Big Ass

FEM DOMI wouldn’t want you to get the wrong idea. My wife and I are not always getting up to ‘unusual activities’ but we decided when we first got married that we should work hard to keep some sparkle in our sex life… hence the ‘games’. About 4 or 5 times a year (it used to be more often) we act out our fantasies and really go to town. This particular event happened about 18 months ago and to the best of my recollections what happened was this… I’d got home from work about 7:00 and usual sat down to my tea. My son was already in bed and Carole (my wife) sat watching me with a permanent grin on her face. I finished my tea and went into the living room, my wife followed still smiling. “Ok”, I said, “What’s up?”. “I wondered whether you were in the mood for a game?”, she replied. “Whose turn is it? (to choose the plot)”, I asked. “Mine”, she said gleefully. “You’ve got something planned”, I said. “What’s the matter, lost your bottle?”, she said scornfully. Bottle!, then I remembered, in our last game I’d forced her to take most of a half pint beer bottle up her cunt, she reckoned it had hurt her (anyone would think I’d left the top on) and she said she was going to get even.”Well?”, she asked. “Ok then”, I said, “What’s it to be?”. “First you’ve got to promise not to go back on your word”, she said. “I promise now put me out of my misery”, I replied, wishing immediately that I hadn’t said that last bit. “Well first I want you undressed”, she said.”Where?”, I asked. “Here”, she said, “in the living room, by the fire”. Well that sounded fair enough so I stripped off. “What now?”, I enquired. “Now”, she said wickedly, “I want to tie your hands behind your back and your feet together”. “What for?”, I asked. “Do you want to play this game or not”, she snapped. “Alright, alright”, I said, “tie away”. From the bureau she produced two lengths of thick orange nylon rope. ‘She’s been cutting up my tow rope’ I thought as she came over and tied my hands and feet firmly. Then she left the room for a few minutes and as I laid there completely helpless I wondered what I had let myself in for. Presently the door opened and she entered wearing only a pair of long leather boots and a studded leather belt round her waist. Then I noticed she was carrying that beer bottle and a glass. “Like a drink?”, she said pouring a little into the glass, IT WAS YELLOW!!. “If thats what I think it is, no thanks”, I replied. “Well we’ll have to see whether you’re a good boy, wont we?”, she said putting the bottle and glass on the coffee table. She came over to me and sat on my stomach facing my feet. “Call that a prick?”, she said flicking it with her fingers. “Give me a chance”, I said, “I havent had a chance to get worked up yet”. “I’ve seen bigger matchsticks”, she continued, waggling it from side to side (Great sense of humour my wife, anyone who didn’t know me intimately would think I only had a small one).Then Carole reached over and squeezed my balls so hard I cried out. “If your prick isn’t hard by the time I count to ten I’ll squeeze them even harder”, she said in a harsh voice. As she counted I closed my eyes and thought of Kim Wilde, she was naked and just about to close her mouth around my cock. “5…6…7, that’s better”, Carole said, “signs of life at last, but you’ll have to do better than that”. Now Samantha Fox had joined Kim and was just about squat over my face. “9…10”, ataşehir escort she continued, “well, its not as hard as I would have liked, but it’ll do”. Carole then reached under the sofa cushion and pulled out a roll of thread, which she proceeded to wind round my cock 5 or 6 times, leaving about 14 inches hanging loose (the thread I mean, not my cock). Turning to face me she said “Right, you sniveling little wanker, this is where I start to REALLY enjoy myself”. Her face had lost all trace of humor and she looked angry and hard. Kneeling directly above my face she said “You can start by eating my pussy”. Craning my neck I reached up and ran my tongue the length of her slit. She sat back on my chest and slapped me with all her might around the face. “You useless bastard”, she snapped, “Is that the best you can do, LICK ME HARD”. She positioned herself above my face again but not near enough.I pushed up and forced my tongue deep inside her hot hole. As I did so she moaned and some of her juices ran down my tongue and into my mouth. My prick now was eaching its full potential and the thread was cutting into it causing me great pain. This resulted in a lapse in concentration and I stopped licking Carole’s cunt. She