Fifty Cent Piece Ch. 07


This is the seventh and final chapter in the ‘Fifty Cent Piece’ series. I hope I’ve created a story that’s a good read as well as erotic. I hope you enjoy it. Do let me know your thoughts as constructive feedback is always appreciated. All rights reserved, © Northern_One, 2013.


It appeared as though my modest contribution to the great watch scam had earned me my stripes in the eyes of Anna and Sara. My own watch was safely back on my wrist and I wasn’t going to let it out of my sight from now on but I sensed that Anna didn’t feel that she needed to insure against me not coming through on my side of the deal anymore. The truth was that I had enjoyed my role in the pilfering of an expensive watch from a clueless shop assistant far more than I had expected. Yes, I did waver at the realisation that it wasn’t entirely a victimless crime but the rush of adrenaline from my involvement and the added bonus of having two sex-crazed Scandinavian nymphs to play with afterwards superseded any moral twinges. I’d come to New Zealand to escape the mundanity of life in the UK, to experience something new, to feel those rushes of adrenaline – be it on my bike or windsurfer, or now from breaking the rules, from breaking the law, from fucking the two hottest women I’d ever met. Amelia wouldn’t approve, of course, but maybe she was the one who’d been holding me back before. I mean, who gives a shit about a career and all that rat-race bullshit when there’s so much fun to be had? Okay, I wasn’t quite John Dillinger, or even Arthur Daley, for that matter, but I’d had a taste of something different and I liked it.

I was pretty sceptical about Anna and Sara’s apparently chance meeting in the forest a few days previously. I’d pretty much decided that they’d set it all up as part of some elaborate scheme to hook me in. The chances of one highly-sexed blonde bisexual beauty just bumping into another one during a bike ride in the middle of New Zealand seemed too great to be plausible but I’d given up caring. I assumed now that the mystery flat tyre had been part of the plan and that I had indeed seen Anna’s blue van leaving the bike-hire place. The biggest giveaway had been that familiar perfume that Sara had worn; familiar because it was the same one Anna used. I still wasn’t sure about the whole friends-going-off-wine-tasting business but I was starting to think that the only person travelling with Anna was, in fact, Sara. I had no idea why they’d cooked up such a convoluted tale but as long as I wasn’t the one being hustled and I was the one having mind-blowing sex then I didn’t really care. Maybe they just weren’t that bright. Then there was this business with the dude I’d met in the pub. Maybe there was some truth in what he’d told me about their thievery but I was surprised how little it bothered me. He’d seemed bitter about the whole thing so I’d convinced myself he’d exaggerated the girls’ bad behaviour to make himself feel better. By far the most important thing, in my mind, was that I wasn’t going to catch anything from them.

Normally, after a week or so in one place, I’d have been moving on, exploring another corner of the country but for the moment I was quite happy staying put. The local attractions being somewhat different to those I’d found elsewhere. We’d all spent the night together in my van and things had gone just as well as on every other occasion. I’d somehow retained enough energy to satisfy both girls, as well as myself and had subsequently slept like a baby. Anna and Sara had gone by the time I woke up, leaving me a note telling me they’d gone into town to pick up a few things and that on no account was I to allow my thoughts to run away with me as they had plans for me on their return and wanted me to be at my best.

It was this thought that occupied my mind as I jogged naked into the lapping surf to swim in the bracing blue water. I worked my way out a little way, the gentle waves not really holding me back significantly, feeling my arms and shoulders loosen up as I swam. I’d not really taken much exercise in the week or so since my life took a fairly radical turn and it felt good to push myself a little bit. I flipped over onto my back and looked back at the beach as I kicked, smiling inwardly as I thought about Anna and Sara. That slightly smug feeling swept through me again as I contemplated the previous evening’s antics. Either both girls were extremely impressive actresses or I really was as good a shag as they said I was. Even if they had exaggerated some of their ecstasies, and I liked to think they hadn’t, I was still clearly performing quite well and that was a pretty damn good feeling. I took a deep breath and dived backwards, beneath the surface and swam a few strokes underwater, the cool water enveloping me entirely as I convened with nature, unencumbered by any garments.

