Four Hours to Edinburgh Ch. 03


As Peter and Fliss finished checking into their 5-star hotel, the porter carried their luggage to the lift and showed them to their room. The porter opened the door and stood aside to let Fliss enter first. As Peter was about to follow her, he heard what he thought was a familiar voice along the corridor and upon turning round he spotted Susie and Kat leaving a room about five doors away; they noticed him and Susie blew him a kiss. He smiled and went through the door into the hotel room. Once inside, and after tipping the porter, Peter told Fliss he needed a shower to wash off the grime of the journey. In reality he wanted to get rid of any smell of sex and any give-away fluid stains from his body.

Fliss said she would start getting ready for dinner and began to undress. As Peter was checking out the shower in the en-suite, he heard Fliss calling to him. He poked his head around the bathroom door to find Fliss looking puzzled.

“My panties are on back to front,” she said to him, “I would have thought I would have noticed that when putting them on.”

Peter told her that she must have put them on in a rush and that it was no big deal. He returned to the bathroom cursing Cindy for her lack of attention and praying that Fliss let the matter drop. In the shower Peter let the warm water wash all over him, soothing his tired body; he picked up the shower gel and started to lather up, starting with his chest and working his way down. As he washed he re-lived the days events in his mind, marvelling at how lucky he had been to share the compartment with four such hot young ladies. His hands reached his abdomen and brushed against a raging hard on; his cock had got hard as he thought about the four mouths that had engulfed his cock and the three pussies he had fucked. He grabbed hold of his cock and began to stroke it vigorously as he brought to mind the breasts he had groped and sucked. He closed his eyes as his cum splashed against the glass of the cubicle and slithered down into the pool of water at his feet.

“Shame,” came a voice, “I could have done with that.”

He turned around startled, to see Fliss had entered the room without him noticing. She was standing there in a new set of lingerie, looking very sexy. Peter groaned; he knew that he could not do his wife justice after just having come for the sixth time that day.

“I’m sorry love,” he said, “I just came over all horny and couldn’t control myself.”

Fliss turned and left the room; it appeared to Peter that she was slightly miffed. He decided to try to make it up to her by having dinner in the fancy restaurant downstairs rather than finding a cheaper one along the High Street. He finished his shower, applied after shave and returned to the bedroom to get dressed for dinner. Fliss was practically ready and she asked him to do up a necklace for her to finish off her outfit. Peter thought she looked ravishing and quickly dressed so that he could show off his attractive wife downstairs.

As they entered the restaurant, Peter looked around for any sign of the girls, but they were nowhere to be seen. Probably had more sense, he thought to himself, and found a local burger joint. They sat at the table and ordered their food; Peter ordered a pricier bottle of wine than he normally would and felt Fliss’s mood relaxing as the wine and the good food appeased her foul mood. They entered into pleasant conversation about the next day’s sightseeing and Fliss was delighted when Peter agreed to allow some time for exploring the High Street shops. She was drinking more than she normally did and Peter was hoping that he might yet get into her knickers when they returned to the bedroom. For dessert, Fliss ordered a banana split and when she was sure no-one was looking she picked up one of the banana halves and ran it in and out of her mouth while staring into Peter’s eyes. He almost choked on his mouthful of brandy as Fliss’s out of character behaviour caught him by surprise. He was now convinced he was onto a winner once he got Fliss back to their room.

After charging the meal to their room, Peter escorted Fliss back to the lift. They had it to themselves and Peter managed a quick grope of her breasts before she stated that she had a bad headache developing. Back in their room Peter helped Fliss undress and put on her nightie; she took a couple of her sleeping tablets and he told her he was going to the bar for a nightcap.

Back in the lift, Peter was thinking of what might have been had he taken more control of Fliss’s drinking and was chastising himself for a missed opportunity for one last bang of the day. As he entered the bar he heard some familiar voices chatting and when he turned a corner saw the four girls sitting up at the bar on stools.

“Evening ladies,” he said, “having a nightcap before turning in?” he asked.

They laughed and Sasha said, “No Petie, don’t be silly, we’re just having a starter before going clubbing. Hoping to pick up some local lads for some night-time entertainment.”

Peter smiled; bahis firmaları thoughts of some night-time entertainment of his own rapidly disappeared. His eyes ran over the four girls in their clubbing gear; they sure knew how to dress sexy, he thought, although Sasha’s outfit with an extremely short hem-line and almost 50% of her ample breasts on show was border-line slutty.

