Four Hills High School Ch. 01


Four Hills High School Ch. 01Robert sat with Jackie on the floor of her bedroom, and for the hundredth time let his eyes wander over her; over the jeans which hugged her hips tightly, the pleasant swell of her breasts under the pink t-shirt, and the wavy, dark blond hair which fell about her shoulders. In front of them, their algebra books and folders were opened, and homework and notes splayed across the carpet.Get the full story here: sat a few feet from him, concentrating as she leaned over to work a problem on paper, using an unopened book as a makeshift desk. Her body position made her breasts hang slightly, though still restrained by her bra. Without moving, Robert’s eye caught just a hint of white lace as he glanced into the collar of her shirt.She finished the problem, and sat back up, holding the paper where they both could see it. “Is that right?” she asked.He examined her work for a moment. “No,” he said. “Almost.” Edging closer to her, he steadied the paper with his left hand, and pointed at a number with his right. “Move this variable to the other side of the equation, then solve,” he coached her.Her eyes lit in realization. “Oh,” she said, and leaned back down to work on the problem again, once more giving Robert a pleasant view.Robert looked forward to these study sessions, held two or three days a week. Jackie and he had made them something of a tradition since their sophomore year, when Robert had been a new student, shy, and hating school. During the first few days of school, as he had hurried home from the bus stop, she had spoken to him, and he had been completely surprised that a beautiful girl like her would even notice him, much less desire conversation.They had become fast friends, and had quickly discovered that they were taking the same math class. She had asked him for help studying, and so the best part of Robert’s week had begun. Lately, however, their study sessions rarely lasted longer than half an hour.Robert looked as Jackie proffered her paper again. “That’s it,” he said, smiling. “Perfect.” He kept his smile, as he turned his eyes on her.She put her paper down, then, noticing his gaze, she turned to look at him, then laughed, lowering her eyes in embarrassment. “We hardly get any studying done any more,” she told him.”But you’ve got these down,” he pleaded. “I don’t think we need any more. At least not on this subject,” he added.When she looked back up at him, he took her by the shoulders and kissed her. She didn’t protest, but moaned in pleasure as their lips met. Their kiss broke. “Come on,” she half whispered, and gracefully got to her feet, then slinked backwards onto her bed. Robert climbed onto the bed after her.For years after they met, they had stayed study partners and friends, and had both been in marching band together, while Robert had constantly nursed his feelings for her. Finally, a few months ago, he got up the courage to kiss her, and found, to his relief, that she had returned his feelings. Now their study sessions had become excuses to do what they really wanted to do: make out, and, someday soon, perhaps, something more.Jackie came to rest at the head of her bed, her blond curls resting against her menagerie of stuffed a****ls, smiling as she anticipated what was to come. Robert lay down on his side beside her. Unable to restrain himself, he placed one hand on her waist, and the other behind her head, and tenderly kissed her again. She returned the kiss hungrily, closing her lips on his again and again.Robert let his weight rest partially on her, pleasantly aware of the pressure of her breasts against his chest. Pressing closer to her, he felt his already erect penis press between her legs. His right hand entwined in her hair, and his left wandered along her thigh and side, but no further.This was the area he had limited himself to. She was still a virgin, he knew, like he was, and he didn’t know if she was willing to go any further than they did right now. Besides, at first, this had been enough for him. After a make-out session like this, he walked the block to his home a happy man.They stopped kissing for a moment, and Robert pulled his head back, maintaining the weight of his body against hers. She looked back at him with half-closed eyes, clearly enjoying herself as much as he.”Does your father still think that all we do is study?” he asked her. Jackie’s parents were usually at work until 6:00, a fact for which Robert, and Jackie, were thankful.”I think so,” she said. “After all, we did for years, right?”She gave him a quick peck on the lips, then followed up with a deeper kiss. She opened her mouth slightly, flicking her tongue against his lips. He responded by opening his mouth, and their tongues played against one another. Another moan escaped Jackie as they continued hungrily. As they kissed, Robert ground his pelvis into Jackie’s, feeling her hips rise up to meet his gratefully.Finally, bahis siteleri