First Mutual Masturbation

First Mutual MasturbationMy first time masturbating with a friend occurred when I was 1 6 years old.  I can still remember the excitement and nervousness I felt leading up to the event that would take place later that night. Knowing  that for the first time in my life I would be showing my dick to another person had me trying to keep my erections under control all night.  The day started out normal enough with my friend and myself doing the usual things teen boys do, Riding bikes, playing video games and just hanging out.  By late afternoon we ended up back at his house and to look through the boxes of Playboys and Hustlers his dad kept hidden in the garage.  We had looked at them together a few times before but only very briefly.   Today was going to be different. The rest of his family was going to be gone until later that afternoon, so we had the house to ourselves.  We each grabbed a few mags, brought them to his room and dug in.  After about ten minutes I had a full erection and I was pretty sure he did as well.  I didn’t want him to see the bulge in my pants so I tried casually shifting my cock through my pocket without him noticing.  “Do you have boner?” he asked. A little shocked by the question I didn’t say anything for a few seconds.  Finally I responded with”yes”.   He smiled and told me that he did too.  He asked me if I ever masturbated and I said yes, so I returned güvenilir bahis siteleri the question and he responded that he did it all the time.  We continued asking each other questions about how and where we liked to do for about a half hour until we knew his family would be home soon.  Not wanting what we were doing to end I invited him to sleep over at my house that night.  He accepted.  We decided to sleep outside in a tent that night I had set up in the backyard.  This would allow us to look at his dads dirty magazines with out having to worry about a anyone walking in on us.  He came over just after just after dark with his bag of goodies.  We hung out and playe video games until my family went to bed.  As we walked out to the tent I remember thinkingthat tonight I would be shown my penis to another person.   We were laying on top of are sleeping bags wearing just our  shorts, a lantern providing us with a dim light. It wasn’t long after the magazines were out  before my erection was in full force.   I didn’t even try to hide, I wanted him to see.  As if on cue he looked over at the bulge in my shorts and asked if I was hard. I told him I was and asked if he was.  “Yes” he responded almost immediately.   The next question he asked was the one I had hoped to hear all night, “Can I see it?”. My hart was racing as I told him yes.  I reached down and pulled off tipobet my shorts and laid back down exposing the clear bulge in my underwear.  He took out a flashlight from his bag and shone it directly on my crotch.  “It looks big” he said.  He asked if I wanted to see his and I told him I did.  As he was taking his shorts of I grabbed the flashlight and pointed it at his crotch.  He laid down giving me a clear view of the outline of his penis.  The shape of his head was clearly visible even through his underwear.  The only thought in my head at that point was th at I wanted to see more.  “Can I see it?” I asked.   He reached down, grabbed the top of his underwear and took them off.  His cock looked amazing. Thinner and shorter than mine but with a very nice looking well defined head. He grabbed it and started playing with himself as I held the flashlight watching.  He slowly jerked himself for about a minute before asking if he could see mine.  Without answering him I reached down and pulled my underwear off. As I lay back down I started and started to play with myself he took the flashlight and shone it on me. “It’s thicker than mine” he said.  My dick is thick and about six and a half inches long. I had honestly never been so hard in my life, and how I didn’t cum immediately I’m not sure.   He got so close at one point I could feel his heavy breathing on my cock. tipobet güvenilir mi  I could see him touching himself as he watched meand that made me even more excited.  After a few minutes he laid back down and put the lantern between us and suggested the we watch each other masturbate until we cum.  I said okay. He came first, but not by much.  As I watched his breathing got very fast and heavy his hips started to move up and down and I knew he was about to cum.  My gaze was fixed on his cock as it started shooting stream after stream of hot white cum. Watching it run down the head of his cock and over his hand as he kept stroking was all I could stand.  I started to cum with a hushed grunt.  The first couple of streams shot so far they hit my chin, but I was not about to stop. Knowing he was watching made this the most intense orgasim of my life. I covered my chest with cum. After I finished we both lay next to each breathing heavy enjoying the moment,  the warm cum still on both of our chests. After a few minutes he took a towel out of his bag and started wiping himself off. When he finished he offered it to me. As I took it from him I could feel the wetness of his cum on he towel. I wiped up making sure to get the first few streams that had hit my chin. I handed him back the towel and he put it back into his bag. He told me he really enjoyed it and hoped that we could do it again.  I told him we could.  This was the first of many times we masturbated together, but not the last by any means. We continued to experiment and take things a bit further each time which I hope to write about if I get enough positive feedback from this story.

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