First Pee


First PeeMy brother, his gf and I set off on a long car journey. Part of the way is by country roads with very few facilities. After a while all 3 of us were needing to pee so I stopped in a lay-by. Being a gentleman I opened both doors to give my brother’s gf a little bit of privacy however there was none for my brother and I. On our return I was with my brother’s gf waiting on him turning up for a few drinks when he called and said he was going to be held up for a while but he’d join us later and we both should just carry on without him lol Which we promptly did.Later, after several drinks, June, my brother’s gf, asked me if I like outside pee’ing. I replied needs must but it doesn’t bother me so I asked her if she like outdoor pee. Her reply was she loved it and she had been watching me and my cock as I pee’d that time several weeks before (I’d forgotten all about it.) She love the way my cock bounced up and down as I pee’d and she said she was sure I was getting a hard on pee’ing. She thought it was because I ha an audience in her watching. güvenilir bahis My brother called several times saying he was held up at work and eventually he said he wouldn’t make. I volunteered to make sure June got home safely and they chatted on the phone for a few minutes before hanging up. Anyway we both started to walk towards her home and were laughing and chatting as we went.Along the way she said she needed to pee and wouldn’t make it home without a pee. So we nipped down an alleyway where squatted down behind me. She then asked if I wanted to watch. I replied “Yes please” so she said turn around and stand in front of me then. “you’ll get a better view” As I was still a distance away she told me to get closer and closer yet. I was so close I could see her folds as she pulled her lips apart and started to pee. I inserted  finger into her stream and it was wet and hot and very sexy. She took my fonger and inserted it into her mouth as she continued to pee. She then place my finger onto her pussy and clit while she pissed. I could feel türkçe bahis her clit throb. Really. When she was finished she stood up and pulled her panties off saying she’d drippled onto them.As she slowly pulled down her dress letting me get a lovely clear view of her pussy she told me it was my turn to pee. Who was I to argue. I pulled out my cock which was getting hard and getting even harder lol. She said I’d never piss with a hard on lol. She grasped my cock and at first nothing happened then a little dripple came out followed by quite a stream lol and all the time she playing my cock and directing my piss all over the place but not on us lol.When we arrived at her home she invited me in for a night cap. I accepted lol. As soon as her front door closed we were naked. We went to shower where we fingered an played with each other. We kissed. We licked, sucked and teased each other.Taking me by the cock she led me back to the sitting room and we both stood talking and drinking a beer. Well a few beers lol. We continued to play and toy with each güvenilir bahis siteleri other and still naked. After a while she led mt back into the shower and we both went down on each other. While I sat on the floor she positioned her self above my head and pissed all over me. Afterwards she licked and kissed me all over. At this point she took hold of my cock and I started to pee. She directed my stream up and over both of us. She sucked my pissing cock. Directed my stream onto and then up her pussy before popping my pissing cock into her mouth and wanked me off. She swallowed the lot. Throughout the night we fucked and pissed on each other. I drank piss. And her pussy juices. I fucked her ass as she pee’d. She sucked my cock till I came and the sucked me till I pee’d.Over the next few weeks we met every chance we could purely to fuck and piss on each other. Anyway my brother and her split up but we continued to meet and she brought in a girl one night for a 3 sum. Afterwards she told me to bring a guy for a 3 sum lol So I did. We even met for a time having a sucking fucking pissing good time. Slowly our meets became less and less as work became important and we sort of drifted apart. Pity because she ws a lovely lass we really enjoyed each others company lol      

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