Fateful Plateful


Please note: (1) All the characters in this story are 18 years of age or older. (2) This story is intended for adults only. (3) This story is a work of fiction; in this story no one has or gets sexually transmitted diseases. In the real world it’s important to know who your sexual partner is and to practice keeping both of you safe. (4) In the world of fantasy your proclivities are just that: yours. In the real world, self-respect and respect for your partner are important.

* * * * *

The first few times I had sex with myself I didn’t climax, but every time after that I did. It was pretty cool to learn new things about my body.

Orgasms. Pleasure. Who knew?

Like most of the senior girls, I was still struggling with sex, still trying to figure it out.

And the first three times I had sex with a boy, I didn’t climax either. I think my body simply didn’t grasp the new complications and feelings. Or maybe the required hormonal levels were still adjusting to the spasmodic terpsichorean process known as maturation. But, to be honest: having sex with a boy hurt too much. Fortunately, the fourth time we did it, bam, there it was!

So after remaining a virgin until well past my eighteenth birthday, my first regular orgasm, that is, from good ol’ straightforward fucking, was a little better than OK. We both came at the same time. Well, I actually felt that he was about to and that made me hotter, so I got a little bit of a head start and then rode it higher when he bucked into me with his most forceful thrusts. Those ultimate, hard strokes pushed me to climax. It was different from all the orgasms I’d ever had, all of which had been from my own hand in one way or another. None of the handful of guys I’d dated had ever been able to make me climax before so I’d guessed that was just the way it was and the way it was going to be.

Fortunately, my mother actually seemed quite knowledgeable and it was easy to talk about this stuff with her. She had told me that whatever I was feeling now probably would change. If that was the case, then I could only expect it to get better as I got more experience. Right?

Anyway, don’t misunderstand me here — I enjoyed the orgasm, but it had been just short of the goal, a bit of a letdown. More simply put: It was good, yet something was missing. As I said, I’d had plenty of previous autoerotic orgasms, but I was expecting this one to be something special.

It was not that special.

My boyfriend Bull was not to be faulted. I mean, how could I possibly blame a guy — he must have earned the nickname “Bull,” for goodness sake! — for only bringing me to a satisfying orgasm.

Still, my relatively new sexual anima, fostered by my teenage selfishness, had wanted it to be a mind-blowingly special orgasm.

Bull was good looking with broad muscular shoulders, a nice smile, and great big brown eyes with long lashes. He had a totally ripped bod, had what I thought was a beautiful, big cock, and from what I could tell he knew how to use it.

I may not have been able to rate his cock based on previous fucking experience, but I’d given enough guys hand jobs and boob jobs — well, not the implant kind — to know that his dick was above average in length and girth.

If I’m honest, though, my statement about having “given enough guys,” might have been a tad self-inflated. In fact, there’s no question about it. In truth, I’d given all of four hand jobs and had one guy’s penis in between my breasts two times.

During our “warm-up” (Bull’s term for foreplay. What a jock!) he’d played with me while I was playing with him and I was dripping wet long before his cock came anywhere near my pussy. He was gentle but it still hurt when we started. And, while we were screwing, he continued to play with my nipples and my clitoris to a pretty terrific and much appreciated response on my part. Regardless of my orgasm situation, my pussy was complaining about the pain. I hoped it wouldn’t continue to be like this each time.

Still, it was fun. Don’t misunderstand. But, after waiting, delaying the ultimate — once in a girl’s lifetime — moment, I wanted “amazing!” So, first time: no orgasm and a lot of pain. Second time: no orgasm and a little less pain. Third time: no orgasm and much less pain. Fourth time: almost no pain and a small orgasm.

As I lay there, basking in the post-coital warmth (my first “post-coital” anything, ever) of his muscular chest and his arms around me, I could trace the problem back to Lucy’s brother’s hoard of downloaded porn. You see, Lucy’s brother Gil had built an entire server dedicated to housing his stash of terabytes of illegally downloaded porn, including photos, stories, and videos.

Sorry, I should have told you about Lucy and Gil. Growing up, Lucia and Gilberto Docker lived next door. Lucy and I were the same age. Neither one of us could even remember meeting and becoming friends; it simply seemed like we’d been friends forever.

