Frankie Goes for a Test Drive

Frankie Goes for a Test DriveFrankie had decided it was about time she bought a new car, so she took herself to the nearest car dealership.She had a look around and nothing was really taking her fancy, so decided she would go and look somewhere else.As she was walking out of the door she heard a voice from behind asking her to wait a minute, he was sure they had something which would suit her.As she turned round she noticed the voice had come from someone around the same age as her tall with dark hair and brooding eyes, she wouldn’t have said good looking, but there was a certain something about him which drew her back in the showroom.He asked the usual question of how much did she have to spend and did she know what she was looking for to which she replied “how typical of a car salesman wanting to know straight away if she had enough to give him a decent commission, it’s ok I will try somewhere else if that is your best shot.”As she stood up to leave he quickly apologised and said it was their script and he hated it every time he said it, “you seem like an intelligent woman, let’s start again shall we”? “Firstly let me introduce myself, I am Chris and what can I do for you today”? “Well seeing as we have cut out the crap we can try again” she replied.“Ok, well I think I have just what you are looking for out the back, it’s only just come in but I would say it’s perfect, do you have a part exchange?” “Yes I do, but it depends on how much you are going to give me for it”? she replied.Frankie followed Chris outside to see the car he had said was just her and as he pointed to the car she knew he had her sussed, in front her stood a gleaming silver soft top the car of her dreams, she stood open mouthed and hardly heard Chris ask her if she would like to go for a test drive.Frankie turned to Chris and asked how he knew it was her, he replied “you just suited each other as soon as I saw you, I thought she has to have that car.“Ok, let’s take it for a test drive then” she replied giving Chris a look that told him it was probably not the only thing that was going to get test driven today.Chris smiled back at her and went off to get some trade plates, leaving Frankie to feel the leather upholstery and dream of what fun she could have in the car.Chris came back, attached the trade plates and handed Frankie the keys, as she climbed in the passenger seat and adjusted the seat, feeling the leather against her skin she settled back, she checked the gear’s were in neutral and pushed the automatic key into its slot, the car sparked into life and she was setting off out onto the main road with the roof still down.Frankie loved the car instantly and only just heard Chris say, they couldn’t go far as test drives where only supposed to be 10 minutes. “Ok well you drive then and it’s not a test drive anymore” Frankie replied as she pulled over to the side of the road for Chris to get in the driving seat.As he did, he suddenly pulled off the road and drove behind a derelict building alongside of a full skip.Chris edirne escort stopped and quickly snapped Frankie’s seatbelt and before Frankie had chance to react he snapped his own leaned over her and said much more aggressively than she had expected “I knew from the first minute you walked into the showroom I was going to fuck you” as he pushed himself into Frankie forcing her back into the seat.Frankie tried to push him off her as he roughly pulled at her top instantly exposing her bra she didn’t realise he was so strong and he pushed all his weight on top of her, Frankie continued to push back at him and as she tried to scream with one hand over her mouth the other pulled her breasts out of her bra and roughly pinched her nipples.Frankie didn’t know what to do, she loved to be fucked but only if she wanted it too, Chris was frightening her know and he just wouldn’t listen to her pleas.“You want this, you want to feel my rock hard cock inside you, I could see if in your eyes you are one dirty slag that loves cock, can’t get enough of cock, well bitch you are going to get mine, in your mouth, your cunt, your arse in fact anywhere I want to put it”.As Chris roughly grabbed at her breasts squeezing each nipple in turn, harder then she would have liked, she felt her cunt twinge as despite everything this bastard was making her wet, she hated herself for it, getting turned on by someone who was trying to take her forcefully.Frankie felt the seat suddenly recline backwards until she was laid flat as she tried to fight against Chris pulling at the zip and buttons on her jeans, she knew her cunt was defying her and she was soaking wet.With one hand now holding her back against the seat across her throat the other pulled at her jeans and pushed her legs apart, suddenly her jeans were around her ankles and she jerked upwards and Chris thrust two fingers straight into her, “you slut, you are soaking wet, two fingers are not enough in this sloppy cunt” as he thrust another in Frankie couldn’t stop herself from rising as he punched them in and out of her, the bastard was going to make her cum in a minute and then she was his to do with what he wanted.Chris punched his fingers in and out of her while still holding her down his thumb now roughly pushing at her clit, she was soaking she couldn’t deny it this bastard had taken over her body and he was turning her inside and out, it was ****, she had tried to say no and get him off her but he had forced her, yes forced her body into submission and even though in her heart the last thing she wanted to do was cum, she knew her head had switched off to how wrong it was and she was going to ride her orgasm out as she always did.Just as she was about to cum, she felt his fingers pull out of her, her cunt was still twitching as her orgasm had approached and then subsided, she tried to reach her fingers to it to finish herself off but he pushed her roughly back into the seat his hands holding her down either side as he lifted himself up he briefly let go of escort edirne one arm and unzipped his trousers his cock flew up and was now inches away from her face as she struggled with him, he grabbed her arm again and pushed towards her mouth with his cock, then the end brushed her lips as she shook her head from side to side to evade the intrusion.