they stopped for air, and looked at one another. Robert could see the desire written plainly on Jackie’s face. Not for the first time, Robert wondered when it might be right for them to move beyond this, or if Jackie even wanted to. Now, it seemed as if she did, but in the same way that he had been too terrified to speak to her, too terrified to kiss her, he could not bring himself to make a move past the safe place they were now.They had spoken about sex once or twice, but only in the context of other people; they had never brought up the subject of the two of them possibly doing it. As far as he knew, Jackie wanted to wait until college, or didn’t want to risk getting caught by her parents.As if she had read the question in his eyes, she asked, “What are you thinking about?”He stroked her hair absently and smiled. “You,” he said; the safest thing he could think to say at the moment.She smiled back at him and leaned forward to kiss him. He returned the kiss eagerly, and they continued to work their mouths against each other. Almost of its own accord, Robert’s groin pressed forward again, relieving some of the tension building up in him. Jackie ground against him with more and more pressure, until finally she wrapped her legs around his waist and pressed into him with all the strength she could muster.She moaned, and a grunt made its way past his lips as they ground their hips together, their lips also connected. Robert could taste his desire, which was threatening to overwhelm him. He wanted Jackie more than he ever had before, and it seemed as if Jackie wanted him. He realized that it was probably now or never; he had to make a move someday, or he would remain a virgin forever.He tentatively moved his hand from Jackie’s waist to her thigh, then, when she did not react, to her perfectly round ass. Almost immediately, she stopped kissing him and grinding against him. She let her legs fall away from his waist. Robert’s heart pounded with the thought that he had gone too far. He pulled back to look at Jackie.She looked back at him, not with the shocked outrage he was expecting, but with the same craving that he felt. Without saying anything, she gently pulled his head down to her, and their lips pressed together.Robert relaxed as they settled into the usual rhythm of making out. Jackie didn’t mind his hand on her ass, but did that mean that she wanted to have sex? He realized that he was still a long way from his goal. He resolved to test Jackie’s desire even more.He arched his back to put space between their bodies, and moved his hand around to her chest. He touched her right breast; at first only grazing it with his fingers, then, resolved, he groped it. It was slightly larger than his fist, and it fit nicely in his hand. He could feel the extra material of her bra between her t-shirt and her flesh, but the texture of her breast was there, unmistakable, all the same.Her kissing seemed to grow in intensity as he felt her beautiful chest. His heart leapt as he realized that Jackie seemed to want him as much as he wanted her. The next obstacle to surmount, he realized, was taking her shirt and bra off, and he realized that he probably couldn’t do this without help.He stopped kissing her and pulled back scant centimeters so that he could speak. She looked into his eyes. Her lips were parted slightly, and she had suddenly become short of breath. “Jackie,” he whispered, “Do you want to . . .””Yes, Robert,” she interrupted him. “Fuck me.”Robert’s shock at hearing this from Jackie gave way to elation. Afraid to waste time, he pulled at the bottom of her shirt. Realizing he was having trouble, she sat up, gently pushing Robert up before her. When they were both on their knees on her white bedspread, she pulled the shirt over her head with a deft tug.Robert caught himself staring at Jackie’s ivory bra; at the tan tops of her breasts as they curved downward behind her modesty-protecting undergarment. He noticed that she was smiling at him amusedly, and realized that they both had stopped undressing. Aware that he was still fully clothed, he fumbled to remove his shirt.He tossed his shirt off the bed, then moved toward Jackie. She purred as they pressed together and kissed, now each feeling the warm flesh of the other’s chest. Robert moved his hands around Jackie’s back to the hooks of her bra, and unsuccessfully attempted to unfasten them.Stifling a laugh, Jackie gently pushed him away, and reached behind her to undo her bra herself. Robert had no time for embarrassment as he watched her. The bra was unfastened in an instant. Jackie held the bra in front of her chest for a moment, then, with the hint of shyness on her face, brought her arms through the straps and let it fall.This time Robert did not let himself stare when he saw her exposed breasts. They were pale where the sun had not touched canlı bahis them. The area which was slightly darker than the rest was the size of a half-dollar. The small