Flash Forward Ch. 02


As I waited for the elevator in the lobby of my hotel, my mind drifted back to last night. I should be exhausted after last night, but strangely enough I feel like I could run a marathon. As I stepped into the elevator, I drifted back to the memories of his hands cupping my breasts as his tongue traced lightly over my nipples. I felt my face flush as I think back to watching myself in the mirror while his fingers were buried inside of me. As the elevator stopped at my floor, I shook my head and laughed to myself for getting caught up again. As amazing it last night was, I couldn’t fool myself into thinking that it would happen again.

I slid my key card into my door thinking about all the packing I would need to do tonight. I would be leaving in the morning to head back to “normal” and had a lot to do. As I walked into my room and dropped my brief case on the bench, I reached for the light switch. I gasped as a hand slapped over mine on the switch and I was pushed against the wall. I started to fight, until I heard him. “I’ve been waiting for you. I couldn’t let you leave without a proper good bye”.

He pressed me back against the wall, kissing me deeply. His hands were everywhere, running over my breasts. My nipples were pressing against his hands as I arched against him. He his hands ran over me, cupping my ass pulling me against him. He kissed my neck, nipping gently. I moaned as his hands kneaded my ass pulling me hard against him. I bahis firmaları could feel his hard cock pressing against me. As my head dropped back against the wall he started unbuttoning my blouse, popping buttons in his hurry to get to skin. His thumbs circling my nipples as I moved my hips against him. “Please, oh please…” I begged, pulling his head down to my nipples. He chuckled softly as his tongue traced along the line of my bra, before he opened the front hook of my bra. He pushed the sleeves of my blouse down my arms, but my cuffs were still buttoned. With my sleeves pushed all the way down my hands were trapped in my shirt. He pulled them behind me, pushing my breasts forward. His lips raced over breasts, finally taking my nipple in to his mouth. My breath was panting out as he pushed my skirt up around my waist. With my hands still trapped in my shirt, all I could do was gasp as he hooked my panties and tore them off my body. His mouth took mine again and his fingers pushed into my wet pussy. I cried out as I came, my hips pumping.

As I caught my breath, he unbuttoned my cuffs and slid my shirt and bra off. He unzipped my skirt and slowly drew it down my body. As I stepped out of my skirt, he tugged me towards the bed, “I’m not done with you yet..”

My legs bumped up against the bed as he walked me backwards, stripping his own clothes. As he unbuttoned his jeans, I sat on the bed. He pushed his jeans down and there in front of kaçak iddaa me was his cock, hard and ready for me. Before he could push me back on the bed to slide his cock into me, I leaned forward to lightly circle the tip with my tongue. Your hands slid into my hair gripping me. Looking up into your eyes, I slowly take you deep into my mouth sucking your cock. I slide my hands up your thighs as I slide your cock in and then out of my mouth. I use my tongue on the underside of his dick, swirling my tongue around. His hands tighten in my hair, using his grip to guide my head over his cock. He pulls out of my mouth and drags me to my feet. He turns me towards the bed, leaning me over with my hands braced on the mattress. He grips my hips as he slides deep into me, deep slow strokes into my body. I can feel the orgasm building inside of me and I grind back against him, “Always impatient, that hasn’t changed”. As I get closer and closer to cumming, he slides his hand around in front of me and begins circling my clit with his finger. My body starts to shake as I cum, gripping his cock tightly. I cry out as he holds me tight against him, still circling my clit with his finger. He doesn’t stop, whispering in my ear. “Again, I want to feel you cum again”.

It’s too much for me, my body is so sensitive. I’m trying to push his hand away from me but he keeps me still. His other hand slides up my body to cup my breast again, his fingers move over my nipples in the kaçak bahis same rhythm as my clit and I can feel myself tightening again. As my body explodes, I arch back against him, my mouth moving but no sound coming out. I fall forward again, panting and this time he pushes me forward on the bed. I hit the bed and roll pulling him down to me. I wrap my legs around his waist and arch up, I can feel him sliding into me. His tongue traces circles around my nipples and he drives himself into me over and over again. Again, my body tightens around his cock and he grinds his hips into me, pressing me down into the bed as I cum. I want to give him the same pleasure he gave me, so I roll him over onto his back. I kneel above him, just the tip of his cock inside of me. I run my hands up my body as I ease down taking him all the way inside me. I rock my hips against him, taking him deeper and deeper inside of my body, his hands are gripping my hips so tightly that I know he is close. His eyes are locked on my body, watching as I squeeze my breasts pulling my nipples. I ride him faster and harder, until he rears up and using my hair pulls my head back to use his teeth on my neck. He cums inside of me, moaning against my neck and as I feel him pulse inside of me, another orgasm rolls thru me.

I drop my head on his shoulder as we both fight to catch our breath. As we lay back against the headboard, he grins. “I’m glad you finally got back. I’d been waiting.”

As I lean over to kiss him, I quietly tell him, “I hope you don’t have any plans tonight. I don’t plan to let you loose tonight.”

He chuckles as he rolls me over, “Trust me darlin’, I’m all yours tonight…”

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