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freind and wife cuckold meA number of years ago a friend and former work colleague used to visit my X wife and myself pretty regularly. We always had a few drinks, my friend always used to stay the night, he would sleep in the living room. My friend and my X used to flirt a bit. I didn’t mind this at all. in fact I would always go to bed before them, my wife would make up a bed for him and come to bed a few minutes later.On one particular evening I went up to bed the same as usual, whilst I was going to bed I heard giggling and protests coming from down stairs. Julie came up to bed a few minute later. After getting into bed I placed my hand on her pussy. I could not believe how wet it was, I said “did anything happen whilst you were sorting Justin’s bed out”. She said no, she was however extremely hot, I said I wouldn’t mind if she fucked Justin, which made her even hornier. She said that she knew that Justin wanted to fuck her. I said I thought he üsküdar escort did as well. I said why don’t you go down stairs to him now, or would you like me to go and get him to come up to bed with us, she didn’t want to that night, but would like to play on his next visit. We fantasised about the next time Justin visits. We agreed that she would tell me of their night together. Our sex that night was truly the best sex we had ever had.A bit of back ground, Julie was a BBW with large breasts, blond hair, and a lovely pussy, and she was about 45 at the time. Justin was slim about 30 years of age. (I have changed names) although this is a true story in every other respect.About a week later Justin phoned and said, was it OK to come over in about an hour, I said that would be no problem. Julie was very nervous, she went up and changed. Justin arrived, we sat down at the kitchen table, me next Julie Justin tuzla escort sat opposite Julie, we drank a fair amount of wine, Justin went to the loo I undid a couple of Julie’s blouse buttons to reveal a little more cleavage, She said they had been playing footsie under the table. I got up to go for a pee, I had drunk more than I thought, and was a bit wobbly, I think Julie had deliberately given me more wine than they had had. She took me up to bed, and returned down stairs.The next morning I woke up Julie was lying besides me, I asked what had happened, she said I would have to wait until the evening to find out.That day seemed to last forever, wondering what had happened. That evening came, we went to bed, She told me. The previous week when Justin had stayed, she was making up his bed on the living room floor, when he flopped he tits out and had a good fondle of them. That was why she knew he pendik escort wanted to fuck her. On the next visit, after Julie took me to bed, she returned to the kitchen, she stood in front of Justin, he put his hand down her trousers and panties, and fingered her, She always liked being fingered whilst stood up, she then sat down on a chair and took his penis out of his trousers and started licking and sucking him. They then retired to the living room. In the living room, she undressed Justin and herself ,she laid him on the floor and stood astride him holding her flower wide open so as he could look, touch, lick, which ever he wanted. another of her favourite situations, he fingered her and made her lick her juices off of his fingers, They indulged in a 69. Unfortunately the drink had had an adverse affect, and they managed to have penetration, but they were unable to reach orgasm. they did finish off what they had started after I went to work that morning.I still think about this scenario to this day. My current partner is interested and knows of this romp, but is nervous of taking the plunge. I would never force her to do anything she is uncomfortable with, however we live in hope.As well as being cucked, I have also been the bull. But that is another story.

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