Alex Grey

It was a Saturday morning and I had a few odd jobs planned around the house. As far as I was concerned it was a case of get them started early and I’d get them finished early. I gathered up my tools to start on then and found my drill wasn’t there.

I checked my notes on my smart-phone to see who had it. I thought it was Joe, my next door neighbour, but I wanted to be certain. I’d recently lost a good saw because I’d lent it to someone and weren’t quite sure who. I stared making a note after that because some bastards will NOT return things, and it’s hard to remind them when you don’t know who to remind.

Seeing it was nearly nine I figured Joe would be up and about. I wandered over and started kicking on the door until he answered. Well, OK, I knocked politely and waited. I just felt like kicking the door.

“Joe,” I said with a nod when he answered. “I’ll be putting up a new cupboard this morning. Need my drill.”

He looked blank and I sighed.

“I lent it to you last week, remember?”

“Oh yeah,” he says. Comes the dawn. He’d intended keeping it, the cheapskate.

“Come on in,” he said. “I’ll see if I can find where I put it.”

You’d bloody better, I thought as I followed him through the house. We went through to the kitchen and stopped there for a moment. Beverly, his wife, was there, having some coffee. She looked delightfully dishevelled, as though she’d just rolled out of bed. She was wearing a flimsy bathrobe and looked adorable sitting there. She was somewhat younger than me and I put her age in the low twenties. A surprise to me how Joe caught her, as I’d never really considered him a ladies man. Still, how would I know, not being a lady myself?

“Just hang on a moment,” Joe said. “I’m pretty sure I put it in the back-room ready to grab and return it.”

He shot out the far door of the kitchen while I politely nodded to Bev.

“After your drill, are you?” she asked. “Pity. He was hoping to keep that. Now he’ll be grouchy all morning.”

You see? I’d just known that he wanted to.

Bev got up and stretched and that was an interesting sight. I wouldn’t mind my hands following her curves as closely as that robe clung to them.

“I’d better go get ready for the day, I guess,” she said, strolling over to the door I’d come in. Reaching the door she stopped and turned to face me. “One last thing,” she said, with a funny smile on her face.

With that she held her bathrobe wide open, flashing me, and then snapping it closed before I had time to do more than catch a glimpse of a lot of feminine beauty. Then she vanished down the hall and I could hear her giggling as she went.

Joe came back with my drill and I politely thanked him and departed. I returned home and started doing those little jobs I’d intended to do, not giving a single thought to Bev and her shaved mons and gleaming white breasts. I could not believe that she’d flashed me.

A few hours later and it was shaping up to be a really hot day. I’d finished the things I wanted to do inside and had now moved out to the back yard. There were a couple of trees that really needed to be cut back. I put up a couple of stepladders and laid a plank between them, climbed up and started trimming.

I could see Joe’s istanbul escort backyard quite easily from my vantage point and I had no doubt that if Joe or Bev looked in my direction they would see me. It wasn’t as if I was trying to hide. After I’d been working for about five minutes Bev came out the back door, wrapped in a towel. Once she was in the middle of the yard she whipped the towel off and spread it on the grass. Her intention to lie down and get a bit of a tan was obvious.

Also obvious was the fact that she intended to sunbake nude as she didn’t have a stitch on under that towel. By what I’m sure must have been a pure coincidence she was facing me when she whipped the towel off and I got an eyeful.

That’s when she looked up and saw me. She got a surprised look on her face, turned sidewards to me, and hastened to put on her bikini, which she just happened to be carrying. I guess it was pure chance that had her bending over to put the bikini bottom on first, giving me an excellent view of her breasts as they dangled below her. After that her top went on and she lay down in the sun, ignoring me.

I finished pruning the poor tree.

For some reason I had a poor night. I slept restlessly and had a few odd dreams. I was feeling just a little irritable when I got up next morning. I’d just finished breakfast when I saw Joe driving off, ribbons with his team’s colours trailing from the side window. Oh yeah, his favourite team was playing a home game today and he was probably off to see them.

For some reason seeing Joe leaving started me wondering. If he’d been hoping to keep my drill, did he perchance keep my saw? The only way I could find out would be to go and ask him. Oh, no, I couldn’t. He’d just left. Still, Bev would probably know. I’d just go and ask her.

I strolled over and Bev answered. It must have been a little early for her because she was in her bathrobe again.

“Bev,” I said nodding. “Listen, when I collected my drill yesterday I forgot to collect my saw. Do you happen to know where Joe has put it?”

“Well, damn,” she said. “Joe was all cock-a-hoop after you took the drill. He figured you’d completely forgotten you lent him that saw too. Come on through. I’ll see if I can dig it out.”

I followed her through to the kitchen.

“Wait right there,” she said. “I’ll be right back.

She vanished out the same door Joe had used and returned after about a minute. With my saw. That bastard had borrowed it after all. Sod him if he thought I’d lend him any more tools.

I happily accepted the saw and then stood there waiting.

“Ah, is there something else,” Bev asked.

“Oh, I was just waiting for you to flash me again,” I told her. “Just don’t be in such a hurry this time. I want time to be able to enjoy the view.”

She glared at me. She couldn’t really deny that she’d flashed me, but she wasn’t going to do it right then. I was willing to bet that she’d have done so just as soon as I was safely out the front door. I decided to ask her.

“What, were you waiting until I was outside again before you flashed?”

She blushed and I laughed.

“I had no such intention,” she said haughtily. avcılar escort “Yesterday was just a momentary aberration.”

She was apparently going to ignore the sun-bathing incident. I hadn’t been in the yard so that didn’t count.

