Forbidden Passions


It had been a very busy day at the office. I had a report to write, and finished it on time. I looked up to see you standing there in my doorway. You too, had been very busy, and like me were done for the day. You moved forward, letting your long brown hair drop to your shoulders as you slowly removed the pins that held your neatly arrange coif. Then, in a very provocative way, undoing a couple of buttons of your silk shirt, you allowed your black lace bra to be seen. Sitting at my desk I could not help but wonder how warm and firm your breasts must be. I could see your nipples straining against the flimsy material. You asked me if I would like to go out for dinner.

“It would be my pleasure,” I said. As I stood up you could see the bulge in my pants, and putting on my suit jacket, it was obvious what was running through my head. My hand brushed the small of your back as we headed toward the door. I followed you down the hall, to the elevator, watching the sway of your tight ass as your long legs took each step. I could feel my cock grow harder and throb, pushing against my slacks. Entering the elevator you turned and looked at me. With the door closing, you smiled coyly as you moved forward, placing your hand on my hardened member.

Leaning forward, I could feel your hot breath on my neck as you whispered, “We won’t be eating bahis firmaları out, but ordering in.” With your other hand brushing through my hair, you guided my head to your sultry lips, and parting them slightly, your tongue entered my mouth. Capturing my tongue, you sucked on it briefly, and pulling away you said “That is just a sample.”

I could hear a slight groan escape my throat; my anticipation growing. The Doors opened to the carport, and you pointed out your car, a red convertible Mustang. Hopping into your car, we started to your condominium building. Little was said.

When we came to our first stoplight, while waiting for the light to change, Your hand slid up my thigh brushing lightly against my balls, sending a shiver through me. Looking at me with a glint in your emerald green eyes, You winked and moved your hand to put the car in gear. We raced the rest of the way to your condo. We pulled into the drive. You handed me the key. Walking to the door, you put your hand in mine, squeezing lightly.

Once inside the door, we removed our uniforms of business, and got down to a more comfortable level of clothing, you in black lace and silk and me in black cotton boxer briefs. Taking my hand, you led me into the to the all season room. There, high above the city, you slowly kissed my neck, crooning how you’d kaçak iddaa been waiting to do this for some time now. As you moved to my lips and chest, you nipped as though you were testing the suppleness of my flesh. Your hand gliding over my body set every nerve on fire. Removing my boxers, my manhood sprang free of his confinement. Amazed by his size, you smiled with delight and licked your lips as you slowly sank to your knees. Your tongue licking the length of my shaft, you worked up and down my cock with your hands, pumping my engorged rod. You licked the precum from the head of my throbbing cock, the clear liquid glistening on your lips as the moonlight danced on your face.

As you took me deep into your mouth, I moaned. My hands running through your hair, I reluctantly lifted you up and kissing you deeply tasted my precum on your sweet red lips. Reaching down I removed your panties. Slipping my hand between your legs, I felt the wetness of your pussy. Your body shivered in my arms. I could feel your excitement growing as your juices ran freely into my hand. Laying you on the floor, I spread your legs apart to expose the treasures I sought. Biting the inside of your thigh, you gave in to an audible groan as you arched your ass upward. Licking the outside of your wanting pussy, I felt your hands tangle into my hair as you kaçak bahis pulled me into you pussy. I was overcome by the desire you devour you. I took you into my mouth, your muffin so warm, so wet and sweet. I felt your body tighten and your pussy release and I was overflowing with your love juices as they spurted over my eager lips. Lapping them up and tasting the sweetness of your inner body, I thought ‘God you taste so good.’

I devoured the sweetness only you offer me, and needing to feel that same sweetness wrapped around my cock, I rose, placing my hard throbbing cock on your quivering entrance. Arching my back I slipped my cock inside you. The head of my cock swollen and my shaft rock hard, I ground my hips against you. Your long silky legs wrapped around me and pulled me closer. My thursts were deep and a slow, as your hot pussy grasped tightly around my shaft milking me with ever thrust. A long hard screw. We moved as one. My balls tight my cock ready to explode as you rolled us over. On top of me, you rode me slow, teasing my head with your pussy. Lowering your self on me I was deep inside you. Riding me with a wild abandonment you fucked me hard and fast. I couldn’t resist any longer. My body quaked violently as my cum filled you up. You gave in to your own explosive orgasm. We fell together, hearts pounding. We spent the next hour relaxing and enjoying the diamond like lights of the city below, feeding each other the delicacies you’d prepared, sipping wine and talking of the passions we had just shared………

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