Fiona – My Friend, My Goddess Ch. 05


If you’ve never been to Queenstown, well, lets just say your missing out. The place is beautiful all year round. The road back from the Onsen winds slowly down the side of the valley and over the Shot Over river. This place is a mecca for thrill seekers all year round. Winter is all about snow sports and then in the summer, once the snows melt the mountains turn into mountain bike adventure parks. Add in the 4wd tracks and tours, the bars, restaurants, hotels, hell even just driving up the valley or over to Wanaka is amazing. Sorry, I’ll stop trying to sell you on visiting and get back to the story.

Snow capped peaks streaked across the windshield of the car as we slowly made our way back into Queenstown itself. The roads were pretty slippery, with the recent snows and rains forcing me to focus on the roads more than the beauty in the passenger seat, not that Fiona was remotely interested in anything other than the view outside.

“It’s gorgeous,” she said quietly, as she curled her legs up around her chest, wrapping her arms around them to hold tight while she soaked in the majesty that is The Southern Alps and Lake Wakatipu.

“Yeah,” I agreed with her, reaching out to take her hand in mine, “The view is something else.”

We continued to wind back and forth down the road, creeping closer to town. The sun was just peaking out over the top of the Bayonet Peaks as we drove into town. Queenstown sits around the top of the Lake. It’s not a huge place, but they have packed a lot in. Small alleyway cafe’s, Bars and shops are everywhere and some of them are an absolute gem. We drove around looking for a carpark, finally finding one free along the boardwalk right in the middle of town.”So, what first?” I ask Fi, parking the car up and killing the engine.

“Well, I need to find something for tonight, if your still keen on catching up with Jess of course…” Her voice trailed off as she looked over at me.

“Hey. It’s totally up to you, you know I’m keen to, but it’s your show remember, you hit on her first.” I laughed in reply, reaching over to brush the back of my hand over her face gently.

“I am.” She said, “Ha, yeah I definitely am.”

“Ok, well, I know a few places we could have a look at,” I said, getting out of the car as Fiona climbed out of the passenger seat, I continued, “But lets just have a wander. It’s your first time here so you might find something you want to have a look at.” as I grabbed our jackets from the back seat of the car, walking around and holding Fi’s jacket.

“Thanks.” She said, turning around and stretching her arms back and into the arms of her jacket, her long sleeve top clinging tightly to her breasts, leaving nothing to the imagination. Arms threaded through, I pulled her back into me gently, leaning forward to give her a gentle kiss on the neck.

“Mmmmm,” she said giving her ass a quick wiggle as it pressed into my crotch.

“Lets go,” I said, my hand sliding down between us to grasp hers. It felt natural, it felt right. After the whirl wind of the last few days, just being with her, hand-in-hand, side-by-side, it felt right.

We spent the next few hours walking around downtown Queenstown, ducking into this little boutique shop and that, checking out the sights and sounds. Eventually we turned down a little alleyway with a sign at the entrance that read “Angel Divine”. Slowly meandering down the alley we saw the shop on the right. In the window displays a black dress numbers, knee length, hanging from one shoulder, with gold accents caught Fiona’s eye.

“Ooohhhhh that doesn’t look half bad,” She said, stopping to have a look through the window.

“Well, lets go in and have a look, try it on if you want?” I suggested.

Fiona headed to the door, pulling me along behind her. Not that I minded, I was just happy to be spending some quality time with my Goddess, and if that meant getting dragged into clothing stores, well who was I to complain.

The store wasn’t very big inside, but the range was pretty impressive. Fiona went straight to the back wall, where she had spied the same dress as was in the window. She rifled through the sizes, finding hers and pulling it from the rack. She held it to her front, looking in a mirror as she twisted left and right.

“What do you think?” She asked, looking at me through the mirror.

“Go try it on if you want,” I replied, “It looks good though, but I reckon it’ll look 10 times better on ya.”

Fi had a glance around, noticing the changeroom in the back corner, we headed over, Fiona stepping into the changeroom and pulling the curtain closed behind her as I slid down onto a bench to wait, pulling out my phone to check my emails.

I didn’t have to wait long, Fi really is a master of getting out of her clothes, before I heard the curtain being drawn back. I looked up from my phone to see Fiona, her long Brunette hair flowing over her left shoulder, the right exposed, The black dress clung to her breasts, her stomach and hips, Stopping about half way halkalı escort down her thigh. The black fabric had a slight shimmer to it, with a gold fleck and gold trim around the shoulder. She did a slow spin standing on the balls of her feet, giving me the perfect view. The dress clung to her ass, looking more like a second skin than material.

