Four Sided Triangle Ch. 02


Back at Dylan’s house, things had heated up between Emily and Jim. They had been sitting a ‘respectable’ distance apart when Dylan was still there, but since he had left and Emily and Dylan’s parents had gone to their bed at the other end of the house, all respectability had gone out the window. They were in the rec room, which was in the basement, watching a string of suspense movies. Emily was not a huge suspense movie fan, and though she had started out giggly when it was light out and she was sober, after a couple of beers and darkness, she was clutching Jim to her like she was freezing death.

This amused Jim, and he took a couple opportunities to suddenly spasm, which caused Emily to shriek. He stopped this though, when she told him that if he did it again he wasn’t getting any tonight. Although he had only gotten to second base the night before, he was optimistic for tonight, though he wasn’t going to push his luck. He’d known Emily since they were both in diapers, and had always admired her ability to be both tomboyish and a girly girl, depending on the situation. He also didn’t mind that she had turned into a knockout, whose lean athletic figure had entranced him when she had starred on their high school basketball team, despite the fact at 5’5′, she was much shorter than most of the girls. He also wondered where she hid her tits on the court, since he’d never seen her C-cups jiggle or get in the way while she bounded up and down the court.

Those C-cups weren’t far from his mind right now; in fact, he was using them as a pillow. Emily was wearing a simple tank top and mesh shorts. She also had no bra on, which Jim could tell by the nipples poking him in the back of the head. She was breathing heavily due to the movie. Jim decided to use this as an entrance, and moved around behind her, wrapping his arms around her as her protector from the evil aliens or zombies or whatever it was in this movie. He’d been paying much more attention to her.

Emily wasn’t sure how far she wanted to go with Jim. She’d had a crush on him for years, but because he had been with Bridget for that time, she had never had her chance. She’d also been pretty drunk the night before, and wasn’t sure how far they’d gone already, but she didn’t want to go too far too soon.

Emily liked the way she felt in Jim’s arms. She felt ‘safe.’ She knew it was cliché, but to her, it was true. She was quickly losing track of the movie, not that it was that hard to follow, but she was paying more attention to Jim. She felt him nuzzle up against her neck, and leaned back against him to voice her appreciation. She then felt his lips on her neck, and shiver run up his spine. She turned to face him, and they kissed there on the couch, as the zombie aliens finally were beaten back by the humans.

She felt Jim’s hand run up her back, under her shirt. She didn’t mind, in fact, she liked it. She started feeling his chest under his shirt, and finally worked it up and off. Emily never minded being forward; in fact, she loved being in control. She felt Jim was moving a little too slow getting her shirt off, so she reached down and took it off herself, showing him her tanned chest. Jim immediately latched onto a nipple like a baby needing milk. He was good at it too, she thought, and moaned in bahis firmaları acknowledgement of his skill. She felt his hard-on burning a hole into her leg, too. She wasn’t ready to free the beast, so she just lay back and let Jim work on her chest. He continued to massage, lick, nibble, and tweak, as she arched her back in appreciation.

It was at this point she heard a creak on the stairs. Emily quickly ducked and covered, leaving Jim wondering what had happened. As she hustled to get her shirt on, he heard her hiss “Someone’s coming.” He sat up and away from her, trying to push down the massive hard-on that he’d grown. But no one came down the stairs.

“Hello?” Emily said, hoping to find out who it was. Again no answer.

She moved to the stairs, and looked up. The door at the top was slightly ajar, but she didn’t see anyone. Still a bit confused and scared, she tiptoed quietly up the stairs and silently pulled the door shut. She then tiptoed back down to where Jim was sitting, staring at the credits. She stepped in front of his view, and slowly, seductively, danced a little dance, turned her back to him, and removed her shirt. She tossed it at him, which he caught and smiled. She then turned slowly around, arms crossed in front of her. Jim was grinning, enjoying the attention this gorgeous female was lavishing on him. She straddled his lap and sat down, her arms still hiding her chest from sight. She leaned in and kissed his cheek, then neck. Jim was getting extremely hard now, and tried to shift himself a little bit. Emily pulled back and bit her lip:

“Aww, don’t want me on your lap?”

“No, no, its not that. Its that…”

“What? Did I give you a hard-on?”

“Umm, yeah.”

Emily stood up now, and smiled:

“Well, what should I do about it?” She turned around now, and bent over, showing Jim her ass.


“Nothing? Ok.” She moved towards her shirt to put it on.

“No wait.” Jim’s mind began to function again.

“I want you to keep going.”

“Keep going with what?”

“With your dance.”

Emily smiled, and turned back towards him, one arm across her chest now. She leaned down, and kissed him once.


She moved to the tv, and switched until she found a channel which was playing music. It was just muzak, but she knew she could work with it. She began to sway with the music, and moved back towards Jim. His eyes were locked on her body as she swayed with the music. She did a spin, and as she did, she dropped her arm, showing him her chest again.

She then hooked her fingers in her shorts, and danced around him, sticking her ass into his face every few turns. Finally, she stopped, facing away from him. She bent down, almost in two, and slid her shorts down and off. She threw them at him and hit him in the face. He pulled them off, and saw her now, still dancing, with only a tiny little black g-string on. He was amazed that he still didn’t see a tan line on her body.

Emily knew she had Jim completely enraptured now. She moved up close to him, and straddled his legs. She began to grind against one, a trick an older friend who had worked as a stripper had taught her. She could feel Jim’s cock about ready to split his pants, and realized that she too was soaking her panties. kaçak iddaa She decided this wasn’t a bad thing, so she stood up and smashed Jim’s face against her panties, so he could smell her scent. He groaned in anticipation, and she backed off again. She did the same bending move again, except this time, after she was done; Jim had a fantastic view of both her brown-hole and her pussy. He saw she was completely shaved, something he hadn’t ever seen before. Now naked, she dropped to her knees, and crawled over to him.

