Father of the Groom and two Bridesmaids.


Father of the Groom and two Bridesmaids.Father of the Groom and two Bridesmaids.This morning I’m lying in a comfortable king size bed, directly under my son’s honeymoon suite. My arm is d****d over a warm slender shoulder and my palm is cupping a 36C boob, finger and thumb gently teasing a very hard and suckable nipple. My engorged dick gently rubbing against a wet, red and puffy pussy. My left hand firmly holding her pelvis as I pull her onto my dick and feel my dickhead sliding over her hot wet clit. Each gentle slow stroke causing a soft moan from her. But the story is how this beautiful 18 year old woman comes to have the dick of the groom’s father, poised to enter her from behind and fuck her to another intense orgasm.I’m late to leave for my Son’s wedding. I’m a fun loving 55 year old and I’m planning to enjoy the wedding feast, after all I’m paying for it! Preferring comfort I’ve decided to wear braces instead of a tight belt. Thus allowing for the inevitable expansion during the meal. As I clip the braces on the last clip brakes. “Dam!” I’m just about to resort to a belt when I notice my wife’s nipple clamps. Within 15 seconds I do makeshift repair and dropping the other clamp into my pocket, I’m good to go. Before you ask, my wife has a horse event and nothing interferes with her riding!To cut a very long afternoon and early evening short, I’m now on the dance floor flirting with a married women from the bride’s family. Discarding my jacket I continue dancing, exposing the makeshift repair to anyone who cares to look. Dancing very close with Julie, the brides Auntie, I can feel her ample bosom jiggling against my chest – she isn’t wearing a bra. Her hands have moved ‘south’ but not as far as mine. Gently squeezing her bum I discover that she’s also not wearing any panties. Julie’s face becomes hot and flushed as I pull her onto my hard dick as we grind together. Now is the time to try my luck. So leaning in I whisper, “Are you staying the ni…” Without any warning the chief bridesmaid cuts in and wasn’t taking no for an answer. Julie, with a face like an impending thunderstorm is elbowed off. Being suddenly removed from my hip she stomps back to the ‘bride’s side’ of the dance floor. I wouldn’t want to be in Gina’s shoes when she gets hold of her, I thought to myself. Gina is a very attractive single woman, mid-twenties with split skirt, braless and no VLP. Having this stunning creature d**** herself over me I soon became hornier than I’ve felt for years. Gina feeling my arousal pulls herself firmly onto to my erection, while looking me in the eye and smiling. Knowing full well this wouldn’t go anywhere, I watch Julie cross the dance floor and see some lucky sod making a grab for her. Bollocks, I was planning on enjoying her tonight! Gina seeing my attention is still on Julie grinds her mound firmly on my erection. I look away from Julie and down to Gina. Now Gina has my full attention. She ask “were you enjoying yourself?” “Yes I was” is all I could say. She bites her lower lip and shyly says, “Sorry, did I interrupt something.” “It’s OK”, I said disappointedly. My disappointment made worse as I see Julie being lead out of the building. All my flirting is not going to waste. Only I’m not going to get the benefit – he’s a lucky sod! The music stops and, as a gentleman, I thank Gina for the dance. But I didn’t really mean it. Surprising me she stands on tippy toe, I thought to kiss me on the cheek but instead she whispers, “Do you have the other clamp with you?” Gina then gently kisses me on the lips. My dick tingles and I nearly cum in the middle of the dance floor. I was temporally stunned. “If you have, I have two nipples you could attach them too.” She leans back slightly and looks down. My eyes following her gaze and I am rewarded with two of the finest breasts imaginable, topped with a pair of large hard nipples. The silk dress doing little to hide her stunning lines. Leaning in, so no one else can hear, I whisper “Yes, I do.” And gently suck her earlobe between my teeth and give a playful bite. She moans and shivers. Without bursa escort a further word she leads me by my hand out of the dance hall. Once out of sight of both families and waiting for the lift, she turns to face me. With her hand behind my head she pulls me down for a very sexy kiss. Tongues dancing together as we get more excited and I start to explore her body. The lift door pings open. Gina lust fill eyes curl with her cute smile as she says “my virtue saved by the bell.” I return her smile and ask causally, “does were you’re taking me have a bell?” “No. Is that going to be a problem?” “That depend on whether you want your virtue or not. “NOT” she laughs and pushes me into the lift. Hugging her from behind I can see her refection in the lifts mirrored walls. She provocatively bends forward pushing her bum onto my erection while pushing the floor number on the lift panel. As she straightens up she slides her hands behind her and starts rubbing my dick. We both watch my hands slide up and cup her breasts. She rests her head back on my shoulder and softly moans. I’m enjoying the sight and feel of her breasts when the bell for our floor pings. “Saved again” she giggles and off she drags me to the bedroom set aside for the bridesmaids to change in.Once inside Gina pulls away and stands in the centre of the room facing me. With a smile that could brighten any man’s day she asks, “Do you know what I have