Finding It with Tim


“I am glad my good pal Mike sent you,and you agreed to come, you don’t know how much that means to me, mate. Thanks!” Tim said with a glowing smile that warmed me instantly to him.

Mike and I had been partners for nigh on a year. He often talked about his brother Tim who had been disabled since a car crash the year before.

Putting it gently to me, Mike said he was a great brother who undoubtedly envied our relationship. But being close, his brother was able to tell him about his concerns, and how he missed the warmth and indulgence of his beloved Mathew, who was driving the car when they crashed into a tree and was killed outright.

“One thing led to another,” Mike continued,” and that is why I asked you if you wouldn’t mind going around seeing him. There’d be no strings attached, but just to see if you and he could be compatible. You see he is severely disabled but still has the natural urge. I feel so sorry for him Alex. I said I would talk to you about it and see what you said. I hope this doesn’t sound too bizarre, but I think of him that much.”

“If I am thinking correctly, Mike -what you are asking is could I be intimate with him, and if I could, you would give your blessing right?”

“You are right on the nail Alex. We’ve known each other a long time and I knew you wouldn’t be offended, it won’t make any difference to us, we can still continue our very special relationship”

Mike was always outgoing and said it how it was. He said he told his brother I am some special guy who would indeed settle his frustrations.

“And I know you will be able to work something out regarding his obvious limitations,” Mike continued. “But he can still get a formidable erection to keep you happy, because I know just how much you enjoy that side of it with me, as much as I enjoy giving it to you after our heavenly foreplay…”

Mike knew me. I am in may element being with him and he knows that. We have long and wonderful fun times together and I can never get enough of the touch, feel and taste of his succulent cock. He loves to tease me like suddenly withdrawing when I am about to suck him. But he has me handcuffed to the bed rail most times so I am limited. But it is all part of the excitement and thrill of being with Mike, being there for him just how he wants me.

“Just fuck me Mike, that’s all I ask” I plead with him. It is all part of the role play. He smothers me in the face with his cock and balls and I feel the pungency and the glorious warmth of its throb, beating against my lips as he deliciously guide’s it into my throat.

“I will fuck you when I am well and ready, slave” he yells and wanks himself firmly over my face. Tantalizing me so much in that I think he will cum any moment, and then he holds back and my mouth remains dry and yearning for the squirt of his hot cream. But he is cruel on me, rolls me aside and slaps my ass until it’s numb.

I yell for his to stop and when he does, I feel the intensity of his finger tips and tongue working me in such a frenzy that I feel he is splitting me in half, then his deep tongue insertion sends me to heaven and the sting of the spanking seems to be soothed with his moving fingers across my hind.

“Stick it out for me, slave. You know how I like it, I want you to be all fucking ass for me.” and I do as he demands; knowing then that his fuck is nigh and soon I will feel the immense pleasure of feeling his delicious well primed cock wedged deeply up inside me. Then that so wonderful, divine feeling as he builds and builds stringently, the sound of his fuck as he thrusts and pulls away.

Anyway, next day I did call on Tim and immediately I saw the likeness, Mike didn’t tell me he was a twin. I felt sorry for him but he assured me he didn’t want that. He said he’d heard much about me and it was so very good to meet me.

We shared coffee together. Considering he was casino şirketleri in a wheelchair he was able to take good care of himself although he said he had a nurse come once a day. He told me she was a delightful person and so considerate too, and that he knew when he wanted, she would do the honors sexually for him, whatever that takes. He did let her masturbate him once or twice and he said it was nice when she lifted her skirt to give him a hard-on. But that was as far as it went, because she said she wouldn’t feel right to go further because she was married. But she always left a pair of her used red or blue panties, nicely moistened, behind to ‘comfort’ him.

“You are some lucky guy to have a nurse so considerate to do that.”

“I know I am, and she is a beautiful but the only trouble with that is I yearn so much for a real old fashioned style straight forward fuck, which she can’t give me. I can sniff her beneath her skirt and wank as many times as I like but it isn’t the same. And it wouldn’t be fair to press her, she is a delightful person and I would not want for our friendship to stop.

“Mike has probably told you, we don’t only share looks and temperament but we also share the same sexual leaning. And that is where you come in, Alex. And if you are game I am.”

