First Sexual Encounter (True Short Story)

Adriana Chechik

First Sexual Encounter (True Short Story)First time encounters would always be as vivid as of the real event, though it fall into your memory lane. It is as fresh as that night when she decided to let me do things to her body.Back on the year 2012, I was 20 back then, I started to take risks.In our little island where a lot of locals are very conservative, there is no place for a modern love affair. Me and my girlfriends considered ourselves as one of them too. Not for long.My libido and sexual curiosity were spiking already after learning how to French kiss. So I would always try to bring sex into our conversations via text messaging. I feel bolder when I’m not talking personally but she would always ignore those parts.I kept on asking her when I could touch her boobs. One night, she decided to let me touch for the sake of my curiosity. She told me that she thought of it for a long time. She thought it wouldn’t hurt her principles in life that the man she marries will be the man to touch her. All I did was grope her boobs just a few strokes. It was so soft and firm. I could bursa escort sense her uneasiness and her face looked drunk. I asked her what was wrong. She told that it felt good. I would want to do it again but I don’t want be abusive.The next thing I thought of was for me to touch her pussy. She wouldn’t let me. With just a right amount of charm I was able to make her agree for one condition. We have to do it at night by the beach, where there is not much people around. So we made our way there.We were alone at the dark beach. We hid behind a stone cottage, in case some couples trying to do what we are about to do pass us by.I asked her if she’s ready. She pulled the garter of her jogging pants for the ease of access. I touched her virgin pussy from her panty. Her head fell on my chest as she squirmed while my hand weaves through the fabric that covers it. It was dry, from nervousness I guess. But as she calmed down, she starts to soak my fingers with her pussy juice. I tried to insert one but she stopped me. It hurt her, so I continued mersin escort to massage her vagina. I tried to insert one finger again. She grab hold of my sleeves as a sign of affirmation. My fingertip found the tight hole. Slowly, I was able to expand her hymhen to allow a single fingertip without breaking it. I swirled gently for a minute before pulling it out and licking the tip. She was shocked to see what I did. But I know she’ll be more comfortable now, now that she knows I tasted her juice without disgust. We’re lucky nobody saw us.The next thing was the biggest thing I asked of her. She’s disgusted by just imagining the procedure of giving a head. I told her that I had to put my cock in her mouth for her to suck. I couldn’t think any reason why she changed her mind to suck my dick.Again, we went back to our secret place. My cock is already hard before we arrived. This time, we positioned facing the sea. It was completely dark, but I can see anyone who will pass by from both side of the cottage except if someone would come from sakarya escort behind. I told my girlfriend to suck and look at the front while I watch the back. I pulled my ever ready cock out, she doesn’t know what to do. So, I held her hand and guided it to my horniness. I told her to put it in. She’s reluctant. I grabbed her by the hair and pushed her to my cock. My cock was now bumped into her face, it poked her nose . I told her it would be easier if she kiss it first. She decided to have a taste by licking it. I don’t know what happened to her but my cock is now feeling her tounge and warm, slippery mouth. It was slow but satisfying for a first timer.I felt my orgasm taking place but I didn’t tell her that. She continued to suck slowly as I prepare her an explosive cumshot. I grabbed her head in place as my cum spurts out of my cock. She was forced to swallow but before I could unload every ounce of my seed, we were blinded by a bright flash. My cock was out, my girlfriend’s mouth dripping with cum. We were in a very shaming situation. But as the light beam passed by our position, I hurried to pull back my shorts up and we ran off. As we got away, we met some by-standers who had a crush on her. I didn’t tell her the cum on her face. She slapped me on my shoulder and made me clean my mess on her face. It was gross but she had me swallow some of my cum.

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