“Well, I have that intention,” I told her. “Take off your robe and toss it to the side and then I’ll go. You’ll be able to walk me to the door in a natural condition.”

“Do you really think I’m going to take off my robe while I’m alone with you and walk around naked?”

“Ah, yes, I think that covers what I think.”

“Oh, yeah, and have you try and rape me as soon as the robe hits the ground, I’ll bet.”

“Don’t be silly. I wouldn’t dream of jumping you and raping you. Why should I, when we both know you’re dying to seduce me? I will just fail to resist your womanly wiles, yielding in the face of your desires.”

She almost choked on that, swallowing the laugh she wanted to give.

Before she could protest again I got in first.

“Trust me,” I told her. “Just get rid of the robe. There’ll be no rape and you’ll be able to chase me out the door.”

She glared at me.

“You’re not leaving until I take off the damn robe, are you?”

“Now you’re getting the idea,” I agreed.

“You do know that Joe will be back soon.”

“Um, yeah. Right after the game is over.”

“Fine,” she snapped. (Terrible word that, when a woman says it. Generally it doesn’t mean fine at all.)

She calmly took off the robe and tossed it onto the kitchen table.

“Satisfied?” she demanded, standing there with her hands on her hips, apparently quite happy to let me see everything.

“Not yet,” I said, “but things are moving in the right direction.”

I stood there and waited and she stood there and glared at me. I had more patience than she did.

“Well?” She demanded.

“Well what?” I asked.

“What are you waiting for?”

“Um, I’m not sure what it is you want me to do,” I confessed. “Am I now supposed to retreat, fleeing as though Jezebel was chasing me, leap on you as if I was Jack the Ripper with carnal intent, come across like Casanova, or wait for you to seduce me?”

“I thought Jack the Ripper was a murderer,” she said, sounding confused.

“He was,” I admitted, “but I couldn’t recall the names of any famous rapists. Um, are there any famous rapists?”

She shook her head slowly and signed, her attitude seeming to indicate that she thought I was demented.

“You’re not going to go away unless I agree to have sex with you, are you?”

“What? Of course I will if you insist. Far be it from me to force you to yield your soft unwilling body to my nasty masculine intentions. Um, are you going to insist?”

I got another nasty look but she didn’t say anything. Apparently she wasn’t going to insist.

“I’ll tell you what,” I said, speaking softly. “I’ll ease you back against the table and show you my intentions. All you have to do is relax and watch and if you think I’m going too far just tell me to stop.”

I moved closer to her and she slowly backed up until she was leaning back against the table. Instead of putting her hands up to fend me off she put them behind her, bracing herself şirinevler escort against the table. My hands came up and caressed her breasts. I’d like to say her nipples came alive at my touch but in reality I was far too late for that. They’d already been standing out before she even took her robe off.

I stroked her breasts for a few moments while Bev practised deep breathing exercises. After a while my hands ran down over her stomach, finishing up with one sliding behind her and fondling her bottom while the other slipped between her legs, rubbing her pussy.

It didn’t need much rubbing for me to discover that she was heated internally, hot and wet. I backed up a step and slowly undid my trousers, watching her watching me as I did so. My trousers went down and my erection sprang up, relieved to be free of the bindings of the cloth.

She didn’t stop watching as I moved closer to her again, my cock leading the way. Then I was standing right next to her, my cock rubbing slowly back and forth along her slit. Her breathing was decidedly ragged at that point.

One hand reaching down, I positioned myself a little more accurately, easing her lips apart at the same time. A little nudge and I was pressing into her, starting the slow drive home. She seemed to give a little hiccup and then she was pushing firmly forward to meet me, helping me enclose myself inside her heated silk sheath with that first long thrust.

I didn’t waste any time. I was pulling back and thrusting in again without pause. And again, driving in happily with a good deal of gusto. Bev was showing just as much eagerness, pushing hard up against me with every thrust, giving out little cries of encouragement.

I established a nice rhythm right from the start, Bev and I seeming to match. Now it was just a case of seeing how long I could maintain this pace, trusting that Bev wouldn’t decide to stop. From the noises she was making that wasn’t going to happen any time soon.

I kept on, my cock sliding in and out, my hands rubbing her breasts, teasing her nipples, while Bev writhed beneath me, asking for, no demanding, more.

I have no idea how long we went for but it was some serious fun time. I could tell that her arousal was complete, her passionate nature demanding more and more from me. I knew that she wasn’t far from a climax and I decided I’d better get a move on to make sure I reached mine. Too, too, frustrating if she climaxed and then said stop, leaving me hanging. Seeing I had thought about it I proceeded to ensure that such a debacle didn’t take place.

I broke free of our nice rhythm, pouring on the passion and energy, really nailing her to the table. She gave a couple of little screams of expectation and then a much louder one as she climaxed, totally drowning out my small grunt of relief as I hosed her down.

I was quite willing to relax in the aftermath but Bev wasn’t having a bar of it.

“Out, now,” she insisted. “I want to have a shower and get dressed before Joe gets home.”

I hitched up my trousers and grabbed my saw and headed for the door, Bev hurrying me along.

“No need to rush,” I pointed out. “The game won’t finish for another hour.”

“Who gives a shit?” Bev snapped. “Joe went to Walmart. They’ve got a special on power tools and he has to buy a drill, seeing you reclaimed yours. He could be home anytime.”

With that she ushered me out the door (pushed really) and raced off to have her shower. I ambled home, saw in hand. An unexpected bonus recovering that. I guess Joe would have to take another trip to Walmart to replace it.

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