on under this” as she shrugs both shoulders. With her arms down by her sides the silk pink dress floats silently to her feet. As the silk cascades down, Gina exposes her gorgeous boobs and bald pussy to my view. During our dance I did indeed have a feel of her tight bum and knew she would be naked underneath. I was still unprepared for the sight of her beauty. Before me is a 25 year old, strawberry blonde woman, with a body of a super model. Absolutely stunning. I shed my clothes in a flash and, with my dick point the direction to go, I move toward Gina. As I approach I see from the state of her nipples how aroused she has become. With our bodied crushed together I easily feel her erect nipples pressing into my chest and my dick pressing into her mound. My eyes are feasting on our reflection in another full length mirror. I’m in no rush to move, as I watch my hands roam freely over Gina’s body. The back view is almost as fetching as her front. I take my time caressing her curvy firm body. Squeezing her bum, tracing the outline of her spine and igniting her sensitive areas down her sides. Gina asks if I’ve noticed the state of the nipples. “Yes” I said “I think you want to try these.” Opening my hand I select one nipple clap and attach it to a very hard and long nipple. “Ouch” that’s tight.” I kiss her lips and drop down to the unclamped breast and caress it while sucking her nipple. Unbelievably, it gets longer and harder, a bit like my dick which is now slowly sliding between her shapely legs, with her hand for guidance. My dick head is sending tingling sensations every time it slides over her swollen clit. “Wow don’t stop, I’m nearly there” she says. Slipping my hand to her clit I squeeze her hood and clit together and just hold them firmly. Gina being so close to her orgasm is unable to resist moving her hips. She is bucking her hips trying to side the clit through the firmly held hood. Now she’s groaning more loudly as I ease the pressure on the hood and the clit runs free. This action now causing her to shake as her body builds further to her impending orgasm. Still caressing, sucking and nibbling at her unclamped boob and nipple, I can feel her body start to shake more frantically and in that moment I clip the clamp on her unsuspecting nipple. “Ohhhh…” she moans. Her orgasm hits her so strong her legs give way. Letting go of her most intimate area I grab her, lifting her off her collapsing legs and placed her on the bed. I slide immediately into one of the hottest and tightest pussies I can ever remember, and just stayed there not moving. Enjoying the ripples along my shaft as her orgasm subsides.Minutes later Gina digs bursa escort bayan her nails into me and says “Whew that was great.” Eventually she drags her nails down my back and digs them into my ass cheeks. Her hips buck as she opens those perfect lips and she says. “Fuck me, fuck me hard, fuck me fast.” Being a gentleman I did as the lady asked. The feeling along my entire shaft was one of pure pleasure. Her love tube grips my shaft firmer with each stroke. “Harder faster, Ohhhhhh” she whimpers. Gina’s legs wrap around my waist and pulls me in even deeper. Several firm, full length strokes later, Gina filings her legs straight out and as wide as possible as her orgasm builds even stronger. My next thrust, even deeper with her legs wide apart, meets Gina’s upward thrust as her volcano erupts. “Here it comes” she screams as her orgasm rips through her unblemished body. I’m ready to explode but I have an overwhelming desire to fuck her doggy style. I roll her over and order Gina to raise her exhausted body and arch her back. The view before me is stupendous. The curves, the firm butt, the ached spine, she was more than beautiful. Hands on her hips I forcefully re-enter that wonderful love tube and pound away. Lost now in my own pleasure. I take her hard and fast. I can hear someone talking in the background but I’m engrossed in the sensations running along my dick, balls and entire body. I pound away thriving on the intense build-up of my orgasm. I ready myself to blow my load into this tantalising body that I’m pounding. Faster and harder. I’m lost in all these incredible sensations. Gina eventually breaks my thoughts by shouting at the top of her voice, “STOP. STOP. I’m not on the pill. For God sake STOP. Please don’t come in me.” I stop. I don’t know how. But I stop. I’m devastated. Breathing heavily and going light headed my dick starts to deflate with shock and disappointment. All I wanted in this instance was to cum deep inside this stunning woman. As I release my grip she turns. Immediately, she takes the full length of my dick in her mouth only stopping when her nose touches my pubis. I can feel the head of my dick down her throat. As Gina comes up for air she smiles and looks into my eyes. “Thanks for stopping, now it’s your turn.” My wilting member immediately responds and inflates. She deepthroats me and I’m begging for her not to stop. I’m just on the brink. Not as intense as before but I’m desperate to blow before anything else can stop me. Grabbing her head I give one final thrust as I burry myself deep into her throat and explode. Fan-bloody-tastic. Gina swallows everything I could give. As I begin to soften Gina starts to clean me up. Then I hear a shuffle behind! Turning my head I see Samantha, another bridesmaid standing there, skirt up with her hand down her panties.