She pushed him back into the couch, and slowly unzipped his zipper. His cock popped out like a jack-in-the-box. She smiled up at him, and then lightly kissed the tip, then down the sides. He groaned, loving the attention. Emily then licked him up and down, lightly taking one of his balls into her mouth. She also took the time to push his pants down to his ankles, before taking his whole member into her mouth. It was then she heard another creak.

She dove behind the couch, attempting to pull her short and shirt back on, as she looked up at the stairs for someone to come down. But again, she didn’t see anyone. As she finished pulling on her shirt and Jim had his pants back up at his waist, she whispered she was going to go see. She crept over to the stairs, and up, still seeing no one. She reached the top of the stairs, and noticed the door was open again.

Knowing she had shut the door already, she walked through it, wondering who was spying on her late night trysts, fearing it was her father. The lights were all off in the house as she wandered through. She reached the stairs that went up to the second floor, and still didn’t see a light, so she went back to the kitchen, grabbed a glass of water, and headed back towards the basement.

Jim met her at the door, looking fairly nervous.

“Emily, what’s going on?”

“I don’t know. But I know I shut this door earlier, and now its open again.”

“Is someone spying on us?”

“Who knows. Shall we continue?”

“Actually, its late and I’m a little freaked out now. I’ve got a vision of your dad and a shotgun in my head. I’ll catch up with you tomorrow, ok?”

“Aww, are you sure? Things were just getting fun.” Emily leaned into Jim, grabbing his crotch as she did.

“I’m sorry Em. I’ll make it up to you, I promise.”

“You’d better” she said, and gave him her best pouty look.

“G’bye beautiful” he said, and kissed her.


She led him to the back door, which was in the rec. room. Jim only lived a couple blocks away, so he usually just cut through a couple of backyards. He waved as he moved out of sight.

“Fuck, I’m really wet and horny now” Emily thought, as she headed back upstairs. She stopped to drop off her glass in the kitchen, then moved up to her bedroom. She’d gotten there, and started to change for bed, when she realized she’d forgotten her panties in the rec room. “Oops” she giggled, and decided to make a naked run back down there for them. She light-footedly jogged through the house. It took her a minute to find the panties stuffed into the couch.

Knowing they were soaked, she didn’t bother to put them on, so she was still naked when she literally ran into me in the kitchen.


“Whoa, hi Em.”

Emily’s kaçak bahis hands immediately shot out to cover her private parts, and she ducked behind cover to put the panties on.

“I didn’t hear you come in.”

“Obviously. Jim still here?”

“No he left. Umm, can you turn around so I can go upstairs and put some clothes on.”

“Sure. Go ahead.”

Emily bolted upstairs and got into her room and slammed her door, forgetting that everyone else was asleep. She quickly pulled off the panties, through a fresh pair and her pajamas on, and opened her door back up. I’d just reached the top of the stairs, and turned to see her looking out at me. She put a finger to her mouth in a ‘quiet’ signal, and motioned for me to come in. I followed her, and found her sitting at her desk chair. I could see her face was still cranberry from the collision.

“So, looks like you two had some fun.”

“Actually, no. I think someone was spying on us.”


“Yeah. The rec room door was open earlier, so I shut it, then I heard a creak, and checked the door, and it was open again.”

“I think you’re paranoid Em. Its those horror movies.”

“Fuck you Dylan.”

I looked at the panties in a pile on her floor, and chuckled.

“Why are you in such a good mood tonight? Did you get laid?”

Emily and I had always been close and told each other about our love lives, so I had no hesitation in answering her question.

“Yeah I did, actually. But you’ll never guess who.”


“No, but you’re so funny. I’d rather fuck a tree than her.” Julie and my falling-out had been the stuff of legends.

“Some college girl back for some slumming?”

“Again, you’re a shitty comedian. Think of poetic justice.”

Emily’s face scrunched up in thought, then it hit her.

“Oh my god. You hooked up with Bridg…”

Her sentence was caught short as my hand covered her mouth.

“Whisper please. Some people here might be sleeping, unless yours and Jim’s moans woke them up. Oww! You bit me!”

“You deserved it. And I can’t believe you hooked up with Bridget. Wow.”

“Yeah, I think in some way she was trying to get back at you and Jim.”

“By sleeping with my brother. I don’t follow.”

“Hey, I’m just explaining, not justifying. But yeah, we did it in the Jeep.”

“Uggh, as if you hadn’t dirtied that Jeep enough. How am I going to drive it now?”

“Maybe that was my goal, to get my own car. Hey, does it freak you out that we’ve fucked two people that used to date?”

“Actually, Jim and I haven’t done it. He got freaked out by the ‘door incident’ earlier and bailed.”

“Aww, I’m sorry sis. Is that why you were wandering around the house naked?”

“No, that was just because I… never mind. I’m going to bed now. G’nite.”

“G’nite sis.” I headed down the hallway to my room. I heard Emily shut her door, then her bed creak.

My room was directly across from Lisa’s.” As I crept down the hall to prevent both her and my parents from waking up, I saw a sliver of light from her room. As I moved closer to say ‘Good night,’ I heard some shuffling.

I knocked on the door, and heard “Come in.” I opened it to see Lisa in bed with the covers up to her chest. She was breathing heavily, and her face was flushed.

“Lisa, you ok?”

“Yeah, why?”

“You’re a little flushed.”

“Oh, I just jumped into bed.”

“Oh, ok. Good nite sis.”

“Good night Dylan.”

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