Friendly Advice


“I’m just tired with all the bullshit.” Gina said. She had come over once more to complain about her relationship. I hear about it a lot, but it seemed to be more frequently lately. She had been dating the guy for over a year now, and they seemed to have gotten through problems before, but I think all of it was starting to get to her. She sits on the couch near me and turns her head to look at me. “I have been considering leaving him for about two weeks Sam.”

“Are you sure you want to do that?”

“I don’t know, but lately, he isn’t giving me much reason to stay with him.” I’m not sure what he is thinking, but with a girl who looks like Gina, I’d put up with her it just for the sex, even if she is demanding. I’ve been friends with both of them for a couple of years now, before they hooked up, and I’m well aware of each of their little quirks, especially since they began dating. Gina has been coming to me longer than Leon has, so I have heard more about the supposed mishaps he has done. I don’t really take sides either way, but with Gina’s body, I lean on her side because it’s where my dick leads me.

“This is going to seem like a weird question, but does he satisfy you?”

“Uhh, he isn’t wonderful in bed if that’s what you mean. Don’t get me wrong, he can be fun, but I usually have to masturbate afterwards just to get off.”

“That wasn’t exactly what I meant,” it was but I don’t what her knowing that, “I was referring to the relationship as a whole.”

“Oh. Well, he treats me like a lady, but sometimes too much. He often doesn’t ask what I want first. He tends to be quiet about things instead of talking to me, and treats taking me out as if its work. I often wished I could have had the relationship that you had with Rita before you two broke up. He doesn’t treat me like you treated Rita.”

I reach for her hand. “For some people, I think it just comes natural. Look, maybe you should try talking to him about all this.”

“You’ve told me to do that before, and I’ve tried. He either won’t listen, or he will act differently for about a week then revert back to his old self.”

I adjust how I’m sitting so I’m more behind Gina. “Well, maybe you need to find someone who can do what you deserve.” As I say this, I brush away her hair and lean in to kiss her neck. At the same time, I hold her hand and guide it between her legs. As I kiss her, I press her hand against her crotch and begin to rub it up and down. Her body begins to freeze, so I pause. “Look, how are you going to find what you are looking for if you aren’t sure just what that is?” Her head leans to the side a bit, and her other hand covers mine, continuing what I was doing. I plant some soft kisses along her neck before sliding both my hands away from her body. I pull her body back and readjust my position so both legs are along either side of hers, then pull her back further.

Wrapping my left arm around her belly, I guide her right hand down inside her shorts, but not into her panties. Her shorts are a bit tight, but they allow enough room for a little movement. I help rub her hand along her labia and over her clitoral hood. With an up and down motion, I feel her entire body relax and lean back against mine. I pull my hand out of her shorts as she continues to massage herself. With both hands, I unzip and unbutton her shorts. Then, as I lift her ass up a bit, I push her shorts down kadıköy escort below her thighs, enough to freely move around down then. She begins to pull her newly revealed thong down as I sit her back down, but I stop her. Then, as hard as I can, I rip the thong through the left strap, then the right strap. I then pull her thong off and toss it to the ground. “Don’t worry about that.”

I lift my right hand up to her mouth and slide my fingers in. I let her suck on my fingers a bit as I continue to plant kisses along both sides of her neck. Pulling my fingers out of her mouth, I slide them down over her pussy and rub in the moisture a bit, while letting her moisten my left hand now. Then, moving both hands down, I begin to gently pull the skin around her clit up and away from her body. Her entire body reacts with a shiver. She whispers, “More.” I continue this motion with my head resting on her shoulders. Her eyes remain closed as she holds onto my thighs.

After about five minutes of this continuous motion, I slide my hands down and feel just how moist her pussy has become, and I haven’t even entered in yet. “Give me your hand.” She slides her hand down to join mine and gasps in surprise at just how wet she is. She almost slides a finger in when I stop her. “Not yet, just relax.” I push her hand to the side and use my hands to massage the skin on both sides of the hood in a circular motion. The shudders in her body signal that I’m hitting the mark I am aiming for. As she wraps her arms back around my neck, I keep up the massage at an increasing pace. Gina begins to breathe heavier and even lets out occasional moans. Without ever entering her body, Gina’s body give a heavy shudder as she begins to let loose who knows how much pent up sexual tension. Her body begins to flow and flow with the sweet nectar that Leon has seemingly never seen. I continue to massage, providing as much stimulation as possible as she grips my legs with a strength I didn’t realize she had. It will leave red marks, no doubt about that. After about a minute, her body final begins to calm down, and her grip relaxes. Looking over her shoulder, her right leg is covered in a nice stream down the inside. We both lean back on the couch as I wrap my arms around her.

We lay there for a while, me holding her, and her just relaxing. At first, her pussy continued to let out small dribbles, but it finally subsides after a few minutes. A nice pool has formed on the carpet next to her foot. I reach down and find a moist spot along her leg and draw my finger up, collecting some of the nectar already released. Bringing it up to her mouth, I don’t believe Gina realized what she was doing. Having always said she thought oral sex was disgusting, she willingly took the finger into her mouth and sucked, and boy did she suck hard. I couldn’t help but notice her hand travel down to her mound and as she finished with my finger, she proceeded to insert her own fingers into her mouth. She obviously enjoyed it, her eyes still closed and slight moans coming from her. “Was that good?” She nodded yes. “Do you want more?” Another yes. Time to move.