He ordered himself a scotch on the rocks and asked the girls if they would like a drink. They were all on Vodka Lemonades and the barman served these to the girls as they continued to chat. Peter sat on a stool next to Susie.

“So, where’s the missus?” asked Susie.

“She had a bad headache coming on, so she’s taken some more sleeping pills,” replied Peter.

Susie looked at the other girls and winked.

“I hope you don’t think I’m being rude,” said Peter, “but I’m surprised you girls are staying here; I thought you’d be at a Prime Inn or some such like.”

“Oooh, Petie thinks we’re not posh enough for here,” said Sasha laughing.

The other girls joined in and then Cindy said, “We all work for the parent company of this chain, so we get a nice discount.”

“You all work together! Christ, have they got any vacancies?” exclaimed Peter.

“Grandad wants to screw us at work,” laughed Kat.

This caused the barman to briefly look up from his newspaper; he looked at the four hot young things and decided they were teasing the old fellah.

“Imagine all the unpaid overtime you’d have to put in,” laughed Cindy. The other girls all joined in the laughter while Peter imagined what it would be like to work in an office with four such hot, wanton young women. He decided that after about two weeks his heart would probably give up.

The girls were finishing off their drinks and looked like they were getting ready to leave, all apart from Susie. “Hold up girls, one more before we get moving yeah? The night is still young,” she said.

The girls returned to their seats as Susie asked the barman if he did blowjobs. After clarifying that she meant the shot, the barman stated that it wasn’t on the official bar list, but he knew how to make them.

Once the drinks were all lined up on the bar, the girls all placed their hands behind their backs and lifted the glasses with their mouths, downing the contents. Peter watched in amazement; as the girls returned their glasses to the bar he noticed that they all had white stuff around their mouths, primarily on their upper lips which they then, rather seductively, licked off slowly whilst all staring at him.

“Come on Pete, bottoms up,” said Susie as she placed a hand on his thigh, stroking it lightly.

Peter picked his glass with his hand and downed the contents, enjoying the combination of Amaretto and Irish Cream. Susie’s hand was getting more adventurous and had found his sleeping dick nestled against his thigh. As he put the glass back on the bar, Susie reached for his face and pulled it towards her; she licked the cream from off his upper lip and then proceeded to stick her tongue in his mouth and halfway down his throat. He groaned as he sat back down and placed a hand on her bare thigh; she sighed.

“You coming then, Susie?” asked Sasha.

“Naah, I think I’ve found my entertainment for the night,” said Susie, giving Pete’s cock a squeeze.

As the three girls left the bar, Peter ordered them both another drink. His hand had found the inside of Susie’s thigh and was travelling North. Susie parted her legs further to make it easier for him and within seconds he was tracing his fingers along the crutch of her panties. She was struggling to control her breathing; she didn’t want the barman to realise what was happening, but he still had his head buried in his newspaper.

After finishing their drinks, Susie said, “So, do you want to come to my room for some fun?”

Peter grabbed Susie’s hand and whisked her towards the lift. Once inside the lift and realising that they had it to themselves, Peter grabbed Susie by the waist and kissed her, exploring her mouth with his tongue.

She pulled away from him. “Peter,” she said, “Can I ask a favour? Can I call you Daddy tonight?”

Thoughts of his Hazel flooded his mind again, as he said, “You can call me anything you want to baby girl.”

“Oooh Daddy, I like it when you call me that,” said Susie, before returning her lips to his and probing her tongue into his welcoming mouth.

He was stroking her arse cheeks through her short dress while kissing her and she was pressing her body up against him, rubbing her breasts against his chest. The lift stopped at their floor and they hurried out, walking past his room and reaching the door to her room. When Peter walked in he was surprised to see a double bed; he had been expecting two singles.

Seeing the surprised look on his face, Susie said “Us girls like to cuddle up at night when we haven’t got a bloke to share our bed.”

Then her demeanour changed. She turned her back to him and said, “Daddy, can kaçak iddaa you please undo the zip of my dress for me?”

Peter was more than happy to oblige and once the zip was undone he also unclipped her bra before running his hands around her side and feeling her small breasts.

“Oh Daddy,” said Susie, “that feels so naughty yet so nice.”

Peter began to kiss the back of her neck while fondling her tits. “Hazel,” he said, “I’ve been wanting to do this for so long.”