“Suck my fucking cock bitch! And suck it fucking good, then I might just let your wet cunt cum, I know you where close and I am going to make you beg to cum for as long as it takes then I am going to ram my rock hard cock deep in your cunt and fuck you till you can’t take anymore”.Despite herself Frankie was getting more and more turned on and decided if he wanted his cock sucking, his cock sucking was what he was going to get.Frankie tried to look down too see it but he kept her held tight, so she opened her lips as his cock pushed at her, she snaked her tongue out to find the tip and flicked it backwards and forwards but he didn’t want it soft he wanted it hard, even though she had given in he still wanted it rough.He pulled her mouth straight onto his cock and pushed as far in as it would go, Frankie was gagging as his cock punished the back of her throat, he moved his hands behind her head and forced it backwards and forwards as his cock fucked her mouth in and out, her cunt was dripping now as her lips clamped around the invader and as he thrust her tongue swept out and licked the tip, his precum was dripping from the end now as she felt him tense up, she knew he wasn’t far off as she prepared for the onslaught of his cum on the back of her throat.He quickly pulled out of her just seconds before he came and still holding her hair, he pushed the door open and lifted her non too gently out of the car pushing her up against the skip so hard she felt her face graze as she caught the edge but the force didn’t stop as he pulled her legs apart he thrust three fingers straight in her wet cunt. “Fuck my fingers bitch! You know you want to cum, cum all over my hands”, still holding her hair with one hand pushing her against the skip all the fight had gone from her now as his fingers roughly punched in and out of cunt, her lips where raw but she started to push down against him now.Frankie wanted, no needed to cum so much now she would have done anything he asked as she rode down against his fingers, he was hurting her now but she had to cum he had to let her cum, just as she thought she could take no more he rammed into her so hard at the same time his thumb pushed into her arse she felt her orgasm approaching and trying not to react in case he pulled out before she had chance to cum, she felt herself rising upwards and his fingers thrust hard into her cunt with one last force it was too late he was going to get her orgasm now whether he liked it or not, she felt his fingers grow inside her as the rise turned into a fall she didn’t even realise she had pushed his fingers straight out of her with the force of riding her orgasm.As her cunt begin edirne escort bayan to squirm and squirt on the floor below still riding her orgasm he buried his cock straight into her while her cunt still spasmed he rode the orgasm out of her, Frankie’s legs were shaking with the force of her orgasm but he didn’t let up, still holding her hair and pulling her up straight he rammed his cock in and out of her slopping cunt, every time he thrust into her, her face scrapped against the skip, but she was past caring now, all she could think was the stupid bastard didn’t have to force her she probably would have fucked him anyway.But now he had her so turned on she just wanted to cum and cum again, with thoughts of another orgasm approaching even though his cock now felt like he was fucking her with a red hot poker he roughly pulled her to one side still impaled on his cock, he pushed her down so she now just about had her hands on the floor.She felt his cock flop out of her cunt with his fingers on her arsehole he started to prise her cheeks apart she felt the heat as his cock started to push at the entrance of her arsehole, no tenderness, no taking time he just rammed it straight in.The pain was excruciating as Frankie jerked upwards, she was tight, she knew she was, she also knew if she clenched her cheeks tightly enough squeezing his cock with her insides it wouldn’t last long as he would cum, she felt him tense up against her arse, begging his cock not to respond he was obviously now thinking of anything to stop him cumming.As he roughly pushed her forward his cock was now slowing its rhythm as he reached under her squeezing her nipples hard with one hand and the other playing with her clit, he rubbed roughly backwards and forwards and despite the pain of the dry rubbing Frankie knew she was going to cum again she reached down and pushed her own fingers into her wet cunt and moving him out of the way rubbed at her clit with her soaking fingers.He was so wrapped up in stopping his own orgasm that he didn’t realise Frankie had pushed him away as his cock went slowly in and out of her arse, Frankie quickly brought herself off with her own fingers as she started to fall to the floor taking his cock with her, she felt him tense and without warning his cum splashed up inside her, squirt after squirt, she thought he was never going to stop as they both fell to the ground his cock falling out of her still squirting on the ground below.Frankie sat for a minute in the muck and gravel then realised she was shaking as she tried to cover herself up quickly, Chris was gone his orgasm had really knocked him for six as she looked at his cock going limp, cum still dripping from it, he looked a sorry mess.Frankie pussy was red raw and stung like mad as she got herself together and got dressed she leaned into Chris still on the floor and with all the venom she could muster she spat in his face “I would have fucked anyway you didn’t have to force me you bastard”.As Frankie walked towards the car she looked back one last time at Chris still sat in the dirt and was sure she heard him sobbing, as she got in the car and started the engine Chris shouted “sorry”.Frankie drove back to the car showroom, told them Chris had been taken ill and bought the car.

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