Mike had finally moved out to Florida, after years of planning. He moved out to live with his girlfriend, Sarah. They’d been in a long distance relationship for a couple years, but Mike had planned on moving right after college. It had been difficult at times, especially since the two loved to fuck, but they visited each other once and a while, and the waiting made the sex that much more intense.

They were very much attracted to each other, physically and mentally. They loved each other very much, loved to be around each other. Feeling the other person up against them drove both of them crazy.

Mike’s stuff was finally all moved in and put away in the apartment. Sarah had already moved in and had settled down a couple weeks before. Those weeks alone had made her very, very lonely. She was finally out of her parents house, but now was completely alone. Sure, she and Mike talked every day leading up to his move, but she was still adjusting. She did however find it very liberating. She knew she could d anything she wanted now, wherever she wanted. It was her own space.

When she was at the apartment, and had nothing to do but be by herself, Sarah liked to walk around completely naked. She loved it. She felt free. The blinds were closed when she did this, she wasn’t an exhibitionist, but it made her feel good. Made her feel sexy. And she should. She had a beautiful body. Gorgeous face, beautiful breasts, fantastic ass, and great legs. Andy missed her body, really, really, missed it, but he missed her more.

Now that the move was finally complete, they both relaxed. It had been an exhausting couple days. Neither had had time for anything but simple meals, some conversation, and sleep. But now that everything was done, they felt like doing more.

They were both sitting on the couch, relaxing, happy that the move was finally done.

“How do you feel about going out to eat tonight?” asked Sarah.

“I’d love that,” said Mike, “It’d be a nice way to celebrate.”

Both got up off the couch to get dressed. They decided to go out somewhere nice, to get dressed up. Mike put on some nice attire: a thin green sweater, some nice pants, and nice shoes. Sarah decided to wear a wonderful black dress, one which caught Mike’s eye immediately.

She looked beautiful in it, and it really did her form justice. It wasn’t too low cut, but it was low enough to begin Mike’s excitement for the evening. Sarah had the power pendik escort to make Mike hard at almost any moment. She owned his dick. But he knew he shouldn’t get too hard yet, they were about to head out.

He couldn’t help it though, and when Sarah turned around to look at Mike, she noticed a bulge in his pants.

“What’s that?” she asked.

“Oh, nothing…” said Mike.

Sarah smiled. They left the apartment to head off to the restaurant.

The meal was delicious. They were both satisfied with having gone out for dinner. It was time to order desert, and they weren’t sure if they were full enough to eat another bite. Their waiter came over to see if he could help them with anything else.

“Would you two like to order desert?” asked the waiter.

The two looked at each other.

“Maybe,” said Mike, “we’ll have to think about it.”

“I’ll leave you the menu, and be back shortly,” said the waiter.

“Thank you,” Mike replied.

Looking through the menu, they both knew desert sounded good.

“I shouldn’t,” said Mike, “I’ve had enough.”

“Don’t worry,” said Sarah, as she kicked off one shoe under the table, “we can work it off later.”

With that Sarah winked, a started massaging Mike’s crotch with her foot. Mike became hard immediately. A big smile came across his face.

“Well we’ll have to stay now,”Mike said, “standing up isn’t really an option at the moment.”

They stayed for desert, and then left the restaurant very satisfied, and certainly very horny, anticipating the evening ahead.

They got back to the apartment, and went upstairs. They weren’t two seconds in the door before they were all over each other, kissing and groping. Mike knew immediately what he should do. He knelt down, and put his head up Sarah’s dress. She loved it when he went down on her, and he loved going down on her.

He pulled down what he discovered to be a very sexy black thong. Very skimpy. As soon as they were off, his tongue was inside her, licking her up and down. She began to breathe heavily. He knew how much she loved it when he sucked on her clit, so he did just that. She let out a big sigh of delight. He got his tongue in her deeper, going up and down with it. She grabbed the back of his head and pushed it into her. “Keep going…keep going…” Sarah said.

She kept letting out bigger and bigger sighs, eventually making a few kartal escort noises here and there. She was in ecstasy. This was the best she had felt in a long time. She’d had really missed Mike and his tongue. Really missed the feeling of his head between her legs.