Susie sighed. She now realised that it was not just her fantasy being played out but Peter’s as well. Feeling a growing bulge pressed up against her rear she asked, “Daddy, what is that lump in your trousers?”

“That, my little angel, is Mr Willy and he wants to come out and meet you,” answered Peter, rubbing his cock against her bum.

“Do you think he’ll like me Daddy?”

“If you’re nice to him, he’s bound to,” said Peter, “Why don’t you get him out and introduce yourself?” With this Peter turned Susie around and placed his hands on her shoulders, encouraging her to drop to her knees.

His crutch was now at her eye level and she slowly extended her hand to his zip and pulled it down. Peter was busy unfastening his trousers and they dropped to the floor revealing his erect cock encased in silky boxers. Susie encircled his cock with her hand and slowly stroked it.

“Oh God Hazel, that feels so good,” he stated. “Now, please take my boxers down so that Mr Willy can see you properly.”

Susie did as bade and was delighted to see some pre-cum had already leaked from his knob.

“Daddy,” she said, “What is that liquid on Mr Willy? Has he been crying?”

Hearing the word Daddy again made Peter’s cock twitch and some further pre-cum leaked out of his piss hole, “Perhaps you could kiss him better, then he might stop crying,” said Peter.

Susie raised her mouth and lightly kissed the penis on the tip, ensuring that her tongue got a taste of the pre-cum awaiting her, “Like that Daddy?” she asked.

“Like that honey bunch,” he responded, “only perhaps a slightly bigger kiss. First, why don’t you stick your tongue out and wipe away all of his tears? Yes, that’s it baby girl – you’re doing very well. Now open your mouth and take Mr Willy in. Yes, just like that; now kiss him and lick him with your tongue. Can you feel him growing? That’s because he very much likes what you’re doing.”

Susie was enjoying this role playing and was squeezing her thighs together as her pussy began to tingle. She so wanted Peter’s cock in her but knew that the game had to be played out to ensure that they both achieved their fantasies.

“Now, darling girl, try to get as much of Mr Willy in your mouth as you can. He likes the feel of your mouth on him.”

Susie opened her mouth wide and moved along Peter’s engorged cock, licking and sucking as she did.

Peter groaned. Never in his wildest dreams had he imagined that he would be able to live out his fantasy of fucking his daughter, but Susie was playing the role superbly. He ran his fingers through her hair, stroking her head and picturing Hazel in his mind.

“Oooh baby girl, you’re doing so well. Mr Willy likes you very much.” Peter grabbed her head by both sides and said, “Keep still now, Mr Willy wants to see if he can find the back of your throat.”

He then started to pump his cock in and out of Susie’s mouth, working his cock slightly further in with each thrust. As he was nearing the stage of his balls slapping against her chin, he said, “Almost there little one, just relax your throat so that Mr Willy can get all the way in.”

Before he could push any further he erupted in her throat, causing her to gag a bit as a shower of seed went straight down her throat to her stomach. Peter was stroking her hair again, “Oh Hazel,” he said, “you made Mr Willy so happy; see what happened. He wanted to share some of himself with you.”

As Peter withdrew his cock from her mouth, Susie was staring into his eyes. “Did I do alright Daddy; please say I did alright.”

Peter raised her to her feet, “You did amazingly honey bunch,” he said, “Now let’s get you undressed and ready for bed.”

“Okay Daddy,” said Susie. She allowed Peter to pull down the front of her dress and remove her bra. He slipped off her knickers and while he was kneeling in front of her to get them over her feet, he planted a tender kiss on her mons.

“Oh Daddy,” she exclaimed, “that feels so nice.”

“I’m going to make it feel a whole lot nicer soon,” said Peter. He told Susie to lie on the bed while he took off what remained of his clothing. His cock was still flaccid from having orgasmed just minutes earlier, so he lay on the bed with his mouth above Susie’s shaved pussy.

“Now, Hazel,” he said, “I’m going to show you how good it feels to have your kitty licked.”

He spread her thighs and lowered his face. The smell was heavenly, and he hoped that Hazel would smell as good. For a brief period he just lay there looking at the bare pussy kaçak bahis exposed to him and enjoying the smell. He extended his mouth forward and planted a big kiss on her pussy, sucking on her outer lips and pressing his nose against her clit. Susie moaned, “Oh Daddy, that’s lovely. It’s making my pee-pee feel all tingly.”

