Finally Giving Into Temptation

Big Dicks

It was more of an animalistic attraction that she had felt than with anyone else. Maybe it was the chase, the wonderment, just the plain good looks, that got her going and maybe it was something more. Anytime they got even remotely close on an intellectual level, he would pull away. Maybe she was just good to look at too and that’s all he wanted to do or maybe it was that if he got to know her any better, he would like her and it wouldn’t just be a crush anymore. She liked sports and he liked that. She liked to play games and he did too. She had a body that he liked and in one of his drunken states he had told her. Even with their significant others around, when their eyes met, they felt something. Something was simmering and their minds told them it was wrong when every inch of their bodies longed for a touch of each other’s lips and fingertips over a long night alone.

How far would they go to reach that point? To reach the mountain of the unknown? Was their passion really that strong or was it all just inflamed by wild hormones that raged with lusting after someone you can’t have? But there are many others that they could not have and didn’t care to have. Neither of them felt like this for anyone else. They just wished there were no consequences. Wished that they could discover if what they felt was real or all in there heads.

They never found themselves alone until that Saturday in May.

She was in Boston for business for a few days. She often traveled by herself and didn’t really mind. She knew that he had family in Boston and often went to visit, but didn’t know he was also in town until they ran into each other at the airport. The surprised look on both of their faces faded into conversation.

They gave each other a hug and spoke of how odd it was that they ran into each other in a whole other city. She told him she was on business and taksim grup yapan escort he asked if she wanted to go to dinner since she was on her own and she said yes.

That night they both got ready and looked their best. It was like they were getting ready to go on a date instead of two people that were friends. He picked her up for dinner and they finally began to talk about her poetry and his dreams for the future. They laughed often and people in the restaurant thought they made a perfect couple.

He asked her if she wanted to go dancing and she accepted once more. She felt confident as they walked in. The crowded club with clusters of people was hard to maneuver in, so he grabbed her hand and led her through. The warmth of just his hand sent a wave of excitement through her body and she involuntarily squeezed his hand and he looked back at her and smiled. Was this going to be the start of something that shouldn’t even begin? Was one of them going to be able to stop it or would want to do so?

He introduced her to all of his friends — none which knew her — but unbeknownst to her they told him how attractive she was. He told them they were just friends, but his friends told him he was a fool if he didn’t try to hook up.

The beat of the music made her hips move and he noticed that a stranger had approached her and was trying to dance with her. She refused, but he was persistent. When he saw this, he took her hand once more, wrapped his arm around her waist and asked the guy if he had a problem with his lady. His lady. The guy went away and she teased him. “So I am your lady now?” She grinned and he licked his lips. “For tonight you are.”

He didn’t seem to care or to notice all the other women looking at him, wanting him. He was only focused on this one woman he knew he couldn’t have taksim masöz escort and for now that was enough.

They started to dance closely together. He was behind her and placed his hands on the front her thighs. She could feel his hot breath on her neck. She slipped her arm around his neck and all time was lost. He began to whisper in her ear. “You are so fine.” He knew he shouldn’t have said it and she knew she shouldn’t have responded.

“You think so? ” She teased, continuing the flirting.

“You know you are.” He brushed his lips across her neck and certain parts of her body fluttered. He noticed her breath was deeper and how her breasts rose higher as he spoke to her.

“I want you.” He whispered as he turned her around and looked into her eyes. She said nothing and only grabbed his hand and he led her out to the car.

They said nothing. They both were afraid that the other would say this was a bad idea — something they both knew was wrong — but the passion and the wanting that they felt made it okay — at least for the night.

He drove to her hotel and she led him up to her room. When she turned from shutting the door, he placed his hand on her face, looked into her eyes, and kissed her. His lips were soft and large and their mouths danced, their tongues teasing. They made their way to the bed, where he removed her blouse and pants. She watched as his muscular chest revealed itself as he took off his shirt. He went to remove his pants, but she stopped him and he knew that this was all going to stop. He opened his lips to tell her that he wanted her, but she placed her finger on his lips and grabbed his belt with the other hand. She slid down his pants and removed his boxers. He was hard and huge and she squatted down and placed him in her mouth. He grabbed the back of her hair and felt taksim otele gelen escort her head moving back and forth. It was better than he had imagined. The mirror behind her let him watch how her long, black hair touched the tip of her large ass. He moaned.

He had to taste her and could no longer wait. He lifted her up and that look that he gave her she would never forget. He placed her on the bed, removed her panties and spread her legs. He stuck out his tongue and licked her clit. She began to moan and he cupped her breasts as he kissed her pussy and tasted how sweet she was. She had never been licked that well. She grabbed a hold of his hair and pulled it each time she felt like she was going to loose control. He knew she was enjoying it and that made him even hornier.

He licked along her stomach, up to her breasts where he sucked and nibbled on her nipples, up her neck and to her lips. He slid his cock into her warm pussy as he kissed her and they both moaned. She had never felt hornier in her life. He propped himself up on his hands, so he could see her better and she watched how he looked at his cock come in and out of her. His body was so built and the beads of sweat danced their way down around the curves of his muscles. He was so strong. Over her, he asked her if she liked it when he did her that way, she moaned yes and then came. She lost all control and her body shook and he squeezed her thighs as he moved into her faster, extending her orgasm even more. Her wetness dripped down the curve of her ass as she moaned his name over and over.

She then pushed him off and flipped him over. She got on top of him and slid his large cock into her wet pussy. They both were having their fantasies come to life. She began to move up and down and rubbed her hands all over his muscles while he squeezed her breasts and played with her clit. He brought her head down as she was moving and kissed her. They kissed for so long.

When he was about to come, her moans in his ear, his name being said by this woman he so long lusted after, he whispered in her ear, “I love you.”

She pulled away a bit, so she could look into his eyes and while she came again she said, “I love you too.”

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