Favourite Fantasy


Favourite FantasyIt’s a wedding and we’re sharing a hotel room with the in-laws and some friends. Just for changing, you understand, but my fantasy goes something like this:I’ve just showered and come back into the main room wrapped in a towel. I’m all warm and wet from the shower and feeling a little horny, but can’t do anything about it as my sister-in-law, Charlie, and my buddy’s wife, Linda are there doing their makeup. They are just wrapped in towels themselves, which doesn’t help the tenting in my own.Charlie is a slim, small breasted brunette. Her bottom is wide and round, her hips spread from c***dbirth. Linda is a busty blonde, with shoulder length hair. She carries a little extra weight, but carries it very well. Seeing her in tight dresses on other occasions has made me very aware of the beauty of her curves.I lie on the bed, and pretend to dose, trying not to think of my hard-on; hoping it will go away.The girls are chatting; nothing much just chit-chat. Then they stop. I hear a giggle, and a gasp. I try to stay very still.I feel movement near me, and the bed gently settles as someone sits near my legs. I sense warmth near my arm at about chest level too.Then there’s a hand on my knee, rubbing izmir escortlar gently up and down. Sliding round, I feel the hand creep slowly higher up my thigh. The towel around my waist unfurls, still covering me, but no longer tucked in at the waist. I feel a hand slide across my belly, gently pulling the towel aside. My cock springs into full view and there’s a little gasp (I told you this was a fantasy, right?).The hand on my thigh reaches higher, and the hand on my belly goes lower. I feel a gentle touch on my balls, and my cock twitches. The hand from above slides further dowm, a warm hand grasping the base of my penis, and rubbing up. Pulling the foreskin down to reveal the enflamed, purple head. I feel an ample breast brush my chest, it’s nipple hard.The hand on my balls cups them more firmly, massaging them to great effect.Then I feel the hot breath, and the warm lips enclose the pulsing helmet. I open my eyes. Linda is leaning over me, gripping the base of my cock, wanking it gently into Charlie’s mouth. Their towels are nowhere to be seen, and from my position all I can see is Linda’s bare back, her boob bulging around the sides of her busy arm.I reach out and place a hand on Linda’s izmir escort bayan fine, big bottom. She stands up, looking round. I can see the full glory of her big, pink nippled tits, the curved of her belly and the shaved vee between her thighs.”Told you he was awake.” she grinned.Charlie didn’t reply. Her mouth was full. She sat up, hand still massaging my balls. Her small tits had large, puffy nipples; erect and beautiful. Her lean torso showed abs and hip bones, and fell to a neatly trimmed bush of curly brown pubes.I flexed my cock, and reached my hand further round Linda’s bottom. She parted her legs to give me rear access to her pussy. She leaned forward again, and my hand found it’s way between her sopping pussy lips. She grabbed my cock, licked the engorged end and then slid it into her mouth. I pushed two fingers into her soaked gash, feeling the tight pussy lips enclose my fingers. The slopping, sucking sounds in the room increasing my excitement.Charlie straddled my thighs, sliding her slick, big lipped pussy across me. Linda stood again, then swung herself over me; her pussy right over my face, and sunk down. I opened my mouth, sucking in those slippery lips, and darting my tongue izmir bayan escort as deeply as it would go. My hands reached up to caress her hips and buttocks as I lapped away at her creamy juices.Meanwhile, Charlie had moved higher. Her pussy was running up and down the length of my cock, lubricating and exciting it even more. She moved a little higher, and this time when she pushed down, my hard cock slid effortlessly into her wet cunt.She ground her hips against me, rubbing her clit on the length of my shaft, while I flicked my tongue over Linda’s clit, and somehow managed to get a couple of fingers pushed inside her pussy.The gasping, moaning and slopping sounds were fast bringing me to a conclusion. I felt Linda stiffen over my face, her breathing stopped, then came ragged as a gush of fluids poured from her pussy over my face and into my mouth.Charlie’s pussy started to contract around my cock, and that was all I could take … I thrust up with my hips, feeling the cum pulse along my urethra, and shoot into her cervix.Linda climbed off, and I looked at Charlie’s closed eyes and flushed chest. My cock was still buried in her cunt, juices, mine and hers, running down and pooling on my pubic hair. She sloppily pulled off.The pair looked at my wilting, sticky cock, and leaned toward it; cleaning it with their mouth’s and tongues.They giggled, and Charlie said “Best have another shower and open the windows before the other’s get back!!”

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