“Holy shit,” was all I could muster, “Jus….Holy Shit.”

A small smile set across her face, as she ran her hands down her sides, admiring her figure in the mirror.

“So, you like it I guess,” She said still eyeing herself off in the mirror.

“Yeah, that’s one way to put it,” I said, leaning back to rest on a rack behind me, “Your perfect.”

“You think so,” She said walking over. She bent forward, giving my a clear view of her cleavage, her face next to mine and whispered, “It’s really easy to lift up and take off too.” she continued as she dragged her nails over my thighs.

I swallowed, it was taking every ounce of my self control to not tear that dress off her right then and there. Fi walked back toward to change room. She stopped, looking around.

“What’s up?” I asked.

“Just trying to think if I packed any boots. They would set this off perfectly I think,” She replied.

“What like the ones your wearing?” I replied sarcastically.

“Smart ass, no these won’t go with this dress, their too worn.”

I stood up, and Fi and I wandered around the store, finding a table with boots arranged over it. Fi picked out a jet black pair, knee high and high heeled.

“Boots are boots,” She said, “Plus they make me look taller,” She laughed. Fi handed me the boots while she disappeared into the changeroom to get dressed into her clothes again.

We walked up to the clearly bored cashier as I handed over my credit card.

“I was gonna pay for that,” Fi said, looking at me rather annoyed.

“$330.95,” The cashier said as she took my card.

“What!” Fi blurted out, “Red, that’s too much,” she stated.

“Not for you it isn’t, besides the whole get up looks amazing on you I’m happy to pay,” was all I replied with. The cashier packed the boots and dress into a large bag and handed it over.

We stepped back into the alleyway, Fi quickly reaching up to pull my face to hers. Our lips met, her soft, wet lips pressing into mine. She broke off from the kiss looking me in the eyes.

“Thank you,” She said.

I didn’t reply, only reaching my arm around her and pulling her into my side as we walked back to the main road. As we walked I looked at my watch.

“We should message Jess and work out a time for tonight, it’s after 6pm and she should be finished,” I said.

“Yeah I’ll do that in the car.” Fiona said.

We got back to the car, dropping the shopping bag into the back seat. I held the door open for Fi as she dropped into the seat. Closing the door I walked around and got into the drivers side. Fi already had her phone out, messaging Jess as I pulled into the road and headed back to or apartment.


Fi grabbed her phone, “It’s from Jess,” Fiona said, a slight quiver of excitement in her voice, “She said we should meet at 8 at that Little Blackwood place.”

“Done, 8 it is.” I said in response.

Fi looked back to her phone, tapping out the reply.

“Done. She said she’s excited and will see us there tonight.” Fi said, putting her phone back into her bag. I felt a hand reach out and sit in my lap. I reached down and grasped Fi’s hand. Holding it as we drove back to the apartment.


I took the keys out for my pocket, unlocking and holding the door open for Fi as we entered our apartment. I wandered over to the fire place, getting the gas going as it was freezing in the room as Fi dumped her bags on the counter top. The sun had already set, but outside the lounge windows the last rays of light cast a soft glow over the lake and mountains. I stood there gazing out over the lake, as the fireplace began to warm the apartment. I pulled out my phone, connecting it to the small bluetooth speaker on the coffee table, as I fired up a playlist of soothing cafe tunes.

I felt a pair of arms encircle my waist from behind, Fi’s head resting into my back. I reached down, holding her arms in my hands, enjoying the warmth of her body pressing into mine.

“Thanks for today.” she said quietly.

“Hey,” I replied, twisting in her arms to face her, “You don’t need to say thanks.” I said as I wrapped her in my arms, placing a gentle kiss on her forehead.

She pressed herself into me, holding tight. We stood there, gently swaying to the music, neither of us speaking, not wanting to break the magic of the moment. I raised a hand to her face, cupping her chin and gentle lifting her face to mine, our lips meeting. The kiss was tender, light, the act conveying more than words presently could. I felt Fi’s hands slide up and down my back, occasionally pulling me into olgun escort her ever so slightly in response to our kisses. Fi slowly turned, twisting me around with her. She broke off from the kiss, her hands pressing on my chest, gently pushing me backward and onto the lounge behind us. I fell backward into the cushions as Fi straddled my legs, settling into my lap. Her hands reached up to hold my face, her lips pressed into mine, tongues flicking, exploring. I let my hands roam, seemingly with a mind of their own. I trailed my fingers over her legs, up her back and down again as she gently rocked her hips back and forth across my lap, grinding into my rapidly hardening cock.