I kicked hard and broke the surface and treaded water for a while, admiring my surroundings, and allowing my thoughts to idly drift in and out of my consciousness. Yes, I did have some doubts about the dubious morals of Anna and Sara’s schemes but this was obviously a relationship built şişli grup yapan escort on sex and if I wanted to have more sex then I was pretty relaxed about what else went with it. When Anna had first appeared I’d wondered if she might fill the Amelia-shaped hole in my life but if I was honest her sulks and expectations of being attended to whenever she felt like it suggested she was probably going to be rather high-maintenance and that was something I didn’t want on a trip round a country as laid-back as New Zealand. As for Sara, I knew even less about her than I did Anna. Perhaps I’d learn more, perhaps not. I was surprised by my lack of jealousy when it came to the girls’ modus operandi. Maybe I’d subconsciously compartmentalised that side of things as something akin to work, or maybe I just found the whole concept of beautiful girls behaving very badly so arousing that I actually enjoyed the idea of Anna and Sara selling themselves like that. Ridiculously, even though I knew I’d probably be fucking the pair of them before too long a little part of me was envious that I’d never be on the receiving end of the hottest hustlers in Australasia but as I swam back to shore, the reviving waters of the South Pacific washing over my naked body I decided that I’d wasted enough time analysing the situation and trying to make sense of it and that I might as well make the most of my good fortune.

Back on the beach I let myself drip-dry as little then jogged long the sand to see if the seals were there. If anything the humidity was worse than it had been. I’d never known weather like this in the time I’d been in New Zealand and I was starting to pray for another storm to clear the air and restore some normality to the conditions. I peered into the hazy sky to see if there were any signs of approaching clouds. A long way out to sea a bank was building but unless the wind picked up and brought them onshore we were in for another sticky, close day.

I reached the spot where the seals had been but there was no sign of them, only the coarse, grey sand, pitted with boulders. I looked back down the beach, towards the camp ground, the source of so much pleasure and a certain amount of confusion but there was no sign of life, other than my own footprints in the sand. I sat on a boulder, its surface smoothed by the action of the waves and sand on it over time and grinned to myself, then whooped as loudly as I could. Here I was, in this beautiful place, completely undisturbed, with the prospect of Anna and Sara to look forward to. This was as good as life could possibly be, surely? A sudden rush of euphoria caused me to jump off the rock and, high on life, high on sex, I sprinted down the beach as fast as I could, grabbing my shorts and t shirt as I ran. I felt an enormous sense of freedom, my nakedness, the place I was in, the sex I was having, the thrill of the hustle. This was better than any drug.


I showered and shaved even though I knew I’d be sweating again within minutes but it felt good to wash the salt and sand away. As I dried myself I thought fondly about that first encounter with Anna, right here in the shower cubicle. I must have been looking pretty pleased with myself as I left the shower block as the man I held the door open for gave me a quizzical look. If only he knew, I thought bigheadedly as I wandered back to my van. The camp ground was quiet, only a couple of other vans at the far end of the field.

“Hello you,” Sara said as I approached my little plot. She was sitting in my deck chair, drinking a coffee and took me by surprise.

“Hi,” I responded. “I thought you’d both gone into town?”

Sara stood up to greet me with a soft kiss on the mouth. Her soft lips pressed against mine a and I felt the slightest hint of moisture as they parted slightly as we kissed. She smelt wonderfully fresh and flowery and, it was so obvious now, also very familiar.

“Anna’s got an idea for a little job so she went to have a look round. I thought I’d hang out here for the morning. How does that sound?”

I laughed gently at the question she’d asked. It sounded absolutely fine to me. These changes of plan, odd coincidences and strange occurrences were starting to feel almost normal. I was still on my natural high so I really wasn’t too concerned with the hows and whys of Anna and Sara’s comings and goings.

Sara looked almost impossibly pretty in a short, white cotton dress which accentuated her fantastic tits wonderfully. Her golden hair was in two plaited pigtails giving her an almost girlish, innocent look but the twinkle in her big blue eyes and the natural pout of her lips hinted at a different story. I pulled out the other chair and took a seat next to Sara. It occurred to me that this was the first time we’d been together alone.

“Would you like some coffee?” Sara asked. “I made a pot. I hope you don’t mind.”

“I’m fine, thanks. It’s too hot for me to drink coffee. Thanks for the offer though, I don’t think Anna’s ever made me a drink”.

“It’s so hot, isn’t it?” Sara said, flapping the loose fabric şişli masöz escort of her dress to cool her legs. I couldn’t help but glance over as she did and was treated with a view up her dress towards her slightly parted thighs. As I looked up Sara caught my eye and smiled coyly. She held my gaze for a second then looked away, towards the hazy shore. “I’m not surprised about Anna,” she said. “She’s only out for herself really.”

