First Gay experience


First Gay experienceI remember my first gay encounter as if it were yesterday. I had just turned 21 and was fresh out of Navy boot camp on my way from Philadelphia to NYC via Greyhound bus. I saw a guy in his early 30’s waiting to board the bus with me and I could tell that he was showing some special interest in me. Maybe he liked the way I looked in my dress blue Navy uniform! He was in back of me in the boarding line and I would occasionally glance back to see if he was still paying attention to me. As I got on the bus I immediately headed for the back row seats and as I turned to look back I saw that guy squeezing past other boarding passengers to catch up with me. I sat down in the inside seat next to the window and he sat down in the seat next to me and smiled. I smiled back and said something to him and he indicated by hand signs that canlı bahis he was a deaf mute. So, no conversation but I could definitely feel the sexual tension as the bus began it’s journey. I think he wanted to make a move but he wasn’t quite sure how I’d react so I decided to make the first move. It was nighttime and I pretended that the gentle rocking of the bus was making me nod off. I faced toward the window and lowered my head like I was falling asleep. After a few minutes went by I opened my legs a little wider so that me right leg fell against his left leg. I left it there feeling the heat of his leg against mine. I was getting hard with just this amount of body contact. I knew he was staring at me and wondering whether I was touching his leg with mine intentionally. Suddenly he pushed his leg against mine and broke contact. I immediately bahis siteleri spread my legs wider still so that my leg pressed against his again. Now he understood that it was intentional and I wanted my leg to press against his. Still, I pretended to be sleeping. Several minutes passed and suddenly I felt his hand on my knee. He kept it there and waited for a reaction. When I didn’t object he started to slide his hand up my leg, ever so slowly. My mind was whirling and I was thinking “wow” he’s really going to do this. I was incredibly turned on by the feeling of his hand slowing going up my leg towards my hard cock. I was starting to be felt up by another man for the first time and I was letting it happen. I wanted it to happen. My right arm was in my lap and it blocked his progress. He gently nudged my arm and I lifted it out güvenilir bahis of the way so he could move further up my leg. Now, he was certain that I wanted to fool around so he went straight to my hard cock. I looked down into my lap and saw that he used the pinky of his let hand to lightly touch my cock. I was so hard and so turned on my this touch. Suddenly he leaned into me and grabbed my cock hard in his right and started to pump it up and down. His face was inches from mine and I thought that he might kiss me. I was so turned on from the slow build up of this foreplay that I started to cum. I had the longest and most powerful orgasm that I could ever remember at that time. I pushed him away and he got the wrong impression and left to find another seat. I just sat there with my pants full of cum and realized that another man had just made me cum. Not only that, it was better than any orgasm I had with a girl up to that point. That was my first gay experience and certainly not my last. Years later I would get an instant hard on when I put those wool pants on.

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