nipples were fully erect, and pointed towards him as he reached for them. Taking one in each hand, he slowly massaged them. Jackie watched him, before closing her eyes slowly.Robert then moved forward and kissed her fully, feeling her melt into him. Then, leaning down, he lifted her left breast to his lips, taking her nipple into his mouth. She moaned as he worked her flesh back and forth in his mouth, suckling. He flicked his tongue back and forth, feeling the firm nipple spring back each time his tongue passed. Jackie exhaled as she put her hands behind his hand and raised her face to the ceiling.Robert then moved to her right breast, licking the nipple several times before taking it into his mouth and sucking it in turn. She let him suck for long seconds, gasping in whispers, until she fell backwards against her stuffed a****ls, and looked at him with dreamy eyes. Her breasts stood up from her chest, heaving slightly as she took breath.Unable to resist, Robert moved over her and kissed her right breast again. Supporting himself with his left hand, he moved his right to Jackie’s other breast, and felt it as he sucked her nipple.As much as he enjoyed worshipping Jackie’s breasts, he knew that she was probably expecting something else very soon. Though he completely lacked experience in sex, he had read as much on the subject as he had been able to find. He knew that women took longer to reach orgasm than men, and he had learned one way to make sure that a woman reached hers first.Leaving Jackie’s breasts, he kissed his way down her smooth stomach, and around her belly button. Jackie exhaled in relaxation. Finally reaching the waistband of her jeans, Robert sat up and undid them. Jackie lifted her ass off of the bed to allow Robert to slide her pants off. After he had done so, she continued to arch her back, waiting for him to remove her white, lacy panties. Before he did so, he glanced at her face. She looked back, biting her lower lip in anticipation.Finally, he removed her panties, revealing her glistening pussy, framed by short, dark blond bush. Jackie set her body back onto her bed after Robert had slid her panties off of her legs. Her legs were still spread, beckoning him forwards.He had never seen a pussy in person before, and he still was not sure that he would be able to find her clitoris. Pushing aside apprehension, he lay himself flat on the bed and lowered his face to her. With his hands he spread her labia, and was quickly able to find her clit thrusting toward him. Relieved, he licked it, coaxing a delicious moan from Jackie.Slowly, he worked her clitoris with his tongue, licking up and down, then side to side, trying to make the movements random. Her taste was unlike anything Robert had been told to expect. It was indescribably exotic, and wonderful. He had wondered if he would be disgusted, but now he knew there was no danger of that. He loved her taste. “Oh, yes,” Jackie murmured. Her breathing gradually became heavier, and she began to move her hips against Robert’s tongue.Robert moved his tongue downwards, licking the face of her pussy. His tongue flicked against Jackie’s hymen, which made her pussy opening so tight that he wasn’t able to push his tongue into the opening. Instead, he circled just inside the labia before returning to the clit.Once there, he wrapped his lips around it and began to suck, at the same time pushing his tongue against it as hard as he could manage.Jackie was making soft moans with every breath now, and her hips were nearly lifting from her bed as she pushed against him. Robert gradually increased the speed at which he licked her, hoping that he was good enough to make her come, and wondering if he would be able to tell when she did.”Oh, god,” Jackie said, signaling a nearing to climax. “Yes, yes, yes,” she chanted in increasing urgency. Finally, after minutes of greater and greater ecstasy, Jackie cried out, clawing at the bed in her efforts to process the pleasure. Robert’s mouth was assailed by a flood of her juices. He continued his ministrations through it, holding fast as she writhed on the bedspread.Finally, Jackie collapsed on the bed in exhaustion. Robert, exalting in his success, kissed her entire pussy with his mouth again and again, taking it her succulence. Finally, he lifted himself up, his face dripping with her. She smiled at him, giddy with the slaking of her lust. With a laugh, she reached up to wipe off his mouth.He allowed her to clean his chin before asking, “Did you like that?””Oh, yeah,” she told him, breathlessly.Robert knelt before her, and, with his hand, touched his penis to her pussy. Jackie took a sharp breath, the anticipation, or anxiety, too much. She was saturated with wetness from her orgasm, and Robert’s efforts.”Ready?” güvenilir bahis he asked.She nodded. “Fuck me,” she gasped.Obeying her instantly, he pushed forward, and Jackie gasped immediately, biting her lip in pain. Robert stopped. Looking down, he couldn’t