From Across the Pond Ch. 03


(A/N: This is the 3rd part of a continuing story. While it can be read on its own it makes more sense if you read the first 2 parts, which can be found under my profile. I would also like to thank C for being my muse and inspiration. Without her this would have never happened)


She woke to bright sunshine coming through the windows. She stretched and gasped as her thigh muscles sent a small stab of pain down her legs. ‘What the hell did I do last night’, she thought. Slowly the memories returned and she quickly rolled over to check whether it was just a vivid dream.

It wasn’t. He was there beside her. She guessed he wasn’t used to the warm weather here as he had thrown off the covers during the night. She wasn’t complaining though as her eyes wandered down the length of his naked body.

‘A bit on the skinny side’, she thought’, but nothing a bit of good home cooking won’t solve.’

As she was watching he rolled over in his sleep and was now lying facing her. Her eyes wandered over his body again. As she drank in his contours her thoughts went back to the night before. Feeling him in her mouth, his hands caressing her inner core and the feeling of them cumming together for the first time.

She reached her hand down and felt the moisture starting to build in her folds. An evil smile quickly appeared on her face as she brought her hands to face and smelled her scent off them.

She leaned over and lightly flicked over one of his nipples with the tip of her tongue. As she watched it stiffen slightly he stirred in his sleep but didn’t seem to wake up. She tried again this time with a little more pressure. Again his nipple stiffened but he slept on. ‘Jet lag’, she thought, ‘It’s a blessing and a curse.’

She moved herself closer to him and took of his nipples in her mouth and started to gently suck on it while running her tongue over it. A murmur escaped from his lips and he seemed to push his chest forward as if he was trying to push himself further in but still he slept.

She quickly glanced down and saw she was having the desired effect on him. Temptation got the better of her and she reached out and grabbed his length and started to stroke him.

He woke up with an audible gasp. She pulled her head back and looked up at him. ‘Good morning hunny’, she said with a smile, ‘welcome to the first day of your holiday.’

‘If this is how you do wake up calls over here’, he replied, ‘I’m don’t know whether I’ll want to go home.’

This made her pause for a second and she studied his face. ‘Was he being serious?’ she thought.

She was soon brought back to reality when she felt a sharp sting on her wrist. With a yelp she released her grasp on him, sat up and started rubbing where he had slapped her.

‘What was that for?’ she asked.

‘As much as I appreciate the attention’, he replied, ‘I smell like I’ve been living in a dumpster for the last week. I need to go and have a shower before I do anything else.’

With that he jumped out of the bed and walked over to the bathroom.

‘Give me 20 minutes and then I’m all yours’

She smiled as she watched him leave the room but her attention was quickly drawn back to the stinging sensation she still had on her wrist.

While it was still sore what more interested her was the wave of pleasure that had passed through her body when he had slapped her. Her mind went back again to the night before and the pleasure that she had felt when she had found release at the hands of a partner for the first time. What she felt now was a similar reaction just not as intense.

‘Wow’, she thought, ‘That’s a first, I wasn’t joking about letting something loose last night.’

She pushed the thoughts to the back of her mind when she heard the shower being switched on next door and fell back onto the bed and waited for him to finish.

She got herself comfy and tried to doze off but the tingling sensation left by his playful slap still coursed through her body. Before she realised what she was doing her hand was down between her thighs, her fingers gently working their way through her folds and then stroking over her clit.

Every time she flicked her finger over her nub a wave of pleasure halkalı escort seem to originate from her core and spread out through her body. Her mind drifted back to the night before and the sensations she felt when it was his fingers inside her. A groan escaped her lips as her hips pushed upwards and she pushed two fingers inside herself.

More images flashed through her head and a smile slowly spread across her face. She reluctantly pulled her fingers out, got up out of the bed and made her way towards the bathroom door.

She opened the door and quickly stepped into the bathroom. The room was full of steam and the shower curtain was pulled across the bath. She could see his silhouette through the curtain and he hadn’t heard her come in.

Waiting for the right moment she pulled the curtain to one side and stepped into the bath.

His back was turned to her and he was whistling away to himself while he washed his hair. She stepped up behind him, pressed her body against his back and wrapped her arms around him and started to run her hands over his chest.

‘Need a hand?’ she asked as she felt his body tremble, part from surprise and part from the sensation of her hands brushing over his nipples.