This made me stop and think for a second. It was pretty much an admission that they knew each other better than they’d been letting on. Finally, I thought, I might get somewhere towards the truth.

“So just how well do you know each other?” I ventured.

Sara’s eyes met mine once more and her pout became even more pronounced.

“Oh, Sam,” she said quietly, “I can’t keep a secret from you.” As she spoke her mouth broke into a broad grin. “We did have you fooled for a while though, didn’t we?”

I smiled back. “For a while, yeah. I think my hormones clouded my thinking. It was just too good to be true, the whole chance meeting in the forest.”

Sara giggled gently as she thought about what had gone on. “And you were so helpful,” she laughed. “That was very sexy though, wasn’t it?”

“It was incredible. You’re both incredible. I’ve never known anyone like either of you.”

“Oh you’re so sweet, Sam.”

We both fell silent for a few moments as the memories of our first encounter filled our thoughts. Then Sara asked, “When did you finally realise?”

“What, that you knew each other beforehand?”

Sara nodded.

“Well, I had my suspicions all along and I got a glimpse of your blue camper leaving the bike shop but then I realised you both wear the same perfume. I thought maybe you’d borrowed it from Anna but that and the fact that I’ve never met any of the people Anna’s supposed to be travelling with kind of confirmed it. Oh, and I met a guy called Marcus yesterday. Does that name sound familiar?” I asked pointedly.

Sara looked a little taken aback. “Yeah, I know who you mean. I didn’t like him much.” She waited to gauge my reaction. I tried not to give too much away.

“Why did you make up such a complicated story? Is anything you’ve told me true?”

“Oh, I don’t know,” Sara said, a note of exasperation in her voice. “It’s Anna. She never tells the truth about anything. It’s like she doesn’t want to be exposed or something.”

There was a pause while I waited to see if Sara was going to reveal anything else. I didn’t want to push her. Her admission was enough for me for now.

“She came back from meeting you in the shower block that night and told me how kind and sweet you were and that you’d be easy to have some fun with. It’s only because you were such a gentleman that she wanted to see you again and when I heard what great sex you’d had I thought I’d go along with her and try you out for myself. Silly, I know.”

I looked at Sara. Her beautiful features were set in a little frown and she was twirling one of her pigtails around her index finger.

“God, Sara,” I said. “I don’t mind at all. How could I? I’ve had more fun this week than in the whole of my life. I don’t really understand the whole hustling thing but I had a lot of fun yesterday.”

“So it doesn’t change anything?”

I laughed and shook my head. “Call me shallow, but sex with you and Anna makes everything else a lot easier to swallow.” I paused for a second, “If you’ll pardon the pun.”

She looked at me and I watched as she visibly relaxed. Yet again my ego was swelled as I considered the fact that a gorgeous blonde sex kitten was clearly relieved I wasn’t going to storm off in disgust. How I’d got here I didn’t know but I knew enough to make the most of my luck and enjoy it while I could.

Sara blew out her cheeks and fanned her face with her hand. It was definitely hotter than it had been and we were both perspiring gently. The heat gave her tanned skin an extra glow and when she lifted her dress again, revealing even more of her soft, luscious thighs, I felt a certain urge take hold.

“Fancy a smoke?”

Sara’s lips parted almost imperceptibly, just enough for me to see her tongue run over her teeth and across her upper lip.

“What a good idea, Sam,” she smiled, wickedly.


We were both sitting on the blanket, in front of my van, passing the joint between us. Perhaps it was the weather or just the intensity of the situation but I was feeling decidedly high. The weed was making my mind work overtime though. One moment I’d look at Sara, and see her long, shapely legs that disappeared under her skimpy dress and my libido would soar but the next I’d be filled with guilt about betraying Anna. Should I feel any loyalty to Anna, though? She had probably told me countless lies and half-truths and for all I knew was fucking someone else at that precise moment but still some part of me worried that I’d be wrong to sleep with Sara without Anna’s knowledge. I took a deep breath and told myself to calm down. How the girls managed to operate so şişli otele gelen escort well when stoned was beyond me.

“Feeling good?” I asked, more to reassure myself than out of any doubts about how Sara was feeling.

“Very,” she nodded, a dreamy look on her face. “You’re a bad boy, Sam. You know what smoking does to me.”

“Do I?” I asked, with faux-innocence, my hormones and my cock seemingly winning the battle of my addled brain.