Peter almost laughed at the use of the term pee-pee; it was what he and Fliss had taught Hazel to call her vagina when she was much younger. He extended his tongue into her hole, savouring the taste of her, lapping up the juices that had started to flow and exploring her pussy as best as he could with the limited range of his tongue. Susie was now breathing heavily, between moans, and Peter realised that she was on the point of an orgasm.

“That’s it baby girl,” he said, “let it go. Come for Daddy and let me drink your juices.”

Hearing these words, Susie’s pussy exploded and a gush of fluids poured out onto Peter’s face. More than he had ever experienced before.

“Oh my God, Hazel, you really came for Daddy in a big way,” he said as he continued to lick up the juices coating her thighs and pussy.

Once he had licked all of her juices from her splayed thighs, Peter crawled up the bed and lay next to Susie. They put their arms around each other and kissed deeply.

Susie said, “Is that strange taste in your mouth the taste of my pee-pee Daddy?”

“Yes, honey bunch. That lovely taste is the taste between your legs and I want to keep tasting it for years to come,” said Peter.

“Oh Daddy, that sounds nice. You can lick my pee-pee whenever you want,” stated Susie.

Peter was now paying attention to Susie’s breasts.

“See these, Hazel,” said Peter, fingering Susie’s nipples, “these are your nipples and you can get a good feeling from these too.”

“Show me how, please Daddy” said Susie.

Peter lowered his mouth to her right nipple and sucked it into his mouth while fondling her left breast with his hand. Her nipple grew as he teased it with his tongue and he started to suckle on it.

“Are you trying to get some milk out Daddy?” asked Susie.

“No honey, you don’t have any yet but when you have a baby of your own I would love to suck your milk.”

“Oh, okay Daddy. I will always save some of my milk for you.”

Peter groaned. He wished this was his Hazel making these promises to him. He switched his mouth to her left nipple and sucked on it while running his fingers over her slippery right breast. His right hand had snaked beneath her and was squeezing her arse cheek; it was small, soft and smooth. His cock had awoken from the attention he was paying to Susie’s body and was nudging between her thighs.

“Oooh Daddy, it feels like Mr Willy wants to play again,” said Susie.

“He sure does honey bunch. He wants to say hello to your kitty and make you feel lovely again.”

“Okay Daddy. It won’t hurt me will it?” she asked.

“No baby. He is going to make you feel loved. He may even share some more of himself with you.”

Susie looked down into Peter’s eyes and imagined her own dad being there. Looking further down at his cock, she said, “He looks very big Daddy. Is he red because he’s angry with me? Will he fit in me?”

“It’s okay baby girl,” said Peter, “He’s red because he’s excited and yes he’ll fit in you. He may stretch you a bit, but you are going to enjoy having him inside you.”

Peter repositioned himself so that his cock was near the entrance to Susie’s pussy and lowered himself gently, kissing her on the mouth as he gently thrust his cock into her warm, wet, inviting hole. She gasped as his cock made its way slowly inside her; stretching her walls as its thickness passed along her vagina. He was slowly pumping his cock into what felt like a velvet glove; she was tight, so tight and it felt like her pussy was trying to milk the cum from him. He slowed down for fear of coming too soon and spent some time just resting inside her as he sucked again on her nipples. She was not to settle for this though and, using her feet on his buttocks, started to try to pull him further inside her.

“Okay, honey, if you want it that bad,” he said, “But I warn you, I don’t think I can last too long in that gorgeous kitty of yours.”

He started to thrust in earnest, pushing further and further in. It felt to him that Susie’s vagina was contracting as if trying to trap him inside her.

“What are you doing down there, baby girl,” he asked.

“Do you like it Daddy? I’m using my kitty to stroke Mr Willy.”

“It feels heavenly, darling, but if you keep doing that Mr Willy is going to erupt inside you,” said Peter.

“Do it Daddy, do it,” pleaded Susie, “I want to feel your sticky juices lining my kitty walls.”

This sent Peter over the edge and with one final thrust he emptied his balls into Susie’s vice like pussy. As he pulled out of her, Susie rushed down and took his cock into her mouth, licking all of the cum off of him. After she was finished she licked her lips and smiled.

“I think it’s time for bed Daddy. Can you cuddle me for a while?”

Peter looked at his watch. “Okay honey, but I need to set an alarm for five-thirty so that I can get back before Fliss wakes.”

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