First Time (Fictional or is it!)


First Time (Fictional or is it!)Hello, I would like to share my experience with the bi/gay life style. I am a small frame male. Older men would hit me on when I was younger, that is talking thirteen years old and on. Let me tell you I was never really scared, but no man was going to touch me. Sometimes when I would hitch hike I would end up some guy sliding his hand towards my leg. I would either say let me out or tell to forget it. I guess I was lucky no one took advantage of me.I never let anyone touch me till I joined the army. I was only eighteen on temporary duty in a small town out west. I met a very nice girl whom I had wanted to take out, only I had no money. I was returning to the temporary unit I was in and a gay man picked me up as I hitched a ride. It was at that moment that I figured out how to make money. I told the gentlemen it would cost twenty dollars to play with me. He did not hesitate just pull off the road in a wooded area, fortunate it was dark. We climb in the back seat where I pull my pants and under ware down for him. The gentleman and he was that gentle took my cock deep in his mouth, and grabbed a hold of my butt checks so as to drive my cock down his throat. I figure I would make it hard for him to get me to cum. I started to think of some sports. Let me tell you his mouth canlı bahis was so good I had trouble thinking of any thing else, but the way he was sucking my cock. Dam he was good I blew my load for what may have felt a whole minute or two. When I was down my cock was still hard so he continue to suck my cock it felt so good I just let him keep at it. I felt like another ten minutes before I felt my balls tighten up to cum again. That was the best blowjob I ever had. After the second time I stop the gent, he was very polite to me and thank me. I would have let him keep going only this time I did get scared. I had believed that if you came to often you would start bleeding. I still fantasize about that blowjob. It was not to long after that I sold my cock to very nice black man. He sure could suck on my cock. This gent took me to a motel where we spent the night. I would never touch another man’s cock as I knew I was not gay. Another occasion I went to a peep show just to make money here the gent just pull my pants down and started to suck a way. This time I was afraid some one come up behind me and stick a cock up my ass. This was my last peep show too much in the open. When I got out of the service I love getting blowjobs from men, and I would not return the favor. I was in it for the money. I also love to fuck bahis siteleri women and eat their pussy. I returned home where I meet a gent whom was gay, him and I became friends. He would not hit on me. My friend’s name was Joe, one evening I was feeling very horny and wanted a blowjob bad. I went over to Joe’s house and had a drink with him, where we started to talk about sex.Joe started to slide his bare foot under my balls, when I did not stop him he just reach over and pulled my zipper down where he reach in to grab my cock. Joe only played with my tool, Joe then suggest we get undress. I guess I was having trouble with my drinking as I strip off all my cloths as did Joe. What surprised me is when we laid down he laid in the 69 fashion to where his cock was looking me in the face.At first I was scared if I touch it I would be gay. As Joe started on my cock I just gave in and grab his cock my first cock to put in my mouth. I just started to give him a blowjob as he was doing to me. Shortly into the blowjob Joe stop me telling me he was going to cum. I felt like by then I wanted it all, and did I get it all I thought he would never stop cumming in my mouth, and I did not lose one drop of his cum. I was not sure how I felt about suck off some guy, but I did feel embarrased with my self and got up and güvenilir bahis left. It took me a week to realize I like his cock and wanted more. I called Joe and told him how I felt and that I was sorry for leaving the way I did. Joe understood and told me to just come over to his house.I wasted no time I was there and getting our cloths off forgetting the drinks, I just wanted to suck Joe off again. After we suck each others cocks Joe said he wish to fuck my ass. I guess why not after I loved his cock. Joe tried to be gentle with my virgin ass when his cock was in all the way he really pounded my ass. I really got into his fuck me, but I still would rather just suck on his cock. I got into sucking on his cock that I wanted to try other men. I join a gay bath where I met a beautiful man. He and I went to a room where he start to fuck my face till I got his full load damn he tasted good. He then started on my cock and wow did I cum. My problem is I did not think to get his number for other times. A week later I went to the gay bath where I seem to only meet guys only into fucking ass, boy did my ass get a work out. I had five cocks up my butt hole one right after the other. I would and do not fuck other men in the ass. My cock either was in a mouth or a pussy. I found I love cocks to suck and pussy to eat. I know I am very BI, as I want men as well as women, both give me a hard on. I just do not care witch one sucks on my cock. Well I told you my first and I could keep going on, only that maybe another time.

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