the full story from Amazon. Search for ‘Fast Times in Chacahua’ and please leave a review.Thanks for reading!

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