“Gina we have company! “I said“Hi Sam, I see you’re enjoying the view,” says the flushed beauty I have just enjoyed.Sam’s lips were making a perfect O. Her hand was moving fast over her mound as she started to moan. Nearing her release I turn full frontal and enjoy the action. Gina moves behind Sam and unzips her dress, stopping Sam momentarily to allow the silk dress to fall to the floor. Gina unclips her bra, which Sam doesn’t need, allowing a pair of frim 36C boobs to come into view. My shrivelled member starts to inflate. Next Gina strips Sam’s silk thong off her shapely hips and exposes the second pussy of the night. As her thong slides down to meet her dress my eyes feast on a pair of long shapely legs. Hoping that they would soon be around my waist as we both enjoy each other’s bodies. Before me stood another goddess. Gina kisses Sam on her lips passionately and gently removes Sam’s hand from her pussy.“Sam, you said James couldn’t come tonight, so why don’t you enjoy yourself with David’s Dad? He’ll give you what you need.”” By the way,” looking at me with her cute ‘just fucked glow’ “what’s David’s Dads name?” “Jack” I said.“Hi Jack, I’m sorry to fuck and run but my boyfriend will be arriving soon.” Gina casually slips her dress on, escort bursa removing the one remaining nipple clamp. The other fell off while I took Gina doggy style. Rubbing the circulation back and wincing from the pain. She states, “I’ll keep these so Damian can use them on me while he fucks me tonight and while I’m thinking of you.” With a final kiss for Sam, she smacked her ass and was gone.Sam’s hand had returned to her clit and was keeping it interested as I surveyed her curvy and trim body. Closing the gap, I slip my hands on her hips and pull her against my body. She is warm, firm and I can easily feel her boobs and nipples as we crush our bodies together. I caress her breasts and tweak her nipples, as I feel her body responding. Wanting a taste of this 18 year old pussy I knelt down and licked all over her shaven pussy. Her ‘red haired landing strip’ was manicured to perfection. Breathing in her scent had my dick back to full stretch. Could this night get any better! As her lips swells further and opens up, I slip my tongue through into her inner lips and start to tease each side in turn sending minor tremors through her thighs. Sam has now clamped my head between her hands and started guiding me ever closer to her clit. Her long legs starting to shake more violently. Her breathing more rapid. I knew she was close, her pussy was soaking from my actions. I want this girl to come on my tongue more than anything but to my surprise she pulls away. I stand-up in a dazed state. “Did I do something wro….” This strip of a lass pushes me back onto the bed, takes my legs and throws them around. Before I knew what was happening I was on my back in the middle of the bed, with this amazon crawling up my body with the grace of a big cat. Her hands on my chest, legs tight against my hips, she presses her weight down on my erection and starts to slide back and forth. Each time my swollen helmet slides against her clit she groans and shivers with pleasure. Slipping her hand between us she firmly holds my aching dick at the entrance that I so want to enter. Sam contracted her love tunnel so only my nob could enter. With both her hands on my chest she lowers herself slowly and whispers in my ear “I’m still a virgin”. My shocked look amused her and with a warm smile she raised herself up, arching her back, pushing her firm boobs forward for my gaze. Sam just sat like a statue. What an increditable sight. With my dick just slotted in, I wait. Desperate to thrust but knowing I had to wait for her approval. That approval didn’t come. Sam took one deep breath and drove her body down in one almighty thrust. The cry echoed around the room and a tear emerged from her eyes. I opened my mouth to apologise but she pressed a finger on my lips to stop me. Time stood still as I waited for Sam’s pain to subside and my intrusion to become more comfortable. Slowly, very slowly at first, Sam started to ride my body. She gradually increase the pace and depth until we were both fucking with long, steady, gentle strokes. If I hadn’t cum earlier I would have been coming now. Sam was now driving down harder and fasted. I match her stroke for stroke. Faster and faster. Beads of perspiration on her back and between her swinging breasts. Sam is now lost in her own little world. I concentrated on lasting as long as necessary. Smoothly thrusting on her creamy juices as our pace increases. Sam has the measure of me and raises her body just leaving my nob in, then sliding all the way down, up down, up down, faster and faster. Long smooth strokes. Reaching up I griped those lovely swinging boobs and caress them. Marvelling in her smooth skin and firm texture. Gina’s boobs were fantastic but Sam’s are on another level. Just as I couldn’t take anymore I squeeze both of her nipples and her orgasm erupts. Sam’s a screamer and scream she did. Too close to stop I explode deep inside her, not a care, just a****l pleasure. She collapses on me totally spent. One of the best fucks of my life and her first. We’re both soaking from perspiration and I’m now feeling our combined juices trickle from her recently virgin pussy and over my spent balls. I can’t wait to find out how she keeps her boyfriend happy, without losing her virginity! I pull the sheet over us and we fall to sleep. Me with the biggest smile possible.

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