“Not only are you all the things you said in likeness to your brother” I returned, “but you also say it how it is and that’s fine.”

Somehow I found myself instantly warmed to him and as he told me more about himself. As we talked I casually touched him like I do with Mike – showing no empathy for his condition, because that is what he wanted.

He was lovely to feel and my touch seemed to sooth him at once, he stopped talking and breathed gently as I massaged him, first over his trousers and then, slowly and gently unzipping him and finding a good erection.

He whispered it felt so good, even better than when the nurse did it.

“You know how to touch a guy Alex don’t you? That’s feeling so good, just keep doing it like you are doing” he said, leaning back his head and closing his eyes. I rolled and curved it in my hand, stretched it back to reveal the jap-eye. Very tasty!

I felt so good about that. It was a real pleasure and he really enjoyed my touch.

I smiled and cupped his balls. They were nice and supple, firm and snug between his thighs. He opened enabling me a full handful and it was lovely to hear his deep sensual responses, and the sound of his obvious relief as I went down to him and started to manipulate his throbbing erection at close quarters. Like I enjoyed doing with his brother. He even smelt the same so it was easy to pucker up to him and stroke his cock with my tongue. Mike loved that and Tim did too. It was lovely to enjoy in slow motion, and take in his scent which for me was always a real delight. I have found and realised there is something very significant about the scent of a fully aroused penis. And to get the first sniff of the ridged end, as I drew back the foreskin, was a real bonus. A time when I would feel the urge arise inside me and long for the feel of cock inside me. It makes me feel simply like an animal, waiting for the hard fuck, open wide and feeling the first insert of that warm thrusting stiff slip up my ass.

But in my mind I was working out a way to give him the full works, for if he had the same desires as his brother, he would like me to smother him. I watched his responses as I undressed and did a slow swirl, so that he could encompass me fully. It always gives me a certain thrill to do that with a guy I know has the hots for me.

“Mike likes me to do this, he says it compliments my body.”

“My brother has very good taste” he grinned and after watching me awhile and handling himself I could see he wanted to ask me something -but was hesitant.”

“You only have to ask” I said seeing a question casino firmaları in his expression, making it easier or him.

“You have a beautiful form Alex, can you just turn and bend it for me? I’d like that very much.”

He didn’t have to ask me twice but I had an idea. I wanted to make it really nice and comfortable for him to enjoy me, and we came to a happy solution, that if he was able, with my assistance, to make the settee, it would be much easier for us both.

It was no real problem and soon I had him lying lengthwise on the large leather bound settee. But I needed to get used to the idea that because of his disability, he was unable to move to me so I suggested he would just have to prompt or ask me what he wanted. He said it was all so very exciting and kept on saying how wonderful it was for me to be with him like this,

We worked it out by placing two cushions each side of him so I could perch my knees each side of him facing down, so he had the full access of my rear. I sort of maneuvered myself into the position he was prompting me to be in and he was really having a party with my hind quarters. It felt lovely though, the touching, the feeling and also the satisfying knowledge that I could really give this guy some pleasure shared and, with a little resourcefulness and consideration, I moved to his wishes and really enjoyed the new experience of being with a guy in Tim’s disposition.

He was making a hog of himself back there, Paused to ask if it was alright and of course I said yes.

“It has been so long, Alex and you are really a work of art, and you know that?”

“I try my best” I laughed and immediately he stretched my crack wide open and began sniffing me up. It was delightful and – coming down a little I felt the nudge of his nose press into my hole, and then the delicious feel of his tongue and mouth really going to town down there. It was very enjoyable. I closed my eyes and enjoyed the moment, the feel of his strong hands squeezing me beneath as he sucked me, first my asshole and then my rising cock. Squeezing it back, so he could enjoy in turn, the best of both worlds.

I veered gently this way and that, so he could get the feel and taste of me in different ways and it was lovely.

He was really quenching himself with me and the feel of his tongue probing into me started me thinking of how best I could let this guy into me.