Gil was a few years older and, as we were entering puberty, he was already into kocaeli escort that sullen, angry young man phase of a teenager’s life. His door was always closed and locked. He rarely came out and had nothing to do with Lucy and me or even his folks. When he left his room, he left the house.

Admittedly, he maintained a high GPA, was busy with sports and other extracurricular activities, had girlfriends, and seemed popular at school. There were no reports of him binge drinking or doing drugs so his parents wisely (I realize now) left him alone. They figured that it was a phase and that he’d grow out of it.

So, Gil turned a big, old Mac Pro into a server and brought it to school for his computer club. After a few weeks he brought it back home and everyone thought that was the end of it. Lucy and I, though, had a feeling that he had decided to set it up as a porn server. This was partly because we could never find any physical pornography in his room when we sneaked in there. (Don’t tell him that.) We also figured that while the Mac was at school he had set it to download porn 24/7 over the very high speed Internet connection the school had.

Lucy and I had never seen much porn other than the occasional soft-core shows on cable and a few adult magazines. Her parents and my mom used some lame, but unfortunately, fairly functional “parental controls” on our home networks for our log-ins. But, unbeknownst to his parents, Gil had set up his own network using the Mac as its server and had purchased a separate router.

The Docker’s basement was quite large and Mr. Docker had the foresight when they moved in to get some plywood and build four separate, locked storage areas, one for each member of the family.

Shortly after the big Mac was brought home, on a night I was sleeping over at Lucy’s, we heard some noise and quietly peeked out Lucy’s bedroom door. Gil was carrying the computer. Because of his late night sneaking about, we concluded that our assumptions about it being an X-rated electronic file cabinet had been correct and we both were more than curious to see what was on it. Unfortunately, it didn’t show up on the network so we had no access to it. That night, however, while he was in the basement, Lucy sneaked into his room and looked up the password of his wireless router while I kept watch at the top of the stairs for Gil’s return.

Figuring that his Wi-Fi network was safe with his long password, Gil did not use any of the security features of the Mac’s operating system. So, once we had the router name and password, we were in.

I still remember the moment that Lucia came back in the room and we quietly closed the door. “Cara, I got it,” she whispered to me.

“Let me see,” I said as she brought out a small flashlight to see what she’d written down. I couldn’t believe that we were both excited just by discovering the dumb password! “Is that it?” I asked, surprised at the Gil’s long, but probably easy to remember password. “It’s just a bunch of girl’s names.”

“They’re probably porn stars, Cara,” Lucy replied after a few moments.

“Hmm, I hadn’t thought about that,” I said, realizing I didn’t know the name of any porn stars, male or female. “Can we see it tonight?” I asked.

“We probably shouldn’t,” Lucy said. “It’s better if we wait until he’s got it set up. We don’t want him to know that we know.”

“Boy, you got that right. I’d be so embarrassed,” I said candidly.

Eventually, we went to sleep, but I could feel something new inside of me tingling in anticipation of seeing real porn. And seeing what professional sex stars do!

* * * * *

As a helplessly, hormone-controlled-and-manipulated teenage girl, there are times when your sex drive is in control and you lash out at any one or any thing keeping you from your goal. There are other times when sex is the farthest thing from your mind. (Maybe this is truer for girls than guys. Upon further reflection, there’s no maybe about it!)

Hence, it was more than a week later, frustratingly for me, that Bull and I had sex for the second time. I was hoping my internal response would be more satisfying. No, not just satisfying, but truly fulfilling. Let’s face it: A vacation can be satisfying and maybe even a burp can be satisfying, but sex should be terrific or better. I wanted awesome, not just satisfying.

So how, I asked myself, could it have been better than just satisfying?

In retrospect, the answer was clearly traceable to Gil’s porn stash.

You see, shortly after we had gotten access to Gil’s porn server, Lucy and I had only a half-day of school and we decided that was our chance. We’d get home by 1:00 and spend the afternoon looking at Gil’s porn.

We sat in front of her big computer display, typed in the server’s address and password, and we were in. Gilberto had been a busy guy; there must have been three or four terabytes of data on the server. The first thing we did was to confirm that it was, in fact, a porn server. That was obvious when we found, in addition to one or two system kocaeli escort bayan folders, directories called “Babes,” “Oral,” “Anal,” and “Misc.”

