Female Boss gets New Male Assistant


Sitting in my office, looking out the window of the 18th floor enjoying the actions of city life. I twirl around to my desk, looking at the paperwork, my computer…boring. Working 8-5 Monday through Friday, same shit, different day. My boss praises me for my hard work all the time but I tell her that I need more excitement, more suspense in my job. My ratings are good but I want it to be higher. She finally tells me that my request will cum soon.

Monday rolls around. I get to my office and as soon as I sit down in my chair, I instantly smell something that intoxicated my senses. I get up and follow the smell of masculinity. I didn’t walk far to find that it was two offices down from me. A man, dark haired with a little gray, in 40s, tall in a suit and tie unpacking his things. As I stood in the doorway, I watched him bend down to take things out of the box. His buttocks were round yet sturdy looking. As he stretched his arms out pulling items off the floor, I can see the muscles underneath his shoulder blades and the shapes of his muscles on his arms from the tightness of his suit coat so he was in decent shape. As I stood halkalı escort there, I started to think about what I would do to him.

“I would approach you, pressing you against your desk with my hips, kissing your neck as I unbutton your shirt. I would kiss lower as I open up your shirt. When I get to the bottom, I glide my hand over your growing cock and use my finger nails to graze along the fabric that shapes your shaft. I fall to my knees and start unraveling your belt and pants. I pull your hard cock out, look at you with a smile and take my tongue and line the wetness around your head. I don’t touch you cock with my hands. I use my tongue to keep it upright. The glide my wet lips along the sides, kissing and sucking on the skin and veins of your shaft…doing both sides, top and bottom then lick your balls. As I lick your balls, I look up at you as I suck. I go back up to the tip and rub your hole and precum in between my lips…again, not touching your cock with my hands.

My hands are behind my back as I play with your tip with my tongue, slowly teasing you. I wrap my lips around the tip harbiye escort and slightly suck on the head of it, moaning as it grazing along my teeth. I shift my head so my lips feel every part of the rivets of your tip. My hair lightly caressing your cock as I move my head and mouth. Slowly, I push my mouth in, your cock going in deep. I stroke your cock with my tight lips. Your hands lay on my head, slowly your fingers disappear in my hair, tightening more and more as I stroke more and harder. You grab my hair and start pushing my face in, my mouth full of your beautiful cock.

You lead me up to my feet, turn me facing your desk, lifting up my skirt and your hands glide across my wet panties. I let out a moan to let you know I’m ready. You lift my right leg up, my knee sitting on top of the desk, you slide my panties aside to one side of my pussy lips and put your fingers inside me, two of them inside my hotness. You take your fingers out and suck on them. You align your hips with mine and slowly, I feel your stiff cock pressing against my pussy lips. As your push against it, my lips open up for ikitelli escort you and devour you with all my wetness. I can feel every vein, every curve and the tip of your cock pacing in and out of me. As you fuck me, you spread my ass with your pinky finger spreading my pussy lip so you can see your hard cock going in and out of my pussy. Your cock is so big that my lips cling onto your cock as your withdraw from my pussy. I use my hands to spread my ass wider for you and you spread my pussy wider. You slowly enter a finger inside my throbbing pussy as you fuck me, then you use two fingers. I feel like I am being fucked by two cocks in my pussy. The thought tantalizes me and I start to cum. You take your fingers out and your start fucking me harder and harder. You put one hand on my shoulder and the other pulling a handful of my hair and you tug tighter from each thrust. I feel the hardness erupting, my pussy getting widened from it and then I start to feel the warmness coming from my lips.”

“Hello? excuse me, are you okay?” Wait, what? I am disturbed from my fantasy by the male co worker. “Oh my goodness! I am so sorry! I was walking by and I got thinking about a deadline I need to work on!” I reached out my hand to shake “My name is Jasmine, I work two doors down from you.”

His big masculine hands touches mine. “My name is Jack, nice to meet you”.

My boss is awesome. My fantasy is about to true!

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