I let my hands fall down to her hips, fingers hooking under the sides of her shirt. I lifted, pulling her shirt up and over her head as she raised her arms to help. Her shirt removed, I dropped it to the floor as I leant forward, burying my face between her breasts, planting kisses on first the left, then the right. I felt her body tense as she pressed her chest forward, her hips grinding harder into my now rock hard cock. A little gasp escaped her lips as I bit her left breast.

I reached around behind her, fingers pulling at the clasp of her bra, flicking it open and pulling the bra off, setting her firm tits free. I greedily gathered each tit into my hands, sucking, nibbling and pulling at her nipples as Fi groaned in pleasure. Her fingers twirled and intertwined in my hair as she pulled my head into her breasts harder, her breathing becoming more ragged.

I released one of her tits, my hand coming down to rest on her ass, pulling her into me harder as my desire, my need to taste, to feel my goddesses body reached it peak. FI stood up, turning around to face away from me. She bent forward at the hips, sensuously pulling her jeans off, letting them drop to the floor as I took in the majesty of her firm ass, clad in nothing but a white thong. She ran her hands around her firm ass, up the sides of her body and over her tits, gyrating in front of me as I pulled my own top over my head. Reaching forward, I tool her hips into my hands, pulling her back into my lap. Fi leant back into me, her hands still cupping her breasts, her head twisting around to face me.

Our lips joined once more, as my hand reached up to join hers, massaging her tits. My free hand slowly trailed down her stomach and across the front of her thong, wet with anticipation. I let my fingers slip between her skin and the band of her thong, pressing down and over her pussy, tracing small circles around her pussy, occasionally flicking over her clit. She was panting now, grinding her ass into my lap hard, wanting, needing, her desire matching my own. I pressed a finger into her pussy, pushing past her smooth lips and into her velvety warmth.

“Mmmmmm,” She moaned, one of her hands reaching up to grasp as my hair as I kissed and nibbled her neck.

She was moaning and panting now, as my fingers plunged in and out of her cunt, thumb rubbing her clit as I worked my magic, pushing her closer to cumming.

“Don’t stop,” She moaned, “I’m close”

I pinched her nipples, alternating between her tits, as I picked up my pace, fingers swirling around her pussy with my other hand.

“Fuck i’m so close,” She said, her body starting to tense as her back arched.

“Fuck, Fuck, Fuck, Fuck, Fu….” Her body went rigid, her orgasm crashing over her. Legs clamping shut, locking my hand in place. She began to shake now, as if she was getting jolted by shocks of electricity. I continued to roll her nipple in between my thumb and finger, each movement sending little jolts through her.

She reached down, pulling my hand away from her pussy, bringing my fingers to her mouth. She sucked on my wet fingers, tasting, tongue flicking around. Her hands reached behind her, fumbling around with the fly of my pants. The position was awkward. She slid forward off my legs, turning around on her knees to have easier access to my fly. She looked up at me sexily as she opened my pants, pulling my cock out from the top of my boxers.

She took my cock into her hands, wrapping her fingers around my girth as she slowly started to jack me off.

“Fuck i’ll never get enough of this.” She said breathlessly as she leaned forward to take the head of my cock into her moist mouth. With one hand wrapped around the base of my cock, the other hand between her own legs playing with her pussy, she began to bob her mouth up and down my cock, taking as much of my length as she could, getting about halfway down my iron shaft before slowly coming back up to the head. Hand jacking off what her moth couldn’t reach.I placed on hand onto her head, fingers interlaced into her hair, following her motion as she sucked my cock. Tingling sensations lanced through me as her tongue twirled around my cock head.

The sounds of sucking and slurping where almost şişli escort drowned out by the music playing. I looked down, as she looked up, my cock in her mouth as she worked my cock, up and down. Occasionally letting my cock pop out of her mouth as she would run her tongue up one side, flicking over the tip, before plunging her mouth back over my cock. Time melted away, as I leant my head back, closing my eyes and losing myself into the warmth.