“I think you do,” she whispered, running her hand over one of her tits as the other slipped between her knees, and up her thighs, under the white cotton of her dress.

“Tell me,” I urged.

“It makes me horny,” she breathed.

“Does it?” I asked, pointlessly.

Sara smiled. On her knees, she shuffled over to me and straddled me, her dress riding up further. She kissed me passionately, her well-cushioned lips hard against my own, our tongues twisting and turning wetly inside each other’s mouths. Just as I could feel my own passion rising Sara broke the kiss and took a drag from the joint then turned it round and gestured for me to lean forward before, mouth to mouth, she blew the smoke straight into my mouth, filling my lungs. I inhaled as much as I could manage then pulled away, exhaling great clouds of smoke.

“I haven’t done that in years,” I laughed, my brain now seriously affected.

Sara grinned and took a final toke then offered the last of the join to me. I shook my head and she rubbed the roach out on the grass beside her. She shuffled closer, her knees either side of my thighs. I glanced downwards at her rising hemline and realised I could see that she wasn’t wearing knickers and, unless my stoned vision was playing tricks on me, she was completely bare. Sara’s eyes flicked downwards and she smiled coquettishly.

“Oops,” she said seductively, “I’m showing myself. You weren’t supposed to see that yet,” she giggled.

My eyes were fixed on her crotch, eager for another glimpse of what I thought I’d seen. “So I was supposed to see it?”

Sara purred, “Of course, Sam. Do you like it?” she asked, running a finger along her opening. “I’ve never gone smooth before.”

I groaned quietly and swallowed hard. My cargo shorts were becoming decidedly uncomfortable again.

“What about Anna?” I asked shakily.

Sara grinned and shook her head. “Don’t worry about Anna, baby.”

Sara wriggled downwards a little and lifted her dress higher, revealing herself fully to me. Gone was the little patch of pubic hair, her pussy now completely bare. She shifted herself and sat back, opening her legs wide. As she did her labia opened up a little, revealing the faintest hint of her glorious pink depths.

All I could do to respond was groan quietly. My eyes were fixed on the glistening folds of her exquisite, utterly bare cunt. With her legs wide apart Sara was totally exposed as she sat with her dress round her waist. I groaned my approval of the sight before me and as I leant down to kiss my way up her thighs any lingering concerns about fucking Sara being a betrayal of Anna drifted away. The scent of her deeply feminine moisture filled my nostrils and I inhaled deeply, greedily sucking in the sensuous aroma.

“You like it then?” she asked, unnecessarily. “Lick me Sam.” Sara said, her breathing already quickening.

I didn’t need to be told twice and, pushing her thighs open wider, I dived between her legs and begin to lap hungrily. Sara tasted almost sweet, her juices covering my taste buds as I slipped my tongue up her slit, onto her already exposed clit, and back down again. Sara squealed as I made contact with her pearl of pleasure and I glanced up, catching her eye. She looked down at me, a vision of pure lust, and forced my head down, back where she wanted me.

“You fucking horny bastard,” she panted as my lips closed around her clit and I sucked. Her finger tips dug into my scalp, her thighs opening and closing around my ears as I licked and probed, slipping a finger inside her, my thumb pressing against her tight arsehole.

Sara’s body was beginning to ripple as my efforts brought on waves of pleasure. Her pants and whimpers began to build and I had a momentary flash of concern about who else might be listening. Any worries on that score were soon forgotten when Sara gasped loudly and pushed my head away.

“Shit Sam, be careful. You’re going to make me come,” she hissed through gritted teeth as she surfed the gentle breaker of a miniature climax.

“Don’t you want me to?” I asked, peering up at her.

“Not just yet, baby. I want more first. Shirt off, on your back,” she ordered.

The temperature felt like it was rising even higher and I pulled my t shirt over my head and then did as I was told and lay back on the blanket. I wasn’t sure quite what to expect but I had a fair inkling it was going to be nice. I wasn’t wrong. Sara shuffled over to me, her dress still round her waist, and ran her hands up my stomach and chest, pinching each of my nipples and dragging her nails over them. I shuddered at the sensation and went to hold her arm to bring her to me so we could kiss. Sara pushed me away though and began to undo my shorts, before pulling them and my boxer shorts down in one quick motion, my erection springing free like a jack in the box. I looked around nervously but nobody was in sight and then, as Sara’s mouth closed around my throbbing cock, all my worries faded away.

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