He started to turn round but she pushed her body tighter against his to stop him. ‘Let’s get you clean first’, she said. Stretching up she intertwined her hands with his and started to run their hands through his hair getting both of them covered in the lather from his shampoo.

When her hands were completely covered she moved them downwards and starting at his shoulders began to explore his body.

The feeling of his smooth skin against her hands sent tiny shiver all through her body. She began to feel her nipples harden against his back. ‘I wonder if he can feel them’, she thought but quickly banished it so she could concentrate on what her hands were doing.

She moved lower and felt his nipples as she passed her hands over them. He groaned and started to move his hands from his head. ‘Just keep them up there lover’, she said, ‘It’s my turn to play now, you’ll get your chance later.’

She started to move her hands all over his chest and stomach being careful to avoid coming into contact with his nipples. Every time her hands came close to them she could feel him tense in anticipation and then groan in frustration as she slid by without making contact.

She slowly started working her hands lower until her hand briefly brushed against his hardness.

She felt his whole body quiver when she touched him. ‘I’ve toyed with him long enough’, she thought.

With one hand she reached down and grabbed his length and with the other she took one of his nipples between her forefinger and thumb and started to gently apply pressure to it.

A gasp escaped from his lips and he leaned back slightly to allow her better access to his body. She took this as permission to continue and started to stroke him gently while alternating between flicking her fingers over his nipple and pinching it.

With every stroke she could feel him growing harder under the velvety softness of his skin and the movement between them caused her nipples to constantly brush against his back send flashes of pleasure down through her body.

She could hear his breath quickening and felt his hips pushing against her hand urging her to go faster. With a final flick over his nipple she let go of him and took a step back. He slumped over slightly with a groan of frustration. ‘We don’t want anything to go to waste now do we?’ she said, ‘You’ve had your fun so now it’s my turn.’

She watched him start to turn towards her, noticing the same look in his eyes as the night before. She quickly turned her back to him, fighting the urge just to jump and impale herself on him there and then.

As soon as she turned she felt him move up behind her. She gasped slightly as she felt his hardness nestle in to the crack of her ass. Even under the hot spray of the shower she could feel the intense heat emanating from him.

He slowly slid his hands down her arms and then started run his fingers in small circles on her stomach. olgun escort

The feeling of his fingers brushing her skin sent tingles of pleasure flooding through her body. She leaned back against him enjoying the sensation. Doing so she pushed him further into the crack of her ass and she felt him brush against her asshole.

A surge of heat exploded through her. She had never felt anything like at and felt her knees buckle. She felt his hands grab her waist to keep her steady. ‘You ok?’ he asked.

She tried to reply but found her voice had deserted her so just nodded instead and steadied herself against him.

His hand slowly slid from her waist back to her stomach and started slowly circling his fingers round her belly button.

She focused on the feeling of his fingers as the circles slowly started to get bigger and bigger. His fingers soon started stroking the bottom of her breasts and her nipples responded immediately. She turned her head slightly and found herself nuzzling into his neck. She started to use her teeth to nip at his neck silently willing him higher.

At the other end he had stopped his downward journey just above her folds and each time he passed she could feel herself getting wetter in anticipation.

Her nipping got more urgent and she also started whimpering hoping he would get the message.

He eventually took the hint and on its next round he brushed the flat of his palms right across both breasts. As his hands passed over her nipples she felt her legs buckle again after wave after wave of pleasure shot through her body. To steady herself she made a grab for both his hands and moved them up to her chest and started to encourage him to start pinching and flicking her nipples.

Again he was quick on the uptake and started to pinch and pull at them. The pleasure running through her was beyond anything she had felt before. She moved on hand behind her and rested it on his hip to help support her while the other one travelled down her belly and soon disappeared into her folds searching out her clit.

As soon as she brushed her fingers over her clit her whole body exploded. Starting from deep within her pulse after pulse of pleasure flooded out. The same sensations came flooding down from her breasts and the two seem to collide at her groin and their effect multiplied. She couldn’t help herself, a scream escaped from mouth and her body started to shake and buckle against him.

She found herself sitting on the floor of the shower her back resting against legs. She couldn’t remember how she ended up down there but she didn’t care, her body was still feeling the after effects of her orgasm.

She leaned her head back and was about to thank him when the words died in her throat. Directly above her was his cock, standing straight out and as hard as iron.

Without thinking she quickly scrambled onto her knees, grabbed onto his hips and engulfed him with her mouth.