Fi released my cock from her mouth but not her hand as she stood up, once again straddling my hips. With her free hand she pulled her thong to one side, as she guided the tip of my cock to the opening of her dripping pussy. Before she had a chance, I grabbed her hips in my hands and slammed her down my full length, bottom out in one thrust.

She scream out in pleasure as her hips smacked into mine. I held her there as she quivered, breath ragged. I pressed my hands around her hips onto her ass, taking a cheek in each hand. Lifting her up, slowly, all the way up my length until just the tip was in her warmth, my eyes locked onto hers as I did. The animalistic desire matched mine as she slammed herself back down, gasping.Up and down Fi rode. Her passion urgent, her need great. I guided her, but it was clear she needed release again. I let her take control, understanding this was for her. The events of the last day had awakened something inside of her, a deep burning desire that until this moment I didn’t know she had.

“Fuck me! Your cock is so big!,” She said through ragged gasps, as she bounced on my cock.

“Your gonna make me cum again” she said, as I let go of her ass and took her tits into my hands again, squeezing, as she moaned louder.

“Uh, uh, uh, uh,” she cried, her nails digging into my chest. I could feel her pussy tightening around my cock with each thrust. I knew she was about to cum again.

She fell forward onto my chest. I wrapped my arms around her, holding her in place as I thrust my hips up to meet her bounces, forcing my cock as deep as I could.

“God, yes, like that, yes, yes, fuck, ugh,” she exclaimed, as her legs began to tremble, her entire body shaking as another orgasm rolled over her. Her breath caught in her throat, a loud moan the only noise that she could make as her whole body shook in ecstasy.

I held her there, my cock buried to the hilt in her hot, wet pussy, letting some sense return to my brunette goddess. I kissed her shoulders, fingers lightly trailing up and down her back, occasionally finding a sensitive spot causing her to jolt slightly at the touch.

“Damn,” Was all she said, as she leaned back up, my cock still hard inside her.

“My god your beautiful,” I said, marveling at the sight of this gorgeous woman straddling my lap, her firm, big tits in front of my face.

“You’re not so bad yourself,” She giggled, “Now what are we gonna do about you?” She asked, a mischievous grin parting her gorgeous face.

Without a word I stood up, walking towards the wall. Fi wrapped her legs around my waist, understanding what I had planned. I pinned her to the wall, my hands cupping under her butt, holding her up.

“Do it, fuck me, use me, make me yours.” She encouraged.

I let an animalistic energy take over. I pulled back then slammed my hips forward, slapping my hips into her, my cock sliding deep into her.

“FUCK!” she exclaimed, as she wrapped her arms around my neck. I pulled back and rammed my thick, hard cock back into her depths once more. Over and over, Like a piston I slammed my cock into Fiona, Her butt smacking off the wall. We stared into each other eyes, her hazel eyes not once leaving mine as I plowed in and out, over and over, lost in the moment. She bit her bottom lip slightly as she moaned to the thrusts.

Time had no meaning, there was only her. I gripped her ass harder, pulling her into me, desperate to feel all over her. Hard and harder I thrust, her moans louder, more incessant with each passing moment.

I could feel my cock twitch, I knew I was close to cuming. Fi sensed the change in my body. My muscles starting to tense, the determined look to my eyes. She unhooked her leg from my waist, letting my cock slip from her dripping pussy as she slid down to her knees in front of me. Without a word she took my cock into her mouth, her hands pumping on my shaft as she sucked and slurped. The suction becoming too much.

“Fuck baby, I’m gonna cum,” I warned her as she popped her mouth off my cock, sticking her tongue out, her hands a blur as they pumped my cock, urging me on. I Jerked my hips forward, thick ropy streams of cum bursting from my cock, landing on her face, over her mouth, dripping down her chin onto her tits, as she continued to pump my hard cock in her fist. Shot after shot of cum sprayed out over her face as I groaned, knees weak.

I leant forward, supporting myself on the wall as I looked down. Fi ran her fingers around, scooping up the thick ropes of cum off her face, sucking her fingers clean, a look of bliss on her face.

“Mmmmm,” She moaned, cleaning her fingers off one by one, “I’ll love how you taste,” She said quietly.

I stood there, gathering my composure as Fi stood up between myself and the wall once more. Standing on her tip toes, she placed a gentle kiss on my lips.

“Don’t ever stop doing this.” She said, “I’ve never felt like this about anyone. With anyone. Thank you.”

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