Mike knew she was gonna cum soon, so he began licking around her clit, massaging it with his tongue. Her legs were clasped pretty tight around his head. And then she let out a big scream of delight. Mike always made her cum when going down on her. It was a specialty of his.

He came out from under her dress and stood up. She was quiet for a moment or too, with her eyes closed. Her breathing was slow.

Then she opened her eyes. Mike could see something in them. She wanted more, and she wanted it NOW. She pulled him to the bedroom, and threw him down on the bed. As quick as she could, she ripped his and her clothes off. Mike’s hard dick stood at attention to her, and she looked at it. She smiled, and grabbed it. She grabbed it tight, and started pumping it. She liked the feel of his hard dick in her hands, because she knew that it was all for her, and that she controlled it.

Another smile, and she said “Your turn.”

She engulfed his dick, and a shockwave of pleasure went throughout his entire body. He absolutely loved the sight of her going down on him. She went up and down on it over and over again, and he thought he was gonna explode. Sarah went all the way down on it too. She had no trouble doing that. This drove Mike crazy. He hadn’t cum in a while, hadn’t had the time, but now it seemed like it would happen at any second.

Before she could get him off though, Mike stopped her. He took her off his dick, and flipped her onto the bed where he had been. Putting on a condom as quick as he could, the tip of his dick was outside Sarah’s very wet pussy in a matter of moments. He didn’t put it in her immediately. He just massage the outside for a while, teasing her. He did this until she begged for it to be in her, and she wrapped her legs around his back, and brought him inside.

She let out another big sigh, as he stood at the edge of the bed. He brought her closer. Went in and out slowly a couple times. He did this until a certain look came into her eyes, a look that said “fuck me!”.

He began to pound her hard. She let out a big squeal of joy. He lifted her ass up a bit, to bring her to his dick maltepe escort as well. The look on her face let him know that it felt really good.

Eventually Mike climbed up onto the bed as well, and flipped her over to fuck her from behind. Sarah was now on all fours, and Mike slammed his dick back in her. He went it and out, in and out, really fast. It made a slapping sound, as his body hit up against her ass. And what a beautiful ass it was. Mike held onto her hips as her fucked her, slowing down every so often, and then speeding back up again. Sarah began to make noises of pleasure.

He grabbed her hair eventually, and held onto that while fucking her, pulling her head up a bit. They were both in the moment of complete ecstasy and pleasure. Everything felt good, so good that they both might explode in orgasm at any second. But they kept going.

Flipping her over once more, Mike grabbed Sarah’s legs, and pulled them up in the air. He kept pounding her, over and over and over again. She’d forgotten how good he felt inside her. But Mike slowed down again. He pumped in and out very slow. He bent over, towards he nipples, which were very much erect at this point.

He began to suck on them, and Sarah closed her eyes. She had missed him. Missed the way he felt against her. Missed the way he touched her. He had missed her too, for the exact same reasons.

Massaging Sarah’s beautiful breasts, Mike began going a bit faster downstairs again. He spread her legs wide, and brought her up a bit by her ass. As he got back to the speed he was at before, he could see that Sarah was probably going to cum soon. He would too. He kept going in and out, pounding her very hard.

She began screaming, “Don’t stop! Don’t stop…”

There was heavy breathing from both of them.

“Make me cum, make me cum!” she said.

Mike was happy to oblige. He put his body against hers, and kept going in and out. And then…Sarah came, and came hard. She let out one final scream of delight. Mike came too, shortly after. They both looked at each other, having both reached a plane of pure bliss, and smiled. Neither said anything for a bit, Mike’s dick still inside her. He began to remove it when she stopped him.

“Leave it in for a bit. I like the feeling of it inside me again. I missed it. I missed you…” said Sarah.

“I missed you too,” said Mike, “all of you…”

They both smiled again, and began to kiss. Eventually Mike removed himself from Sarah, and the laid together for a bit in silence, enjoying each other bodies against each other. Then Mike reached his hand around to Sarah’s pussy, and began to rub it.

“So what do you wanna do now?” he asked.

Sarah smiled, “I think you know what to do…”

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