As soon as she closed her lips around him her mouth filled with his heat. She started frantically bobbing up and down trying to get as much of him into her mouth as she could. At the same time she started running her tongue along his underside marvelling how anything could be so rock hard but feel so velvety and smooth at the same time.

She could feel his hips trying to match her pace, to help she slowed down and move her hands round to grab his ass. Controlling his movements she could feel him sliding even further into her mouth until his tip was starting to nudge at the back of her throat.

It wasn’t long until his thrusts started to speed up again and she could feel the muscles in his ass start to tighten up. She tightened her grip on his backside and started to pull backwards. At the same time she gently brought her teeth together and scraped them along his length as she pulled him out her mouth. From the sudden gasp that escaped from his mouth she could tell that it wasn’t a bad thing to do.

As he popped out of her mouth he staggered back a couple of steps and reached out to steady himself against the bathroom wall. ‘So close’, he gasped.

‘We şişli escort can’t finish that way babe’, she replied, ‘I need to feel you inside me.’

She pulled herself back up to her feet, turned her back to him and bracing her hands against the bathroom wall leaned over at the waist. The stream of water from the shower head was now landing right at the base of the spine sending tiny shocks through her already sensitive skin. The water was then flowing down her ass and running across her even more sensitive lips sending even more sparks of pleasure through her.

She turned her head to look behind her and saw that he was still leaning against the wall with a dazed look on his face.

‘What are you waiting for?’ she growled at him, ‘Will you get over here and fuck me!’

She turned her head back round and braced herself for the onslaught to come.

She didn’t have to wait long. Without any warning he entered her with force of a cannon and then started to thrust into her as if his life depended on it.

Her core seemed to explode, wave after wave of pleasure enveloped her body and her nipples and clit screamed out for attention. She had to fight the urge to reach out with her hands to give them the attention they desired, knowing that if she did she would end up in a pile on the floor. She knew that she was so close to release but helpless to do anything to push her over the edge.

An idea suddenly flashed through her mind. ‘My hair’, she gasped between thrusts, ‘Grab my hair.’

It seemed to take forever until he processed what she was saying but eventually she felt his hands leave her hips and delve into her hair and grab two handfuls.

Everything now seemed to happen at once. Using her hair as leverage seemed to give him even deeper access. With every thrust now she could feel his balls slapping against her ass cheeks. He was getting so deep she was sure she could feel his tip nudging her womb inside her but it was what was happening up at her head that drew the most attention.

With every thrust he was nearly yanking her hair out at the roots. The pain was sharp and strong but was quickly replaced such and intense pleasure she had never felt before. Her mind briefly flashed back to the slap he had given her earlier, the feeling was similar but the intensity was one hundred fold.

She wanted to tell him to pull her hair harder, to make her beg for forgiveness and to give her the release she sought but as she fought to say the words she felt her body start to convulse.

It was as if her body was reacting to her deepest desires. The flashes of pain coming from her head seemed to gather itself together for a second and sent a pulse coursing through her body directly towards her nipples. When it connected she screamed out as she felt them stiffen uncontrollably. It felt as if thousands of fingers were all stroking and pinching them at the same time.

The next pulse went down the entire length of her body and seemed to focus on her clit. The same feeling flooded her and she felt her walls convulse around him in response.

That was all the encouragement he needed, with a guttural roar he pushed himself inside her for the last time.

She had never felt anything so deep inside her before. She could feel the now familiar expanding inside her as he prepared to unload himself.

‘That’s it baby’ she screamed, ‘Cum for me, fill me!’

She started to feel him pulse inside her, her walls clamped down on him as if they were trying to pull him inside her and he exploded.

She could feel him emptying himself into her and at the same time a warmth starting to flow out her core. She started to relax and let it envelope her but her body had other ideas.

Another pulse flowed from her head and headed straight for her core. A fresh set of convulsions racked through her body as the two collided.

The warmth was replaced by a liquid heat that exploded from inside her. It quickly covered her entire body and set all her nerves alight. A scream escaped from her mouth and she felt her legs buckle, unable to hold her weight any more.

She ended up on the floor of the bath, sitting directly under the stream of the shower. She looked up at him and saw that he was leaning against the wall barely holding himself up.

For about 5 minutes silence hung in the air as both of them caught their breath and tried to process what had happened.

Somebody needed to break the silence she thought.

‘Right Mr Holidayman’ she said, ‘Give me half an hour to get the use of my legs again and then lets get out and show you my fair city.’

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