Getting up from the position behind Gina, I position her along the couch, sitting up, facing one side. I sit opposite her with my legs spread. Pulling her shorts down to her knees, I grip her legs and üsküdar escort pull her body closer, between my legs. Lifting her legs up and lowering my head, I slide my head up between her thighs so that her pants are behind my neck. Gina is now propped up on her upper back with her body angled up at me. With my arms around her legs, I begin to plant kisses on her inner thighs. Kiss. Lick. Kiss. Lick. Up and down her thighs I move. After exploring that I begin to explore around her pussy, licking around the outer edges. Feeling that small tuft of hair still left in a triangle above her mound. Feeling the smooth skin where everything else is shaved off. Feeling the bumps in her skin that are her lips. Using my hands, I spread apart the skin around her clit and run my tongue from the bottom of her pussy up to my fingers. I feel her body give a yelp as I reach her clit. Then, in a rapid fire motion, I flick my tongue back and forth across her clit. It seems like hardly any time has passed before her entire body shudders and my tongue is met with a warm, sweet juice from inside. Clamping my mouth down over her pussy, I gently suck in everything I can. I’ve tasted several women over the years, and Gina ranked up there on the list of best tasting juice. I’m sure her boyfriend had no idea what he was missing.

Not bothering to let her rest this time, I pull her pants completely off and reposition her on the couch. I begin to unzip and remove my pants and underwear, and without giving her a chance to think about it, place the head of my obviously hard cock against her pussy lips. I was going to stroke it against her clit a few times to get her warmed up again, but she reached down, grabbed hold of my penis and proceeded to push it in herself. In no capacity to argue, I slide in to her moistened body, confirming my suspicions about her relationship with Leon as I meet some resistance. With a quick punch and a yelp, Gina loses the one thing that kept her from true womanhood. I wasn’t timing it, but it seemed to take no time at all for her to start bouncing up and down, rhythmically engorging herself on my painfully hard cock. With my hands on her hips I help hold on to her. It takes a few minutes, but her body shudders again, this time right after my own release occurs, mixing her own juices with mine.

Now I’ve always admired Gina’s breasts. My ex-girlfriend Rita was a beautiful woman, but she was a bit petite in the chest region. Gina’s mom and sister were even petite women. Somehow she escaped that gene and was endowed with the most beautiful pair of knockers you could imagine, and this was with her clothes on. As our bodies relaxed, she laid down on me, with my cock still inside her. Unable to resist, I push her back up enough to pull her shirt off. Sitting up, I remove my own shirt and we laid back down on the couch. Her breasts were even more magnificent with the shirt off. Her areolas were large, about two inches wide, with rock hard nipples extending a full half-inch from her body. She showed no signs of sagging at all, and as I later discovered, she wore 32D bras. She laid there, her head resting on my chest as my fingers combed through her hair.

I must have dozed off, as I woke up to find Gina sitting up and bouncing up and down on my cock once more. Almost immediately, I felt my body orgasm again into her body. “It took you long enough. I’ve tuzla escort been doing this for about five minutes now.”

“Are you complaining?” With her pussy still around my cock, I sat up and wrapped her legs around my waist. Wrapping her arms around my neck, I kissed her and told her to hang on. Standing up, I felt her legs and arms tighten as I walk over to the kitchen. Opening the freezer, I pulled the tub of chocolate ice cream and closed the freezer. I turned around and grabbed a spoon out of the drawer. Walking down the hall, I told her to open the closet and grab one of the towels. Still holding on to her underneath her ass, I walk back to the main room and sit back down on the couch. She starts to move off of me when I stop her and put everything down next to the couch. Through some careful maneuvering, she was able to lay the towel out on the floor, before I finally get down on my knees and lay her down on top of it. Finally, I pull out of her. I reach over to the tub of ice cream and the spoon and open the tub. By this time, she can already see what I have grabbed. I load the spoon up and let her eat a bite before going back for a smaller spoonful. This time I let it rest between her breasts. I let it sit there a bit as I scoop some more and place it right on her left nipple. Quickly getting some more, I cover her right nipple. Her body heat is already beginning to melt the ice cream. After only a few minutes, instead of scoops of ice cream, there are streams of ice cream running all over her breasts. Leaning forward, I begin to clean her off with my tongue. Running my tongue along the sides of her breasts. Feeling the texture of her erect nipples as I clean off the front of her breasts. Like I said, her breasts are beyond words.

When I finish cleaning her off, I find her hand is already between her legs. Feeding her another spoonful of ice cream, I begin to place scoops on her body again. On and between her breasts, all over her belly, on her thighs, her waist, and after removing her hand, I even place a scoop right above her pussy. This time, I go ahead and put the ice cream away while everything is melting on her. I come back to find her massaging the ice cream around, covering her body even further. Without punishing her, I go ahead and begin to lick her body clean once more. It takes about five minutes to clean her off, but it was an enjoyable five minutes. When I finish, I slide up over her and without even asking, I begin to titty fuck her. She squeezes her breasts together as I slide back and forth between them. In a few minutes, I left her head up and let loose all over her chest, neck, and face.

Now the Gina I know would have immediately slapped me for that, considering her distaste for oral sex. For some reason, she doesn’t seem to care right now. Taking advantage of this, I rotate around 180 degrees and slide my cock right into her mouth without any warning. Without hesitation she begins licking the head. Leaning forward, I find her clit and begin licking it with a fury. Once again, with this kind of stimulation, it doesn’t take long for either of us to orgasm again. Even after I let my orgasm go, Gina continues to suck on my cock. I think I have changed her mind about oral sex.

After some gentle playing of each other’s body, we stand up and kiss. Leaving everything where it is, I pick her up in my arms and carry her into my room. Dropping her onto the bed, I lay down beside her. Pulling the blanket over us, she rolls so her back is facing me and pulls my arm over her body. I pull away, and with an upset look on her face, I roll her back so she is facing me. Spanking her ass, I insert my semi-erect cock back into her pussy, and put my arm around her. “I didn’t say we were finished.”

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