Lucia and I, upon just seeing this organization, looked at each other and asked, almost in unison, “What? No intercourse? Where’s the fucking?”

It was at that moment that it came to my attention that maybe men and women really don’t see sex the same way, the whole Mars/Venus thing. We’d been taught this in Sex Ed, but I just couldn’t imagine how it could be. Seeing Gil’s directory structure shed some light on the answer to that question. I was simply surprised that there was no directory called “Making Love” or even “Fucking” or some variation of it, like “On silk sheets,” “On a sofa,” “In the boudoir,” and “On a beach.” Nope. No regular fucking directory, just Babes, Oral, Anal, and Misc.

We remarked about this, but Lucy reminded me that porn was mostly about what guys wanted, since it was designed primarily for that audience.

We looked in the Babes directory first. There were dozens of folders, maybe even a few hundred, mostly with a woman’s first name. We went into one at random and there was a subdirectory called Photos and another called Videos. I don’t know what I was expecting, but it surely wasn’t this much data — and so well organized.

“Let’s do this in a methodical manner,” Lucia said to me.

“What do you mean?” I asked her.

“Let’s go back up to the Babes directory and start at the first one. I think it was ‘Abby.’ Aren’t you curious to see who Abby is?”

“Why? I think we should start with the largest directory. That would have the most videos,” I responded.

“Yeah, OK. That sounds good. Maybe the ones with the most data will have the best stuff.”

So, we sorted the directory by size and double-clicked on the first one. It was several gigabytes in size. There were hundreds of photos, seven or eight large videos, and some smaller ones that were under a hundred megabytes.

We opened one of the smaller videos. It didn’t have a title or cast. It just started with a cute and mostly nude young woman on her knees surrounded by seven or eight naked guys with erections.

Now, it wasn’t like I saw it and decided, “That’s what I want to do.” In fact, I remember thinking … um, I guess I thought a lot of things. These thoughts were just a jumble in my brain, but my thought process had been aroused. I said, “Gee, that girl has a great body, not a pimple anywhere. Too much eyeliner; it makes her look even younger because she’s wearing it to make her look older. And, no hair anywhere below her head! How does she not have any zits?” Then, after studying her body a little longer, I said, “I wonder how old she actually is?” Then I got personal, “Her boobs are so big, but mine are perkier. I like my boobs better, but hers are certainly bigger. I wish mine were bigger.”

Many of the girls I’d seen at school in the locker room who had big boobs were overweight. Even the ones who weren’t but had big boobs usually had saggy ones.

Mine weren’t that big, but at least they weren’t flabby. And mine even had their nipples pointing up a little. Some of the girls with big boobs at school had nipples that didn’t.

“Oh, Cara, forget about it. You’ve got great boobs. I wish mine were that big. Yours are just the right size. They’re not really huge and gross. You look amazing in gym class, in track, at the beach and the pool. I wish mine were like that.”

“Well, yeah, I guess,” I replied to her complimentary words. “Thanks.” After thinking for a second I added, “Oh you know, I’ve got my application in to be a lifeguard at the pool again this summer. I’m hoping to hear soon. And you’re right; my boobs are much bigger than last summer. Now that I’ll be a senior guard — and with these puppies — I am going to own that lifeguard stand!” I did a hand-bra push-up motion to emphasize them as I said that.

Anyway, the girl was surrounded by all these hard-ons. I couldn’t keep track of them all. I wondered if she could.

“I wonder if she’s having fun,” Lucy said.

“Yeah, is it just a show?” I asked rhetorically. Then, upon reflection, I added, “Du-uh! Of course it is. She’s in a porn video. It’s not like it’s a documentary or a scripted drama!”

“I don’t know, Cara. She looks like she’s actually getting off having all those guys to play with.”

“Yeah, I guess,” I said. “But, I mean, with both of her hands playing with the guys’ cocks, she’s not getting any action between her legs. So, other than a paycheck, what’s in it for her?”

“Well, now that you’ve become a member of the LOV Club,” Lucia said sarcastically, “I’m surprised you’re not focused on the guys.”

First of all, I should explain that the LOV Club was our own group of friend’s Loss Of Virginity Club. Lucia and her boyfriend Bruce had “joined” that club together two months ago. In fact, I was one of the last in our small clique to join. On the other hand, Bull was perceived as a prize so I got some street cred for having lost it to izmit escort him.