sat back and WHACK, my face stung again as she slapped me. “You’re a dirty little cunt-sucking fucker. What are you?”, she asked. “The thread was cutting into..”, I began, trying to explain. WHACK.. WHACK. This time I received a slap on each cheek. She had fire in her eyes and I knew I would have to obey. “I’m a dirty little cunt-sucking fucker”, I said meekly. For the first time in a while she smiled, but it was a wry smile, she was really enjoying my pain. She positioned herself again and began playing with her nipples (her nipples are so sensitive she can bring herself off just by touching them alone).I lifted my head to continue my service but she reached down and pushed it back to the floor with a thump. “When I tell you to.. not until”. I was grateful that the pain had at least lessened my ardor and the excruciating pain I had felt in my cock. Moving her hands down to her cunt she teased her clit then opened the lips, causing several drops of juice to splatter onto my face. She looked down, smiling at her handiwork and said “Ok, now lick me really hard”. I pushed up and licked her clitoris. “HARDER”, she yelled. I tried but she just wasn’t close enough. She reached behind my head and forced me hard against her cunt. “STUFF YOUR TONGUE UP ME.. HARD”, she urged. I couldn’t breathe I was dying!. Did she realise she was killing me?. I had to say the code word to make her stop, but all I could manage was “mmmpppppfffff”. “Do it right or I wont let you breathe”, she said. I forced my tongue out further than I had ever done and reached depths of her body I never thought possible.”Ooooohhhh”, she said with deep satisfaction and released my head. Her juices covered my face, in my eyes, up my nose, matting my hair and the amount that collected in my mouth as I struggled for breath took two large gulps to swallow. “Thats the first time you’ve made me cum with your tongue”, she said softly. “You nearly killed me there”, I said, “I’m glad that’s over”. “OVER!!”, she said, the harshness returning, “I’m not finished with you yet boy. I’ve been planning this for days there’s lots more to do”. I couldn’t believe it, in the past she had üsküdar escort always lost interest after she had cum. “Whats next”, I asked. “Well”, she replied “you know how I like my assehole tickled, I had planned that you were going to bring me off with your tongue up there but I couldn’t wait. Still never mind, you can still tongue me”. With that she turned round and squatted over my mouth.Reaching behind her she parted the cheeks of her bum and told me to lick. “Ooohhh”, she said as my tongue flicked up and down, “that’s niccceee”. She squirmed around then sat firmly on my face, I could just about breathe. “Push it up”, she squealed, “I want to feel it inside me”. I tried but she was too tight. She got off of my face and turned round. “Now you’ve disappointed me”, she said with a wicked glint in her eye, “Its drinky time”. With the she took the bottle off of the table. “Now that’s going a bit too far”, I said. The pain returned to my prick. She had grabbed hold of the loose end and yanked it. “Ok”, I said, “You win”. She squatted with her cunt just over my mouth and with one hand parted the lips. “Open wide”, she said pulling on the thread to make sure I obeyed.I opened my mouth and she poured the contents of the bottle over her clit, down her slit and into my mouth. It was LIMEADE. I hate the stuff I think piss would have been preferable. “You’ve got off easy this time”, she said, “Next time You may not be so lucky”. “Is that it?”, I asked. “Nope”, she said, “turn over. I want you to finger me”. I turned onto my stomach and she positioned herself over my hands. “Rub my clitoris gently or its the strap for you”. I turned to see that she had taken off the studded belt and was holding it menacingly over my buttocks. I moved a finger up and prodded her in a sensitive spot “OUCH” she said bringing the belt down over my ass. ‘Snap’ I thought no longer caring. “Can’t you do anything right”, she snapped, “I can see that you haven’t learnt your lesson”.Believe me, trying to gently rub a clitoris with your hands tied behind your back, not being able to see where the damn thing is and with pain wracking your body is not an easy thing to do. It would make a dozy section for the Krypton Factor, better than those stupid puzzles they do. Another good one would be reciting a nursery rhyme while your face is inserted up a sopping chuff… where was I.. Oh yes. Well after a few unsuccessful prods Carole was really loosing her temper. “Rotten bastard”, she said, “You’re doing it on purpose. I’ve got just the punishment for you”. I waited for the stab of pain but to my horror I felt the rim of the bottle top pressing against the rim of my assehole. “NO”, I yelled tensing my ass. “See how you like a bottle up YOU”, she said pushing hard. I was fighting a loosing battle and my sphincter muscle was fading fast. Bit by painful bit the bottle went in till it reached the wide part. “That’s enough, it wont go any further”, I offered. “I took a lot more up me”, she answered and continued pushing. That was it I couldn’t take anymore she was ripping me apart. I screamed the code word and she stopped. “Sorry”, she said, “Have I gone too far?”