see any blood yet. “Are you okay?” he whispered. As much as he wanted her, he didn’t want to hurt her.She nodded her head quickly. “Yeah,” she breathed.Again, Robert pushed forward, starting to feel the warmness of her flesh around her penis. Jackie grimaced and inhaled sharply, pulling away.”Are you sure you want to do this?” Robert asked, feeling a twinge of disappointment with the question.Jackie seemed to steel her resolve. “Yes,” she said, nodding again. “Fuck me.”Gently, Robert thrust forward. He moved a little further inside her. The head of his penis was completely inside before she gasped again. This time, Robert’s desire and impatience combined to push aside his guilt at causing Jackie pain. As she pulled away, he grasped her shoulders and thrust onward. He felt her hymen give way, and slid all the way into her. She cried out, and clawed at his shoulders, but relaxed almost immediately when she realized that it had been done.”Are you okay?” Robert asked, the guilt taking over once again.”Yeah,” she whispered, nodding.Robert pulled back out and raised himself up, looking between their legs. A small smear of blood was on his penis, and more was already dripping from her onto the bedspread.”Oh my god, your sheets,” he said in alarm.She stopped him with a hand on his shoulder. “Don’t worry about my sheets,” she said, calmly. “Just fuck me.”His guilt forgotten, he thrust into her again, experimentally, this time enjoying the sensation. She gasped as he drove himself inside of her. He pulled out and thrust again, then again, slowly settling into an easy rhythm.Her warmness surrounded him, and the friction of each stroke sent shivers of ecstasy up his spine.Jackie’s whispered gasps came with every stroke. She closed her eyes, savoring the pleasure coming so soon after the pain. Robert had heard that girls didn’t enjoy their first time, but Jackie seemed to be enjoying it. He watched her as he fucked her. Her breasts jiggled pleasantly each time he pumped, and he wanted to touch them.He pushed himself up on his knees, while continued to fuck her, then cupped her breasts, gripping each nipple lightly between his fingers. He held them lightly enough that they continued to jiggle.”Does this feel good?” he asked her. He was actually genuinely concerned, but realized that this doubled as dirty talk.She half opened her eyes and looked at him. “Oh, yeah, baby,” she said. She gazed into his eyes, her mouth opening, as he drove within her again and again. He lay back down onto his elbows, and placed his hands behind her head, luxuriating in her full hair as his penis luxuriated in her pussy. His hips thrust as he rested his weight on her, feeling her breasts press into his chest. He kissed her deeply, their tongues flicking together.Robert was amazed that he had not already come. He guessed that they had been fucking for a few minutes. Deciding that that was good enough, he raised himself off of Jackie again and started to stroke a little harder. Jackie’s gasps became small cries as she felt him penetrate her. Robert could feel the tension building up within him until it was blinding, and he had to close his eyes against it.He exploded inside of Jackie, coating her with his come. He thrust two more times, until he was completely spent. Without pulling out, he gently lay back on Jackie, who was smiling up at him. He kissed her twice, long and slow. He then rolled to his side and off of her.Jackie likewise rolled to her side, and they lay there, next to each other.”That was amazing,” Jackie said.”Yeah, it was,” Robert said. “I didn’t know if you wanted to do it . . .” He trailed off.”Are you k**ding?” she asked. “I’ve been waiting for you to make a move, ever since we started making out.” She laughed, and Robert smiled. He looked at her body, as she lay in front of him, unashamed. Her breasts hung pleasantly, and Robert reached out to caress them. Jackie inhaled slightly in pleasure.Fondling her, he looked down and started. There was a large spot of blood on the bedspread, and on his penis, as well as a trickle dripping down Jackie’s thigh.”Don’t worry about it,” she said. “I’ll clean the bedspread.””Did it hurt?” Robert asked her.”At first, yeah,” she said, nodding, prompting a tinge of guilt from Robert. “But after that, it felt so good, I forgot about the pain.””That’s good,” Robert said, and went back to massaging her breasts with his one hand.”I’m so glad it was you,” Jackie told him then.Robert leaned over to kiss her, then moved his weight on top of her again, pushing her on to her back. They kissed slowly for several minutes, their warm flesh pressed together. Finally, they stopped to clean themselves up before Jackie’s father got home.They cleaned up in Jackie’s bathroom and got dressed. She started the laundry just before they heard the garage door go up. Robert and Jackie walked down the stairs as her dad was coming in the garage door.

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