The other thing is that, in all honesty, I couldn’t take my mind or my eyes off those cocks. Yes, I was observing and commenting about the girl aloud to my best friend, but another part of me was embarrassed by observing all those hard dicks. Not just observing, but getting hot (and wet between my legs) just looking at them. It felt so personal, almost “wrong,” I guess I just didn’t want Lucia to know how excited I was looking at them all together.

What was so weird was that I didn’t really care what face or even body was connected to those dicks. I had expected that I’d focus on how handsome the guy was or how hot a body he had. But, no. I just wanted to see more hard cocks.

As a high school senior with graduation just a couple of months away, as I already noted, I could still count the number of penises with which I’d, um, “interacted” on one hand. And that was the way I’d interacted with all but one of them (although if one got tired, sometimes I’d use two hands).

There was Allen Holland who’d been the first guy to play with my boobs. I enjoyed that immensely. What a great invention: Boobs! And Allen wanted nothing more than to put his cock in between them and have an orgasm. The feeling of his thighs rubbing over my torso and touching my breasts while his cock and balls made thrusting movements with me holding them tightly together, that was something new for me. And very hot. I was a little disappointed that he shot his cum on my neck and chest. I’d never tasted cum and, although I had some trepidation, I wanted to know what it tasted like.

But, no, Allen didn’t seem to be interested in coming in my mouth. Only later did I find out that this was not the norm. I think he was just nervous and didn’t want to come too quickly. Maybe he was conflicted about wanting to get off and concurrently didn’t somehow want to offend me.

I did manage to get a chance to lick his cock’s head a few times and I enjoyed the slightly salty liquid that was there. I think it was the masculinity of it, being so foreign to anything I’d ever experienced.

After two or three serious dates (i.e., playing with each other’s privates combined with tit fucking struck my late teenage mind as “serious”) with Allen, however, he seemed to be more interested in Peggy, a girl in one of our classes. She was a little hefty, but she certainly had larger breasts than I did. In fact, she probably had the largest breasts of anyone in school. Anyway, Allen just stopped calling. Oh, well. With all of the boys who seemed to be interested, I saw no reason to pursue Allen any longer.

I’d find someone else who’d let me give him a blowjob. It seemed to me that it shouldn’t be a difficult task. I really wanted to learn what that white liquid tasted like. It looked so hot shooting out of those hard-ons.

* * * * *

That first orgasm with Bull was on a Tuesday night, after a rehearsal for the spring musical at school. His parents were at some event at his sister’s school so we had the house to ourselves, although we did have to keep an ear out for the chance that they’d come home early.

I can still remember playing scenes from the porn videos, which had been fascinating me over the previous month or two, in my mind during and after doing it with Bull. Part of me wanted to tell him about my fantasies, but I was afraid that he’d think I was weird. Even I thought I might have been weird, that it was more than just a fascination. Maybe I was becoming obsessed with watching cocks erupt.

In one of Gil’s subdirectories there were a bunch of videos of just edits from different movies, just showing the money shots, one right after the other. It even looked like Gil may have used a video editing program to make composite videos with four different windows showing different cum shot compilations in one movie. I think I found this one to be my favorite, or at least one of my favorites. Sometimes I’d find one girl interesting or cute or just having a fun, natural attitude.

Some of the girls who could deep throat well were pretty amazing. I couldn’t imagine how they did it, but it sure looked sexy when they easily took a really big cock deep. The ones who were best made it look so easy pressing their noses against the guys’ abs and licking their balls at the same time. A few even seemed to be enjoying it and enjoying getting the guys to come.

One of my other favorites was in a subdirectory of the directory labeled Bukkake. I’d heard about bukkake, but couldn’t imagine what the big deal was about having all this semen all over your face. It felt like it was demeaning to the girl, but then again it was porn. And porn was somehow different than real life. Maybe guys could enjoy demeaning women in porn so they didn’t do it in real life.

I digress: the directory under Bukkake that caught my eye was labeled Gokkun, something I’d never heard. I was cautious, though. Before opening any of the subdirectories, which had names I didn’t understand, I did a search just to make sure I knew what I was going to be watching. With the one labeled Gokkun, I was a little surprised at what it meant. Part of me reacted in astonishment at how uninvolved the guys were in the sex act.

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