.I laughed at the innocence of the question. “I can’t take any more of that bottle”, I said. “Do you want to stop the game?”, she asked. “No”, I answered, “I’ve come this far, I’ll see it through. Just remove that bloody çekmeköy escort bottle”. She removed the bottle and turned me over onto my back. “Just one more thing”, she said. “What’s that”, I asked. “Where’s my fuck”, she replied. I looked at the pathetic limp object between my legs and said “No chance”. “I thought of that”, she said, “I’ve a little story for you”. Carole does know how to tell a good sexy story. “Guess who I went to see this morning?”, she said. “Who?”, I asked. “Julie”, she said. Now Julie is our niece, she was 17 and gorgeous and Carole knew I had the hots for her. “I got her out of bed. Did you know she sleeps only in a pair of knickers?. She’s getting a very big girl, her tits are larger than mine.. and so firm and proud”. It was working, my cock was finding a new lease of life.She continued, “We chatted while she got dressed. You’d have loved to have seen what I saw when she took those knickers off. The cutest ass.. and that cunny of hers.. it looked so sweet I wouldn’t have minded a taste myself”. I winced as I realized the thread was still wound round my cock, and it was starting to pull tight again. “Yes”, she went on, “when she sat down and lifted her leg to put a clean pair of knickers on her cute little cunt parted and it was so pinky and moist. I even caught a whiff of it, most delightful. If only you could have been there and seen it, You would have creamed your jeans. By now I had a raging hard-on and Carole mounted it. “Arghhh”, I yelled as the pain got more intense, “You’ll do me a serious damage”. “Trust me”, she said, “Remember I’m a nurse”. “Did they teach you this at college or did you pick it up on the ward”, I quipped. “I nearly forgot the best bit”, she said, “I brought back a souvenir for you”.Again she reached under the sofa cushion and this time she produced a pair of knickers. “I retrieved them from Julie’s linen basket, they’re the one’s she was wearing last night, she’ll never miss them”. “Aaarrrggghhh”, I yelled again as my cock reached bursting point. “And just look at these stains”, she said showing me the crotch, “Looks as if Julie was a very naughty girl last night. Here enjoy yourself”, she said placing the crotch over my nose and mouth. The conflict of pain and pleasure was indescribable. “Oooohhhh”, Carole moaned getting more and more worked up, “Your prick feels just like one of those ribbed dildos” (I never even knew she’d ever experienced a ribbed dildo). Luckily Carole didn’t need much stimulation and with a cry of “Fuck me, fuck me, ooooh yes, that’s it, I’m coming, I’m coming, NOW, AAHH, FUCK, FUCK, FUCK, AAAAHHHhhhh” (she’s got a way with words). She climaxed for the second time that night and collapsed. “Please take that thread off”, I whimpered. “Sorry darling”, she said lovingly, easing herself off of my prick.Soon she had released the thread and my bonds and looking up at me said “You just lick on those knicks babe, think of Julie’s lovely little cunt and leave the rest to me. She then lowered her mouth over my aching prick. It didn’t take long with all of those sensations taking control of my body and within seconds I had the most violent orgasm and shot so hard and long into Carole’s mouth that her head jerked back with the force. Quietly she took the bottle and dribbled the spunk into it thinking I hadn’t spotted her. Handing me the bottle she said “Here darling why don’t you finish the limeade”. “You don’t catch me that easy babe”, I replied, “But I think you forgot where that bottle’s been when you put your mouth round it just now”. I can still remember the look on her face.. and thinking to myself ‘There is justice after all’.THE ENDAlexawww.bdsmfinder.com

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