He was one hungry guy and it was heaven serving and satisfying his pent up frustration, and I was reaping all the benefit of that. I found his cock again and, as he continued to enjoy me. I had the natural instinct and urge to give him a good massage until he developed the most divine erection. It was pumping like anything and I wanted to suck it like I did with his brother. I soon found myself enjoying that, the taste of primed cock was always one of my pleasures, the feel of its warmth funnel into my throat as I deep sucked feeling my cheeks bulge. Occasionally, teasing his p-hole with the tip of my tongue. And with the gentle manipulation of his balls, I soon brought it to a crescendo and he was spunking strong into my face, and everywhere. But it was fine; it all added to that delightful moment when I could really give Tim my full deep loving, he was the sort of guy I wanted to do that with. I could see so much of his brother in him.

. He boldly told me how he felt about my ‘ass’ and how beautifully sculptured it was and I must admit I was enjoying tremendously being simply all ass for Tim, so that he could indulge in all those frantic dark and secret desires which had been pent up for so long.

“My pleasure!” I said, “Just enjoy because I am. You are lovely.”

After few minutes of simply fondling and touching, I was able to soon find a new erection once again as he discovered me with his oral explorations. He was really hungry for it and said he yearned to fuck me, if güvenilir casino that was okay with me, if I didn’t mind not being able to do it the normal way”

It was really exciting finding new ways, Tim. I have never presented myself to a lover such as I was doing with Tim and it was very stimulating. The feel of him tasting me was beyond words can describe and I laid there, enjoying his every suck and squeeze.

I wanted to assure him that for me his disability was no problem, that in fact it created whole new wonderful and endearing experience.

He then carried on sucking and licking me to his heart’s content and it was a lovely sensation. If was all so beautiful and somehow very special to serve this poor guy who had been without for so long, I aimed to give him a fuck he would never forget and as he began to further purge me with his tongue, I managed to lean down and suck up his cock again, this time without touching and that was a delight. The taste of cock was always good for me, it was like a tonic to taste and suck cock and listen to the vocal responses as I sucked him all the way, feeling the surge of his cum shoot into my mouth for a second time like a proverbial erupting volcano – and then I knew just how much this guy had been missing it.

“Your ass is a work of art” he said. Giving me a gentle spank, something else Mike liked to do occasionally, but usually before we fucked, when he loved to feel and spank me in my very tight fitting brush jeans, perched high over his lap. It stung, of course it did, but the resulting fuck really made amends for it, making it a sort of pleasure; the feel of him massaging my well spanked ass afterwards and the soothing feel of his mouth and tongue sucking and nibbling it all over.

I wiggled my ass showing him I was enjoying that, and he did it some more. We were both discovering each other in the most delightful way.

We rested for a while after about an hour of sheer ecstasy. It was simply gorgeous and now I looked forward to the feel of Tim’s deep fuck.

“We’ll do it on the floor will be best” I suggested and he was all for that. I arranged some cushions for his comfort. The idea for me was to stride him and gradually work his erection into me.

He said he would like first to lubricate me there, after I’d served him with a little more smothering. another similarity to his brother, he liked for me to sit on his face so he could have a ball with my balls and everything. It was divine and lovely and I was so ready for him. I was aching for it and gave him a final suck before entry, I wanted to experience the taste of him in my mouth as he as he fucked my ass..

Then the feel of his finger deep penetrating me, stretching me for what was going to be heaven on earth. I maneuvered myself over him until we found the right place for entry and, with a deep sigh, he was soon inside. His hands squeezed my buttocks wildly as I lifted myself up and down to get the full penetration and the feel of his throbbing cock stretching me inside. It was so wholesome and lovely and we were soon both there.

Once rested he said so sweetly: “Thank you Alex”

He watched me dress and whispered how really good I looked.

“You know how I told you about how my nurse left her panties for me, Alex?”

“I know what you are going to ask” I smiled and promptly removed my jeans again so I could take off my briefs.”

“Come here” he said.

I handed him the briefs, He arranged them in his hand and rubbed the crotch over my cock. Then he sniffed them and pushed them into his face with such ardor I felt privileged.

“I guess you will have to go home commando?” He said.

“Anything for you” I returned and I meant it.

“Just one more swivel Alex Huh?” he asked before I pulled up my jeans..

I bent over and touched my toes and gave him time to take it in.

“Superb Alex. Where have you been all my life?”

I told him it was my pleasure and he was a lovely guy, and I hoped he would let me come again.

“You can come again any time you want” he replied and I left feeling a better person.

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